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Today I’m investigating a new scam called Secure Online Jobs.

If you’re interested in reading an honest review of Secure Online Jobs that’s exactly what you’ll find on this page.

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Thoughts On Secure Online Jobs

Working from home on a part-time or full-time basis has considerably grown in popularity in recent years. Understandably so because come on, who wouldn’t want to make some extra bucks from the comfort of their homes? Benefits to having an online job range from saving on costs like transport and money spent on office wardrobe to having more control of your schedule.

As a result of the increasing attractiveness, many sites have come up promising users that they will cater for their financial woes. Making thousands of dollars online is an offer most people cannot just refuse. Some offer real opportunities. Some do not. As I have exposed many in the past such as freedom cash system and another secure online jobs clone which is the entrepreneur jobs club.

It can be a challenge to differentiate between a real job and a fraud as swindle sites are becoming smarter by the day. Internet fraud is widespread, and scammers prey on innocent job seekers with upbeat promises.

Unfortunately, a good number of these people fall to scams and eventually regret when it is already too late. Some of these work-at-home employers vanish into thin air with their money. One of these sites is We will highlight some tip-offs to make you understand how they con you.

Overview of Secure Online Jobs

“Secure Online Jobs” is a definite link posting scam which features a considerably different website look and design when compared to other similar sites. This makes it more dangerous as many unsuspecting users find it difficult to detect any foul play.

The people at were smart enough to come up with a design that toned down a significant portion of the outlandish hype. The plan appears to skew towards a family oriented trap. In the new design, it avoids the previous ridiculous hype characterized by clone designs. They had fancy and luxurious cars, homes, boats and illusory working mom characters posing next to stock pictures photos.

To convince users, they abandoned the old gimmicks and instead incorporated a standard stock photo. The photo is of a family sitting together on the home porch stoop. This image compared to the previous one is more powerful. A more powerful image translates to more victims being reeled in.

This link posting scam site may have a better scam approach wearing a new skin to capture more users, but it’s still conning people big time. This new look makes the site even more menacing. The trick is to make it look believable.

This is how Secure Online Jobs works; they lure unsuspecting newbies with loads of cash for a small amount of work. If you are always looking for online jobs use this tip; if it sounds too good to be true, it is most probably a scam (although not always the case as proven with AWOL Academy my no.1 rated program).

No one will just dish out money to strangers for doing little or no work. Nothing good comes easy. That is the same case with this site. They have no jobs for you, they just want your hard-earned money.

How Does Secure Online Jobs Work?

On the sales page of the site, they talk about common workplace terms like firings, recessions, layoffs and other common words and phrases just to fool you. These trigger words are meant to mess with the emotions of individuals who are unaware of their con game.

Note that affiliate marketing is a business and not a job. This link posting scam site talks repeatedly how big corporations are willing to pay you handsomely to advertise their products. They would not explain to you their motives for obvious reasons. In reality these sites will not simply pay you to post links. When it comes to affiliate marketing you need to learn how to generate traffic and actually produce sales commissions in order to get paid.

Legitimate affiliate marketing companies are straightforward and guided by ethics that this site lacks. Secure Online Jobs is already violating the principles right from the word go by blatantly lying to you with their name.

Affiliate marketing is a mostly work from home business that needs you first to invest your own money and wait for returns.

You have to additionally invest a lot of your effort and time before you begin to see returns. Most people fall for this site because they do not know how affiliate marketing works. Some just want to make quick money, being ignorant of the fact that it could be a big scam.

First, this site disseminates out-dated information if you manage to go through the several annoying third party scam ads. You are required to get past them before they allow you to access their fake training pages. To entice users further, this bait and switch scam uses phrases such as “100% Secure” and “risk-free certification enrollment.” Such words make you feel safe with getting involved in their rip off site.

Secure Online Jobs – Real User Reviews


We have received complaints from many of our readers who have been kind enough to share their nasty encounters with such scammers. The rip offs range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. The unfortunate thing is that some people may technically be able to make money but because of the way the program is sold most people believe it will simply be as easy as clicking a few buttons but when actual real work is involved they feel scammed and I don’t blame them either.

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Secure Online Jobs Scam - Avoid It! 5

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