Noble Gold Review – Legit Investment For 2022?

A precious metals IRA hedges against inflation and stock market uncertainty and provides an added layer of security to your investments.

In the world of precious metal iras, Noble gold is a name that comes up quite often. It is especially known for its dedication to transparency and client education.

In this review, we are going to look further into Noble gold investments and find out whether it is advisable to join this gold ira company.

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Noble Gold Review - Legit Investment For 2022? 13

Noble Gold Review

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What is Noble Gold Investments?

Noble gold is a full-service precious metal and gold IRA firm. You can also buy a range of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. It is based in Pasadena, California.

Investing in gold is seen as a way to hedge against inflation and market downturns and has been touted by investment gurus like Jim Rickards (Gold Speculator) and Jeff Clark (The Gold Stock Retirement Blueprint).


Noble Gold provides IRA custodianship via partners rather than acting as an IRA custodian itself. When it comes to storage of bullion for IRA purposes, Noble Gold has partnered with international depository services(IDS) and has three IRS-approved vaults on offer: in-country in Delaware and Texas, as well as overseas near Ontario, Canada.

Noble Gold also offers shipping services complete with insurance and discreet packaging for those who want to take possession of their gold and silver. A selection of rare coins is offered for non-IRA use.

One of Noble Gold’s founding principles is their dedication to educating their clients. This is seen from the get go on noble gold’s website as you receive information about gold and gold investments.

The precious metals ira does not attempt to thrust investors into purchasing their services or products. It instead prides itself on in-depth knowledge, friendliness, and honesty on how you can work with precious metals to conserve wealth.

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Who founded Noble gold investments?

Noble gold investments was founded in 2016 in Florida by Charles Thorngren and Collin Plume.

Their mission was to educate and provide outstanding service and guidance in precious metal investments, so clients can better prepare for the future and have peace of mind that their assets are safe and secure.

Collin Plume

Collin began his career in real estate sales. It was while providing insurance for industrial properties, he realized the value of monetary protection for clients.

After an extensive research on recession and its effects for clients, he joined a precious metals firm, Regal Assets, and soon rose to be one of the top brokers in the US. He later took up a position as CEO of Noblegold in 2016.

Collins says he realized the key to financial freedom is having diversification with tangible investments.

Charles Thorngren

Charles Thorngren also has a robust presence online as a precious metals expert. He worked together with Collin in 2016 to bring up Noble gold investments.

He brought to the company more than two decades’ worth of professional experience in the investing space, with particular expertise in precious metals.

Charles has published dozens of articles in his name on the precious metals economy and investing space, many of which can be found on Noble Gold’s blog.

He recently left Noblegold and is now the CEO of Legacy Precious Metals Investments.

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What are the services offered by Noble Gold?

With Noble gold investments, you can either have Gold IRA, Silver IRA, a Royal survival pack option or you can directly buy precious metals.

Gold IRA

The Gold IRA from Noble Gold allows users to invest in physical gold for their retirement on a tax-advantaged basis.

This is the most popular option as they allow for the biggest variety of precious metals.

The rollover retirements options help people protect their savings and protect against market volatility. By transferring a percentage of your pension into gold, you can balance your interests and hedge against stock market volatility.

Since government regulations require that gold in a precious metals IRA reach certain purity standards, gold in a Noble Gold IRA will be .9950 (24 karats) pure. Other requirements are certificates of authenticity with proof coins and bullion that is uncirculated.

Silver IRA

A silver IRA works in the same way as a traditional IRA or a gold IRA. The main difference is the type of metal it is meant for, providing silver retirement account transfers instead of gold.

You can either invest with pre-tax dollars and only pay taxes when you take distributions from your account or pay with post-tax dollars and withdraw from your IRA tax-free.

The benefits are similar to that of a gold IRA.

IRA-approved silver bars must be at least .999% pure. Proof coins must come with a certificate of authenticity, bullion must be uncirculated, and approved refiners should manufacture bullion bars.

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Royal survival packs

Unlike various other precious metal iras, Noble gold offers this unique specialty service designed as an emergency source of funds using your own investment. This is beneficial for those preparing for a day when traditional banking collapses and world currencies become worthless.

Noble Gold Review - Legit Investment For 2022? 14

Since this service allows you to convert part of your savings into physical gold and silver coins, you can later quickly liquidate these assets for trade of goods in case the stock market collapses. This way, you get to combat inflation and you won’t lose money.

Another enticing feature of the Royal survival packs is the home delivery option. With a gold or silver IRA, this is not a possible option due to regulations and restrictions. It is for this reason that coin collectors and other specialty investors often opt for this account for ease of access.

Buying precious metals

Noble Gold offers several different ways for people to buy precious metals. It all depends on the type of account and the type of account the person wants to set up. They sell precious metals of different varieties.

Examples of Noblegold precious metals

Their options include:

  • Gold coins (various standard, rare, and collectible coins such as american gold eagle)
  • Gold bars (one-ounce gold mint or one-kilo standard)
  • Silver coins (one ounce or five-ounce in several variations, junk silver coins, vintage collectibles, or a one-kilogram Australian silver coin)
  • Silver bars (one, 10, or 100 ounces)
  • Platinum and Palladium coins (American or Canadian)
  • Baird and Co Platinum bars
  • Rare coins (independently verified, graded, and certified)

The buyback program

Noble gold investments offers a buyback program that makes it easy to find a buyer for your precious metals if you need to sell them. This becomes especially valuable when the time comes to take distributions on your IRA.

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Noble gold’s fees and policies

When looking to open a retirement account, it is important to ensure that the fees are worth the value the account offers. Noble gold has a very simple fee structure with a base annual account fee and storage fees consistent across the board.

First of all, setting up your IRA is free of charge and often bonuses are offered as a sign-up incentive.

You will need to invest at least $2,000 to open a precious metals IRA with Noble Gold. This low investment threshold compares very favorably to the high $25,000 account minimum stipulated by one of its rivals, Goldco.

Both Gold and Silver IRAs cost $80 annually plus $150-$225 for storage, depending on the facility(Texas, Delaware or Canada). Royal Survival packs have no annual fees but do require a significantly larger investment.

Custodial fees are on a case-to-case basis. Your investment choices and preferences will determine how much the company charges to act as custodian and must be discussed directly with a financial advisor. Customer helplines are available to discuss pricing.

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How to join Noble Gold Investments

Setting up an IRA with Noble gold is quite easy. All you have to do is go to the noble gold website and choose “open account”. You will be prompted for your basic personal information and the account details of the fund you wish to roll over. Account options are displayed clearly so you can decide on which one is best for you.

Sign up page

Once your personal information is confirmed, you need only your custodian and the amount you wish to deposit. You can also add details of any beneficiaries to the account and specify how much is allocated to each.

Noble Gold Review - Legit Investment For 2022? 15

If you have any queries you can arrange for a free consultation with the personal agent allocated to you or request for the full guidebook.

Pros of Noble gold investments

  • Have excellent customer support
  • It is easy and free to set up an IRA with lots of support and knowledge provided.
  • Have a low minimum investment amount of $2000 compared to other gold ira companies
  • Have a no quibble buyback program
  • The Royal Survival packs have a home delivery option
  • The company is focused on educating its customers and keeping them in the know.
  • They are flexible; they offer different levels of investment, and different options for how to receive and store your gold, silver, and other precious metals.

Cons of Noblegold

  • It is a relatively young brand that has only been around for 6 years
  • The international storage options are limited
  • There is a higher premium offered for exclusive coins
  • The coin prices are not stated online.

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Is Noble Gold Legit?

Noble Gold is a legitimate precious metals IRA. Its founders have more than twenty years experience in investment under their belt. They also have excellent customer service and provide a wide range of gold IRA investment choices.

Furthermore, they have received an excellent rating from the BBB.

Noblegold has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and the customer ratings on the BBB website range 4.8 stars out of 5.

They have also received stellar reviews from TrustLink, ConsumerAffairs and the Consumer Alliance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Noble Gold Investment have a minimum investment amount?

The minimum gold IRA investment you can have with Noble Gold is $ 2,000, but only if you’re purchasing directly or transferring. In case you’re rolling over, the least investment you can create is $ 5,000.

Is it possible to sell my precious metals?

Yes, if you have purchased their precious metals you will be able to sell them again. Noble Gold is one of the few precious metals IRA companies that offers a buyback program which allows you to do this. You do not need to explain why you want to sell them; the company will just repurchase them.

Is gold a good investment?

All investments have risks, but gold and other types of precious metals are more secure than most. One of the advantages gold offers to investors is diversification. Even though both the values of currency and gold fluctuate, gold offers more stability.

Another advantage is that gold investors can always turn to it in case of an emergency. Having funds held as physical precious metals is beneficial for your financial future. Furthermore, there is no inheritance tax payable on a precious metals IRA.

Alternatively, you can invest in gold or silver mining stocks if you want to diversify your portfolio even further.

How does Noble Gold compare to other precious metals IRA companies?

Noble gold has a good level of flexibility offered with all the available accounts and products in comparison to other gold or silver IRA accounts. Furthermore, the company provides a lot of information that is easily understandable even for those with no previous experience.

There customer service is also quite excellent and their minimum investment amount is lower compared to the rest.

What are the noblegold rollover services?

Just like most gold IRA companies, Noble Gold will manage the rollover or transfer of funds from your existing retirement planning account. Noble Gold can help you decide which rollover or transfer is suitable for your individual tax position. No fee is charged for this service.

Can I keep my gold at home with a Noble Gold IRA?

You cannot keep your gold at home with a Noble Gold IRA. There are storage options offered with security deposit lockers in Texas, Delaware or Canada.

When the time comes to liquidate the assets, you can get the precious metals delivered to your home or even receive money for their value.

Can i easily access my gold?

If you have purchased your gold physically, then yes. Although if you have purchased gold for an IRA, then no. This is an IRS regulated rule.

Does Noble Gold offer a free consultation?

Potential clients are entitled to a free consultation with a Noble Gold representative before committing to an account. They walk you through the entire process involved in opening a Gold IRA and explain in detail about any other product you may be interested in.

You can either arrange a face to face meeting or speak to a consultant through the phone. This service is completely free of charge and you are not obligated to open an account at the end of the consultation.

You also have the option of getting a copy of the Noble Gold Investments guide book lnown as the Gold Book. The guide is a full rundown of all the possible services you can choose from. It is a valuable resource for anyone considering acquiring precious metals or rolling over their retirement account.

Are there taxes or penalties for moving retirement funds?

There aren’t any penalties or taxes for moving money from a single qualified retirement account to a different one. Neither are there any penalties for transferring from a single custodian to the next.

Nevertheless, you will have to pay taxes if you don’t reinvest the retirement money in a gold IRA bank account within sixty days of withdrawing it.

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NobleGold Conclusion

Two of the biggest threats to your retirement are inflation and stock market uncertainty. Precious metals are one of the most effective ways to guard against these threats because they’ve been seen historically to move in the opposite direction to stock markets.

When stock markets fall, the precious metals rise. Owning gold today assures security of investments made.

If you are looking for a precious metal ira company to invest in, then I would highly recommend Noble gold investments. It’s a reputable, honest precious metals investment company dedicated to helping investors safeguard their financial futures.

Despite being relatively new, Noble gold has managed to receive constant positive feedback from all those who have experienced its services. This company continually boasts of transparency, communication, and a dedication to putting the client first, values that have proven to be important for a gold ira company.

The services offered are also quite flexible as they offer different levels of investment, and different options for how to receive and store your gold, silver, and other precious metals.

To add to that, their fees are amongst the best in the industry. Although the storage facilities may cost slightly more, the security is top notch. Whether you want to keep your collectible coins safe or are looking to buy gold to ensure financial freedom, Noble Gold is definitely a good place to start.

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Noble Gold Review - Legit Investment For 2022? 13

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