Notary Side Hustle: How Notaries Can Earn Extra In 2023

In today’s gig economy, finding a side hustle with flexible hours and high earning potential can make all the difference.

Being a notary has long been regarded as one of the top side hustles available. And for many reasons too! You may choose your own hours, be your own boss, and earn $75 to $200 for each hour-long visit.

Join the world of notary public services, – a rewarding part-time opportunity to help people with essential document signings while earning extra cash.

As you dive into this blog post, we’ll walk you through everything from who a notary is, ways in which notaries can make money and an introduction to what it takes to become a notary signing agent and the benefits of having this valuable skill in your repertoire.

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Notary Side Hustle: How Notaries Can Earn Extra In 2023 28

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What is a Notary Public

Notaries are government representatives appointed by their state governments to act as unbiased witnesses for a variety of fraud-deterrent actions, such as confirming a signer’s identity, confirming that they are a willing participant in the transaction, and confirming that they are aware of what they are intending to sign.

Notary Side hustle

In North America, there are 4.4 million notaries, according to the National Notary Association. The majority of notaries are women (around 84%), older (between the ages of 46 and 65), and well-educated (almost two-thirds have a college degree).

Generally, notaries are found in the real estate, legal, health care and banking businesses, and interestingly, of those who are self-employed, 54 percent have been self-employed for less than five years.

In general, the process of becoming a commissioned Notary entails submitting a completed application form, paying your state’s nominal application fee, purchasing any necessary Notary supplies, and filing your oath of office with the relevant Notary regulating office. Each state has its own unique requirements for becoming a commissioned Notary.

The foundation of the public’s faith in the notary is impartiality. A notary cannot refuse to assist someone based on their ethnicity, religion, politics, or sexual orientation, but must verify that there are no conflicts of interest when rendering services.

Notaries may charge for their services, but they are obligated to charge no more than what their state permits for doing any given notarial act. If you go to your clients’ locations to perform your services, you can also charge a travel fee or other business service costs as long as the signer consents to them in advance.

If you are a notary, you can have a side hustle that supplements your work and in this article, we will be looking at how you can do that.

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Ways to make money as a Notary

Let us look at some of the best notary side hustles to generate extra income.

Mobile Notary Public

Even though you can notarize in your house or place of business, you’ll frequently attract more clients if you’re prepared to travel.

Notary Side Hustle: How Notaries Can Earn Extra In 2023 29

Mobile Notaries provide their services directly to clients. This not only gives you access to additional tasks, but it also allows you to bill for travel costs. While some states have a defined travel charge, others let you decide what it should be. It’s advisable to keep your travel costs modest because you’ll likely be competing with other Notaries in your neighborhood.

You can also deduct mileage costs from your taxes. Make sure to meticulously track your miles and keep personal and professional travel separate.

Here are some other tips to consider:

  • Make sure your client is aware of the separation between the trip cost and your notarial fee (certain jurisdictions mandate this).
  • Before you depart to see the customer, agree on the travel cost amount.
  • Provide a clear procedure for when the notarization cannot be performed (the signer is missing proper identification, the document is incomplete, etc.). Will the travel cost still be charged? Make that the client is aware of and agrees to your policy.
  • Widening your travel area will enable you to take on additional clients as notaries are able to provide their services throughout the entire state.

Notary Signing Agent

Lenders (often mortgage finance institutions), title firms, or signing service businesses use a Notary loan signing Agent to notarize loan papers. This service might be quite lucrative to offer.

Notary Side Hustle: How Notaries Can Earn Extra In 2023 30

Notary loan signing agents are expected to set their own rates in accordance with their business costs, the businesses they engage with, the travel and time needed for assignments, and the market demand for signing services in their region.

It’s crucial to remember that you cannot become a Notary Signing Agent unless you have been commissioned as a Notary Public. Moreover, the majority of the businesses that utilize your services want extra training such as the loan signing system certification as well as an annual background check.

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Apostille Agent

Apostilles are experts in certifying official papers, like birth certificates and marriage licenses, that have been verified by governments for use in other nations.

Notary Side Hustle: How Notaries Can Earn Extra In 2023 31

Apostille agents make it simple for customers to obtain their papers certified with the least amount of work possible and may make considerable money in the process thanks to their understanding of the laws and regulations that are in place in various countries.

The price of your services as an Apostille Agent depends on how fast the client requires their documents to be returned. By charging more for extra features like rapid delivery or quick turnaround, you may tier your services and earn up to $150 per apostille.

Field Inspector

Field inspections may be a terrific way to earn extra money.

As a field inspector, it will be your duty to document the state, location, and security of real estate, personal items, and vehicles for hired firms using photographs and written or digital reports.

Notary Side Hustle: How Notaries Can Earn Extra In 2023 32

You can be asked to perform damage evaluations of accident-damaged automobiles for insurance firms, confirm the whereabouts of collateral for lenders, and conduct security inspections of properties.

You might make up to $70 for each field inspection, depending on the service!

In this position, you’ll be assisting your clients make critical decisions concerning the assets under their management.

Permit Runner

Permit running is an excellent addition for a notary wishing to grow their services and generate extra money in their business.

In addition to keeping abreast of state permitting procedures and rules, this work entails assisting people in obtaining the permits they want for their personal or professional usage.

Contractors are frequently ready to employ permission runners rather than handle the laborious job themselves, allowing them to complete projects more quickly and smoothly.

You may earn up to $150 each appointment as a notary doing permit running services.

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Notarizations for Process Serving and Correctional Facilities

Notaries play an important part in the legal system by delivering necessary services.

Notary Side Hustle: How Notaries Can Earn Extra In 2023 33

Correctional institution Notarizations include notarizing Power of Attorney forms to provide authority to marry convicts or to retrieve confiscated vehicles.

By serving civil process, you play a crucial part in the judicial system as a civil process server. This covers minor claims court cases, restraining orders, divorce, child support, foreclosures, and evictions.

Providing people with their right to property while guaranteeing their financial security through services like child support or foreclosure suit documentation is a crucial service you may give.

Wedding Officiant

It’s a great method to generate money as a wedding officiant.

Notary Side Hustle: How Notaries Can Earn Extra In 2023 34

Without being ordained, you can function as a wedding officiant in six states: Montana, Maine, Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida, and Nevada.

Wedding officiants might charge between $100 and $250 each wedding, depending on the services they provide.

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Benefits Of Having A Notary Side Hustle

Having a notary business offers the flexibility and control over your schedule, low startup costs, and high earning potential that can provide financial security and independence.

Flexibility And Control Over Schedule

One of the standout benefits of having a notary side hustle is the flexibility and control it offers over your schedule.

As a mobile notary or signing agent, you have the freedom to choose when and where you work, making it an ideal option for those juggling other commitments such as a full-time job or family responsibilities.

For example, some notaries might choose early mornings or weekends to maximize their availability for clients while still maintaining their day jobs. Others could focus on providing services during lunch breaks or after work hours.

The possibilities are endless in tailoring this side gig to suit your unique lifestyle needs.

Low Startup Costs

One of the major advantages of starting a notary side hustle is the relatively low startup costs involved.

Notary Side Hustle: How Notaries Can Earn Extra In 2023 35

Unlike other side businesses that might require large investments in inventory, equipment, or retail space, becoming a notary public primarily requires obtaining a notary commission from your state, which usually only entails paying a modest fee and passing an exam.

Adding mobile services as part of your offering can open up even more possibilities with minimal additional investment. As a mobile notary or loan signing agent for real estate transactions, you can travel to clients’ locations at their convenience using your own vehicle while charging extra fees for this level of service.

The professional connections you make through national organizations like the National Notary Association can provide access to resources that help grow your business further without breaking the bank.

High Earning Potential

One of the most appealing aspects of starting a notary side hustle is the high earning potential it offers.

As a mobile notary, you can earn anywhere from $25 to over $200 per appointment, depending on factors such as location, document complexity or being a notary signing agent working with loan documents.

For instance, if you specialize as a loan signing agent, partnering with title companies and escrow officers can lead to more business opportunities at higher rates. In fact, some successful mobile notaries have reported earnings upwards of $100 an hour part-time after receiving proper training and certifications through organizations like the National Notary Association.

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How To Start Your Notary Side Hustle

To start your notary side gig, you need to research your state’s requirements, obtain a notary commission, and acquire the necessary equipment and supplies.

Research Your State’s Requirements

Before starting your notary side hustle, it’s important to research the specific requirements in your state. Here are some common steps that may be necessary:

  1. Obtain a Notary Commission from your state government agency
  2. Complete any required training or education
  3. Pass a background check and/or fingerprinting
  4. Purchase a surety bond or insurance policy (if required)
  5. Acquire necessary equipment, such as a notary stamp or journal

It’s important to note that requirements can vary from state to state, so it’s crucial to check with your state website or local notary association for specific information on becoming a commissioned notary public in your area.

Obtain A Notary Commission

To become a notary public, one must first research their state’s requirements and apply for a notary commission.

The process of obtaining a notary commission varies from state to state but generally requires completing an application, submitting fingerprints for a background check, and purchasing a surety bond.

Some states also require passing an exam or taking training courses before becoming certified. Becoming a commissioned notary public is an excellent way to establish oneself as both reliable and trustworthy in the community while earning extra cash on the side.

With low startup costs and high earning potential of up to $100 per hour part-time after receiving training, being a mobile notary offers significant flexibility since individuals can work whenever they like within their area of choice while making good money doing so.

Acquire Necessary Equipment And Supplies

To start your notary side hustle, you’ll need to acquire the necessary equipment and supplies. Here’s a list of what you’ll need:

Notary stamp or seal

This is your official tool that will be used to emboss your notarial certificates onto documents.


A notary journal is required in most states to keep a record of all notarial acts performed. It’s important to keep accurate records to protect both yourself and your clients.

Basic office supplies

Pens, pencils, paper, stapler, and other standard office supplies will be needed for administrative tasks.

Business cards and marketing materials

You’ll want to have professional-looking business cards and marketing materials to promote your services at events, conferences, and on social media channels.

Reliable transportation

A reliable vehicle is essential since mobile notaries travel to their clients’ locations.

Computer and internet access

Many notary signing agents use e-documents for loan signings, so having access to a computer with high-speed internet is crucial.

Surety bond and E&O insurance

Depending on the state you live in, you may need a surety bond or errors and omissions insurance (E&O) coverage as part of obtaining your commission certificate.

Starting a notary side hustle can be an affordable way to earn extra income with low startup costs. Just make sure you have the right equipment and supplies before getting started!

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Tips For A Successful Notary Side Hustle

Set competitive prices, provide exceptional customer service, and continuously improve your skills and knowledge to ensure a successful notary side hustle.

Set Competitive Prices

Setting competitive prices is crucial in the notary side hustle. It’s important to do research and determine what other notaries are charging for similar services in your area.

While it may be tempting to undercut competitors’ prices, this can lead to a race to the bottom and undervalue your skills and time.

Offering packages or tiered pricing based on the complexity of the task at hand is another way to set competitive prices.

It’s also essential to consider any additional expenses such as travel fees, equipment costs, or certification renewal fees when setting prices. Continuously assessing pricing strategies and adjusting them accordingly can ensure that you remain profitable while meeting client needs.

Provide Exceptional Customer Service

One key aspect of running a successful notary side hustle is providing exceptional customer service. As a notary public, you are often the first point of contact for clients seeking assistance with important legal documents.

Being responsive to inquiries and addressing concerns promptly can help build trust with clients and establish a positive reputation in your community.

Mobile notaries can earn up to $100 an hour part-time after training, so keeping customers satisfied is essential in ensuring repeat business and establishing yourself as a go-to provider for all their notarization needs.

Continuously Improve Skills And Knowledge

To be successful as a notary public and signing agent, it’s important to continuously improve your skills and knowledge. Stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends, laws, regulations and best practices by attending training courses, seminars or workshops.

The National Notary Association (NNA) offers various courses that can help you learn new skills or enhance existing ones.

It’s also essential to keep your communication skills sharp since you’ll often have to deal with clients from diverse backgrounds who might require specific explanations or translations when reviewing documents.

Continuously improving your technical and computer skills can also come in handy when working remotely or using digital platforms for e-signatures or online notarizations.

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How much can you earn as a Notary?

The earning potential of a notary varies depending on the qualifications, region, and other aspects.

In Texas, a mobile notary public makes an average salary of $39,500 a year, although some can earn as much as $60,000. Some notaries even earn up to $2,400 a month as a side job.

The notary fees are fairly affordable, coming in at roughly $6.00 per signature and $1.00 for each extra individual signature. As a result, customers won’t have to shell out a lot of money to use this service.

However, keep in mind that this is only one of the fees; other costs, such as signing packages, may also be applicable and have a different cost.

You may be wondering how someone can make a career for just $6.00, but consider the kind of documents that a notary witnesses, which can include multi-page government paperwork, loan documents, legal documents, adoption forms, and so on.

A mobile notary who visits your home to sign home loan closing paperwork, for example, may earn $75 from that visit. That appointment probably took them an hour, including travel time. That’s around $75 each hour!

Then envision a mobile notary who conducts three to four of those visits per day most days of the week. That’s a $300-per-day day! Doesn’t this sound amazing!


Starting a notary side hustle can be an excellent way to earn extra cash while working on your own schedule.

With low startup costs and high earning potential, becoming a commissioned notary public could be a viable side hustle for those looking for part-time work.

By providing exceptional customer service and continuously improving your skills, you can build a successful business as a signing agent or mobile notary.

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Notary Side Hustle: How Notaries Can Earn Extra In 2023 28

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