29 Pharmacist Side Hustles To Earn More In 2023

As a pharmacist, you’re dedicated to improving the health and well-being of your clients. But what if there was a way to capitalize on your skills and experience while also increasing your income?

Welcome to the world of pharmacist side hustles! Whether you’re looking for extra cash, exploring new professional opportunities, or simply seeking more personal fulfillment outside of your day job, these alternative ventures are tailor-made for healthcare professionals like you.

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29 Pharmacist Side Hustles To Earn More In 2023 28

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Why have a Side hustle as a Pharmacist?

Pharmacists may start a side hustle due to salary limitations, career advancement opportunities, personal and financial fulfillment, job security and flexibility, and freedom.

Salary Limitations

Salary limitations can be a significant concern for pharmacists, as they often enter the workforce with a substantial amount of student loan debt. Despite their high level of education and expertise in healthcare, many pharmacists find that their annual income may not increase substantially over time.

A side gig can provide an additional source of revenue to help meet financial goals or pay off student loans.

With numerous side hustle ideas available, pharmacists can choose an option that aligns with their interests, skills, and availability. For example, a pharmacist could write medical articles on weekends or participate in paid medical surveys during evenings.

These opportunities give healthcare professionals the chance to pursue their passions outside of traditional pharmacy roles while still earning money in their field of expertise alongside other medical professionals such as physician assistants or doctors.

Career Advancement

Pursuing a pharmacist side hustle offers excellent opportunities for career advancement by allowing pharmacists to build new skills, expand their professional network, and enhance their resumes.

Embarking on side hustles like medical writing, providing telepharmacy services, or becoming an advisory board member for pharmaceutical companies aid in honing your expertise and showcasing leadership qualities.

Furthermore, engaging in these lucrative ventures exposes healthcare professionals to different perspectives within the industry while staying updated with emerging trends.

As you interact with other healthcare professionals through conferences or social media groups, pharmacists can gain valuable insights that further enrich your professional growth.

Personal And Financial Fulfillment

Starting a pharmacist side hustle not only provides extra income but also personal and financial fulfillment.

By aligning personal interests with career aspirations, pharmacists can achieve greater fulfillment and satisfaction from their side ventures. For instance, a pharmacist passionate about health and wellness may choose to become a certified diabetes educator or offer personal training services.

Moreover, passionate pharmacists who enjoy teaching others could create online courses or lead continuing education programs centered around pharmacy topics. This not only provides an opportunity to make more money but also allows individuals to share valuable knowledge with pharmacy students and other healthcare professionals seeking growth within the field.

Ultimately, starting a successful side hustle can bring financial security and freedom. By diversifying their income streams, pharmacists are able to save more money for retirement or invest in other areas they are passionate about.

Job Security

Starting a side hustle as a pharmacist can lead to increased job security. By diversifying your income streams, you’re less reliant on one source of income, which can be especially important in uncertain times.

Additionally, by starting and managing a successful side hustle as a pharmacist, you demonstrate valuable transferable skills such as entrepreneurship and business acumen that make you more marketable and set you apart from other candidates in the event that you need to find alternative employment opportunities.

Flexibility And Freedom

One of the major benefits of starting a pharmacist side hustle is that it provides flexibility and freedom. Many pharmacists who work full-time in pharmacies or healthcare organizations often feel restricted by the long hours and hectic schedules that come with those roles.

Starting a side hustle allows pharmacists to take control of their time and choose when they want to work.

For example, a pharmacist who starts an online coaching business can set their own schedule, choosing to work during off-hours from their full-time job. Or, a pharmacist who decides to start writing medical articles can do so on weekends or whenever they have free time outside of work.

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Popular Pharmacist Side Hustle Ideas

Some popular pharmacist side hustles include freelance medical writing and editing, telepharmacy services, health and wellness coaching, pharmaceutical sales and marketing, pharmacy business coaching, consultation services, and many more.

Medical Writing and Editing

Pharmacists can also leverage their medical expertise to pursue medical writing as a side hustle. This can include creating written content for healthcare organizations, pharmaceutical companies, or industry publications on topics such as drug interactions, medication safety, and disease management.

Pharmacist side hustle

A pharmaceutical company could hire you to create a summary for a new medicine they’re releasing. Pharma businesses require copywriters for the marketing brochures they give to physicians.

These side hustles can provide reliable sources of passive income, which is essential during medical institution layoffs. In the case of medical writing and editing, it not only generates additional income but also allows pharmacists to use their skills and knowledge outside their primary clinical practice.

Medical writing is a flexible option that allows pharmacists to work from home on their own schedule while utilizing their knowledge and skills.

Telepharmacy Services

Telepharmacy services are a great option for pharmacists looking to start a side hustle. With telepharmacy, pharmacists can provide professional advice and medication management services to patients remotely.

This is especially helpful for those living in remote areas or with limited access to healthcare services.

Pharmacists can offer services such as medication therapy management, comprehensive medication reviews, drug information counseling, and more through telepharmacy platforms.

There are also opportunities for pharmacists to work with telehealth companies that connect them with patients in need of prescription medications or medical advice.

Health And Wellness Coaching

Health and wellness coaching is a growing field that offers pharmacists the opportunity to share their expertise in nutrition, fitness, and general health with others. As healthcare professionals, pharmacists are uniquely qualified to provide guidance on lifestyle changes that can improve overall well-being.

Health coaches work with clients one-on-one or in group settings to create personalized plans for achieving health goals such as weight loss, stress reduction, and disease prevention.

Starting a health and wellness coaching business could be an excellent way for pharmacists looking to earn extra income while making a positive impact on people’s lives.

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Real Estate Investing

One of the most popular pharmacist side gigs is real estate investing. By purchasing rental properties, pharmacists can generate passive income and build long-term wealth.

29 Pharmacist Side Hustles To Earn More In 2023 29

Real estate investment provides an excellent opportunity to diversify one’s portfolio and benefit from appreciation in property values over time. Additionally, owning rental properties can be a great tax shelter for pharmacists looking to lower their taxable income.

Some pharmacists may also choose to invest in real estate through real estate crowdfunding platforms or REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts), which offer more passive options with less hands-on management required.

Overall, real estate investing offers high-income earners like medical professionals a reliable source of extra income while providing financial security and personal fulfillment outside of clinical medicine practice.


Tutoring is a great side job that won’t interfere with your existing employment and is a great method to earn additional money.

You might teach courses like pharmacology, physiology, algebra, and even anatomy to college students, particularly those enrolled in pharmacy school.

Assuming you find clients on your own, you don’t need any special certification or training to become a tutor. However, If you opt to work with a tutoring platform that links you with students, you should be aware that they may have special requirements.

You might get clients by posting advertising on bulletin boards at schools and institutions in your region. You may also advertise on Craigslist.

Pharmaceutical Sales And Marketing

Pharmaceutical sales and marketing is a popular side hustle for pharmacists looking to diversify their income streams. This job involves promoting and selling pharmaceutical products to healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, and pharmacists.

29 Pharmacist Side Hustles To Earn More In 2023 30

Typically, this requires visiting medical offices or hospitals to provide information about new treatments or products that may be of interest to patients.

Pharmacists with a background in marketing can leverage their expertise and connections within the industry to make extra money on the side. They can work part-time or on a freelance basis for advisory boards of pharmaceutical companies, earn commissions from sales they make, or even develop their own product lines.

Pharmacy Business Coaching

Pharmacy business coaching is a great side hustle option for pharmacists who have an interest in helping other pharmacy professionals grow their businesses. This type of coaching involves working with pharmacy owners or managers to help them improve their operations, marketing strategies, and financial management skills.

One example of a successful pharmacy business coach is Steve Leuck, who is also known as “The Happy PharmD”. In addition to his full-time job as a pharmacist, Leuck offers coaching services to help other pharmacists launch profitable ventures.

He has helped numerous clients achieve success by guiding them through the process of starting independent pharmacies, improving existing pharmacies’ productivity and profitability and launching new products or services that meet patient needs.

Creating Online Courses And Educational Resources

One great pharmacist side hustle idea is creating online courses and educational resources. With their wealth of knowledge, pharmacists can develop courses and materials to educate others on various topics such as medication management, disease prevention, and healthy living.

Pharmacists who have created successful online courses and educational resources make money online and have reported earning a substantial amount of passive income from this side hustle alone.

This option also offers flexibility in terms of working hours as the development process can be done at one’s own pace.

Expert witness

If you have extensive expertise as a pharmacist, you may be able to make extra money working as an expert witness. This job entails giving testimony in court on drugs or pharmacy practice.

If you’re prepared to put in the time and do your research, it may be highly gratifying and lucrative. Of course, this isn’t always the most consistent job.

Companies such as SEAK and Round Table Group can assist you in finding work as an expert witness.

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Consulting Services

Providing consultation services is an excellent option for pharmacists to supplement their income. This might range from providing prescription recommendations to assisting people in managing chronic diseases.

You are uniquely positioned as a pharmacist to provide medication therapy management (MTM), where you can optimize your patient’s pharmaceutical regimen.

Another alternative is to look into the emerging subject of pharmacogenomics. By analyzing a patient’s genetics and DNA, this service can choose pharmaceuticals that are likely to have the best response, resulting in more personalized care.

There are several options for getting started with this side hustle. You can market your services online or through community groups in your area. You can also contact your network of relatives and friends to check if anyone needs your assistance.

Being knowledgeable and pleasant is essential for success with this side hustle.


Podcasting is a great pharmacist side hustle that has gained popularity in recent years. With this side hustle, pharmacists can share their medical knowledge and expertise with a broad audience while earning extra income.

29 Pharmacist Side Hustles To Earn More In 2023 31

Podcasting allows pharmacists to connect with listeners from all over the world who are interested in various medical topics.

To start monetizing your podcast, you can offer sponsorship opportunities or sell advertising space on your platform.

Overall, podcasting proves one of the top profitable hobbies for Pharmacists looking to supplement their primary careers financially – allowing them also to create networks beyond the walls of medicine!

Create your own YouTube channel

Creating a YouTube channel is a good way to make money as a pharmacist. You can use your channel to discuss new drugs, pharmaceutical side effects, or how to correctly use medications.

This is a wonderful pharmacist side gig since it is simple to start and does not require any expensive equipment. All you really need to get started is a smartphone and a tripod. You may always improve your equipment as your channel grows.

When it comes to medical information, YouTube has very rigorous regulations, so acquaint yourself with their standards before you begin making videos.

A channel might also be used to interview officials from pharmaceutical companies on pharmaceuticals and their newest research and breakthroughs. Many companies allow you to form a partnership and earn a percentage of the profits from ads that are attached to videos.

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Become a professor or lecturer

You might be able to land a teaching position at a local pharmacy school or online program if you have both teaching and pharmacy experience under your belt.

You shouldn’t, however, restrict your career search to simply pharmaceutical colleges. Pharmacy themes are covered in other healthcare curricula. So make sure to consider additional career opportunities.

But even if you don’t have teaching experience, you can practice by giving out free lectures or group discussions.

Medical Transcription

Because they are familiar with medical terminology and are knowledgeable about patient care, pharmacists are the best candidates for transcribing medical documents. As a pharmacist, medical transcribing might be a nice side hustle because you can work from home on your own time.

29 Pharmacist Side Hustles To Earn More In 2023 32

Finding a job can be comparatively simple with the help of online resources like TranscribeAnywhere. Just keep in mind that the typical salary may be less than that of some other pharmacist side jobs. If you’re seeking jobs that pay $100K, you’ll need to go elsewhere.

Remember that a medical transcriptionist must pay close attention to detail and have the capacity to understand what other medical professionals wrote or said in order to provide accurate transcriptions.

Peer-to-peer lending

Peer-to-peer lending is a strategy that enables people to provide money to those in need and then receive their money back (plus interest) in installments.

People frequently resort to peer-to-peer lending when they are unable to acquire funding through conventional ways. The majority of P2P lenders make between 5 and 10 percent on their original investment, and they have more control over who gets their loan by selecting the borrower based on their creditworthiness, job history, and other criteria.

However, you should be aware that there are prerequisites to becoming a P2P lender. Depending on whatever P2P loan site you choose to use, requirements may vary. You will mostly need to invest a minimum sum, but certain countries can also demand that P2P lenders abide by investment restrictions.

There are various dangers involved in being a P2P lender. The beneficiary of your loan may declare bankruptcy, or you may earn less if the recipient repays the debt sooner than intended. Only you know what kinds of risks you’re ready to accept with your money, so it’s always a good idea to do a personal risk assessment before taking the plunge.

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Write a Book or E-book

Writing a book or an e-book is a great method to demonstrate your expertise and experience while earning extra money. You are free to write on any aspect of healthcare, including your area of expertise in pharmacies.

29 Pharmacist Side Hustles To Earn More In 2023 33

Print-on-demand services like Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing allow anyone to publish books. Waiting for a publisher to extend you a book contract is not necessary. Writing your book and uploading it to Amazon will enable them to print paperback copies and fulfill orders as they come in. You may also provide an electronic book edition.

A successful book may earn you passive income for years to come, but writing a book or an e-book takes a lot of effort up front. Aside from the financial benefits, becoming a published author may have a big impact on your career and other opportunities that open up.

Medical Virtual Assistant

VAs (virtual assistants) are in increasing demand. You might specialize in the medical profession if you have credentials and expertise as a pharmacist.

You might assist healthcare professionals with administrative chores such as appointment scheduling, patient record management, and other administrative duties.

This is an excellent opportunity to apply your pharmaceutical expertise outside of the usual clinical context. It may also pay extremely well if you can discover the proper clientele and manage numerous projects at once.

Complete Comprehensive medication reviews

Another easy option to earn extra money as a pharmacist is to complete pharmaceutical evaluations. This includes consulting with patients, examining their medical state and existing medications, and offering recommendations.

These are very easy to fit into your schedule because they can typically be done at your own time as long as deadlines are met.

Several companies will pay for this service, particularly because medication users are far more likely to listen to a pharmacist than a random reviewer due to your implied expertise.

Serve on an Advisory Board

Pharmaceutical companies and other healthcare-related organizations are always on the lookout for suitable people to serve on their advisory boards. In general, these jobs entail offering suggestions and providing advice on items or services.

You will not only make some additional money, but you will also most likely create some extremely useful relationships. Serving on an advisory board is also a great way to build your resume.

Find a part-time job as a pharmacist

One approach to supplement your income is to work a second job, often known as moonlighting.

If you already work full-time at a pharmacy, you can consider applying for a pharmacist position at a nearby hospital or medical clinic, or in another retail environment, such as a grocery store pharmacy.

You might also look for another pharmacy that is looking for a part-time pharmacist during the hours you are not working at your full-time job.

Start a Blog or Niche Website

Creating a content-based website is a good alternative if you like writing and are searching for a long-term business opportunity.

As a medical practitioner, you may develop a website or start a blog about a certain part of health care, clinical medicine, or another area of expertise.

This is an excellent side hustle since it lets you share your expertise with the rest of the world while still earning money through adverts, sponsored articles, or affiliate marketing.

Growing a successful blog requires time and work, but it can be financially and personally gratifying. Because the long-term revenue potential is limitless, this is an excellent alternative, particularly for individuals searching for something to do after retiring or retiring early from actively practicing.

Stock Investing

Stock investing is another popular pharmacist side gig, offering the potential for significant returns on investment.

29 Pharmacist Side Hustles To Earn More In 2023 34

Pharmacists can use their in-depth knowledge of healthcare and pharmaceutical industries to make informed investments that generate additional income.

One example of a successful medical practitioner stock investor is Dr. James Dahle, who founded The White Coat Investor blog to educate medical professionals about personal finance and investing.

With his expertise in emergency medicine and financial planning, Dr. Dahle has been able to build a successful investment portfolio that generates passive income outside of his clinical practice.

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Special Considerations for Pharmacist Side Hustles

Pharmacists should be aware of the legal and ethical considerations when pursuing a side hustle, balance their time between clinical obligations and personal life, and avoid potential conflicts of interest.

Legal And Ethical Considerations

Pharmacists who pursue side hustles need to be aware of the legal and ethical considerations that can affect their primary medical practice. One of the main concerns is potential conflicts of interest.

Pharmacists need to ensure that their side hustle does not compromise patient care or conflict with their responsibility to act in the best interests of patients.

Another consideration is ensuring compliance with laws and regulations related to healthcare professionals. Pharmacists must abide by strict rules relating to advertising and promotion when marketing their services as part of a side hustle, such as medical writing or consulting work.

It’s crucial for pharmacists pursuing side hustles to always closely monitor these legal and ethical considerations; they might impact not only litigation but personal ethics if pushed too far out of their comfort zones.

Potential Conflicts Of Interest

Pharmacists need to be aware of potential conflicts of interest when pursuing a side hustle. For example, if a pharmacist is developing and selling pharmaceutical drugs while also dispensing prescription drugs, there may be a conflict of interest.

To avoid conflicts of interest, pharmacists should disclose any outside activities to their employers or regulatory bodies and adhere to professional ethical standards. It’s crucial for pharmacists to maintain patient trust and avoid creating the appearance of impropriety.

Tips For Starting and Managing a Successful Pharmacist Side Hustle

Learn how to turn your skills and interests into a successful pharmacist side hustle with these practical tips, including developing a business plan, building your brand and network, and balancing workload and personal life.

Identify Your Skills And Interests

To start a successful pharmacist side hustle, it’s crucial to identify your skills and interests. Take stock of your unique knowledge and experiences in the field of pharmacy or any other areas that you’re passionate about.

For example, if you enjoy writing, freelance medical writing could be a great option for you.

Another way to identify valuable skills is by assessing what people regularly ask for advice on from their medical background or expertise.

Once you’ve identified your skills and interests within pharmacy or other fields, start brainstorming opportunities that align with them while considering earning potential and demand.

Research Potential Opportunities

To start a successful pharmacist side hustle, the next step is to research potential opportunities that align with your skills and interests. Start by identifying your strengths and passions, then explore different industries and niches where you can apply them.

Another way to find opportunities is by leveraging your network of fellow pharmacists and healthcare professionals. Join online communities or attend local events where you can connect with others in the industry who may have leads on side hustle gigs or partnership opportunities.

Remember that starting a successful side hustle takes time, effort, and dedication.

Develop a Business Plan

Before starting a pharmacist side hustle, it is important to develop a solid business plan. This plan will serve as the foundation for your side hustle and help you identify key factors such as target audience, pricing strategy, and marketing tactics.

29 Pharmacist Side Hustles To Earn More In 2023 35

To create a successful business plan, start by identifying your goals and objectives. Next, research potential opportunities and analyze the competition in your chosen niche. Determine what sets you apart from other pharmacists offering similar services and how you can differentiate yourself to attract clients.

Once you have established these key components of your business plan, focus on developing an action plan that outlines specific steps for achieving success.

It is simpler to keep organized while managing finances if you build a well-thought-out company strategy matched to your specific abilities and interests as a pharmacy entrepreneur, so you can succeed at your side gig without sacrificing precious time with loved ones!

Build your Brand and Network

Building your brand and network is crucial when starting a successful pharmacist side hustle. Creating a strong personal brand can help you stand out from the competition while networking with other healthcare professionals can lead to new opportunities for collaboration or referrals.

Start by defining your unique selling proposition – what sets you apart from other pharmacists? Then, create professional social media profiles that reflect your brand, including LinkedIn and Twitter.

Consider offering value-added content on your social media channels, such as sharing useful articles or tips related to pharmacy topics. This can help establish yourself as an expert in your area of focus and attract new followers who may be interested in working with you.

Finally, don’t forget about staying in touch with past clients or colleagues – they may be able to refer business to you or even become repeat customers themselves.

Balance Workload and Personal Life

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is essential for pharmacists who are pursuing side hustles. While it can be tempting to put all your time and energy into your new venture, neglecting personal relationships and hobbies can lead to burnout.

One strategy for balancing workload and personal life is to prioritize tasks based on importance and urgency.

Another way to achieve balance is by delegating tasks when possible. For instance, if you are running an online course alongside your job as a pharmacist, consider outsourcing certain aspects of the project such as website design or email marketing campaigns.

This frees up more time for high-priority tasks and reduces overall stress levels.

Stay Organized And Manage Finances

As a pharmacist side hustler, managing finances is crucial to keeping your business running smoothly. Keeping track of expenses and income can be overwhelming, but it’s essential to stay organized especially when it comes to paying your taxes.

One way to stay on top of this is by using financial management tools like QuickBooks or Fresh books. These tools help you keep track of expenses, invoices, payments, and taxes all in one place.

It’s also crucial to establish a budget for your business and stick with it as much as possible. This means prioritizing where your money goes so that funds are allocated appropriately.

Staying organized and managing finances well ensures that your side businesses remain profitable while avoiding potential problems such as fines from the IRS or poor cash flow management leading to financial problems down the line.

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Resources and Support for Pharmacist Side Hustles

Pharmacists looking to start a side hustle can find resources and support through professional organizations, job platforms, networking events, coaching and mentorship programs, and financial assistance such as refinancing their student loans.

Professional Organizations

Professional organizations can be a valuable resource for pharmacists looking to start and grow their side hustle. These organizations provide access to networking opportunities, educational resources, and industry insights that can help pharmacists develop their skills and build a successful business.

For example, the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) offers a variety of online courses and training programs designed specifically for pharmacy professionals.

The National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) provides resources on starting and managing an independent pharmacy business. Additionally, joining local or regional pharmacist associations can provide opportunities to connect with other pharmacists in the community and potentially find new clients or collaborators for your side hustle.

Job Platforms

One key aspect of starting a successful pharmacist side hustle is finding the right job platform to showcase your skills and connect with potential clients or employers.

There are several online job platforms that cater specifically to healthcare professionals, such as Med Pharm Jobs and PharmacistJobMarket.com, where pharmacists can search for part-time or freelance opportunities in their field.

It’s essential to research these platforms thoroughly before signing up and create a compelling profile that highlights your experience, skills, and unique selling points as a pharmacist.

With the right job platform, you can leverage your expertise to find new income streams while building relationships within the industry.

Networking Events

Attending local networking events can be a great way for pharmacists to meet other healthcare professionals and potentially find new side hustles. These events may include conferences, seminars, or even small community gatherings.

Getting involved in professional organizations such as the American Pharmacists Association or local pharmacy schools can also lead to networking opportunities. Meeting people with similar interests and skill sets can open doors to potential collaborations and business partnerships.

Additionally, attending these events allows pharmacists to stay up-to-date on industry trends and advances, which can be valuable knowledge when starting a side hustle.

Coaching and Mentorship Programs

Coaching and mentorship programs can be a great way for pharmacists to gain valuable guidance and support as they navigate the world of side hustles. These programs can offer helpful insights into business development, marketing strategy, and personal growth.

For example, coaching services like  Pharma Preneur Academy provide tools for pharmacists to develop a successful consulting or coaching business from scratch.

In addition to providing expert advice and guidance, these programs also offer an opportunity for pharmacists to build relationships with other healthcare professionals in their field.

Networking is crucial when starting any new venture or business, and connecting with other medical professionals through mentorship or coaching programs provides access to new ideas and perspectives.

Refinancing And Financial Assistance

Pharmacists looking to start a side hustle can also explore refinancing and financial assistance options. Refinancing student loans can help reduce monthly payments and lower interest rates, freeing up funds to invest in their new venture.

In addition to refinancing, there are various financial assistance programs available for pharmacists starting their own businesses or pursuing continuing education. The National Community Pharmacists Association offers a scholarship program for pharmacy students and young pharmacists interested in entrepreneurship.

By taking advantage of these resources, pharmacists can minimize their financial burden and focus on growing their side hustles into profitable ventures.


In conclusion, pharmacists who are looking for a way to earn extra income or advance their career can benefit greatly from starting a side hustle.

With numerous opportunities available such as freelance medical writing, coaching and consulting businesses or offering door-to-door care services, pharmacists have the advantage of leveraging their expertise in healthcare and business management to create successful ventures.

By identifying their skills and interests, developing a business plan and staying organized, pharmacists can turn their passion into profit while creating personal fulfillment with the added benefits of flexibility and increased job security.

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29 Pharmacist Side Hustles To Earn More In 2023 28

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