Quant X System: Is Herb Greenberg’s Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my review of the Quant X System, a trading system that Herb Greenberg spent millions to build and that he’s willing to offer at a generous discount.

Herb Greenberg has been getting promoted by Empire Financial Research, an independent financial investment firm, so you may have encountered his work. He claims that the Quant X System can be a tool for making money in the market.

Therefore, in this review, we will be taking a look at what the Quant X system really is and the investment advisory service that Herb is promoting.

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Quant X System: Is Herb Greenberg's Scam or Legit? 7

Herb Greenberg’s Quant X System Review

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Introduction to Herb Greenberg’s Quant X System

Quant X System is a project by Herb Greenberg where he focuses on a trading system that can allegedly allow anyone to make 100%-800% gains. In the pitch, Herb has a list of 235 U.S. cities that undergo what he calls a “rolling blackout.”

Quant X System

Herb claims that these “blackouts” will trigger the most lucrative investment opportunity he has seen in decades. He will use the Quant-X program to identify the stocks to invest in during this wave of opportunity.

Going back to Quant-X, Herb says that he needed a crack team of computer programmers to design a system that identifies market-moving events before they happen using quantitative analysis. The program uses machine learning, has lightning-fast processing speeds, and is the same type of technology that will one day put man on MARS. It was built on top of more than 5 billion data points.

The proprietary system behind the scenes scans the market for 57 different factors. It automatically calculates these factors for all the stocks in the investable universe.

Although you’d be forgiven for thinking that Quant-X is short for “quantitative analysis”, QUANT-X is an acronym that stands for:

  • Q for Quality. This represents the ranking of all quality and valuation measures of all stocks among micro, small and mid-cap stocks.
  • U for Undervalued. This accounts for metrics like price to book, enterprise value to sales, and price to free cash flow that show whether a stock is undervalued.
  • A is for allocation. This refers to free cash flow and shareholder total yield. It shows how much cash the firm is returning to shareholders.
  • N stands for numbers. It focuses on the quality of the earnings and  balance sheet.
  • T is for Technical. This refers to volume and momentum, patterns and stock price behavior, and other factors that move stocks in the short term.
  • The X stands for fundamental analysis.

It is a tool of quantitative analysis that removes the emotions when making investing decisions. It reminds me of Keith Kaplan’s 10,000 New Millionaires Project where he also relies on a quantitative analysis tool called TradeStops Plus to remove the emotion out of investing in the stock market.

Herb is absolutely confident about this new project that can analyze any given stock and figure out the Quant X score. Note that this Quant X score is the determining factor when finding out if a stock will go up, down, or stay the same.

Based on this result, you can make the decision whether you can invest in that particular stock or not. Whether you are a novice or you are an experienced investor, this system and its score can help you determine the right stock to invest in to produce profitable gains.

Investing in Small Cap Stocks

Herb wants you to invest in small cap stocks.

A small-cap stock a public company whose market capitalization, is between $250 million and $2 billion. These limits vary depending on who you ask.

Investors who go for small-cap stock are generally looking for new companies that are growing fast that could become the large-cap stocks of the future.

Small cap stocks did well during stagflation

Herb argues that Small caps beat large caps in both the 1970s and the 1940s, two decades that had a lot of inflation.

He says that small caps are the only major asset class that has beaten inflation in every decade since the 1930s.

They are not bogged down by bureaucracy making it easier for them to raise prices, manage costs, and switch up their sources for goods and materials.

Herb warns that not all small caps do well and the key is to find high-quality small-cap stocks that could help you build wealth.

He says that his QUANT-X system has zeroed in on FIVE TINY STOCKS that could do exactly that. He claims to have gone over their finances with a fine-tooth comb to ascertain that they are first-rate businesses.The 2023 Small Cap Playbook

He’s written a report about them called The 2023 SmallCap Playbook.

In the report, Herb Greenberg breaks down their revenues by segment, analyzes their free cash flow, compares profit margins to peers, and takes a hard look at the track record of their management.

He reveals what price you should pay for these stocks and how to minimize risk with careful position sizing. He also covers the bull case for small caps in greater detail and explains how small caps trade at a 30% discount to large caps. He also examines why a convergence of market trends in 2023 could cause small caps to skyrocket.

To gain access to the report, you have to sign up for the exclusive financial research service, Herb Greenberg’s QUANT-X System.

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Who Is Behind Quant X System?

Quant X System is brought to you by Herb Greenberg, who is part of the editorial team at Empire Financial Research.

This highly experienced professional has spent more than 40 years as a financial journalist during which he has published a lot of content on some of the country’s leading newspapers, websites, and broadcast media.

In addition, Herb Greenberg has served as a senior stocks commentator making hundreds of appearances on CNBC.

Herb is also known for his famous knack for spot-on predictions. For example, he once called out the drugmaker Valeant after it became one of the hottest names on Wall Street. It went on to collapse by 97% and erase $85 billion in market value.

Herb has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Miami and has been in the Herbert J. Davenport Fellowship at the University of Missouri.

This time, he focuses on a special system that he believes can help any stock investor to pick the stock that is likely to do well. 

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How Does Herb Greenberg’s QUANT-X System Work?

Herb Greenberg’s Quant X System is an advisory service where he examines how each business works, breaks down Quant-X scores, and reveals each business’ upside potential. According to Herb Greenberg, his system will help you pick stocks that can double your investment.

Once you sign up for Herb Greenberg’s Quant X System subscription, you will receive benefits like:

  • Two full years of Herb Greenberg’s Quant-X System – This system will identify stocks where you can invest and double your money.
  • Special Updates – This benefit comprises Herb’s updates as needed, information on when to lock-in gains, how to add to or close a position, how to check new Quant-X scores, and how to uncover new developments in your stocks.
  • Video Chats – During these video chats, Herb Greenberg will hold briefings on the state of the market and what he sees coming next.
  • Herb’s warnings and predictions 
  • Access to Herb’s archive of model portfolios and special reports

In addition, there are many bonus reports that you will get as a subscriber besides the first research report, 2023 Small Cap Playbook. To recap, the report covers the following:

  • Why small caps are perfectly positioned to break out in 2023 and beyond.
  • How to maximize your potential upside and limit your downside risk.
  • The top five stocks Herb believes could soar between 100% and 800% over the next 12 months… and more.

While the first bonus report covers the right stocks to invest in, the second research report includes the stocks to avoid. This second research report titled Ten Pitfall Stocks to Avoid Right Now will cover how to avoid stocks that could set back your retirement goals.

You also get another report called Quant-X: How to Multiply Your Money on the Best Stocks covering stocks that can double your money, the strategy of Herb uses it to pinpoint the highest-quality stocks with the most upside potential, and a complete breakdown of the proprietary Quant-X scoring system

Herb has another report titled The Sleep at Night Portfolio which covers highly rated, low-risk Quant-X stocks that you can count on during bull and bear markets

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Pros of Quant X System

  • You will reveal stocks, their Quant X score, and if these stocks are suitable to invest in.
  • The subscription includes added benefits as covered above.
  • The subscription is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Cons of Quant X System

  • The subscription price is on the higher side i.e. it will cost you $2000.

Is Herb Greenberg’s Quant X System Legit?

The Quant X System is legit. It is a system that is meant to help you find stocks and their respective Quant X scores, and how it can be the determining factor if you can invest in it or not. This is meant to help you decide what’s the right path to invest.

Although Herb Greenberg’s Quant-X System is legit, that does not mean that every recommendation he makes will make money.

He is focusing on small-cap stocks and we know how volatile they can get. Therefore, you should take every piece of advice that comes out of the system with a grain of salt.

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Herb Greenberg’s Quant X System Verdict

If you are a fan of small cap stocks and a quantitative analysis system, you should take a closer look at Herb Greenberg’s Quant-X System. It is a relatively expensive service without a refund policy, therefore, you need to be sure that it is what’s right for you. 

Speaking of small cap stocks, Greenberg wants you to invest in them based on their historic performances. For example, during the 1970s when there was global inflation averaging 11% a year, years of weak economic growth, rising interest rates, numerous major supply shocks, and expensive crude oil that surpassed $100 a barrel, small cap stocks generated 27% annualized returns, outperforming long-term U.S. treasury bonds more than nine times over.

He says that during stagflation, when the economy just can’t keep up with inflation and it is a brutal time to be an investor, you can rely on small caps.

That being said, small caps have their limitations and disadvantages and you should always be on the look out for those.

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Quant X System: Is Herb Greenberg's Scam or Legit? 7


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