10,000 New Millionaires Project: Legit or Scam?

The 10,000 New Millionaires Project is a marketing initiative by TradeSmith CEO, Keith Kaplan to get more people to sign up for his new advisory service.

Keith claims that his intention in promoting his strategy is to help as many as 10,000 people to become millionaires.

I sat through the presentation to learn more about the advisory service and put together this review breaking it down for your analysis. With the information I provide, you can then decide whether you want to sign up for the service.

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10,000 New Millionaires Project: Legit or Scam? 13

10,000 New Millionaires Project Review

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Introduction to the 10,000 New Millionaires Project

The 10,000 new millionaires project is a project created by Keith Kaplan’s firm to to show at least 10,000 people how to make their first million dollars in the stock market. 

10,000 New Millionaires Project: Legit or Scam? 14

According to Keith Kaplan, the key to this project’s success is focusing on a unique stock market signal he calls the Volatility Quotient.

This is not the first time Keith Kaplan is introducing the volatility quotient. It was the basis of his past presentations like Profit Greenlight, The X Factor Advantage, and The Divergence.

Keith Kaplan is promoting his VQ tool because it is a powerful way to make money in stocks even in challenging markets like the one in 2022.

Keith says that unfortunately, not many people are aware of this unique Volatility Quotient parameter but the results can be incredible. He says that it is ready for the market because there is hardware that can process the complex calculations.

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What is the VQ?

The Volatility Quotient or VQ is an analytical tool that gauges the risk associated with a security. It tells you how volatile a stock is, and the uncertainty surrounding it.

Keith and his team innovated the key algorithm behind VQ:

The Volatility Quotient algorithm

They’ve been applying the algorithm to every stock all the time and use more than 3,053 past and present data points and compute  9,250 calculations per day on each stock every single day.

Keith says that the VQ system enables him to avoid the three most common mistakes investors make, whether beginners or veterans.

The three mistakes are:

  1. In up markets, you sell your winning stocks too early.
  2. In down markets, you cling to losing shares too long.
  3. Finally, you let emotions drive far too many of your financial decisions.

According to Keith, you can overcome those three obstacles, as you improve your chances of making your first million in the stock market.

Unfortunately, each one of the highlighted flaws are hard-wired for humans making it hard to spot and stop them. And, in the stock market, you can find yourself with painful and terrible financial outcomes.

That’s where the VQ signal comes in to help reveal the opportunities you might miss otherwise .

Keith has built an advisory service called TradeStops Plus to allow you to use the VQ tool.

How VQ Works

The VQ shows you how much range a stock has when it starts moving up and down, based on its patterns. Highly volatile stocks move a lot and have a higher VQ score. Less volatile stocks move in a smaller range.

With this information, you can react to big price shifts differently, depending on what the baseline for a share is.

For example, if a stock with a high VQ like AMD is starts jumping a lot, you should be careful because it has a long history of trading in a wide range.

Meanwhile, a low VQ stock that starts having big swings shows that something big is looming on the horizon and you have to get out fast. the tool lets you know how much you could lose during a downturn and if a selloff is an overreaction and you should take a position.

Conversely, you can monitor the VQ to see when a stock is too hot to know if it’s doing just fine, with more room to run.

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TradeStops Plus in action

Keith describes using the TradeStops Plus platform as incredibly easy because you start with a simple ticker and with just a few mouse clicks., you can call up any share if you want to check out it’s VQ score.

He shares an examples with a company like Apple:

Calculating Volatility Quotient

Our TradeStops Plus tool gives it a VQ Score of 28.25% indicating that given Apple’s price behavior over time across a wide range of past market environments, the stock has mostly traded above or below its current price of 28.25%. The platform also provides you with another chart:

10,000 New Millionaires Project: Legit or Scam? 15

The red line shows you how the VQ score changes over time with the stock and if the stock drops below that red line, you get out.

If it stays above the red line, you may buy more or cash out for potential profits, if the share look like they are approaching their resistance level.

TradeStops Plus has alert system that gives you a signal and helps you translate every VQ score. It uses a color code:

TradeStops Plus by Keith Kapla

Green shows that the stock is healthy and it’s time to buy, yellow indicates caution and the stock could go either way, and red shows it is not within its usual range and you can consider selling.

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Who is behind the 10,000 New Millionaires Project?

10,000 New Millionaires Project is designed by none other than Keith Kaplan. He is the CEO of a company called TradeSmith. To provide you with a quick overview of TradeSmith, this platform has a network of wealthy professionals, PhDs and economists, Wall Street insiders, and financially minded folks.

What’s more interesting about this platform is that it has as many as 69,000 members around the world. Now, with a team of dedicated data scientists, mathematicians, and coders, they have invented a new way to make profits from stock markets.

The idea is to help out newbie investors to follow the right process to easily make profits from the stock market. One of their products is TradeStops.

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How Does Keith Kaplan’s TradeStops Plus Work?

10,000 New Millionaires Project centers on a new platform that finance professionals have collectively designed to allow you to make profits from the stock market.

If you choose to become a subscriber of TradeStops Plus, you will have access to Instant VQ Scores for Over 150K Securities:  around the clock. The developers have designed algorithms for over 150,000 different securities, so you can instantly see VQ scores and even know which are the best to own.

Other than that, you’ll get full access to TradeSmith’s crystal-clear “stoplight” alert system, so you’ll know at all times which stocks to buy, hold, and sell… based on the true “health” of that investment.

In a nutshell, the benefits of signing up for TradeStops Plus are:

  • Access to VQ scores for more than 150,000 different securities, calculated around the clock and available for you to search as often as you like.
  • Full access to the VQ-driven “stoplight” alert system, which gives you green, yellow, and red alerts to buy, hold, or sell.
  • Instant risk and position sizing of any ticker symbol you enter on TradeStops Plus, to see how much risk you’re taking on and how many shares to buy.
  • A comprehensive analysis of your portfolio data, so you can get an instant, private, and safe read on the health of your holdings.
  • Access to the “newsletter center,” where you can link the model portfolios of your favorite gurus that are affiliated with TradeSmith to get an update on their picks too.
  • Instant and Automatic Custom Alerts
  • Full Help Tutorials and Concierge Service

You also get a bunch of bonus reports for free: 

  • When to Sell 50 of the World’s Most Popular Stocks
  • Beat the Billionaires: Insights, Errors, and Recommendations from the Brightest Minds on Wall Street
  • The Millionaire Master Plan

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Pros of 10,000 New Millionaires Project

  • You gain access to an analytical tool that takes the emotion out of investing in the stock market.
  • You can track the performance of your portfolio more easily
  • You will receive all the guidelines on how to make profits from the stock market.
  • It’s backed by a 60-day full satisfaction cash-back guarantee.
  • The subscription price is only $79.

Cons of 10,000 New Millionaires Project

  • It will take getting used to the platform.
  • The platform is meant to offer guidelines on how you can grow your portfolio and make profits. But, the actual profits you make solely depends on how you have executed the shared tips.

Is 10,000 New Millionaires Project Legit?

Yes, 10,000 New Millionaires Project is a legit pitch. Keith Kaplan has tested the results using the Volatility Quotient signal with calculations based on an algorithm that was first discovered by two Nobel-Prize winning economists.

They applied to no fewer than 3,052 data points for each of the more than 150,000 securities including over 51,000 publicly traded stocks, ETFs, and index funds.

The platform took over 17 years to build and they spend over $1 million per year maintaining that platform. The VQ signals gives followers the chance to make gains as high as 861%, 964%, 1,129%, 2,334%, and higher.

10,000 New Millionaires Project Verdict

The 10,000 New Millionaires project is a marketing campaign for the TradeStops Plus platform that calculates VQ scores for 150,000 securities around the clock.

The platform helps you translate those scores into action, by giving you a constant read on the health of every one of the securities. It shows you what steps you should consider taking, with its “stoplight-style” action alerts.

Its main utility, however, is that it ensures that you don’t rely on the guessing games that most other investors get stuck playing when it comes to their own investments.

If you are looking for such a tool, you should look into it more and decide whether you want to sign up for it.

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10,000 New Millionaires Project: Legit or Scam? 13


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