How To Invest In The Quantum Infinity Chamber Stock?

Welcome to my review of a presentation by Michael Robinson of Money Map Press about a technology he calls Infinity Chamber.

It has something to do with quantum computing and according to Michael’s estimates, the “Quantum Infinity Chamber” may help add up to $8 trillion to the global economy. At the same time, he thinks that it will elevate a small startup that is right in the thick of things.

If you are looking for more details about this presentation, you have come to the right place because in this unbiased and detailed review I reveal the key talking points of the pitch.

Before I start…

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How To Invest In The Quantum Infinity Chamber Stock? 25

Quantum Infinity Chamber Review

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Introduction to Quantum Infinity Chamber

Quantum Infinity Chamber by Michael Robinson is about the potential of Quantum Computing to alter the way we do things and live our lives.

He says that quantum computing will be more consequential than the computer revolution we have been going through over the past few decades.

He claims that it could create over $8 trillion in new wealth and disrupt every industry on the planet. This includes EVs, new drugs, agriculture, climate change (creating synthetic carbon-capturing materials), and other industries.

He says that an important aspect of all of it is a device he calls an “infinity chamber.”

How To Invest In The Quantum Infinity Chamber Stock? 26

The device, pictured above, is tiny yet the technology hidden inside it can create the right conditions for quantum computing to take place.

Why does Michael think that this device is important?

It is important because according to him, the device will create the perfect conditions for quantum computing, and to him, this is the future of computing.

Why does Michael think this is so significant?

He believes that the world has undergone only three major paradigm shifts in the last 150 years:

The first one was the discovery of oil in the 1870s. When that happened, the oil industry was directly responsible for creating the richest man in the world, a man called John Rockefeller who turned $4,000 into $340 billion (adjusted for inflation).

The second major shift was the invention of the automobile in 1910.

This made Henry Ford very rich and his $28,000 became $200 billion in today’s money.

And, finally, the third shift was the computer revolution, which happened in the 1980s. Computers changed the world tremendously and created mega-companies like Intel, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Nvidia.

They created a new crop of millionaires and billionaires just like the oil and automobile industries did.

The point Michael is raising by bringing up those developments is that he thinks quantum computing may have the same impact as those other developments we just mentioned.

Michael believes that this has driven investment and 15 countries have implemented national initiatives to harness the breakthrough.

The United States and China are even competing to see which country will gain the edge in the industry. China has invested billions towards research and the US congress has passed a $250 billion plan to boost research and development.

Quantum Infinity Chamber

He expects quantum computing to be huge because it will enable us to tackle the biggest challenges facing us today.

Probable Quantum Technology Breakthroughs

Michael Robinson says that having a powerful quantum computer may fast-track research in cancer, climate change, the global water crisis, and world hunger.

He mentions that according to an MIT scientist (whom he doesn’t name), faster computers will help us extend human life and improve the quality of life.

Quantum Infinity Chamber

Michael says that it may revolutionize the Global Logistics Market.

It will achieve that by making it easier to transport products from manufacturers to warehouses and then to consumers.

He tells us that the classic computer takes much longer to calculate optimal routes for truck drivers but the quantum one will be much faster.

Another industry to benefit will be drug development.

Michael tells us that it takes 15 years on average to bring a drug to market at a cost of $2.6 billion per drug.

He says that classic computers cannot accurately simulate how complex pharmaceuticals will interact with the body and the process, therefore, involves a lot of trial and error.

But with quantum computers, drug companies can conduct trials faster.

He believes that that will be just the start as the quantum age will usher in more developments.

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How a Quantum Computer Works

Quantum Computing is a form of computation that makes use of the collective properties of quantum states, such as superposition, interference, and entanglement, to perform calculations.

The Quantum world is different because subatomic particles don’t follow the law of gravity and matter can assume different forms simultaneously.

For example, in the world of quantum physics, an apple can be an apple, or an orange, or a banana, all at the same time. It can be still, in motion, or accelerating.

These properties espouse The Law of Superposition.

The smallest unit of a quantum computing environment is a qubit.

An atom becomes a qubit if it can exist in more than one state simultaneously. This is often referred to as the law of superposition.

Quantum Infinity Chamber

Classic computers (like the ones we use today) have bits that can exist as a 1 or a 0. Therefore, Michael explains that they are limited compared to quantum computers that can exist in multiple states at the same time.

Therefore, although the computer revolution has been quite pivotal to our world, classic computers are not capable of solving the world’s biggest problems.

Michael says that the failings of classic computers can be blamed on binary limitations.

This means that if you start addressing society’s most complex challenges, a supercomputer (the most advanced kind of the classic computer) may take years or decades to work out various permutations.

Quantum machines, on the other hand, have more computational power because a qubit can exist in multiple states at the same time based on the capacity of the machine.

Therefore, while a classic computer works through one permutation at a time, a quantum computer can potentially analyze millions of them at the same time.

quantum computing

Michael says that this breakthrough even won a Nobel Prize.

To further demonstrate this, when NASA scientists went to Oak Ridge, Tennessee (where the government has one of the fastest supercomputers) to test it, they fed it a complex circuitry problem.

They estimated that the computer would take 10,000 years to through it.

When they fed the same problem to a quantum computer, it solved it in 200 seconds.

Quantum Infinity Chamber

Therefore, that goes to show that quantum computers are better than classic ones.

This feature explains why there are some quantum computers that are up to 10 million times faster than even the fastest supercomputer in the world.

So, how does the Quantum Infinity Chamber play into all of this?

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How the Infinity Chamber Works

The Infinity Chamber is a high-pressure vacuum chamber that allows qubits to operate in total isolation where they can compute complex data sets. The tiny device measures two inches wide by one inch tall.

Quantum Infinity Chamber

As they compute, they can’t interact with anything else. And this is important because even introducing an unwanted atom would disrupt the whole system.

Quantum Infinity Chamber

When the chamber is activated, the conditions are like those of deep space.

Temperature falls to nearly 459 degrees blow zero which makes the subatomic particles inside slow to near-perfect stillness.

While companies like Google and IBM Use Synthetic Materials to Produce Qubits, Michael’s recommended tiny startup uses naturally occurring real quantum materials.

The material they use is called Ytterbium.

Ytterbium quantum infinity chamber

Ytterbium is a rare earth element. Every Ytterbium atom is identical to every other atom of this element in the universe, and this makes it easy to scale up the number or qubits.

The atoms are also stable.

The Quantum Infinity Chamber’s job is to convert ytterbium atoms into qubits.

Michael says that this chamber is technically a high-pressure vacuum chamber.

Infinity Chamber

This chamber allows qubits to exist in isolation where they hold complex quantum information. In this state, they should not react with anything. In fact, if a single stray hydrogen atom were to be introduced, it would ruin the whole thing.

The infinity chamber has 100 tiny electrodes to hold the atom in place.

It creates the Doppler cooling system that brings the atoms to absolute zero (-459 degrees) and this is where quantum properties exist.

The chamber then uses lasers to manipulate qubits to prepare them for calculations.

Infinity Chamber Lasers

Therefore, a device that can create this optimal environment for the qubit was always going to be a welcome development.

And this leads me to the investment opportunity he is teasing.

While one of the scientists behind this development was receiving his Nobel Prize, his colleague was launching a new startup company.

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Number One Quantum Infinity Chamber Stock

Michael Robinson wants you to consider investing in the company behind the infinity chamber.

He says that it has edged the competition and has 60 patents and applications to protect its intellectual property

How To Invest In The Quantum Infinity Chamber Stock? 27

When Michael released the presentation, it had just began trading a few days before.

He reveals that it did not go public through an IPO. Instead, it went public through a “backdoor strategy” that is so low profile, it flew under people’s radars.

That must be the SPAC route because that usually enables companies to go public without going through an IPO.

The Money Map Press team sat down with the CEO for a one-on-one meeting and they were impressed by him.

How To Invest In The Quantum Infinity Chamber Stock? 28

Michael tells us that this CEO started working at the MIT Artificial Intelligence lab when he was 16 years old.

He started a software company that he sold for over $500 million, and recently, he was the brains behind Amazon Prime’s delivery logistics.

Quantum Infinity Chamber

Michael then reveals that the vice president helped build the quantum team at Google.

He left what could have been a lucrative career at Google to get more involved with the small startup.

The scientist who was the first to put an atom in a state of superposition and won a Nobel Prize for it, is on the advisory board.

Their quantum computer device is 158 million times faster than the world’s fastest supercomputer.

He says that this is a major milestone because some of the biggest companies in the world are also working on quantum technology (this includes the likes of Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM) and yet this tiny company upstaged them.

How To Invest In The Quantum Infinity Chamber Stock? 29

Google, IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon have all formed alliances with this tiny startup and they are now reselling this tiny startup’s quantum technology through their own cloud services.

In addition to those companies, the tiny startup has joined forces with leading companies in nearly all sectors.

They have formed a partnership with Softbank to implement quantum solutions to large enterprises around the world, Samsung has committed to using this tiny startup’s technology, along with Hewlett-Packard, and Airbus.

The company has a partnership with a $43 billion materials company that makes everything from plastics to polymers, to synthetics.

Another important milestone this tiny startup has achieved is use the Infinity Chamber to simulate the water molecule.

According to Michael, this opens the door to the simulation of other molecules and even complex chemical reactions.

The company has formed a partnership with a multibillion-dollar company that addresses the Global Water Crisis.

For all its efforts, the company has attracted some major hitters who have decided to invest in it. Examples of major players who’ve invested include Bill Gates of Microsoft, Michael Dell of Dell Computer, and Marc Benioff, the billionaire founder of Salesforce.

They are also receiving backing from Hyundai Motor Company, Kia Motors, Hewlett-Packard, and Lockheed Martin. These companies want to be part of the quantum revolution.

Speaking of the company’s future, Michael says that the quantum market is likely to hit $65 billion by the end of the decade.

If the tiny startup uses the patented technology to dominate just 10% of the market, that will be $6.5 billion in revenue.

He says that the tiny startup is projected to hit revenue of $522 million by 2026. Currently, they’re at $5 million in revenue.

How to learn more about The Tiny Startup

He expects the share price of this tiny company to skyrocket anytime. He anticipates the stock price to double, triple, or even quadruple within a matter of weeks.

Michael Robinson has composed a special report called The 100X Quantum Age: The Tiny Startup Launching a Revolution where he has provided details about the quantum computing company that has shown rare and exceptional gains inside the tech sector.


How To Invest In The Quantum Infinity Chamber Stock? 30

To get the report for free, you have to sign up for the Nova-X Report, an advisory service offered by Michael Robinson.

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Who Is Michael Robinson?

Michael Robinson is considered one of the nation’s top experts in tech investing. He is one of the leading technology experts at Money Map Press, an independent financial publisher.

Michael Robinson Money Map Press

Michael analyzes high tech investments and shares his findings with subscribers of his newsletters, which include Strategic Tech Investor, Radical Technology Profits, Nexus-9 Network, Money Morning, and the monthly newsletter the Nova-X Report.

He has appeared as a guest on platforms such as Fox Business Network, CNBC, Bloomberg Radio, and The

Michael Robinson is also the author of the book called “Overdrawn, the Bailout of American Savings”.

In his 36-year Silicon Valley career, he has garnered enough experience to become a senior adviser, consultant, and board member for Silicon Valley venture capital firms

Michael Robinson has an economics degree from the University of Missouri at Columbia.

He is also an accomplished musician and songwriter.

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How Does the Nova-X Report Work?

Michael Robinson’s Nova-X Report is an investment research service that gives you access to Michael’s insights about the technology industry and all the investment opportunities that he is monitoring.

How To Invest In The Quantum Infinity Chamber Stock? 31

When you sign up for it, you gain access to hubs like the Quantum Infinity Hub, which works as the online nerve center for the Quantum Age. It has a number of promising investment opportunities that may change life as we know it and inspire a world-changing revolution.

There are also resources that show you everything there is to the quantum world. It has videos, demonstrations, animations, and even quantum experiments.

Subscribers also get Daily Action Alerts that keep them up-to-date on what’s happening in Silicon Valley.

Before Michael makes a recommendation, he ensures that the industry he is dealing with has a big world-changing technology.

Then he looks for investments that have the potential for 100X growth across that industry in the future.

As of writing this, he is only focusing on Quantum, Crypto, Biotech, Power, and Digitization.

What is included in The Nova-X Report?

The benefits you get when you sign up for The Nova-X Report include:

  • 24/7 access to all five Investment Hubs
  • Daily Action Alerts including video recommendations, Profit Alerts, watchlist notifications, and so much more!
  • Access to the Nova-X Online Forum, Nova-X Hotline, and Nova-X Annual Summit

When you become a subscriber, you also receive other reports for free, including a second special report called The New Amazon Speeding toward a Trillion-Dollar Business! where Michael Robinson talks about an ecommerce company ran $119 billion through its platform in a single year and could potentially be a 490% winner in the coming year.


Quantum Infinity Chamber

There are other special reports as well that you get when you subscribe. These are for free and they include:

  • The Universal Vaccine!
  • The Maximum Power Titan: 440-Fold Revenue Surge on the Horizon!
  • The High-Speed Crypto Sensation Ready to Move Billions!
  • Psychedelic Tech – The Next Stock Market Frontier!
  • The Metaverse! The Internet’s Next Big Disruptor!

You will get all these five investment reports once you sign up for the Nova-X membership.

Subscription Price

There are three subscription plan options available: Standard package (costs $39), Gold package (costs $79), and Platinum package (costs $129).

Refund Policy

The Nova-X Report comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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Is Quantum Infinity Chamber Legit?

I think “Quantum Infinity Chamber” is a legit presentation.

I think it is legit because Michael Robinson spent a lot of time talking about how you can find the best investment deals as quantum computing comes of age. He is right about a couple of things, key among them being that quantum computing is not a fad. It is in its infancy but it is something scientists and engineers are working on.

However, I have question marks over whether you can reap those sort of gains in such a short time considering the technology may take long to go mainstream. Perhaps you may have to wait a couple of years for it to go mainstream.

Quantum Infinity Chamber Verdict

The Quantum Infinity Chamber presentation is a marketing campaign for Michael Robinson’s The Nova-X Report. But as I said, he raises a few legitimate points that I think we should look into.

Quantum computing has the potential to revolutionize our society as it has wide-ranging applications across many important industries, including energy, pharmaceuticals, and logistics. There are a few others I have left out but it shows you just how versatile it is.

The bottom line is that quantum computing provides us with exponentially more power, which makes it easier for us to innovate more. This means that the company that makes a quantum machine will grow in value.

According to Michael Robinson, the quantum era could soon be with us and it can deliver a 500%–1,000% winner in the next 12 months.

Michael found a tiny startup that’s making the Quantum Infinity Chamber and he wants you to consider investing in it.

He says that this tiny startup has produced the most powerful quantum computer in the world, a 32-qubit masterpiece that has the competition reeling.

You should not go into the opportunity expecting to make a lot of money from the off because the technology still has a long way to go to reach mass adoption. Therefore, examine every investment recommendation that Michael makes with an open mind.

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How To Invest In The Quantum Infinity Chamber Stock? 25

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