Questions For Instagram Story: How To Engage Followers

Are you looking to spice up your Instagram account and increase engagement with your audience? Look no further because we have the perfect solution for you – Instagram Story questions!

This interactive feature allows you to not only get personal with your followers, but also gather valuable insights and generate productive conversations around industry-related topics.

In this blog post, we’ll explore various types of captivating questions you can ask on your Instagram Story as well as tips for crafting effective and attention-grabbing queries that fuel participation.

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Questions For Instagram Story: How To Engage Followers 43

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Engaging Questions To Ask On Your Instagram Story

If you want to make money on Instagram, Instagram Story Questions is a feature on the platform that allows you to ask questions on your Instagram Story and receive responses from your followers.

With this feature, you can add a “Questions” sticker to your Instagram Story, prompting your followers to submit questions or queries. The questions can be open-ended or specific, and the responses can be viewed privately or publicly depending on the user’s preference.

This feature provides a way for you to interact with your followers, create engagement, and share information or insights on a particular topic.

It is a popular feature among influencers, businesses, and individuals who want to connect with their audience in a fun and interactive way. Instagram Story questions can transform your online presence and strengthen connections with your audience.

To ask engaging stories on your Instagram, here are some tips you can make use of:

Personal Questions To Get To Know Your Followers

Utilizing Instagram story questions to get to know your followers on a personal level can be highly effective in strengthening connections and creating relatable content.

Questions for Instagram story

By asking fun and light-hearted questions, such as “What’s your favorite TV show?” or “What do you like to do in your free time?”, you invite users to share details about their lives, fostering a sense of familiarity between them and your brand.

Another approach is delving into deeper topics like dreams, goals, and aspirations with questions that explore the values of your audience. For example, ask “What is your biggest fear?” or pose thought-provoking prompts around life milestones (“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”).

This not only encourages engagement but also helps create content that aligns with the interests and passions of your followers – ultimately making your Instagram account more relevant and appealing to them.

Industry-Related Questions To Spark Conversation

Utilizing industry-related questions for Instagram stories is a powerful strategy to drive engagement and generate meaningful interactions with your followers.

Questions For Instagram Story: How To Engage Followers 44

By asking thought-provoking questions relevant to your field, you can encourage discussions, foster connections among like-minded users, and position yourself as an expert in your niche.

To create captivating industry-specific questions on your Instagram stories , consider tapping into current events or trends within your field.

Moreover, ask for opinions on new products or services, seek advice from fellow professionals, or engage in friendly debates on controversial topics. These types of queries not only boost engagement but also provide valuable insights into the viewpoints and preferences of your target audience.

Surveys And Polls To Gather Opinions

Using surveys and polls through Instagram Story queries is an effective way to gather opinions from followers.

Questions For Instagram Story: How To Engage Followers 45

These interactive features make it easy for users to participate, as all they have to do is tap on their answer choice. Brands can also use surveys and polls to get insights into customer preferences and interests, which can inform marketing strategies and product development.

With the new polling sticker introduced in 2017, Instagram users now have even more options when it comes to gathering opinions. The voting feature allows users to ask a question with two answer choices that followers can choose from.

Polling stickers can be used creatively, such as asking followers which product design they prefer or what type of content they want to see more of on the page.

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Q&A Sessions To Answer Fan Questions

Instagram Story questions are an excellent way to conduct Q&A sessions with your followers. By using the question sticker, you can invite fans to ask anything they’d like about your brand or personal life. It’s an opportunity for you to get to know your audience better and engage with them on a more personal level.

Questions For Instagram Story: How To Engage Followers 46

During Q&A sessions, it’s essential to respond promptly and thoughtfully to each answer. This fosters a sense of community and trust with your followers while also helping you gain valuable insights into their interests, struggles, and preferences.

Remember always; transparency is key when answering fan questions.

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How to ask questions on Instagram stories

A wonderful method to include your followers and encourage them to comment on the issues you’re talking about is to use the Instagram Story Questions Sticker or poll stickers.

An Instagram story question sticker is useful for inviting your followers to ask you questions in Stories, whilst a polling sticker may be used to create a form where users can give their requests, feedback, and so on.

How to Use the Instagram Question Sticker

Find the Your Story icon in the top left corner of your screen to access Your Story on Instagram.

Take a photo with your phone’s camera or choose one from your photo roll. If you wish to utilize more than one photo, you may even use a grid pattern.

When you’ve chosen your photo, tap the Stickers icon in the top right corner of your smartphone to access the sticker tray.

Questions For Instagram Story: How To Engage Followers 47

Tap on the Instagram Questions Sticker symbol to open it.

Questions For Instagram Story: How To Engage Followers 48

For maximum effect, type your fun questions and move the question box to the optimum spot on your photo. Your Instagram followers should be able to respond directly from the Instagram story reader.

How to Ask Using an IG Story Polling Sticker

Instagram Stories also allows you to poll questions. If your query has two alternative solutions, this is handy.

To make a poll, start a new story and return to the stickers menu. This time, though, press the ‘Poll’ sticker to amend your question.

Questions For Instagram Story: How To Engage Followers 49

When personalizing your sticker, you may also alter the choices by hovering on them.

How to create quiz questions

Making a quiz for Instagram Stories is a fun way to pose questions.

Quizzes function similarly to polls by providing your audience with a range of options. The main distinction is that quizzes allow you to input more than two potential answers.

Questions For Instagram Story: How To Engage Followers 50

If you’re hosting a straightforward giveaway for your fans, quizzes are fantastic. Just be sure you select the right response before publishing your story.

Of course, you are free to use any sticker that is appropriate for the type of question you require.

The rest will be handled by Instagram Stories, which will show it to your followers and tally the results. As long as your story is active, you can gather responses.

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Where can you view all the answers to your Questions?

Check out your own Story to get the answers to your Instagram Questions. Click on the link to read all of the responses to your post at the bottom left of the screen, where it says how many people have viewed it.

Questions For Instagram Story: How To Engage Followers 51

When clicked, a new window highlighting the viewers of the story and any comments or responses they have made in response to your query will open. To share insightful comments on your Story, simply click the Share Answer button.

How to respond to multiple questions in IG Stories at once

So, your fans have questions for you. You can now respond to them. You can do that on Instagram Stories as well, and you can even include the responses.

Questions For Instagram Story: How To Engage Followers 52

Start a story off by adding a question sticker. At the bottom is a list of prior queries.

Respond to one of them but do not post. You can use another image as the backdrop then tap the save icon.

Return to the beginning. Answer the second question and use the first screenshot as a backdrop.

By using a background that has already been created, you may respond to multiple questions in your Instagram Stories at once. Asking questions is not constrained or moderated in any way. You get to decide how you want to respond.

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Factors to consider when selecting your Instagram story Idea

There are several elements to consider when determining which questions to ask in your Instagram stories.


Your queries should always be directed towards your target audience. Consider their hobbies and interests, as well as their life experiences.


While formulating your Instagram questions, take into account current trends. Mentioning current trends in your queries might increase engagement and attention because the majority of Instagram users are aware of these issues.


You must consider your existing material while deciding which questions to ask. They appreciate your stuff, which is why they follow you. This indicates that they genuinely are interested in your subject or sector.

For instance, it’s plausible to assume that your followers are interested in art if you upload unique artwork on Instagram.

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Tips For Creating Effective Instagram Story Questions

Learn how to create killer Instagram Story questions with our tips for using interactive features, keeping questions visually appealing and offering incentives to boost engagement.

Use Interactive Features To Boost Engagement

One effective way to boost engagement with Instagram Story questions is by using interactive features such as polls, quizzes, and multiple choice questions.

These types of questions not only entertain your followers but also allow them to actively engage with your content.

Keep Questions Short And Visually Appealing

When creating Instagram Story questions, one important tip to remember is to keep them short and visually appealing.

Questions For Instagram Story: How To Engage Followers 53

This means that the text should be concise and easy for followers to read quickly. The background should also be eye-catching, using colors or graphics that align with your brand’s aesthetic.

Shorter question Instagram ideas tend to receive more responses than longer ones, as they are easier for followers to answer quickly without having to think too much. Using interactive features such as polls, quizzes or scales can also make your questions more visually engaging and encourage participation from your audience. Remember: the goal is not only to ask interesting questions but also make them exciting enough for users to want to respond in a fun way!

Taking the time and effort needed to create effective Instagram Story questions should result in better engagement rates among current followers while attracting new users intrigued by topics discussed through featured Q&As.

Accordingly, it’s worthwhile spending some time brainstorming creative ideas for short yet thought-provoking questions that will resonate with both your target audience and industry peers!

Offer Incentives To Encourage Participation

One effective way to encourage participation in your Instagram Story questions is by offering incentives.

Questions For Instagram Story: How To Engage Followers 54

This can be anything from a discount code or free product for participants, to a shoutout on your page. By incentivizing answers, you’re showing your audience that their engagement and opinions are valued.

Another incentive could be showcasing the results of the survey or poll in a future post or story, giving followers something to look forward to if they participate. The more valuable and creative the incentive, the higher chance you have of getting increased engagement on your stories and building a stronger relationship with your audience.

Respond To User Answers To Foster Relationships

Responding to user answers is a critical step in fostering relationships with your Instagram followers.

Questions For Instagram Story: How To Engage Followers 55

When someone takes the time to answer your question, responding shows that you value their input and appreciate their engagement. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for further conversation and connection with your audience.

By taking the time to respond thoughtfully and authentically to user answers, you can build trust and establish a sense of community on your Instagram page. This type of interaction also encourages users to continue engaging with your content in the future, helping boost overall engagement levels.

Utilizing this feature effectively can lead to stronger relationships between you and your followers while driving more traffic back to your Instagram account.


In conclusion, Instagram Story questions are a fun and engaging way to connect with your audience.

By asking personal or industry-related questions, conducting surveys or Q&A sessions, and offering incentives for participation, you can gather valuable feedback and foster relationships with your followers.

Be sure to use interactive features and keep your questions short and visually appealing to maximize engagement.

With the right approach, Instagram Story questions can help you boost engagement on your page and turn real feedback into valuable public content. So go ahead – ask away!

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Questions For Instagram Story: How To Engage Followers 43

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