What Are Ray Dalio Predictions For 2022?

Interested to know what Ray Dalio predictions for 2022 are?

Ray Dalio is a man who commands great respect in the world of investing. After all, he is the founder of the world’s largest hedge fund firm, Bridgewater Associates.

In recent months, he has been talking about the direction that the global economy is headed and he has made some predictions.

If you are unaware of it, I think it is important to mention that Ray Dalio was one of the few investors who foresaw the 2008 financial crisis and made a significant amount of money when other investors lost it. He also predicted the long-term impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on the U.S. economy.

So we can safely say that the billionaire investor is someone worth paying attention to.

We will be taking a closer look at what he has said and what he is recommending moving forward.

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Who is Ray Dalio?

Billionaire investor Ray Dalio is a man who needs no introduction if you’ve been following the financial world in any capacity.

I’ve written about other influential figures like Robert Kiyosaki, Jeff Brown, and Louis Navellier because we can learn from listening to what they say about the economy.

What Are Ray Dalio Predictions For 2022? 10Mr. Dalio is best-known as the billionaire founder of the largest hedge fund in the world, Bridgewater Associates, whose balance sheet indicates that it has assets worth more than $150 billion (as I write this).

He stepped down as CEO of the hedge fund in 2017 but remains its co-chairman and co-chief investment officer.

Ray is known for his bestselling book Principles, that turned him into a bit of a celebrity when he released it in 2017. In the book, he spells out the leadership style and life approach that he credits his success to. He’s written other books that have been well received, particularly within the world of finance.

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Ray Dalio’s Philosophy And Track Record

Ray Dalio attributes his success as a money manager to figuring out where the economy is going and creating investment strategies that allow him to profit from this.

He usually views the economy in the context of cycles and breaks down “the economic machine” into its constituent parts to understand it before putting it all back together and formulating a framework on how best to navigate the situation.

You can watch the YouTube Video titled How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio on his channel where he explains his approach in a detailed and easy-to-understand way.

What Are Ray Dalio Predictions For 2022? 11

Many in the world of finance acknowledge that Ray Dalio’s assessment of the macroeconomic environment is often right. After all, we are talking about a man who made money during the 1987 stock market crash and predicted the 2008 financial crisis. Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson has called him a “big thinker and brilliant academic disguised as an investment manager.”

His correctness while predicting those important events have made him a popular figure that most people listen to. And with that scrutiny and attention, he is, undeniably, an influential figure whose opinions may potentially influence (no matter how small) how things pan out.

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Dalio’s Observations

In a series of interviews by CNBC, Forbes, and the BBC, Ray has shared his view of how he sees the future unfolding.

Going into 2022, he predicted that following the pandemic, we could be staring at a new economic catastrophe that he thinks everyone should prepare for.

Even more concerning, he thinks that the country may descend into civil war and also thinks that the US is at a risk of war with China due to misunderstandings between the two World powers (we will take a closer look at this later).

The billionaire investor has invited a lot of attention for saying that “no empire lasts forever” because in saying this, he is talking about a potential toppling of the USA as the leading superpower.

Ray Dalio looks at it from an economic perspective. In an interview with Forbes, he said “Right now, money and credit and how it’s behaving are affecting the financial markets, it’s affecting inflation.” Inflation has become an important subject in the US having risen to its highest rate in decades.

In his latest book, Principles for Dealing with the Changing World Order: How and Why Nations Succeed and Fail, Dalio talks about America declining as a superpower due to domestic issues.

What Are Ray Dalio Predictions For 2022? 12What are these issues? He talks about the rising public debt, income inequality, and America’s waning influence. He says that these factors put the country at risk of war.

He says that when the Federal Reserve decided to embark on a massive money printing spree at very low interest rates, it increased the public debt but, more crucially, increased polarization and the potential for conflict due to the widening wealth disparities. He says that the Federal Reserve cannot raise interest rates to get the economy out of this mess.

So, he says that there is a likelihood of the country having some form of internal conflict, a “civil-war-type.” He acknowledges that America’s problems are not unique but the country looks particularly vulnerable.

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Ray Dalio On Potential US-China Conflict

Mr. Dalio is also predicting a changing world order because ”China is winning the economic race against the United States.”

Revisiting his new book, Dalio wrote that America’s attempts to Americanize China’s culture could backfire and result in a conflict.

He sees it going beyond the trade war that started when Donald Trump won the presidency and instituted reforms aimed at China. Ray says that some of those policies made companies in America cut wages and raise consumer prices.

Further demonstrating the effects of the trade war, one study by Moody’s Analytics has found that 300,000 jobs were lost in 2018 and a Federal Reserve Bank of New York study found that the trade war had cost American companies $1.7 trillion in market capitalization.

Dalio courted controversy last year when he said in an interview that China was implementing human rights policies like those of a “strict parent.” He later clarified in a LinkedIn post that he was articulating what a Chinese leader told him about their approach to governance and was not expressing his own opinion or endorsing the track record of the Chinese government.

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Ray Dalio Predictions 2022

The main takeaway from following Ray Dalio’s predictions is that there is a potential economic disaster in the horizon and it could be caused by a Civil war due to wealth inequality and/or a potential conflict with China.

Ray Dalio has a relatively straightforward approach to future events. He summed up his approach like this: “If you worry, you don’t have to worry. And if you don’t worry, you have to worry.”

His argument is that you should evaluate every decision you make when it comes to investing and stay on your toes and not get too comfortable when things are going well.

He has also come up with a “Health Index” that analyzes a dozen nations based on an array of factors ranging from debt burdens and economic output to military strength and innovation. He believes that this tool will help people assess risks and form strategies. He aims to make the tool more accessible by creating a website that shows real-time data.

Ray is also telling people to stop relying solely on hoarding cash in savings accounts to secure their financial future. He has been pretty consistent because he said in early 2020 that “cash is trash” while people were pulling their money out of the markets when the pandemic started. His argument was that people should diversify their holdings across asset classes, markets, and investment groups. There is also the small matter of inflation eroding the value of cash.

Just to be clear, he is not against savings because he believes that you need emergency savings to keep yourself afloat when you have an emergency (he talks about planning for a worst-case scenario like losing your job). While having savings is a good idea, he insists that it should not come at the expense of a diversified portfolio.

Furthering the case for diversification, he says “what you’re seeing is in all assets, you’re seeing it in real estate, stocks, gold, silver, Bitcoin, and so on. From all of that [economic] stimulation they have all gone up.”

He warns people about relying too much on Bitcoin as the de-facto store of value, saying “I worry, too many Bitcoin holders, they better be right that it’s Bitcoin and it’s not something else.” He personally owns a “small amount” of bitcoin for the purpose of diversification.

Ray Dalio is also urging investors to look beyond US companies and seek “attractive alternatives” overseas. He says, “If I were to give it in a nutshell, I’d pick countries [to invest in] that are earning more than they are spending so that they have a good income statement and balance sheets.”

In a nutshell, Ray Dalio says that the first step to planning for the future is to assess your current investment strategy and prepare for the worst-case scenario: a potential economic disaster.

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