The Billion Coin: Legit or Cryptocurrency Scam? [TBC]


Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, have become popular and serve as a type of currency. They can be traded on online exchanges for conventional currencies, including the U.S. dollar, or used to purchase goods or services. The Billion coin, dubbed as ‘the billion coin scam’ is a cryptocurrency that began and was soon determined to be …

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What is Casper Price Prediction? [2022 to 2030]

Casper Price Prediction

The Casper Network is a Proof of Stake (PoS) enterprise blockchain that is designed to help enterprises begin building blockchain-enabled products and services quickly and effectively. It is the first live implementation of the CBC-Casper consensus protocol, providing the decentralization, security and scalability that is needed in order to drive adoption. The protocol is designed …

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What is Nervos Network Price Prediction? [2022 to 2030]

Nervos Network Price Prediction

Looking for a Nervos Network price prediction that covers 2022 to 2030? Nervos is an open Blockchain platform for innovators to build applications that are decentralized, autonomous and universally accessible. It creates the basis for a universal internet-like public network. The network was created to support on-chain state and off-chain computation. Its main goal is …

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What is Lisk Price Prediction? [2022 to 2030]

Lisk Price Prediction

Interested in a Lisk price prediction for 2022 and the coming years? Lisk is a cryptocurrency aiming to serve as a platform for decentralized applications (dapps), special programs designed to run across a network of computers running shared software. The project’s goal is to allow developers to transfer skills more rapidly for the building of …

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What is Velas Price Prediction? [2022 to 2030]

Velas Price Prediction

Looking for a Velas price prediction? Velas is a blockchain technology-based company headquartered in Switzerland. It is an artificial intuition-operated DPoS blockchain ecosystem for interoperable and highly scalable transactions. Velas (VLX) is a cryptocurrency driven by a diverse team of mathematicians, engineers, researchers, cryptographers, and results-driven business heads. Moreover, Velas leverages the advantages of blockchain …

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What is Orbs Price Prediction? [2022 to 2030]

orbs price prediction

Looking for an Orbs price prediction? Orbs is a company that was founded in 2017 as an infrastructure that uses blockchain virtualization and Random Proof of Stake (RPoS) to ensure blockchain scalability. Orbs is a public blockchain infrastructure that supports smart contracts and works by complementing the already existing Ethereum standards. In other words, orbs …

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What is Keep Network Price Prediction? [2022 to 2030]

Keep Network Price Prediction

Looking for a Keep Network price prediction? You’re in the right place! The Keep Network is a software aiming to incentivize a global network of computers to store private information that can be deployed on public blockchains via smart contracts. Keep is the native cryptocurrency of the Keep Network, a blockchain designed to allow users …

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What is Acala Token Price Prediction? [2022 to 2030]

Acala Token Price Prediction

Looking for an Acala token price prediction for 2022 and beyond? Acala Network is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform built for the Polkadot ecosystem. It is built to host an array of financial applications that make use of smart contract technology, interoperable cross-chain functionality and robust security protocols. Acala is also Ethereum-compatible, meaning its applications …

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What is Conflux Price Prediction? [2022 to 2030]

Conflux Price Prediction

Looking for a Conflux Price Prediction? In this piece, we will be taking a closer look at a cryptocurrency that grabbed my attention recently called Conflux. Conflux network is a decentralized platform that uses a cutting edge Tree graph algorithm to increase transaction speeds, enhance security, and interoperability, and improve scalability. I put together this …

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What is Rally Crypto Price Prediction? [2022 to 2030]

Rally Crypto Price Prediction

Looking for a Rally crypto price prediction? The RLY crypto protocol is a technology layer that enables application developers to mint a large number of social tokens with liquidity from the get-go, and easily integrate these social tokens into consumer products. The protocol leverages token bonding curves (TBCs) between RLY and various sub-tokens and can …

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