Scalenut: Legit AI Writer? [April 2023 Review]

AI content generators, both new and old attempt to assist users by providing seamless content creation processes. One of these types of technology that addresses numerous content-related issues is Scalenut, which also generates content using AI.

The copies produced by this software can be confidently published, and it is quite helpful. This Scalenut review will undoubtedly help if you are considering purchasing the AI writing tool or optimization tool.

In this review, we will take a deeper look at Scalenut, including who it benefits, the features it offers, how to use it and how much it costs. We will also answer some frequently asked questions and help you decide whether it is the best AI tool for you.

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Scalenut: Legit AI Writer? [April 2023 Review] 10

Scalenut Review

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What is Scalenut?

Scalenut is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered SEO and content marketing platform that automates the development of content, saving 90% of the time and generating 10x more organic traffic.


Scalenut offers you an interface via which you can quickly work with your content team and assists you to create content that is simple to rank. Regardless of whether you are a blogger, a freelancer, or writing for a client, the software analyzes billions of data points to evaluate the subject and produces the finest material possible.

The technology stack behind Scalenut is diverse. It uses OpenAI’s GPT-3, which is frequently regarded as the industry-leading language model, substantially, like most AI tools. With a single app, Scalenut provides topic research powered by NLP, AI authoring, content optimization, and publishing.

This software will assist you in developing more than just blogs; rather, it will assist you in developing an engaging topic that will increase traffic to your website. Instead of using standard case studies, you could want to highlight your clients’ accomplishments and success stories.

Scalenut’s AI is able to write based on exhaustive content research report on the most recent information available in addition to the AI powered content research that assures high-quality, relevant material, providing your content an advantage over the competition. Additionally, it can offer pertinent citations to back up the text and raise its legitimacy.

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What features does Scalenut have to offer?

Content reigns supreme in the world of digital marketing. Whether it’s through social media campaigns, email marketing, or blogging, businesses are constantly looking for new methods to connect with consumers.

Unfortunately, many businesses struggle with the issue of producing high-quality content as semantic connections are the basis of Google’s search algorithm.

This means that for a website to be considered a valuable resource and to be seen for keywords associated with a given topic, it must be associated with that topic. In other words, a website should work to establish itself as an authority on the topic.

Scalenut is a program made to make writing easier for you at every stage, from brainstorming content ideas to producing finished pieces.

Let’s look at the qualities that set this AI writer apart from the competition from the list of features it gives that make writing simple.

AI powered templates

Scalenut’s AI-powered templates are here to help if you’ve ever had trouble coming up with copy that’s both compelling and consistent with your brand. Simply select the template that best suits your needs, provide some information about your company, and press generate. The personalized piece of copy that Scalenut produces will then hit all the proper notes.

Some of the templates offered include:

  • Social Media Posts
  • Article Copywriting
  • Email Copywriting
  • Copywriting (Frameworks)
  • Website Copy
  • Product Descriptions
  • Video Content
  • Q&A Content
  • Advertisement Copies

Scalenut AI powered templates

There are also templates unique to Scalenut that can be found under the Article copywriting template. They include:

  • Active to Passive Converter
  • First Person to Third Person Converter
  • Passive to Active Converter

It is your responsibility to verify and check the facts in created content, just like you would with any AI-derived information. It may be up to you to uncover the correct information if you discover that some facts, names, or dates are incorrect.

SEO docs

You have the ability to produce content that ranks in your target location according to Scalenut’s current research data on your main keyword. Simply insert your core keyword and target location into Scalenut’s user-friendly interface before clicking “create.” In less than two minutes, your Scalenut full fledged content reports will be ready, providing you with the winning SEO recipe knowledge you need to produce content that ranks higher than that of your rivals.

The SEO Docs and Assistant

The bulk of the work involved in producing an SEO-friendly document is handled by the SEO assistant. The Content Brief, which contains all the information that the AI-powered content research engine scraped, will be ready in a short while.

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Content brief

All of the scrapped data will be displayed in the Content Brief on a single screen. One may display a variety of information using different tabs, such as the top 30 sites’ summaries, each article’s word count, headings, and so forth.

Content Brief

The Content Brief enables us to choose headings, queries, and citations as well as to create the document’s outline by displaying the summaries of the top 30 URLs.

With this feature, you get to save a lot of time even as you create the required content.

Cruise mode

The Cruise Mode function will come in handy if you intend to use Scalenut to write long-form SEO content like blog entries. One of Scalenut’s strongest qualities is this feature.

It’s a workflow tool that speeds up the process of creating a blog so you can gather information, create a brief, then write and optimize the entire thing in a fraction of the time it would typically take.

Choose Build Blog in 5 Minutes from the main dashboard section to activate Cruise mode. Next, select the country you want to target along with the main term you want to rank for.

Once you click Next, Scalenut will start working on creating an SEO report for the desired phrase, including a summary of the SERP competition, related key terms, FAQs, etc.

To give Scalenut’s AI writer some background to work with, you will be asked to submit a brief description of the subject you wish to write articles about in the following box. Moreover, you can include any additional keywords you wish to target in addition to the main term.

Scalenut: Legit AI Writer? [April 2023 Review] 11

Make sure to Enable Prioritize Key Terms. This tells the AI writer to incorporate as many NLP-powered keywords and phrases that are relevant to the main goal term as possible into the text that it creates, increasing the quality of the content and your chances of ranking.

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Topics Cluster

The “Topics Cluster” concept, as it is known among SEO experts, is the most successful way to go about the work of producing enough material for a blog or website. With this technique, you can select a core hub to serve as your main content pillar. From there, you may publish articles on each of the subjects covered by your website, utilizing relevant keywords to raise its search engine ranking and draw in more visitors.

Topic clusters will assist ensure user loyalty by incentivizing them to look for information about your area of expertise or competence.

They might return often despite not being aware of it because they consider themselves to be regulars. Also, since they are already familiar with your work, polishing and improving it will build user loyalty.

Plagiarism checker

Nobody wants to appear to be stealing or copying another person’s work in the world of online content creation. It’s not just unethical; search engines like Google will penalize you for it. You can check to see if your work is original using Scalenut’s connection with Copyscape’s plagiarism detector.

Chrome extension

You can save time and effort when generating material by using the Scalenut Chrome Extension. With the help of this specialized AI tool, you can create text in your browser that reads better than anything you could have ever written on your own.

The AI-powered copywriter is activated via the Chrome extension, which also makes it simple to submit content to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It creates content for blogs, social media, advertisements, and more. Your problems with content creation are solved with just a click.

WordPress publisher

With only a press of a button, Scalenut enables you to instantly publish your Scalenut-generated material to WordPress. With Scalenut’s integration with one of the most well-liked digital platforms, it’s now simpler than ever to publish material you’ve made with Scalenut quickly.

Scalenut talent network

It’s also important to note that Scalenut also has its own Talent Network even though it’s not strictly a component of the Scalenut program.

By using the Talent Network, you may hire a top-notch, previously screened content writer to create material for you if you’d rather have a real person write it than an AI.Scalenut Talent Network

To achieve this, you must first log into the Talent Network and select the category of content you desire. Every sort of material has a predetermined price. Blog posts, for instance, cost $0.05/word.

Then, enter your request and choose how many words you wish to be written. After that, fill out the need form with your brief to give the writer more instructions before paying.

Once it is completed and authorized, your assignment will be submitted to a request queue, and you can access it from the Delivered Tab

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How to use Scalenut

Whether you want to create long form content or short form copywriting, Scalenut can be useful for both.

The user interface is created in a simple and scalable way, enough for beginners to utilize while still being helpful for seasoned marketing teams.

It uses information from a variety of sources, including blog posts and articles on social media, to assist you in creating better context that will rank highly on search engines.

You will get a screen with two alternatives after providing your company name, email address, and contact number during registration. These alternatives provide you the choice between short form copywriting using Scalenut’s AI copywriter tool or long form SEO-friendly writing with the assistance of Scalenut’s Search Engine Optimization assistant.

There are various templates to chose from among its short form copy that are divided into categories like E-commerce, Q&A, Copywriting, Marketing, and Email.

After selecting one of these tools, you can quickly begin producing short-form content that is recommended by AI. You can choose from a variety of templates on this page by selecting the AI Copywriter, which will take you there.

These each have unique characteristics designed to assist you in producing various types of material in accordance with your needs. You can choose from a variety of templates, including those for blog post ideas, video script outlines, email subject lines, and much more! Whatever it is, there are suggestions here.

The other choice displays Saclenut’s AI-Powered SEO Helper, which allows you to check for the selected keywords and obtain completely every report available worldwide.

Amazing material and unlimited content ideas can be produced by properly utilizing these tools. You may determine the optimal keywords for your website’s content using the red and green indicators.

To create content, The first method is to copy the document’s outline into the editor and use the AI writing tool to write for you. Every stage can make use of templates, scraped data, and key term usage monitoring.

Alternatively, you can enter cruise mode. This will automatically import the outline and, at your request, create writing points. One can ask the AI writing tool to compose the first draft after gathering the writing points. Just be mindful of repetition and always double-check your information.

Scalenut offers a simple yet effective configuration. With this, you can both boost your content creation and plan it with precise information. You gain access to a number of advantages, like AI reports, insights from the top 30 results, H tags with relevant terms, and questions from Reddit and Quora.

The AI copywriter also provides you with incredible original article ideas. This covers a wide range of content kinds. These content formats include blogs, email headers, ad copies, social media posts, and many others. You can truly write content with Scalenut that will raise your Google ranking. Long-form copywriting is one feature that can be used to achieve this.

If you need help or customer care from Scalenut, they have a 24 our customer support service and The Scalenut Facebook community. The difficulty is that in order for your message to get public, administrators must first authorize it, so if you have an urgent problem, you will need to wait.

Moreover, Scalenut offers round-the-clock live chat service. But, the devil is in the details. You can enter the content information, and Scalenut will satisfy all of your needs and prevent any need for rework.

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How much does Scalenut cost?

Scalenut offers a number of plans that will enable you to access a wider range of features. You can pick a strategy that works for your company and offers you advantages in a number of areas.

In addition, Scalenut offers a free trial period during which users can examine and use all of the company’s tools in addition to the primary program. Utilizing Scalenut’s growth level, you can enhance your selected strategy.

The plans include:

Free plan

  • 2,000 Short form AI words
  • 40+ AI tools
  • 2,000 Long form AI words
  • 2 SEO Documents

Individual plan

This plan costs $29 per month and includes:

  • 5 SEO Documents
  • 40+ AI tools
  • Write for me
  • 20,000 Long-form AI words
  • 24×7 email support
  • 24×7 live chat support
  • Unlimited Short form AI words

Growth Plan

The growth plan costs 79$ per month and it offers:

  • 30 SEO Documents
  • 100,000 Long-form AI words
  • 40+ AI tools
  • Unlimited Short form AI words
  • Write for me
  • 24×7 email support
  • 24×7 live chat support
  • Paraphrasing
  • Instruct mode
  • AI Setting
  • Collaboration
  • SERP Facts
  • Buy additional SaaS credits

Pro plan

This plan costs $149 per month and has a variety of tools available:

  • Unlimited SEO Documents
  • Unlimited Long-form AI words
  • 40+ AI tools
  • Write for me
  • 24×7 email support
  • 24×7 live chat support
  • Paraphrasing
  • Instruct mode
  • AI Setting
  • Collaboration
  • SERP Facts
  • Unlimited Short form AI words
  • 2 users; you can add more at $49/user
  • Buy additional SaaS credits
  • The dedicated customer success manager

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Does Scalenut have an online community?

There is a community group available in Scalenut. You can become a member of this community to interact with long-time Scalenut users who share your interests.

You may have all the important people’s questions answered as well as news, notifications, updates, and much more from the Scalenut official community. Finally, all of this will substantially aid you in raising the rating of your pages.

There is a page created for Scalenut, an AI copywriter, SEO assistant, and managed marketplace. There is a Scalenut Official Community on Facebook. Scalenut is one of many AI writing tools used by a global community of content creators.

The administrators and moderators manage the Scalenut Facebook page. Also, because it is a private page, only the group’s members can see who else is in the group and what they are writing. The Scalenut community has gathered to discuss how to use the tool more effectively, share viewpoints and use cases, and share personal experiences using the tool.

Scalenut’s official YouTube channel also offers a huge selection of educational online videos. These videos go over every significant component of the product and help viewers comprehend how Scalenut functions.

What are the alternatives to scalenut?

If you do not find this AI copywriting tool suitable for you, there are various other alternatives to choose from such as:


One of the most well-known AI content creation tools is called Jasper, formerly known as Jarvis. Using this application, you can easily generate any type of material because it is so simple to use. The AI responds to your commands and completes your task. You may use the commands feature and make the most of Jasper by using the Boss Mode.

Surfer SEO

A strong tool that emphasizes authentic, high-quality, and rankable material is surfer SEO.

Surfer might help you realize your ambition of ranking highly on SERP if you have a talent for writing.  The usefulness of Surfer has been confirmed by numerous users. With the help of this content assistant tool, you can generate content that incorporates all of the useful keywords that your competitors are utilizing in their content.


With the aid of the AI writing too lWriterzen, you may produce some worthwhile content while giving SEO and keyword words top importance. Several freelancers, business owners, and agencies use it. It allows for team cooperation and offers numerous helpful features, including a plagiarism detector and keyword research tool, among others.

Pros of Scalenut

  • They have a well-designed user interface that results in an excellent user experience
  • The software offers many options and templates for generating short-form content and even long-form content
  • The built-in optimization tool from Scalenut is far superior to most. It does a thorough assessment of the material you create and provides you with a wealth of recommendations for how to increase your on-page SEO and raise your score, including recommendations for linking, structure, keyword phrases to use, etc.
  • The variety of features offered allow for time saving even as you create long form content
  • They offer affordable pricing plans

Cons of Scalenut

  • There are no customizable templates available
  • The AI generated content may be inaccurate or repetitive just as with other AI tools
  • There aren’t enough available tutorials


In conclusion, Scalenut is an effective SEO assistant and writing tool that may make it simple and quick for you to produce high-quality content.

Scalenut might be the best option for you whether you’re just getting started in the realm of content development or even if you have more sophisticated requirements.

Scalenut is a top option for content writers of all skill levels because of its sophisticated SEO capabilities, reasonable price options, and user-friendly AI technology.

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Scalenut: Legit AI Writer? [April 2023 Review] 10

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