Is Trades By Scott Legit? [Scott Bauer Reviews]

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Today I’ll be sharing my review of Trades By Scott.

Scott Bauer will be hosting a live trading session and he wants to show us how his trading strategy works considering that many people who’ve gotten into trading don’t know a great deal about it and have lost money.

If you would like to learn more about what he teased in the invitation, I will use this review to walk you through it.

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Is Trades By Scott Legit? [Scott Bauer Reviews] 40

Trades By Scott Review

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Introduction to Trades By Scott

Scott Bauer is known for his options recommendations and training sessions that show people how he trades. He has been promoting one of these sessions titled The Secrets of 6 Figure Income Trading Options (The 6 Figure Trader: Secrets To Amplifying Potential Profits & Minimizing Risk Using Options).

I came across an invitation to the session and he is quick to let us know that we are living at a time when many people have gotten into trading. Robinhood, which runs a trading app used by retail investors, has helped with this.

Is Trades By Scott Legit? [Scott Bauer Reviews] 41

Amid all this activity, Scott says that more people lose money while trading than succeed. He says that not every one of these traders has been witnessing incredible success. Instead, there is just a handful of traders who are able to make money and the rest lose more than they make.

He says that being a successful trader requires lots of experience and expertise. So he presents himself as the guide that will introduce amateur traders to trading the right way.

With more than 25 years’ experience, Scott says that he has refined his strategy and trading skills in order to help traders make better moves in the market. He claims to have designed a system that significantly increases your chance of finding winning options trades regularly.

So, this training is designed to help investors gain access to his options trading strategies. He has worked on his trading methodology for over 25 years and distilled it into three magic steps.

Those three magic steps enable you to maximize your profits and minimize risk.

If you reserve access to the training session, here is what you learn from Scott:

  • You learn how to find the stocks that will earn you the biggest profits when you invest in them even if you have never traded before. This obviously involves a steep learning curve because it takes a lot of trial and error to understand how the capital markets work to start earning real money from trading.
  • You learn how to determine how much a stock will move just from analyzing the options.
  • You learn how to use relatively unknown options spreads to earn money even when the stock goes down.

Scott says that some of his favorite options spreads can earn you 5X in positive returns.

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Who is Scott Bauer?

Scott Bauer is an options trader who has been trading stocks and options for nearly 30 years. He began his career as a clerk at the CBOE in 1992 and then rose through the ranks until he was working for Goldman Sachs.

Is Trades By Scott Legit? [Scott Bauer Reviews] 42In the early stages of his career, he says that he used to follow the trading blueprints the big hedge funds and money managers use to make their massive banks account even bigger. However, none of those strategies seemed to work for him and he wound up losing money. So he decided to refine his trading strategies and this is what he believes eventually allowed him to make money on his trades.

His trading strategy focuses on options and he says that it allows him to regularly closeout double and triple-digit profits on his trades.

He is not the first guru to introduce an options-based service as we’ve encountered similar services by the likes of Andrew Keene (Project 303) and John Jagerson (Options Masterclass Series).

He has been invited by news networks like CNBC, Bloomberg, the TD AmeriTrade Network, and Fox Business to share his insights.

Scott Bauer believes that options are the best way to give yourself a chance at making explosive profits without taking the massive risks most trading strategies usually require.

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Prosper Trading Academy

Prosper Trading Academy is an education platform that was established to offer quality learning experiences with a personal touch.

It has trading instructors who have 75+ years of combined experience helping investors sharpen their trading skillsets.

Is Trades By Scott Legit? [Scott Bauer Reviews] 43

The company offers a host of programs that are designed to help traders grow their skill set in a variety of asset classes.

Who are the Coaches?

Scott Bauer is just one of the coaches at Prosper Trading Academy LLC. The other coaches are:

Charles Moon

Charlie Moon is the coach that deals with penny stocks – his services are the only ones at the firm that are for people who want to trade stocks (the rest are options-based). Before he joined Prosper Trading Academy, he was an equities trader at Great Point Capital LLC.

Is Trades By Scott Legit? [Scott Bauer Reviews] 44

He cemented his knowledge of technical analysis while working at Great Point Capital and developed his skills in active portfolio management; this along with technical analysis are essential components of penny stock trading.

Charles also worked as a representative at CME Group, one of the most diverse derivatives marketplaces that offers a wide range of future and options products for risk management.

He is also a market commentator and has appeared on Bloomberg Business, Fox Business, CNBC, CNN, and BNN.

You can buy his penny stock recommendations via your trading account on any trading platform.

Mike Shorr

At Prosper Trading Academy, Michael Shorr focuses on short-term options trading.

Michael has worked as a derivatives trader at the CME, CBOT, and CBOE.

Is Trades By Scott Legit? [Scott Bauer Reviews] 45He knows his way around agricultural and treasury markets and has taught options theory classes for a long time. He has a relatable and entertaining teaching style that keeps students engaged.

At Prosper Trading Academy LLC, he runs a Short Term Options program that aims to teach students how trading options work in a relatively small amount of time. Mike’s strategy often involves entering and exiting trades on the same trading day.

The program also teaches options volatility strategies but mostly focuses on strategies that allow smaller traders to take advantage of daily options movement.

Is Prosper Trading Academy Legit?

The company is legit because it offers genuine advisory services. Its experts are also competent with decades of experience between them.

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How Does Trades By Scott Work?

Scott is inviting us to a live training session called The Secrets Of 6 Figure Income Trading Options. This is a program that he hopes will show you know how to make more money than you currently are if you trade options.

He says that he will use the training session to break-down all the details of his proprietary Trading System for all who reserve a seat. In addition to it, he will send you a recording of the entire live training session as soon as it has been rendered.

What you learn from the training

The training will reveal:

  • How to find the best stocks to trade the options of
  • The one pattern that Scott Bauer uses to determine the direction a stock is about to move
  • Wall Street’s dirty little secret that tells you how much a stock is about to move.
  • How to use spreads to target massive results without massive risk
  • Scott’s favorite ‘stupid simple’ option spreads
  • Scott’s “safety net” spread that will make you money even if a stock moves the wrong way.
  • Plus, you will receive instant access links to his Options Trading Cheatsheet.

Subscription Plans

There are three subscription plan options available for the training session. The first one costs $29 and it provides you access to the live training. The second option will give you access to the live training as well as Scott’s trading layout (costs $57). The third one will cover everything, including live training plus the recording of the complete session (costs $250).

The Refund Policy

They refund your money if you are not satisfied with the training. Here is the disclaimer at the order page:

Is Trades By Scott Legit? [Scott Bauer Reviews] 46

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Pros of Trades By Scott

  • The strategy offers you a guideline of how Scott trades even if you haven’t got any trading experience.
  • The insights you get from Scott can be extremely helpful especially if you are just starting to trade.
  • When you trade options, you expose yourself to fewer risks than when trading stocks.
  • At the same time, you are likely to make more trading options than trading stocks due to leverage.
  • They offer great support and they refund your money if you don’t like the training.
  • You can implement Scott’s strategies on ‘auto-pilot’ so you can trade anywhere, part-time

Cons of Trades By Scott

  • The subscription comes with a 100% money-back guarantee but it has a clause i.e. you will need to show up and stay for the full training to claim a refund.
  • Scott does not offer a free day pass, something you can get with other courses at Prosper Trading Academy.

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Is Trades By Scott Legit?

The training Scott Bauer is offering is legit. He says that he will be revealing his strategy during the session and there is nothing illegitimate about that. However, that doesn’t mean that his trading strategy will make you rich or will even make you more money than you would make by trading alone. It helps that Scott Bauer has more than three decades of experience in finance but past success does not guarantee future results.

What do customers have to say about Prosper Trading Academy?

Having said that, I was looking for customer reviews from students who’ve taken courses by Scott Bauer’s Prosper Trading Academy (by him or his other coaches) and I found a couple of them. For example, here is how it looks over on Trustpilot:

Is Trades By Scott Legit? [Scott Bauer Reviews] 47

A 4.7 rating out of 204 Trustpilot reviews is quite decent in itself.

But even more flattering were some of the reviews that he has received from what we hope are his former students who’ve tried his programs.

For example, a guy called Kelvin left a five star review writing:

Is Trades By Scott Legit? [Scott Bauer Reviews] 48

Another called Khalid wrote in to say:

Is Trades By Scott Legit? [Scott Bauer Reviews] 49

Another called Doug Lambert refers to Scott as the real deal, saying:

Is Trades By Scott Legit? [Scott Bauer Reviews] 50

Now, there are some negative ones amongst the positives, like this one from Amy who complained about being removed from a paid webinar:

Is Trades By Scott Legit? [Scott Bauer Reviews] 51

That was a bit harsh and they replied to that review saying that Amy was removed by moderators and had her money refunded.

The company also performs poorly by Better Business Bureau standards but that doesn’t mean that it is illegitimate because genuine businesses sometimes get bad ratings and they can always improve on their ratings.

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Trades By Scott Verdict

There isn’t much we can make of Scott’s trading strategy because he intends to reveal that at his training session. But having encountered many similar programs that promise to show you how to trade options better than you would alone, I’d advise you to take your time to consider everything he will be presenting.

Although he is charging for the session, it doesn’t mean that it is guaranteed to be good. A bit of skepticism is good when it comes to such programs because sometimes, you don’t get what you are promised. Besides, you can always ask for a refund if it doesn’t impress you. That being said, do not trade more than you are willing to lose.

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Is Trades By Scott Legit? [Scott Bauer Reviews] 40

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