Chris Rowe Sector Focus Reviews [True Market Insiders]

Looking for Sector Focus reviews by Chris Rowe of True Market Insiders?

Sector Focus is an investment advisory service that has is based on an investment strategy that’s typically used by rich investors to produce bigger wins in the financial markets.

It is suited to all kinds of investors; whether you are new to stock trading and have a clear idea of how the market works or not. It is for both investors with experience trading in the stock market and those without it because the market analysis Chris does for his “Sector Focus” members is aimed at helping all individual investors.

In this review, we will be taking a closer look at Chris Rowe and Sector Focus. Although this is not an exhaustive take, I hope it helps you decide whether the service is worth going for. After reading this, you should still do more research before you make your decision.

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Chris Rowe Sector Focus Reviews [True Market Insiders] 3

Chris Rowe Sector Focus Review

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Introduction to Chris Rowe’s Sector Focus

Chris Rowe’s Sector Focus is an investment newsletter that will be sent in your email inbox four times a month giving you an inside track on the financial markets from Chris Rowe’s perspective.

Chris Rowe's Sector Focus

My review will go through everything to do with how his service works, including how he picks sector focus trades and the reasoning behind his market analysis. I have seen other reviews comment on this service but I’d like to share my perspective based on what I’ve seen from Chris.

I recently shared a review covering Chris Rowe predictions for 2021.

Why Chris Insists on Focusing on Sectors

Chris Rowe founded True Market Insiders because he felt that investors are misguided by mainstream analysts and Wall Street.

Chris says that these analysts tend to focus on broad indexes.

Therefore, they talk about the Dow and talk about the S&P 500 and in doing so, they give investors the impression that they should use the broad indexes to decide whether it’s a good or bad time invest.

Chris thinks that focusing on broad indexes is a bad way of analyzing the market; it gives you an inaccurate picture of what the market really is.

Why does he say this? Here is an excerpt from his landing page explaining where the inaccuracies stem from:

“Fact: broad indexes are inaccurate reads of the whole market. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is disproportionately price weighted… and it’s based on only 30 stocks!

The S&P 500 is a tiny bit clearer picture of the market. But again, it’s flawed. It’s based on 500 stocks, not 30. But the biggest 50 stocks make up half the weight — and contribute to half the index’s movement. Tracking the S&P 500 doesn’t give you a fair picture of the market either.”

He says that instead of focusing on the market as a whole, you should focus on specific sectors.

The reasoning behind it is backed by a study he quotes. It was done by Dorsey Wright and Associates it showed that, for the 15-year period ending in 2014, the average differential between the best and worst performing “Major Sectors” was 41.82%.

And when you focus on sub-sectors, the average difference between top performing ones and the losers was 186.04%, a massive difference.

So, he thinks that the consequences of being in the best or the worst sector can determine whether you make money or lose it.

And that’s where Chris Rowe’s Sector Focus comes in.

How Does Sector Focus Work?

Chris ignores the broad market averages and instead findsthe “Major Sectors” with the greatest strength relative to the overall market. These are the sectors that tend to outperform the stock market by a lot when doing well but never fall behind by much when things aren’t going so well.

Then he finds the strongest “Sub-Sectors” within each featured sector.

The next step is to narrow things down to “Narrow Industry Groups” before finally identifying individual companies and ETFs with the most explosive upside.

The sector focus research service will give you access to potentially lucrative trades. Chris does that by providing you with actionable signals and instructions to help you make the most out of his recommendations.

He relies on a trading system called Sector Hunter. It uses an algorithm to detect institutional buying and selling.

In a presentation he did to promote the service, he claimed that focusing on market and sector analysis gives you “A Simple Way to Stop Picking Losers and Gain an Incredible 186% Advantage” .

Sector Focus

These signals have the potential to award investors gains like 256%, 340%, or even 487%, whic is more than they’d get from general financial market analysis.

On top of that, you don’t need tons of experience or expertise to start using insights gleaned from Sector Focus.

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Who Is Chris Rowe?

Behind Sector Focus is Chris Rowe, investor, investment analyst, and former money manager.

Chris is the Founder and CEO of the company True Market Insiders. He is the Chief Investment Officer of Rowe Wealth Management

I was not able to find out how much he is worth, and that is unfortunate because I know many people are keen to find that out to gauge whether he is successful.

Chris Rowe’s Background

Chris has more than twenty years of experience on Wall Street and market analysis in general.

In his career, he has even been a broker and high-end wealth manager. His job as money manager taught him a great deal about the world markets and Wall Street.

chris rowe investor

He is now more involved in investment education related services to help people grow their investment portfolios using his research.

He hasn’t struggled to adapt to this new role because he has been advising many high net worth investors. Investors around the world can access the quality tips he shares with the public. The benefits add up and his track record is a sign he is someone who knows what he is doing when it comes to investing in different sectors.

What is True Market Insiders?

For your quick reference, True Market Insiders is a publisher of financial market research articles and newsletters.

true market insiders

Behind the scenes, Chris has a team of experts poring through market data to find anything useful for investors.

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What is included in Sector Focus?

Before we get to what you get when you join Chris Rowe’s Sector Focus service, I should point out that this service comes with a subscription fee.

As a subscriber, you will gain access to Rowe’s advice concerning the high-performing stocks. He also reveals the trades you should focus on and the sectors too.

Chris will also send you updates on the best, lucrative, and actionable trades and signals in the financial sectors every week. You will get anywhere from four to ten Sector Focus Trades Every Month depending on the market.

As I mentioned before, Chris Rowe works with a team of analysts who analyze as many as 2,116 individual data points every day. They find out which stocks may start receiving overwhelming demand and attention from investors focusing on sectors just like Chris.

Once they refine the data, Chris then picks the strongest stocks and ETFs in sectors that have the potential to give you excellent gains.

You are also entitled to the following benefits once you’ve bought the Sector Focus subscription.

  • You get to attend an exclusive live webinar for free every two months.
  • Three special reports from Chris: The Right Investment at the Perfect Time, The Crypto-Crusher, and Turbo Charge Your Dividend Paying Stocks.

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How Much is the Subscription Price?

Speaking of the subscription price, you pay $79/year.

As I mentioned earlier, it has a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • It exposes you to Chris’ unique approach that separates the best-performing stocks and ETFs from weaker ones.
  • Chris Rowe has twenty+ years of experience.
  • The service has a 30-day money back guarantee
  • You are likely to save more money than doing your own research


  • This is not a free service. Sector Focus comes with a subscription fee.
  • You miss out on the perspective that general market averages provide you.

Is Chris Rowe’s Sector Focus Legit?

Sector Focus is legit.

Chris put together an investment strategy that leans towards evaluating the market focusing on a specific sector rather than the market indexes most investors care about.

After doing his research, he gives you detailed updates on the best-performing sectors at any given time in the market.

Your membership will also give you access to the site where you can learn more about the market in general.

With this information, you can make better investment decisions, which is easier said than done.

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Why Chris Rowe offers Sector Focus

Chris Rowe’s goal is to give retail investors a different perspective on investing that they rarely get from mainstream financial press and Wall Street analysts.

chris rowe goal

Chris is a contrarian in a sense because he chooses to go against the conventional wisdom in the world of finance that the best way to evaluate the stock market is to look at the broad market indexes.

His approach is sector-oriented. Sector investing and sector analysis are at the core of his strategy.

Chris Rowe Investor / Sector Focus Verdict

It goes without saying that the stock market is very unpredictable. This means that every investment comes with a degree of risk; of course, some investments expose you to greater risk than others.

A Sector Focus subscription is meant to help you find the best performing stocks, whether or not they are mid-cap growth stocks. The goal is to find the ones that are in high-performing sectors.

That being said, of course Chris is selling you this subscription so you still have to do your due diligence to determine whether it is right for you.

I hope this sector Focus review will help you with that. It being is a good sign, although I can’t personally comment based on my own experience since I have not invested using the signals.

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Chris Rowe Sector Focus Reviews [True Market Insiders] 3

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