Shepard SDP Review – 100% Scam!

Shepard SDP is a complete scam and before you waste your time signing up you’ll want to read this page and learn the real truth about this system. Shepard SDP is just 1 scam in a long line of scams and I’m hoping to help people avoid wasting their time.

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Shepard SDP – Overview

Shepard SDP claims to be from a man called Perry Shepard. He claims he came across a brilliant team of software develops who were able to create the system to trade binary options. He claims that you can make a fortune and all you need to do is just sign up, make a deposit to fund your account and activate his software. The real truth is that this software is a complete scam no different to others like Automata Formula and Orion Code. The scam starts with you visiting the Shepard SDP website after usually clicking on an advert or an email. After you watch the video you decide to sign up and then you have to make a deposit of $250 or more to fund your account so that you can use the software. Once you’ve made that deposit, that’s when the owner of this system actually gets paid a referral commission from the binary options broker. Once you’ve made this deposit their job is done, they’ve made their money and they really don’t care what happens to you next.

The truth is that after you make that deposit, the software app will activate and start to trade automatically for you. This is where most people think that they are soon going to be rich, but unfortunately it’s not the case. The robot will trade your money away down to nothing and leave your account empty! You’ll then be asked to deposit even more money if you want to keep trading and usually the broker will even call you up and try and get you to deposit yet more money. Don’t be fooled though, it’s a complete scam and you won’t make money. The binary brokers actually develop these scam softwares so that they are programmed to lose because they want you to lose. If you were to make money it would cost them money. The truth is if people signed up and made the money that Shepard SDP claims the brokers would be out of business!

Shepard SDP – Fake Testimonials / Reviews / Actors

The creator Perry Shepard is a made up person. He’s actually just an actor hired by the scammers behind this system. Also the testimonials you see are fake too. They are made up and often scammers will use a website called Fiverr where they can get people to do video reviews for as little as $5! Next you’ve got the reviews you see in Google which say how amazing this system is, but again they are a complete scam and fraud. These reviews are given by people who are affiliates for the Shepard SDP system so they want you to sign up and use it because if you do they will get paid. Don’t believe any review that says how amazing this (or any other binary system) is because they are not truthful!

My Shepard SDP Conclusion

In my opinion this system is a complete scam and I won’t be recommending it. It’s just another scam that will be going on my official scams list! If you really want to make money online you need to use a proven system. Go ahead and check out what I recommend below.

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