Side Hustle With A Truck: 17 Realistic Ideas & Instructions

In today’s gig economy, having a pickup truck opens up a world of possibilities for generating extra income.

From delivery services to landscaping and beyond, truck owners can leverage their vehicle’s utility and versatility to take on various side hustles near their location.

With 14 ways to make up to $1,000 a day and the potential to earn between $46-$60 an hour depending on your truck size, there has never been a better time for people with wheels ready for work.

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Side Hustle With A Truck: 17 Realistic Ideas & Instructions 31

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Why Choose a Truck for a Side Hustle?

A pickup truck is the perfect vehicle for a side hustle due to its versatility and numerous opportunities in the gig economy.

Versatility And Utility

The versatility and utility of a pickup truck make it an ideal vehicle for a wide range of side hustles. With ample cargo space, towing capabilities, and rugged off-road performance, trucks enable their owners to handle tasks that other vehicles simply cannot manage.

Side Hustle with a truck

For instance, a landscaper can conveniently transport heavy equipment such as lawnmowers or mulchers in the bed of their truck while offering landscaping services. Similarly, individuals with towing attachments on their pickups can swiftly help stranded drivers or even expand into a full-fledged tow service.

Furthermore, many gig economy platforms like Lugg and TaskRabbit have recognized the value of trucks and actively seek out contractors who own them for moving services or large item deliveries.

Opportunities in the Gig Economy

The gig economy offers an abundance of opportunities for pickup truck owners looking to turn their vehicles into a lucrative side hustle. As more people rely on freelance or temporary work, the demand for delivery services, moving assistance, and other truck-based services has skyrocketed.

With your own pickup truck, you can capitalize on its versatility and utility by participating in popular platforms such as Lugg, Dolly, Bellhop, and TaskRabbit. These platforms connect service providers with potential clients who require specific tasks like furniture moving or junk removal completed promptly.

By listing yourself as an independent contractor on these apps and offering your services as a delivery driver or mover – capable of handling everything from small parcels to bulky items – you’re tapping into a rich market where people are willing to pay top dollar for reliable help.

In conclusion, stepping into the gig economy with your trusty pickup truck allows you not only financial independence but also opens up doors otherwise unrealized within traditional employment structures.

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Top Side Hustles For Pickup Truck Owners

Pickup truck owners can make use of their vehicle to provide cargo and delivery services as well as partner with construction and landscaping companies.


Let’s explore the top side hustles for pickup truck owners, from delivery and courier services to landscaping and yard work, that can help you earn extra cash on the side.

Delivery And Courier Services

Delivery and courier services present a lucrative opportunity for pickup truck owners to make the most of their vehicles. The growing demand for local, same-day deliveries due to e-commerce and online marketplaces has created numerous job opportunities in this field.

Side Hustle With A Truck: 17 Realistic Ideas & Instructions 32

For instance, independent contractors can partner with popular platforms like Amazon Flex or Roadie, enabling them to make money with a truck in delivering packages on flexible schedules.

Another option is advertising your services on social media or websites like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or Nextdoor – this allows you to engage directly with clients looking for help transporting large items such as furniture or appliances.

Moving service

A Moving service is a lucrative side hustle for pickup truck owners. People are always moving to new homes or offices, and often need help with transporting their belongings.

Side Hustle With A Truck: 17 Realistic Ideas & Instructions 33

By offering these services, pickup truck owners can earn a good income on their own schedule. This service requires little investment upfront, making it easy for anyone with a valid driver’s license to start earning extra cash right away.

Platforms like TaskRabbit make it easy to find work if you own a pick up track.

According to recent statistics, average earnings for moving services using standard pickup trucks range from $65 per small job up to $110 per larger load.

Offer a junk removal service

It is simple to start a rubbish removal service, and you may grow later with a larger box truck or a trailer. Before you begin, you should evaluate the potential market for this local business in your region.

Side Hustle With A Truck: 17 Realistic Ideas & Instructions 34

Large things like outdated file cabinets are frequently removed from workplaces as part of office cleaning efforts.

You may transport these to recycling facilities using your vehicle. During estate sales or residential moves, homeowners could also want the services of a rubbish hauler to remove their bulky items. You can transport even more things if your vehicle is equipped with a trailer.

To find your own employment, you may utilize tried-and-true websites like Facebook and Craigslist or if you like to work with a platform.

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Renting out your Truck

Fetch is the ideal platform for self-service vehicle rentals. For fleet managers and owners of pickup trucks who wish to generate income from idle cars, this is the perfect option.

According to Fetch, charges should be between $10 and $25 per hour or between $50 and $150 per day. You have complete discretion over the rental fee you select. Fetch makes the vehicle rental arrangements and collects the renter’s money.

Fetch charges a 20% flat cost plus an extra 10% for drivers without commercial liability insurance. In this situation, Fetch offers coverage via the platform. Because normal vehicle insurance will not cover a loss caused during a rental, every commercial truck driver need commercial coverage as well as personal liability coverage.

Fetch provides drivers with a Bluetooth-enabled device that locks and unlocks the vehicle doors (this is optional for you as a truck owner), as well as the ability to start the engine. The technology eliminates the need for you to meet each tenant in person, making your side business more passive.

Towing And Hauling Services

Another profitable side hustle for pickup truck owners is offering towing and hauling services.

You can make money hauling stuff like furniture or construction materials or towing cars, boats or trailers, this service can bring in some serious cash.

Side Hustle With A Truck: 17 Realistic Ideas & Instructions 35

To get started with a junk hauling service or towing service, you’ll need a valid driver’s license and liability insurance. You may also need additional equipment such as a hitch receiver, tie-down straps and ratchet straps depending on what types of items you’ll be towing or hauling.

Deliveries from garage sales

Making deliveries for customers attending garage auctions is another side income option for those with pickup trucks.

Locate garage or yard sales in your neighborhood and inform the host of your services. Because it allows people to acquire huge products, providing delivery can help them sell more items.

While you’re at garage sales, consider buying stuff to resell for a profit. You may be able to obtain a decent bargain on furniture because not many people have automobiles to purchase larger goods. Consider flipping these products or enhancing their condition with paint and repairs to get even more money.

Food Truck Business

The food truck business is a lucrative side hustle for pickup truck owners who love to cook and serve their community.

Side Hustle With A Truck: 17 Realistic Ideas & Instructions 36

With the ability to move from location to location, food trucks can attract customers in different areas and maximize profits.

In addition, owning a food truck provides flexibility in terms of hours worked, as one can choose when they want to operate. Food trucks have low overhead costs compared to restaurants with no rent or utilities bills which means more profits are on the table.

Launch a Snow Removal Business

You may supplement your revenue as a subcontractor by attaching a snow plow to your pickup truck and taking on smaller assignments.

Side Hustle With A Truck: 17 Realistic Ideas & Instructions 37

Many regions that require snow removal may not be accessible to larger vehicles, and here is where you may excel. The majority of large snow plows are 8 feet wide, but if you have a 6-foot-wide plow mounted on a medium-sized pickup truck, you may find yourself in great demand.

A “Homeowner Plow,” which employs molded plastic for lighter plowing, is one alternative for small vehicle owners. These are lightweight and simple to install with a receiver hitch that attaches to the front of your pickup vehicle. Because these lightweight plows lack an electrical control system, they must be adjusted manually, which can impede operations.

When determining the profitability of providing snow plowing services, don’t forget to account for additional insurance and gas costs to make a reasonable profit.

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Long-Distance Shipping

Deliveries across long distances are a terrific way to supplement your income, and Citizen Shipper is one of the greatest venues to use.

A peer-to-peer network makes it possible for the driver and their client to interact and negotiate the terms of the contract. A pickup truck, box truck, or other large truck might be used.

Citizen Shipper charges a monthly fee of $24.99 to utilize the site, and drivers establish their own fees. The service is available for three months as a trial, after which you can end it without incurring any fees.

Landscaping And Yard Work

As a pickup truck owner, you could offer landscaping and yard work services to your local community. These are great side hustles that will keep you active while generating extra cash.

Side Hustle With A Truck: 17 Realistic Ideas & Instructions 38

Landscaping includes mowing lawns, trimming bushes, laying sod, planting flowers, edging, and more. You can also provide seasonal cleanup services such as raking leaves and snow removal during the winter months.

According to recent studies, landscaping businesses have an average profit margin of 10% – 12%, which means there is good money to be made in this field. With your pickup truck come tools like shovels, rakes and lawn mowers needed for a successful landscaping business so it’s not difficult to get started with minimal investment.

Additionally, a growing number of people who work from home nowadays want their outdoor area to look its best for Zoom calls or to enjoy time outside after work while they’re confined inside, which means market conditions are getting even more competitive.

Sell Advertising Space

Placing adverts on your truck is a simple method to earn passive income while driving. However, be cautious since there are many fraudsters in this industry, as well as drivers who have not been paid for hosting advertising. However, we have come across legitimate businesses.

With customized campaigns, Carvertise will pay a set monthly charge of $100; however, this is uncommon. On occasion, you may be given a particular duty that requires you to drive or park your vehicle at specified locations and times. These jobs are less frequent but can pay up to $30 an hour.

Ads on trucks are placed by Wrapify at a cost to the drivers. The state, truck wrapping, and destination will all affect how much you receive. Warpify drivers have reported monthly incomes of up to $452.

Transporting construction materials

You might be able to help local construction businesses move heavy building supplies. Smaller construction firms may be eager to use you since it is less expensive than hiring a larger service provider.

Side Hustle With A Truck: 17 Realistic Ideas & Instructions 39

This profession may entail carrying building supplies from a starting point to the working site. They can also ask you to assist them dispose of any remaining materials when they finish their project.

Pet Care Services

Pet care services are an excellent pickup truck side hustle for animal lovers. In today’s busy world, pet owners don’t always have time to walk their beloved pets or take them to grooming appointments.

That’s where you can come in and offer your services as a pet caregiver. You can provide dog walking, pet grooming, and even pet-sitting while the owner is away on vacation.

Additionally, with more people working from home due to the pandemic, many pet owners are looking for someone who can pick up their furry friends’ food and other supplies without them having to leave their homes.

As a result, offering delivery services for local pet stores could also be another income stream for those with pickup trucks

Sell Scrap Metal

Even while this has nothing to do with truckers specifically, you do need a truck to collect unwanted scrap metal since you can sell it for a profit.

There are several methods to obtain resources, and the more scrap metal you have, the more you can produce. It’s profitable enough to warrant your efforts, but not lucrative enough to require you to take on a more established trucking firm.

Finding ferrous metals hiding in nearby rivers, ponds, and lakes may be done using an innovative technique called magnet fishing. Unfortunately, a lot of people throw away different metal goods.

If you can locate them and cart them away, you may sell them. One advantage of having a vehicle is the ability to earn money while carrying goods.

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Apps to make money with a truck

Which pickup truck apps are actually worthwhile, out of the numerous ones available that promise to make you money? These sites may help you locate employment and make additional money whether you want to carry furniture, assist with a move, give handyperson services, or rent out your vehicle.

LoadUp’s Driving App

By accepting rubbish removal tasks on LoadUp’s driving app, you may make up to $2,000+ every week. Driving for LoadUp gives drivers the freedom to choose their own schedules, work solely in the regions they desire, and decide which assignments they take.

Getting hired as a loader is a quick and simple method to start earning money for just moving and discarding, on average, 1-3 items every order.


This app connects you with people who need last-minute moving or delivery help in their local area. You can earn up to $35 an hour plus tips depending on the size of your truck.


This is a popular app that connects you with people who need help moving, delivering large items such as appliances or furniture. You can earn between $30-$50 an hour plus tips.


This app helps people find movers for their move, and it pays its movers based on the amount of work completed rather than hourly rates.


Allows people to hire independent contractors for quick jobs such as home improvement projects, cleaning services or deliveries.

Joining any of these apps allows you to choose how many jobs you want to take on at any given time, making it a perfect side hustle for those looking for flexibility. Plus, they pay well since there’s often an upfront investment required in owning a truck.


Fetch is a rental firm that specializes solely in truck rentals.

You may offer your pickup vehicle for a certain number of hours or days, and you can indicate your availability at any time!

If you have numerous vehicles for hire, you may put them in a fleet and Fetch will track them all for you while you generate money on autopilot.

This is definitely one of the simplest methods to generate money with a pickup truck, especially if there is sufficient demand in your community.

After deducting 20–30% of the profits for Fetch, some truck owners have profited up to $1800 each month. However, according to the company, renting out your vehicle might make you $30,000.


Bungii is a transportation service firm that solely works with pickup truck drivers. A pickup vehicle that is newer than 2005 might earn you more than $40 per hour.

You must also be able to lift 100 pounds and carry a variety of ropes to keep things fastened. Bungii is an excellent alternative if you want to set your own hours, get some exercise, and build your résumé.

Furthermore, this is one of the few platforms that just caters to trucks, so you know you’re in excellent hands!


Roadie is a same-day delivery service that compensates you for delivering everyday goods wherever you are. For delivering basic products (medication, spare tire, hardware supplies), you can earn up to $15 each trip.

Furthermore, if you’re going far, you might make hundreds of dollars just for carrying an item that someone needed to send to a buddy.


You may always hire out your vehicle for money if you don’t want to perform the  delivery job yourself or just don’t drive your truck much.

One of the most common ways to create a new passive income stream is to rent out assets for a profit. The largest car sharing marketplace in the world, Turo, lets you hire out your automobile to others on a “per day” basis.

You may earn $50 to $200 each day with Turo, depending on the age of your truck. With at least 12 completed trips, the typical Turo customer made $620 a month on average in 2019.

Why wouldn’t you rent out your vehicle to others so they may use it while you’re not using it and earn additional money every day? Depending on your insurance packages, Turo gets 20–30% of your total revenue.


Getaround is a vehicle sharing business similar to Turo that allows you to hire out your car with a $1 million insurance coverage without any fuss.

The wonderful thing about Getaround is that you don’t have to meet the renter in person to hand off your vehicle. Everything is keyless, with the option to unlock the car via the smartphone, making it far more passive than services like Turo.

This certainly has a disadvantage. If your truck is not a 2010 model or newer, you will be unable to install the Getaround device necessary for vehicle rental.

Another advantage is that Getaround pays on an hourly basis. As a result, you may utilize your vehicle the same day you hire it!

Rideshare Apps

If you have a pickup truck with two rows of seats and four doors, you may apply for most ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft provided all other basic conditions are met.

You may work as much or as little as you like as a rideshare driver, whenever it fits your schedule. Wages and tips can provide a good living, but keep in mind the extra expenditures for petrol and additional wear and tear.

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Tips For Starting a Successful Pickup Truck Side Hustle

Developing a marketing strategy and building a strong online presence are essential tips for starting a successful pickup truck side hustle, along with setting realistic goals, investing in the right equipment and tools, managing time and resources effectively, and considering legal and safety factors.

Set Realistic Goals And Expectations

Setting realistic goals and expectations is crucial when starting a pickup truck side hustle. It’s important to understand that making money with your truck takes time and effort, just like any other business venture.

For instance, if you plan on offering lawn care services with your pickup truck, set a goal to secure at least five regular clients within the first month of operation. If you plan to haul junk or offer moving services, start by targeting specific neighborhoods within your local area.

Remember that it’s essential to remain flexible when setting goals since unexpected challenges arise in every business. Be willing to adjust your strategy accordingly based on what works best for you and adapt as necessary along the way.

Develop a Marketing Strategy

To start your side hustle as a pickup truck owner, you need to develop a marketing strategy that will help you reach potential customers. First, identify your target market and the services you offer.

You can also advertise in local classifieds or marketplace websites such as Craigslist, OfferUp or Facebook Marketplace to promote your services.

Another way to get the word out is through networking events or establishing partnerships with other businesses in your community like real estate agencies if you’re offering moving services or gardening stores for landscaping jobs.

Invest in the Right Equipment and Tools

To start a successful pickup truck side hustle, it’s crucial to invest in the right equipment and tools.

Depending on the nature of the side hustle, this could include items such as boxes, straps, tarps, ropes, gloves, shovels, rakes or even specialized machinery like mowers or plows for landscaping and snow removal services.

For example, if you’re starting a junk removal business with your pickup truck, having a durable dolly can make loading heavier items easier and reduce the risk of injury. In addition, buying tie-downs can help secure fragile items during transport allowing them to arrive safely at their destination.

Investing in the right tools upfront may require an initial financial outlay but will pay off down the road by increasing efficiency and minimizing repair costs over time.

Manage Time And Resources Effectively

Managing time and resources is crucial when starting a successful pickup truck side hustle. With any business venture, it’s important to prioritize tasks based on their level of importance and urgency.

Knowing what needs to be done and when can help ensure productivity and prevent wasting valuable time.

One effective way to manage resources is by leveraging technology. Many apps are available that connect drivers with people who need assistance moving items or delivering packages, making it easy to accept jobs based on availability.

By utilizing these platforms effectively, pickup truck owners can earn extra money without sacrificing too much of their own time or risking burnout.

Build a Strong Online Presence

Building a strong online presence is crucial for success in any side hustle, and having a pickup truck business is no exception.

Creating a website or social media page can help your audience discover your services and learn more about what you offer.

Moreover, creating an active online community through engaging content like photos of completed jobs and informational posts about the industry will help build trust with potential customers.

You can even run paid ads on social media platforms to reach new audiences that are likely to need your services.

Legal And Safety Considerations

To ensure a successful and safe pickup truck side hustle, it’s important to consider the legal and safety aspects of your business.

Firstly, you’ll need to have a valid driver’s license and insurance for your truck.

Additionally, following proper safety protocols is crucial when hauling items or providing towing services. Make sure to properly secure all loads before transport and use caution while driving on roads or highways.

By keeping these legal and safety considerations in mind, you can minimize risk and focus on growing your pickup truck side hustle successfully.

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Benefits and Drawbacks of a Truck Side Hustle

So you now have a list of things you can do with a pickup truck to get money.

But, before you get into this side business, consider the following benefits and downsides.

The Benefits:

  • You have the ability to set your own hours.
  • Earn more than the minimum pay each hour.
  • Use your truck to make some extra money.
  • Jobs such as moving people can pay tips.

The Drawbacks:

  • You must consider the cost of gasoline.
  • Vehicle depreciation reduces your earnings.
  • You are an independent contractor, thus you receive no benefits.
  • You must submit your income taxes correctly.

Finally, just remember to keep precise records of your income and spending to avoid unpleasant surprises!


In conclusion, owning a pickup truck can provide numerous opportunities to make extra cash through side hustles.

From delivery and courier services to towing and hauling, landscaping, pet care or even starting your own food truck business, there are plenty of options available for pickup truck owners.

By offering these services on top of traditional pickup truck side hustles like delivery and junk removals, you’ll increase your earning potential significantly. With some planning and marketing strategies in place, there’s no limit to how much extra income you could make with just your trusty pickup truck!

With the rise of gig economy platforms like Lugg or Dolly, finding independent contractor jobs has never been easier. To start a successful pickup truck side hustle, set realistic goals and expectations, invest in the right equipment and tools and build a strong online presence.

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Side Hustle With A Truck: 17 Realistic Ideas & Instructions 31

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