Snagajob – Legit or Scam Website?

I recently came across Snagajob was very surprised at how many people are searching each month for reviews in Google yet there’s not actually much information about them, so I thought I’d do some research and share more details here on my blog.

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Snagajob - Legit or Scam Website? 7

Snagajob – What’s It All About?

Most people use Snagajob to try and find themselves a job. But many are wondering whether it’s a real job site or just a scam? After taking a closer look there are mixed reviews however on the whole it looks legitimate.

Snagajob - Legit or Scam Website? 8It’s an online platform founded back in 2000 by Shawn Boyer. Their headquarters are in California. The website has over 20 million job seekers from all across the USA and many new jobs are posted on a monthly basis. Many recruiters use it to post jobs as there are so many active members looking for jobs on their site.

As with any service of its kind there are mixed reviews and sometimes scam recruiters post fake jobs. I don’t fully understand how the recruiting scams work but there are a number of them that unfortunately have been posted on Snagajob and people have fallen victim to. That being said there are far more legitimate opportunities available on there.

How does Snagajob Work?

It’s pretty simple really. Their aim is to connect employers with job seekers and make it easy for both sides. They want to make it easy for employers to find new workers and also easy for job seekers to find legitimate companies to work for. You can sign up and create a profile on their site and then browse through available jobs in your area or any area for a specific position you are looking for. Your profile allows you to be exposed to potential employers who can browse through profiles. It’s a good idea to fill your profile in with as much information as possible so that you look attractive to a potential employer. With so much noise on the internet you will want to stand out to give yourself the best chance of being seen.

There are a number of jobs available across all kinds of categories. These jobs include part time, full time, seasonal, summer jobs, veteran teen and even jobs for students. The number of categories available is great because it means that you can laser target your recruitment which means jobs can be posted in a far more targeted manner.


In order to post a job as an employer or recruiter you will need to pay a fee. It costs $89 to post 1 job. If you are posting a number of jobs you can save money. For example you can post 5 jobs for $375. People are notified who might be interested in the new job when its posted which helps to fill the position.

Their website also offers an affiliate program so people can earn money by referring new customers to Snagajob.

Snagajob – Good Points

What are the good points when it comes to Snagajob? Let’s take a look:

  • Free account creation for job seekers
  • Flexible job posting for employers / recruiters
  • User friendly website
  • Many employers and job seekers meaning it’s a useful website

Snagajob – Bad Points

Of course there are negatives so let’s take a look at the Snagajob negatives:

  • Snagajob sells personal information to third party companies
  • Website rarely updated and lists many jobs that have already been filled
  • Support team is poor / slow
  • Job seekers get bombarded with unsolicited calls and emails

The worst thing in my opinion is that peoples information is sold meaning you can be contacted by a number of people who you don’t want to hear from. This seems like Snagajob is taking advantage of people who are signing up and many people won’t even realize that this is happening.

Snagajob – My Conclusion & Recommendation

In my opinion Snagajob looks like an okay website however you should be careful about letting them have your personal details that can be shared with others. It’s a good idea to set up a new email address so that you don’t get bombarded with spam emails.

If you’re looking for a job be sure to sign up however you should also sign up with other job sites.

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Snagajob - Legit or Scam Website? 7

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