Social Studio FX Review & $997 Bonus!

Social Studio FX is a new product from Jimmy Kim and today I’m sharing my review and special $997 bonus with you. Keep reading below and you can get all the details on this new product and find out what I’m offering as a special bonus when you buy.

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Social Studio FX Review & $997 Bonus! 5

Social Studio FX – Overview

Social Studio FX is Jimmy Kim’s new product. It looks awesome too, it’s a software that is going to help you create images for use on your social media profiles. Quality images are what really helps grow your social media. Whether it’s an ad on Facebook or Instagram you need high quality images and the ability to edit those images easily. Let’s face it, not everyone is an expert when it comes to photoshop and I personally don’t have a clue how to use it, so a tool like this is extremely useful.

social studio fx review

How Does Social Studio FX Work?

It’s really quite simple and it takes just 3 steps to create nice looking images with Social Studio FX.

Social Studio FX Review & $997 Bonus! 6

Honestly it couldn’t be simpler. When I write these reviews which by the way is normally about some scam system like Rubix Project or Cogni Trade I normally have to talk a lot about why the system sucks and why it won’t help you. With Social Studio FX there’s not really much to talk about because it’s so simple and it just flat out works. There is definitely no scam here, if you buy into this you’re going to get a quality tool that will help you grow your business.

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My $997 Social Studio FX Bonus

Since Social Studio FX is such a good product I am here to offer a special $997 bonus to you to help you with your online marketing.

So who am I and why should you listen to me? Over the past few years I’ve built a multiple 6-figure per year online business. I’ve been through many ups and downs but I’ve come through it strong and I can offer you quality advice on your business if you want it, so my special bonus is going to be just that…. a special bonus.

  1. 1 Month Skype Consulting – I’m going to offer you 1 month access to me on Skype to ask me anything you want about your online marketing. Having problems with something and want me to take a look? Need help with your campaigns or maybe just some advice. Reach out to me on Skype and I’m going to personally help you with whatever problems you are having with your online business so you can hit your income goals.
  2. Special Private 2-Hour Training – I’m going to give you access to a special 2-hour training on how to grow your business to 60k/month online. This training is going to be delivered by my friend who has been able to generate a consistent 60k per month working from home, or anywhere in the world. He’s going to lay out step-by-step exactly how you can replicate this.

In my opinion this bonus is worth $997 because I’ve personally been offered as much as $2k for 2-hours of my time which I actually declined. Also this special webinar you’ll be able to access has changed many peoples lives and personally allowed me to make a considerable amount of money from this free training. So if you like the sound of these bonuses and you want to access Social Studio FX with some easy bonuses then sign up at the link below.

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(It’s super cheap right now, so grab it before they close it down)

social studio fx review

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