Spectrum 7 Technology Scam – Don’t Trust This Scam!

Spectrum 7 Technology is a new binary options scam software. I’ve put todays post together to expose this scam and hopefully save some people from losing money. You can read my full review below and learn all the details about the Spectrum 7 scam.

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Spectrum 7 – Complete Scam System

I’ve been taking a closer look at the Spectrum 7 website and doing my research and it’s clear to me that it’s a complete scam system. It took me about 5 minutes or less to find the actors that they used on the sales video. Yep those guys claiming they have made a fortune with the Spectrum 7 software are actors from a website called Fiverr. These guys get paid as little as $5 to give a testimonial saying how they made millions. The sad thing is these people are saying they made a fortune when in reality they’re probably broke!


Here are some of the losers claiming they have made money with Spectrum 7. Don’t believe the Trader Verify logo either as that’s completely fake and non of the profits are verified. The scammers behind this website are hoping that you don’t do your research and simply believe the BS they put on their website. Adam Levinsky didn’t make $82,500 in fact that won’t even be the real guys name, he’s a very popular actor on Fiverr as are the others! It’s laughable that these people made this much money with Spectrum 7 when clearly they are fraudsters!


If you needed anymore proof that Spectrum 7 is a complete scam then here you go. This is a screenshot of the actors in the presentation offering their testimonial services.

Spectrum 7 Technology – Fake Robot / Fake Company

The whole company behind this software is fake and made up. There is nothing out there on the internet about the company and their website was only recently registered.

So how exactly does their scam work?

The truth is the guys behind Spectrum 7 have partnered with binary options brokers and they get paid for referring new traders to the broker. This started to get popular a few years ago and scammers jumped on the bandwagon sand started creating fake websites to promote binary options. These guys know they can make money by referring people to binary options broker so essentially they create super hyped up fake videos that talk about how much money you can make, and all you need to do is sign up to their recommended broker. In reality it’s a complete scam because their amazing software doesn’t even exist. You will get access to a software that will trade automatically for you however it won’t work! The software you access with trade your money away until you have nothing left. That’s how the binary scams work as I’ve documented in many other reviews like The Cash Loophole review and my Aurum Tech review.

They will suck you in with the promise of riches but in reality it’s all a lie. The worst part is the binary brokers are in on the scam. You might think that perhaps the binary options brokers don’t even know about the claims that the owners of the Spectrum 7 website make but they do and they actively encourage it. Once you actually sign up to a binary broker they will start to harass you and try to get you to deposit more money. Different companies operate in different ways however in my opinion they should all be avoided as you can’t trust any of them. At the end of the day these guys make money when you lose money so why would you trust anything they say? If you were to sign up to a binary broker and make millions they would lose millions because they operate like casinos. For them to profit they need you to lose! So if a binary broker calls you up and says he can make you millions he is a liar!

Spectrum 7 – Conclusion = Avoid It!

In my opinion the Spectrum 7 is a complete scam and all the evidence is there to prove it! Don’t waste your time.

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