Steady Home Income – Scam or Legit?

Looking for a review of Steady Home Income? You’ve come to the right blog as I’m about to share all the details.

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Steady Home Income - Scam or Legit? 7

What Is Steady Home Income?

Steady Home Income, found at is a link posting scam site whose key mandate is to swindle people out of their hard-earned cash. Kelly Simmons is a fictional working mum that is used quite often in these scams but the truth is that she doesn’t even exist. This particular scam is one of many from the same creators who have been behind countless other systems I have exposed recently like entrepreneur jobs club and home earning system to name a few. Literally the list goes on and on and keeps getting bigger each week as they release more and more scam websites.

Steady Home Income - Scam or Legit? 8

Does this website look familiar? Whilst it might not be identical they often use this style of website which is a clone!

Her story is also figments of imagination whose main agenda is to convince people to join and get rich quickly. But as you would guess, the only people making money from this site are the owners of the site who run it. A real shame considering 1,000’s of people sign up each month only to be left disappointed by the wild claims of income that they never actually receive. Some have even guaranteed $500 for signing up like freedom cash system which never amounts to anything or comes with many strings attached.

Steady Home Income Tricks:

They have network news logos that contain a caption that loosely suggests that you might have already seen this advertised on print and electronic media. The aim of the scams is that they want you to believe are legit by putting logos on their page. But the truth is that these logos are being used without authorization from the news networks. The news video discussing work from home jobs via telecommuting are also being used without authorization. They are not what are being offered by Steady Home Income.

This is no job or a job board. In fact, it’s a hazardous internet-based home business scam that poses as a way to get job via their system. This site is a bait and switch conning game that begins with false claims of raking in piles of money without suing skills or experience. Their promises look too good to be true. There are simply no rich-quick schemes that can turn you into an overnight millionaire, period. It would be nice, but even my no.1 rated system AWOL Academy can’t do that for you, although it can certainly help you a lot more by giving you genuine training to help you make money.

Link Posting = Fake Scam

The link posting game is a trap to lure you in. the reality however is that the information provided on the site is outdated, easily available online and incomplete. The site charges you $97 to join, but this is discounted many times when you attempt to exit. The impression you get is that you are getting a deal of a lifetime, which is the precise intention of this scammers.



As a matter of fact, the presentation page is filled with hype and falsehoods which are refuted by legal disclaimer found at the bottom end of the page.
The purpose of the disclaimer is to cover their tracks so that you cannot sue them even if they swindle you.


Verdict For Steady Home Income

The Steady Home Income is a scam which is just out to steal your money. They ask you to pay $97 for signup and even convince you to buy the more expensive programs that they also sell at their website. Is there a chance you could actually make money? Yes, however they mislead you into thinking you can make a fortune without doing any work. If you do actually become a success from this program you will need to invest a lot of time and money into learning the system and implementing the training.

You could quite easily put this time and money into a more genuine program that in my opinion will get you better results (like my no.1 recommendation below).

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Steady Home Income - Scam or Legit? 7

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