Step 2 Wealth Scam – Don’t Trust BS Software!

I’ve just been taking closer look at Step 2 Wealth which is a brand new binary options scam. The creator of this scam system claims you can earn $10,000 guaranteed as soon as you watch the video which is obviously a complete pile of BS. Don’t trust Step 2 Wealth, instead read my full review below and get the truth.

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Step 2 Wealth – The Sad Reality

The sad reality is that Step 2 Wealth is just another binary options scam and won’t make you a penny. The real people behind the scam are not the ones you see in the sales video. All those people giving glowing testimonials are actually actors hired to say that they made money. They didn’t really make money, and before you think something like that could never happen as how would they get away with it, believe me I have the proof since they’ve been behind numerous other scams I have exposed like CFD Society and Nuvo Finance. The fact is the Step 2 Wealth website is out to scam you, and if you fall for it you’ll end up losing $100’s or maybe even more if you’re unlucky enough. But keep reading because I’m going to explain exactly how the Step 2 Wealth scam works so you know how to avoid it.

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Yes you are guaranteed to make $10,000 after you watch the video. What a load of BS that is and the guy you see in the video has not made the money he claims. This person is claiming that he made a fortune from Step 2 Wealth, but do you want to know the real truth? He was paid to say that he made a fortune, just like all the other scumbags who appear in this video saying they made lots of money when in fact they didn’t. My guess is these people are probably flat broke since who else in their right mind would offer to give fake testimonials in exchange for a few bucks.

How Step 2 Wealth Works

The Step 2 Wealth scam is nothing new and to be honest I’m quite surprised that scams like this are still launching each week. What happens is you receive an email about their amazing money making system and visit their website only to end up watching the video. The video aims to convince you that they have the answer to make money. After all look at their glowing (but fake) testimonials and their income claims of making $10k guaranteed. It’s all designed to get you convinced that they have the solution to making money and if you just use their Step 2 Wealth software you too will make a fortune.

So what happens after you watch the video? You follow the steps and you are forwarded onto a new page where you have to enter more details. When you enter your details such as name, address, telephone number etc you will create an account at their binary options broker. This is the broker they recommend because they are the best broker for helping you make money and they integrate with their Step 2 Wealth software for trading binary options. Actually this is a complete lie, the broker isn’t the BEST one for you, the broker is the one that they have partnered with to scam you out of your hard earned cash. That is why this broker comes “recommended”.

Once you sign up you’ll be prompted to get started with a mere $250 deposit. It’s nothing compared to the $10k you are guaranteed to make after you actually start using the system. Apart from you are not actually guaranteed that money of course, because that’s just some BS they said in order to get you to part with your $250 in the first place. Once the deposit is done you can sit back and watch as the Step 2 Wealth software makes you a millionaire in a few short weeks. Unfortunately this never actually happens, what really happens is you log into your account the next day and find that your balance is at zero. What happened? You got scammed, these crooks just took all your money!

I see it happen all the time, and I’ve reviewed well over 100 scam systems just like Step 2 Wealth on this blog. The fact is non of these scams make money, the only people who are earning money off them are the scammers who own the website and even they are starting to struggle as people catch onto the truth about binary options. Many have already moved onto creating other scams like 700 Profit Club hosting scam and the Copy My Websites scam.

Step 2 Wealth Conclusion

It should be obvious that I won’t be recommending the Step 2 Wealth system. I don’t believe you’ll make a penny from it, but you’ll definitely lose money.

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Step 2 Wealth Scam - Don't Trust BS Software! 7

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