What Is Charles Mizrahi Super Stocks Project?

Charles Mizrahi’s Super Stocks Project is a presentation that was recently published by Banyan Hill where he was hosted by Corrina Sullivan.

The discussion concerns a form of investment he calls “super stocks” as well as a new advisory service that Charles Mizrahi will be publishing.

Let’s take a look at what Corrina and Charles discussed to get a gist of what this new service is all about.

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What Is Charles Mizrahi Super Stocks Project? 7

Charles Mizrahi Super Stocks Project Review

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Introduction to Charles Mizrahi Super Stocks Project

Charles Mizrahi’s Super Stocks Project is a webinar hosted by Corrina Sullivan where they discuss an investment instrument they call “super stocks.”

Mizrahi claims that super stocks have been outperforming the broader market 6-to-1 for a long time. He says that they have been on top for not just 10 years or even 20 years, but close to a century.

Charles Mizrahi Super Stocks Project

These “super stocks,” according to Mizrahi have the potential to go up 1,000%, which makes them more lucrative than IPOs, Private Equity, and even SPACs.

He mentions that investors who have gone all in on Super Stocks over the last decade have likely made gains of 1,000% or more 440 times as demonstrated in this sample size of candidates:Charles Mizrahi Super Stocks Project

Charles says that “super stocks” are favorable for retail investors and make for better investments than IPOs and SPACs because Wall Street gets to IPOs and SPACs first leaving other investors with scraps.

What are Super Stocks?

The name “super stocks” refers to Microcap Stocks or penny stocks. According to Charles, these are companies with a market cap of $500 million or less.

Mizrahi says that the big Wall Street Investment banks and investors like Buffett who have vast resources don’t bother investing in them because they are too small to move the needle. Besides, there are regulations that would bar them from getting involved.

When Alex Koyfman was promoting The Microcap Insider, he also echoed what Charles is saying about penny stocks.

Circling back to Mizrahi’s pitch, he claims that the only way to make money trading penny stocks is to have a strategy; the point of having one is that you wouldn’t want to invest in just about any microcaps.

He insists that you have to be careful as you pick penny stocks to find the ones that will do well. He finds the best 12 to 15 opportunities each year.

He claims that it shouldn’t take years for the gains to come because in some rare cases, they can come in a matter of months.

How Charles Mizrahi finds microcap stocks

Charles Mizrahi believes that each stock must meet three requirements for it to be a candidate for investment.

  1.  It should have the “Votes.” By votes he is talking about the number of sales the company gets. He wants a company that has good sales figures
  2. A potential recommendation should be in an industry that is growing quickly, like biotech, 5G, and EVs.
  3. Good leadership. He finds companies with great CEOs and a strong track record that have skin in the game. He considers this important because he thinks of investing in smaller businesses as backing the CEO for success.

By the end of the presentation, he recommends three companies that meet his three requirements:

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The Three Super Stocks

There are three “super stocks” he teases by the end of the pitch. They are:

No. 1 Super Stock

The first pick is a tiny pharmaceutical company that has developed what Charles calls a game-changing drug that was just approved by the FDA.

He says that its breakthrough is the culmination of 120 years of research and 30 million Americans could be lining up to get it by the end of this year.

The breakthrough he is talking about is a pill that treats chronic pain, a problem that affects roughly 30 million Americans who suffer pain regularly. He believes that it will be a game-changer for them because they will get relief, without the dangerous side effects typically associated with painkillers.

This company has signed retail agreements with Walgreens, Walmart, Rite Aid, and CVS to put its product on the shelves of more than 30,000 stores across the country.

He says that it has more upside than any other stock he’s seen in the past 10 years and could go up 1,000% from here.

The company is led by a CEO who has 40 years of experience in the health care industry. He has launched and marketed over-the-counter medications like cough suppressants Mucinex and Delsym and has more than $9 million invested in the company.

Number 2 Super Stock (A Fintech company)

The second pick is a $9 fintech stock that helps fight fraud and identity theft. It has a unique, 99% effective verification platform that is used by banks or just about any place that requires verifiable ID. Think places like bars and liquor stores.

The product is also used by law enforcement during traffic stops and since 2017, sales have gone up more than 270%.

Its CEO, he has more than 30 years of experience in fintech and has previously overseen the growth of another fintech company that saw a 492% increase in four years.

Number 3 Super Stock (IT Company)

The third pick on the list is an IT company with a $50 million market cap (at $2 a share).

It is a Cloud Communications provider with strong ties to Microsoft. It also offers anti-fraud solutions to Fiserv, a $73 billion financial services company.

Between 2017 and 2020, its sales grew significantly, and with new products in the pipeline, the share price could go up even higher.

The CEO has more than 25 years of experience in software and communications. He also has a proven history of leading smaller, fast-growing companies

All the details you need to know about these companies if you would like to invest are in a report by Charles called Microcap Millionaires — 3 Super Stocks to Buy Right Now.

Charles Mizrahi Super Stocks Project

To get the report, you have to sign up for his new service called Microcap Fortunes.

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Who is Charles Mizrahi?

Charles Mizrahi is one of the investment gurus working for Banyan Hill PublishingHe is a successful trader hedge fund manager, and manager of his own personal wealth and he brings decades of experience with his advisory services and helps everyday investors find good investment opportunities because he has an uncanny ability to spot money-making opportunities.

Charles Mizrahi has close to 37 years of experience trading stocks under his belt. He started trading on the floor of the New York Futures Exchange at the age of 20 before he went on to have a successful career as a money manager.

At one point, Barron’s named him the No. 1 commodity trading adviser. 

Charles Mizrahi has been featured on platforms like The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, The New York Times, and MarketWatch

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How Does Charles Mizrahi’s Microcap Fortunes Work?

Charles Mizrahi’s Super Stock Project was designed to promote Microcap Fortunes, a new investment advisory service by Charles where he will be writing about investing in penny stocks.

Charles Mizrahi Microcap FortunesIt is a premium service and he will share his research findings into some of the best microcaps that can rise up to 1,000% in as little as one year.

He has written a special report that comes free when you sign up for this service called Charles Mizrahi’s Super Stock Blueprint. It is a guide that reveals Charles Mizrahi’s investment approach with regard to microcap stocks. 

With a subscription to Microcap Fortunes, you get benefits like:

  • One full year access to Microcap Fortunes newsletters
  • Weekly updates
  • Access to a members-only website
  • A dedicated customer care team to assist you with your subscription

The Microcap Fortunes Subscription Price

The annual subscription fee is $5,000 if you join via the banyanhill.com website but you can get discount offers as low as $2,950 if you sign up through the links provided at the end of a presentation.

There are NO CASH REFUNDS once you sign up for Microcap Fortunes.

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Is Charles Mizrahi Super Stocks Project Legit?

Charles Mizrahi Super Stocks Project is a legit presentation and the Microcap Fortunes is a legit newsletter.

By this I mean that you get what you pay for: regular portfolio recommendations from Charles Mizrahi as well as his investment ideas and research findings.

That being said, these should not be misconstrued as financial advice because, Mizrahi is not authorized to offer financial advice to you through this newsletter.

On top of that, you should also bear in mind that his ideas and recommendations are not guaranteed to deliver profits. In fact, Mizrahi will probably dabble in some incredibly speculative plays that may cost you money if they don’t work out as expected.

Charles Mizrahi Super Stocks Project Verdict

Charles Mizrahi insists that investing in penny stocks is worth considering. He has narrowed his list down to three microcaps and he hopes that they will do well in the market.

If you will be considering following his advice, always remember that penny stocks are unproven companies and can be incredibly volatile. These companies are subject to wild swings in their value making it hard for investors to find the ones likely to make it — it gets worse because a majority of small companies never make it and you will lose your money if they go belly up.

Therefore, although the massive potential profit margin is undeniable, take what Charles Mizrahi is saying with a grain of salt because you can lose all your money speculating on these stocks.

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What Is Charles Mizrahi Super Stocks Project? 7


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