Survey Say – Scam Busted? [Review]

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Survey Say - Scam Busted? [Review] 7

Survey Say Review is a paid- survey website that pays you to do online surveys- or so it claims. So after coming across it, I decided to give it a try and see if all this hype about earning with it was true. What I found out was utterly disappointing, and I will tell you why in a minute. First off, I noticed Survey Say is very similar to other survey scam websites like survey money machine  and survey voices. There are not many legitimate sites like this, and ones that ask you to pay similar to paid social media jobs are a scam.

When you join survey say, you’re promised of numerous surveys to take from various companies. They don’t charge you anything to join, which is a clever trick to encourage you on. You’re then presented with a list of the survey sites where you’re required to sign up. The more survey sites you join, the more the promised earnings. And this is where the problem begins.

Survey Say - Scam Busted? [Review] 8

What Happens After You Sign In?

By signing up on the sites on survey say, you give them all the information they need about, and I will tell you how they use the information. In my opinion, the links to survey site they give you are just affiliate links. In fact, looking at them, you will see they’re nothing but referral links which will earn them money if you join using them. It’s clever for them because they are the ones who will make money, but ultimately it’s you the person who joined in the first place who won’t.

True, you will get surveys to fill from time to time, but that’s just that, surveys, nothing much to make from them. The amount is so tiny you would take forever to reach the minimum amount needed for a payout if you ever will. Taking the surveys is just a waste of time unless you are happy with earning peanuts. Personally I’d much prefer to do something like affiliate marketing because at least it has higher earning potential. Download the freelance digital secrets guide if you want to learn more.

Will You Earn From Survey Say?

Even if you did, the pennies you earn from every survey wouldn’t amount to anything worth the time and energy you put in. If you have anything else to do, I bet you should stick to it. Survey say is full of false promises of earning money from online surveys. But the reality is far different because the earning potential is so small. Even legitimate survey sites like Survey Junkie state on their website that you won’t make a lot of money, it’s not something to replace a full time income.

Negative Points For Survey Say

From my experience with when I set out to know whether it’s a scam or not, this is what happens when you join the site. You sign in and give your details. This information is sold to third parties in the referral links they send you to click. Your data is then used by these third parties to spam you with endless telemarketing emails and even calls. This is exactly what they use your sign up details for. I was lucky I hadn’t given them my regular email. Otherwise, I would have had to deal with a lot of spam. But ultimately when you sign up you can expect to receive a lot of promotions. It’s similar to the way scam businesses like entrepreneur jobs club operate.


Do I Recommend Survey Say?

No, in my opinion it’s going to be a waste of your time. Ultimately there are better survey websites out there that will pay you more consistently however in general I don’t recommend survey sites at all because the earning potential is so small. They only lure you with their zero joining fee and promises of lots of paid surveys. They don’t pay in the end, and you will only end up landing yourself on the telemarketing companies on their list opening yourself up for potential scams.

What Do I Recommend?

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Survey Say - Scam Busted? [Review] 7

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