Is “Teeka Tiwari Genesis Technology” The Investment Of The Decade?

Is “Teeka Tiwari Genesis Technology” really going to give rise to The Investment Of The Decade?

I have been getting emails from Teeka Tiwari about this “Genesis Technology” that he believes is going to create a massive opportunity. He wants more people to join respected investors in what he claims could be one of best investments of the next decade.

If you’re wondering whether Genesis Technology really is the “Investment Of The Decade” as Teeka puts it, then you’re in the right place because in this review, we examine what that’s all about as well as enumerate the pros and cons.

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Is "Teeka Tiwari Genesis Technology" The Investment Of The Decade? 13

Teeka Tiwari Genesis Technology – Review

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Introduction To Teeka Tiwari Genesis Technology

The Investment Of The Decade is the title of a presentation that was recently published by the Palm Beach Research Group. In the video, Teeka Tiwari talks about a ground-breaking new technology that he refers to as “Genesis Technology.”

He believes that this new development will create an investment opportunity that may possibly turn out to be “the #1 investment of the 2020s”

Before we dig any further into this, I should mention that the main reason Teeka did the presentation was to advertise the Palm Beach Letter, which is published by the Palm Beach Research Group.

The Investment Of The Decade

Going back to the Genesis Technology, Tiwari thinks it is big enough to outgrow megatrends like 5G, AI, and IoT.

He mentions that Marc Andreessen referred to it as “the most important technology since the Internet” and that The Wall Street Journal called it “a foundational technology, like the internet and electricity.”

Teeka believes that now is the perfect time to get involved because it has already started to reshape the world around us. He claims that it is the investor’s dream of the decade come to life.

So, what is the Genesis Technology?

Teeka Tiwari is talking about Blockchain Technology or simply The Blockchain.

The blockchain is a decentralized, distributed ledger that consists of records called blocks that is used to record transactions. A block cannot be altered retroactively without changing all the subsequent blocks and this enables participants to verify transactions independently and inexpensively. This property is called immutability.

Teeka believes blockchain has many uses across multiple industries. In the presentation, some of the areas he believes it will prove crucial to include the $217 trillion real estate industry, the electoral voting system, the financial market, and the food supply industry.

Teeka claims that due to the blockchain’s immutability, it will help combat the $1.7 trillion black market where counterfeit goods sold harm legitimate businesses and that it will reduce healthcare costs. This way, retailers can differentiate genuine from counterfeit goods.

In the agriculture sector, he expects the blockchain to be used to trace food from the farmer to the end consumer to allow them to monitor the inputs that went into producing it.

And it’s not just about what the future holds because Teeka claims that Blockchain technology is already reshaping the entire world around us.

Companies like UPS, FedEx, and many renowned car manufacturing companies have already started adopting this technology.

Teeka claims that major financial industries are keen to integrate the blockchain (by embracing crypto). He even walks us through how the Depository Trust Clearing Corporation just moved $10 trillion to Blockchain applications.

Rather than encourage you to buy cryptos, he wants you to consider tiny investments in stocks that have use cases involving blockchain technology.

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Teeka Tiwari’s three best Blockchain stocks

Teeka believes there’s massive potential in Blockchain technology from an investment perspective.

Teeka Tiwari wants you to invest in blockchain stocks to make money off of the revolution. He wrote a special report titled The 3 Best Blockchain Stocks of Today in which he gives investment advice on the best blockchain-based stocks to purchase.

He describes the three stocks as follows:

  • #1: Blockchain Investment Exchange: The first stock is a blockchain exchange. This company has positioned itself as the sole gatekeeper to blockchain investments. It is the only company allowed by the SEC trade blockchain investments. This means that as blockchain investing goes mainstream and more investors rush in, it will thrive because it will make a cut on every transaction. As blockchain investing goes mainstream, it will grow exponentially.
  • #2 Blockchain Payment Stock: The second company is what he describes as the “next VISA.” It is developing a payment system that will be based on blockchain-backed cards that will be better and safer than debit and credit cards. Teeka believs that this one payment company will displace the other payment systems and grow up to 16 times over.
  • #3 Blockchain Technology Company: The third blockchain stock is what he refers to as a “modern-day CISCO.” He draws parallels between how Cisco rose to become a behemoth with the emergence of communication technology and how this company may grow big thanks to the blockchain boom. It already has partnerships with some large companies meaning it is on track.

Teeka thinks that getting behind the three blockchain technology companies is a great way to get involved with “The Investment of the Decade” because they are poised to grow big as the blockchain goes mainstream.

He even says that they could emulate Google, Microsoft, and Apple in how they grow and that early investors may reap massive returns as they dominate the niche. That’s why he thinks you need to take blockchain stocks seriously.

Details about the three blockchain technology companies is in a report thatyou get when you sign up to the Palm Beach Letter, which is published by Palm Beach Research Group. More on the newsletter in a bit.

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Who is Teeka Tiwari?

Teeka Tiwari is a cryptocurrency expert who is best known for being the leading analyst at the Palm Beach Research Group.

If you haven’t encountered it, the Palm Beach Research Group is an independent publisher of investment advice in various forms (the most widely known method is financial newsletters). The flagship newsletter is the Palm Beach Letter, which Teeka happens to be the leading editor of. He also edits Teeka Tiwari’s Alpha Edge and a host of other newsletters too.

Most of what Tiwari does is predict how stocks are going to behave. He has innovative research methods and thorough tests that he uses to make and justify his stock projections. He claims that the process is quite expensive and he sometimes spends millions.

He is well travelled too. He has been to 14 different countries and as he travels, he expands his network by connecting with key financial players. When he is analyzing new investment opportunities, he reaches out to his contacts for vital information that can help him make better decisions.

Teeka Tiwari does not restrict the industries he covers in his material. In addition to cryptocurrencies, he also writes about cannabis stocks, global tech investments, just to mention a few.

He is a former hedge fund manager as well, which means that he knows a thing or two about money management.

Tiwari is known for the audacious claims he makes in his presentations; pitches like Freedom 2020, The Cannabis Conspiracy and 5 Coins To 5 Million encapsulate this perfectly. Even “The Investment Of The Decade” presentation, which is about a breakthrough Genesis technology that’s set to grow as much as 32 times bigger than 5G, is yet another great example of this.

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What you get when you join The Palm Beach Letter

The Palm Beach Letter is the flagship financial newsletter of the Palm Beach Research Group. Edited by Teeka Tiwari, he writes about “off Wall Street” investments that are not covered extensively by mainstream financial media.

Tiwari claims to have been one of the first investment gurus to see the potential in cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin in particular) back in 2016. He claims that had you followed his advice since he started writing about them, you could have made a lot of money.

In addition to cryptos, the Palm Beach Letter also covers other ways of beefing up your retirement income even when it doesn’t involve the stock market. He writes about real estate, blockchain stocks, collectibles, and even the private markets.

Teeka Tiwari reveals investment opportunities in each of those areas to The Palm Beach Letter subscribers.

Here are the benefits you get when you subscribe to this newsletter:

12 Monthly Issues of The Palm Beach Letter

Every first Thursday of the month, Tiwari sends you a new issue of the Palm Beach Letter via email. In each issue he provides you with a list of must-own stocks that can earn you outsized gains. He provides you with the names and symbols of specific stocks.

Access to The Palm Beach Letter Portfolio

The model portfolio contains a list of all of Teeka Tiwari’s current recommendations. It also has details about suggested stop-losses, buy up-to prices, and actions to take.

Bonus Research Reports

You also get free reports that Teeka Tiwari and his research and editorial team release to keep you updated on current investment trends in the stock market. Every research report he has ever written is available as part of your membership.

Members-Only Online Portal

With a subscriber registration account, you have access to the online portal. Here, you’ll find every past issue of the newsletter, the research report library, and other resources you get as a member of The Palm Beach Letter. Since it is encrypted, you use your subscriber account email address and password to log in.

The Big Black Book of Income Secrets

You get a free copy of this book and it is about safe, off-the-radar investment opportunities in a market that seems to be threatening the prospect of a comfortable retirement for many people.

Is "Teeka Tiwari Genesis Technology" The Investment Of The Decade? 14

In the book, Teeka explains how he and his team look for these opportunities in places that aren’t covered in business school or on Wall Street.

Palm Beach Letter Subscription Fee and Refund Policy

The Palm Beach Letter normally retails at $199/year but if you join it through one of the presentations, you can get a discount and get it for just $49.

As for the money-back guarantee, it is either 60 days or 90 days depending on the terms they set when you purchase. For example, here is a snapshot of the refund policy in one of those instances.

Is "Teeka Tiwari Genesis Technology" The Investment Of The Decade? 15

In general, Palm Beach Research Group has a refund policy that you should examine carefully as you decide whether to sign up for the newsletter. The terms may change by the time you read this.


  • The Palm Beach Letter is easy-to-follow newsletter.
  • The presentation is done by an experienced investment analyst who knows the market quite well.
  • The Palm Beach Research Group is an actual company so your money isn’t going into a fraudulent scheme.
  • You can sign up for a substantially low subscription fee.
  • The Palm Beach Letter has a refund policy.


Tiwari’s investment strategy is not immune to failure. He may have gotten all his predictions wrong and you end up losing money if you follow his recommendations. There is always that possibility.

Is “The Investment Of The Decade” Legit?

The Investment Of The Decade is a legit presentation because Teeka Tiwari talks about actual investment opportunities.

On top of that, although he has had detractors in the past, he is a credible investment analyst who is convinced that the Blockchain is an important technology for the future and we all need to take it seriously. You can’t knock the fact that he has been going on about investing in cryptocurrencies, which have a deep connection to blockchain technology.

He may get it wrong sometimes, but I think he provides value to his readers.

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“Teeka Tiwari Genesis Technology” Verdict

The Investment Of The Decade is a sales pitch by Teeka Tiwari promoting The Palm Beach Letter. To learn more about The Investment Of The Decade and the investment opportunities Teeka wants you to go for, you need to subscribe to Tiwari’s newsletter.

With the subscription, you get to reveal three must-own stocks that are expected to power blockchain’s 295,000% growth.

And as we’ve seen, what Teeka Tiwari is referring to as Genesis technology (not to be confused with Genesis Investing) is actually the blockchain.

According to Teeka Tiwari, blockchain’s total potential value is going to be big and the right blockchain investments can make major differences to your investment portfolio.

If you can make the right investment at the right time in these blockchain stocks, he believes that it really makes the difference. He could be right.

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Is "Teeka Tiwari Genesis Technology" The Investment Of The Decade? 13

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