What Is Vanguard? [Definition, Reviews and More]


The Vanguard Group, or simply Vanguard, is one of the most recognizable financial entities in the business world. This can be attributed to it having the largest selection of mutual funds and holds the second-largest collection of exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Besides offering mutual funds and ETFs, it runs a brokerage and offers trust and asset …

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What Is A Realtor? [Definition & More]

A realtor is a real estate professional who belongs to the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Although it has many other properties, the NAR is best known for its strict ethics code. How to become a realtor The main requirement is that you get a real estate or appraisal license before applying to become a …

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What is Finance?

Finance is a term we use to refer to anything related to money. Some common phrases associated with “finance” are financial instruments, the finance industry, financial markets, financial services, etc. We can formally define it as the study of the system of money, investments, and a host of other financial instruments. When we study finance, …

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