What is The AI Crown Jewel & How To Invest? [James Altucher]

Financial analyst James Altucher is making a bold AI forecast, projecting a $150 trillion megatrend he calls the “New AI Breakthrough.”

He suggests early investment could yield significant fortunes, emphasizing Nvidia’s pivotal role in the AI industry.

However, Altucher believes the real opportunity lies with Nvidia’s supplier, which is often overlooked by most investors.

This article aims to provide an objective analysis of Altucher’s perspectives, evaluating the credibility of his AI prediction and the potential of Nvidia’s supplier as a key investment.

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Key Takeaways 

  • It reveals a new AI breakthrough where early investors will have an edge.
  • Bloomberg has named it The World’s Most Important Technology.
  • It also unveils Nvidia’s little-known supplier that will lead to a golden profit-making opportunity.
  • Verdict: The AI Crown Jewel is a legitimate investment pitch from James Altucher. James has a proven track record when it comes to picking stocks and investments. The downside is that in order to learn more about it, you’ll need a subscription to his newsletter Altucher’s Investment Network

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Introduction to The AI Crown Jewel

James Altucher has his eyes on what he’s calling “The A.I. Crown Jewel,” and he’s convinced it’s a game-changer in the artificial intelligence world. This is no ordinary chip; it’s touted to be the fastest A.I. chip globally.

The AI Crown Jewel

Why does it matter so much?

Well, today’s A.I. models demand a staggering ten billion times more computing power than they did just a decade ago, and this Crown Jewel is the only chip that can handle that kind of computational power on a commercial scale.

Altucher isn’t holding back; he believes it’s going to shake up the global economy and unlock trillions in new wealth.

But here’s the twist: “The Crown Jewel” isn’t made by Nvidia, the company that exclusively sells it.

Instead, every single one of these game-changing chips comes from a single, mysterious company holding a monopoly on this technology.

Since they’re the only player in the game, Altucher sees this as a golden opportunity for investors looking to cash in on the A.I. boom. If you’re looking to ride the wave of A.I. innovation, this might just be the ticket.

James is talking about a red-hot demand for AI chips, with a secretive company poised to ship over half a million “Crown Jewels” this year and a whopping 2 million more in the next.

Elon Musk has already snagged 10,000 of these Crown Jewels, and major tech giants are pouring billions into orders.

According to Altucher, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Oracle are eyeing substantial quantities, with venture capitalists racing to secure these AI chips for their portfolio companies.

James Altucher has come up with a step-by-step guideline for early investors…

Step #1: Buy The Little-Known Supplier Behind Nvidia’s Crown Jewel

To further help early investors, James Altucher has composed a special report named The A.I. Crown Jewel: How To Cash In On The $150 Trillion A.I. Megatrend

The AI Crown Jewel by James Altucher

In this special report, you’ll get the name, ticker symbol, and detailed analysis of this mysterious supplier.

James Altucher believes that this is the #1 A.I. stock that every investor should add to their holdings, immediately.

Step #2: Buy The Secret Technology Behind The A.I. Crown Jewel

 James Altucher has come up with a second special report called Own The Secret Technology Behind The A.I. Crown Jewel

The AI Crown Jewel by James Altucher

As per his prediction, a secretive tech supplier could throw off massive gains so James Altucher has shared all the details on this company in this second special report.

Step#3 — Buy Three A.I. Stocks For Fortune-Building Upside 

The AI Crown Jewel by James Altucher

James Altucher has a special report called The Top 3 Speculations For The A.I. Boom with three companies with the technological capacity to become some of the biggest winners of the A.I. boom.

To get your hands on the three reports, you’ll need to sign up for Altucher’s Investment Network newsletter.

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Who is James Altucher?

James Altucher wears many hats. For example, he is a venture capitalist, a serial entrepreneur, and an investment advisor. 

So far, James Altucher has cofounded more than 20 companies and also offered his personal investment advice and recommendations to his followers from all around the world.

James Altucher gained fame through his bestselling book “Choose Yourself,” which explores personal development and entrepreneurship, advocating for seizing control of one’s life and shaping success on one’s own terms.

Altucher’s podcast, “The James Altucher Show,” features diverse guests and covers an array of topics, from entrepreneurship to personal growth. He’s renowned for his candid and unconventional perspectives.

Altucher’s knack for foresight extends to the financial world. Back in 2007, he boldly predicted Facebook’s eventual rise to a $100 billion company, a prophecy that initially faced skepticism but proved spot on. He didn’t stop there; in 2010, he proclaimed that Apple would become the world’s first trillion-dollar company, and his predictions have often hit the mark.

Furthermore, Altucher’s involvement in artificial intelligence dates back to his doctoral program days at Carnegie Mellon University. He worked on the A.I. supercomputer “Deep Thought” and advised scientists working on the iconic “Deep Blue,” which famously defeated chess legend Garry Kasparov. His contributions to A.I. showcase his enduring influence on the technology landscape.

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What is Included in Altucher’s Investment Network?

James Altucher’s Investment Network stands out as a beloved publication, with a dedicated readership of over 100,000 people worldwide.

James and his research team put in the hard work, conducting interviews, meeting with CEOs, and diving into financial research, all with one goal in mind: to get you ahead of the curve in the world of groundbreaking tech stocks before they become mainstream.

The AI Crown Jewel by James Altucher

They’re not just focusing on the game-changing potential of artificial intelligence; they’re exploring a whole array of exponential trends, from biotech and autonomous vehicles to robotics, cryptocurrencies, and more.

All of this ties into the colossal $150 trillion megatrend that’s shaping our world, and Altucher’s Investment Network is your guide.

So, what do you get when you sign up?

Well, it’s a whole package, including a monthly research advisory packed with insights and recommendations.

Plus, there’s the quarterly A.I. Summit, hosted by James Altucher himself, offering you a front-row seat to real-time AI developments.

You can also look forward to in-depth interviews with AI experts, a handy A.I. Catalyst Calendar pinpointing market-moving events, weekly updates on the latest happenings, and exclusive access to a members-only website with model portfolios and special reports.

James Altucher’s Investment Network is all about keeping you in the know and providing opportunities for investors through special reports. It’s your ticket to staying ahead in the fast-moving world of tech investments.

Subscription Price

There are three membership options available, including the Bronze membership costing $49, Silver membership costing $129, and Platinum membership costing $79.

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Is “The AI Crown Jewel” by James Altucher a Legit Investment?

Yes, it is legit.

James Altucher’s track record shows he has a knack for identifying emerging trends early with big upside potential. While nothing is guaranteed, his prediction that Nvidia’s supplier could balloon into a trillion-dollar operation does seem plausible.

Now, James is on the money when he predicts that this lesser-known supplier could potentially skyrocket to a trillion-dollar stock. Why? Well, when tech giants make big strides, their suppliers tend to ride the wave of success.

Conclusion on The AI Crown Jewel Presentation

History shows us that when pioneering tech companies make major advances, the suppliers enabling their success often thrive tremendously as well. Nvidia has been at the forefront of the AI chip space. As their technology powers rapid AI adoption across industries, demand for Nvidia’s supplier’s components will likely surge.

Key suppliers tend to benefit enormously from the game-changing breakthroughs of partners like Nvidia. Altucher makes a reasonable case that as AI transforms how business is done everywhere, Nvidia’s supplier could ride their coattails to become a dominant force itself.

Past results don’t guarantee future performance, and AI progress may unfold more gradually than forecasted. But Altucher’s core thesis – that key picks and shovels suppliers can mint fortunes off disruptive megatrends – has precedents. With prudent analysis, his prediction merits consideration by investors seeking intelligent speculations.

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