Is Crypto Investors Network Legit? [The Awakening Event]

Welcome to my review of the Crypto Investor Network promoted via The Awakening Event.

This webinar, featuring Matt McCall and Charlie Shrem, centers on what they consider as one of the most influential and anticipated events in the cryptocurrency market.

The event itself is a promotion for the Crypto Investor Network via publisher Investor Place.

We’ve seen many investment gurus come up with their own versions of cryptocurrency recommendations, so you may be wondering whether this is one of those presentations that beats a dead horse. I sat through the presentation to find out what it is all about.

And in this article, I will be providing you with an overview of the main talking points of the pitch to enable you to decide whether you will consider following Matt and Charlie’s recommendations.

Before I start…

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Is Crypto Investors Network Legit? [The Awakening Event] 3

Crypto Investors Network Review

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Introduction to the Crypto Investor Network

The “Awakening Event” is the heading of a webinar that was hosted by Lauren Sivan featuring Matt McCall and cryptocurrency guru, Charlie Shrem. The event was actually meant to promote their new cryptocurrency investment research service, Crypto Investor Network. 

Shrem and Matt McCall discuss altcoin investing for beginners and the importance of blockchain to our way of life. They talk about how people can invest blockchain opportunities to earn large returns on modest investments. As a Bitcoin advocate myself I’ve seen how the current bull run has been a great wealth building opportunity. Bitcoin itself has even solidified itself as one of the best asset class for performance and returns.

This kind of message is not entirely novel as we’ve seen other gurus in the crypto space push it. Off the top of my head, I can think of presentations like “Crypto 66” by Nick Hodge and “The Battle Over Bitcoin” by Jason Stutman in which they each recommended what they thought were the best cryptocurrencies to invest in, and various Teeka Tiwari promotions like the Next Trillion Dollar Coin event.

The Awakening Event

Matt and Charlie claim that “The Awakening Event” will be a seminal event in our lives because it will change the way we do things. And at the bottom of all that, will be blockchain

They say that blockchain technology will touch all aspects of our lives because it decentralizes information. Since we are in the information age, this will enable us to access trustworthy information that will improve the quality of our lives immeasurably.

Therefore, the “Awakening event” is the wholesale transition of most of our information-based activities and procedures to systems built upon blockchain technology.

Since it will be so pervasive, they’ve gone as far as claim that it is the single most important development that has happened to the cryptocurrency industry since the creation of bitcoin itself. 

Matt and Charlie want to find a way for investors to make money off of the transformation. They estimate that we may see the emergence of more than 18,000 new millionaires and the only way for you to join them is to follow their advice.

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Who Is Behind The Crypto Investor Network?

The Awakening Event featured Charlie Shrem and Matt McCall which promotes Crypto Investor Network.

Charlie Shrem is quite influential in the cryptocurrency space as he is the CTO of Intellisys Capital. He helped developed one of the pioneering crypto exchanges where one-third of all bitcoin transactions have taken place. What’s more, he is a member of the Bitcoin FoundationTo understand how impactful he has been, Shrem’s work is considered by some to be one of the driving forces behind bitcoin’s meteoric rise. 

Matt McCall, on the other hand, is an investment analyst and financial advisor. He runs an investment advisory firm called Penn Financial Group. While he is not running the firm, he is on the road speaking to investors about personal finance and investment.

He also edits newsletters via InvestorPlace (an independent financial publisher). Some of his Investor Place advisory research services include Investment Opportunities, Early Stage Investor, and Cannabis Cash Weekly.

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How Does The Crypto Investor Network Work?

During The Awakening Event, Matt and Charlie mention that the best way to take advantage of blockchain opportunities is to invest in altcoins that will rise in value many times over. On the event they talk about four altcoins to buy. Of course you’ll need to actually join the Crypto Investor Network to get all the benefits of what they are talking about. Specifically it’s about altcoins and how to get in on blockchain technology with the altcoin market.

Altcoins are any cryptocurrency that is not Bitcoin. Of course Bitcoin is the most well known crypto market. Examples of altcoins include Clipper Coin, Egretia, Seele, Reddcoin, and Luna Coin. To make money off of them, you only have to purchase them, hold, and sell at a higher price. 

Since they are less prominent than Bitcoin, they tend to go for a lot less and like small cap stocks, they are also quite volatile. However, I should mention that not all Altcoins are the same because there are some like Ethereum and Litecoin that are almost as stable as Bitcoin. 

Now, out of the cryptos that are available, Charlie and Matt claim that they have developed a mechanism that enables them to make 1,000% or more in returns. They have even identified four of them that they want you to invest in right away.

They’ve written a special report titled Four Altcoins to Buy Now for 1,000% and Beyond

They’ve also written two dossiers, The Altcoin Millionaire’s Playbook and Altcoin Investing for Beginners that should act as guides on how their strategy works. 

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To get those three reports for free, you should subscribe to the Crypto Investor Network, a new cryptocurrency investments advisory research service edited by Matt McCall and published by Investor Place. In addition to those documents, you will also be entitled to:

  • Full access to the Crypto Investor Network Model Portfolio
  • Access to Crypto Investor Network “Members-Only” Webinar

Subscription Fee

One year of Crypto Investor Network will set you back $99 per year.

Refund Policy

The service has a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Pros of The Crypto Investors Network

  • The investment strategy reveals some of the best investment opportunities of altcoins.
  • The strategy is a joint venture of two legendary and experienced veterans of this industry, such as Matt McCall and Charlie Shrem.
  • The subscription is backed by a 90-day full money back guarantee.

Cons of The Crypto Investors Network

  • You must opt for the subscription of the Crypto Investor Network in order to get access to the special reports.

Is The Crypto Investor Network Legit?

The Awakening Event is legit as is the service it promotes the Crypto Investor Network.

Charlie Shrem is one of the most recognizable names in the world of cryptocurrencies. He was one of the pioneering advocates of Bitcoin and helped found the Bitcoin Foundation to bring awareness to digital currencies at a time when most investors shunned them. He also established one of the earliest exchanges to make it easier for people to trade bitcoin and other cryptos.

Therefore, with those credentials, I think it is fair to say that Charlie is worth listening to, even if you will not agree with him. That’s the main reason why I think The “Awakening Event” is legit.

Crypto Investors Network Verdict

Investing in cryptocurrencies, and particularly Altcoins is not without its challenges. Sure, the gains can be huge if you get things right, but you have to contend with the volatility associated with them. Most gurus recommend them because they are relatively cheap, compared to Bitcoin. 

You should not invest in them hoping to earn a fortune because that will likely not happen. Even the millionaires most gurus keep talking about probably had to build up a portfolio gradually, investing thousands of dollars along the way in order to make the millions.

That being said, if you are really interested in exploring crypto-based investment opportunities (altcoins), then Matt’s new service will be apt for you because Charlie Shrem is a part of it. Just ensure that you invest money you wouldn’t mind losing!

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Is Crypto Investors Network Legit? [The Awakening Event] 3