The Commission Magnet – Scam or Legit?

The Commission Magnet is a new product from Glynn Kosky and I’ve been taking a closer look. It just launched on WarriorPlus but is it the real deal, or is this just another scam product? Keep reading and I’ll share my full opinion and review.

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The Commission Magnet - Scam or Legit? 7

The Commission Magnet – Overview

What exactly is the Commission Magnet all about? After taking a closer look I was able to find out that this product basically teaches you how to make money as an affiliate by building an email list. There website states that the product will teach people how to build a list and get leads with free traffic and then make cash from promoting affiliate offers. There’s also a few up-sells too which I will get into below and explain how they work.

The Commission Magnet - Scam or Legit? 8

Is The Commission Magnet A Scam?

It does look like a scam to be quite honest. It’s got that “scam vibe” about it when you first look at it. That’s not me being harsh towards the creator Glynn it’s just “The Commission Magnet” I mean come on, it’s quite a cheesy hyped up name. Upon closer inspection I am happy to say it’s not a scam, but it’s not exactly a great product.

I define a scam as something that literally steals your money and you can’t get it back. An example of these kind of scams are Fintech Profits and Rubix Project which are a couple nasty binary scams. Even if The Commission Magnet is a poor quality product it’s not a scam because you can get a refund, so don’t worry you’re safe (even if you already bought it).

The Commission Magnet Products

So the core product as I already mentioned teaches you how to get free traffic, build an email list and make money from sending affiliate promotions. It’s something that Glynn and his business partner already do and it makes them lots of money as they have already shown you in their sales video. They also offer some up-sells after you buy, these up-sells are additional products that you might want to buy as well.

The up-sells are a “done for you package” which the customer can use to plug into a free traffic source for getting easy traffic and making money. They describe this as a fast track approach. To be honest this up-sell is complete BS, there is no “free traffic source” that you can just plug into and fast track your success, so I definitely wouldn’t recommend this.

The second up-sell is an email marketing course with “done for you” email swipes. With this you get access to a video training course teaching you how to do email marketing the correct way and get a done for you email swipe package. This is also about solo ads, because their training is going to show you how to use solo ads to get traffic. This up-sell seems okay to be honest but not amazing. It’s certainly better than the 1st up-sell though.

The 3rd up-sell is access to a file that contains a bunch of high paying affiliate programs. To be honest this is a waste of your time. You don’t need a file that contains high paying affiliate programs, just look on Jvzoo, WarriorPlus and Clickbank. Those are 3 of the biggest affiliate networks and there are plenty of products on them you can promote.

The 4th and final up-sell is the ability to resell Glynn’s products for 100% commissions. He will also offer consulting to you on Skype and help you out with anything you need. To be honest this is the best of the 4 up-sells because Glynn definitely has knowledge to offer and can help you with email marketing, so if you were to get any up-sells this would be the one to get.

The Commission Magnet – Conclusion

After taking a closer look at this product I’m happy to say it’s not a scam.

That being said I won’t be recommending it. Even though it’s not a scam I don’t believe it’s a great product and I would rather recommend something to you that I feel can genuinely help you to make money.

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The Commission Magnet - Scam or Legit? 7

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