TheLotter: Is It Legit or Not? [2023 Review]

TheLotter is an independent online service that enables players to participate in major global lotteries like Powerball and MegaMillions.

It is essentially an online lottery agent that buys lottery tickets on behalf of users, providing access to worldwide lotteries with a simple click. Established in 2002, the platform offers a global lottery experience.

Unsurprisingly, it has gotten a lot of attention for how convenient it makes it for people to gain access to various draws spanning several US states and countries worldwide.

In this theLotter review, I will give you an in-depth understanding of theLotter’s services and workings to help you decide whether it is something you’d consider going for.

In my personal experience dealing with theLotter over the past few years, I’ve noticed consistent improvements and an expansion of its services and jurisdictions. This has largely informed my opinion of the company and I will share that later.

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Key Takeaways

  1. TheLotter, established in 2002, serves as an online platform enabling access to over 50 global lotteries, including major ones like Powerball and MegaMillions. It operates as a ticket-purchasing intermediary, providing a simple online entry to these draws.
  2. Users can select numbers online, and theLotter’s agents buy tickets from authorized retailers on their behalf, offering scanned copies and notifications via email regarding purchases and potential wins. It provides various ticket options like syndicates, bundles, and subscriptions, enhancing the lottery experience.
  3. While theLotter doesn’t charge commissions on winnings, a fee is added to the ticket price when users make a purchase. This fee has been criticized by some users for potentially impacting the overall cost of tickets.
  4. VERDICT: Overall, the Lotter is deemed legitimate and reputable, offering access to a wide range of lotteries globally. Despite criticisms regarding fees and limitations on playing single lines, its licensing, diverse lottery options, and security measures position it favorably among online lottery platforms.

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What is theLotter?

theLotter, established in 2002, was the pioneer online lottery platform enabling third-party lottery ticket purchases.

Operated by Lotto Direct Limited in Malta under the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA/CRP/402/2017) license, it’s an independent service offering access to over 50 global lotteries.

thelotter review (

While not affiliated with official ticket issuers, it provides an opportunity to play various lotteries, including prominent ones like Powerball and MegaMillions in certain U.S. states and several countries whose participation has gone up after someone won the $2 billion Powerball Jackpot in November 2022.

TheLotter purchases lottery tickets for you so that you can participate in a lottery conveniently.

To play the lottery online with the Lotter, you select numbers online as you would in a retail shop, and theLotter’s agents purchase the tickets from authorized retailers on your behalf, saving time.

The tickets you get are scanned and uploaded, and notifications are sent via email regarding the purchase and potential wins.

In such a setup, how does theLotter make money?

They make money when you buy your tickets by adding a fee to the ticket price. It is common practice among lottery agents.

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How Does theLotter Work?

theLotter is merely a platform offering essential details, results, and winning numbers from prominent state lotteries in both the US and Latin America.

You can choose playing options such as bundles, syndicates, subscriptions, and multi-draws to enhance your lottery experience.

theLotter allows you to choose your lotteries and then it purchases the tickets from authorized retailers within your state.

If you win, you claim all your winnings commission-free (remember, they make money as you buy the ticket).

It is a safe way to participate in a jackpot.

How to Join theLotter

To join theLotter, you register an account.

You can do that pretty easily on the website (the signup button at the top-right corner):

How to Join theLotter (nobsimreviews)

To open your account with theLotter, enter your email and a secure password.

How to Join theLotter (nobsimreviews)

Then, provide personal details like name, address, birthday, and phone number for age verification. Confirm you’re 18 years or older and agree to the terms and conditions.

Alternatively, you can sign up through your Facebook account.

Types of Lottery Tickets Available on TheLotter

The Lotter allows you to purchase various types of lottery tickets from around the world. The types of lottery tickets available are:

  • Standard Lottery Tickets: These are tickets for regular, well-known lotteries, such as Powerball, Mega Millions, EuroMillions, and more.
  • Syndicates: Thelotter offers lottery syndicates where you purchase shares in a larger group of tickets, increasing your chances of winning. Any winnings are distributed among the syndicate members.
  • Bundles: Bundles allow you to purchase both individual tickets and syndicate shares for a specific lottery, providing a balance between individual play and group play.
  • Raffles: Some lotteries offer raffle games with a set number of tickets and guaranteed prizes. Thelotter may provide access to these raffle tickets.
  • Subscription: Thelotter offers subscriptions, allowing you to participate in multiple consecutive draws of a particular lottery with the same numbers.
  • Multi-Draws: You can purchase tickets for multiple draws in advance, ensuring your participation in future lottery draws without the need to buy tickets for each draw separately.

It’s important to check the available lotteries and ticket types on Thelotter, as the offerings may vary based on your location and the current promotions available on the platform.

Always ensure you’re aware of the specific terms and conditions for each type of ticket you purchase.

How to Play on theLotter

The process is relatively simple

  1. Find a lottery you wish to play. You can choose from a variety of international lotteries, including Mega Millions, Powerball, EuroMillions, and others that are within your jurisdiction.
  2. Then you select the numbers you wish to play for your chosen lottery. You can either manually pick your numbers or use a quick pick option for random selection.
  3. After selecting numbers, pay for your ticket(s) through TheLotter’s secure online platform. The cost includes the price of the official lottery ticket and a service fee.
  4. Thelotter agents physically purchase official lottery tickets on your behalf. They scan your tickets and ensure that you receive scanned copies of your purchased tickets before the draw takes place. You also get a confirmation email sent directly to your email address, containing details of the purchased ticket.
  5. If you win, you’ll get notified by email and SMS alert.
  6. If you win a small amount of money, you will receive the winnings in your account without having to physically go to pick them up. But if you win more than a certain specified dollar amount, theLotter will send you the original physical ticket so that you can claim your winnings directly from the lottery.

TheLotter essentially acts as a ticket messenger service, allowing users from around the world to participate in lotteries they wouldn’t normally have access to.

It’s important to note that you are actually buying official lottery tickets and not betting on the outcome.

In a nutshell, that’s the process you go through when dealing with theLotter.

I found it to be pretty intuitive and I think most people would agree with me on this.

It is a legitimate way to make money online.

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Lotteries offered by theLotter

theLotter gives you access to various lotteries depending on the state you are playing in.

You can play state lotteries like Mega Millions, Powerball, Lucky for Life, and more based on your location.

Games offered by theLotter

However, Mega Millions and Powerball, being interstate lotteries, are exceptions, allowing participation regardless of the state.

On top of that, theLotter supports lottery pools/syndicates, allowing users to enter draws with a group, contributing to more lines while paying less through shared shares representing a percentage of potential winnings.

If your syndicate wins, the prizes will be split evenly between the total shares and your portion will depend on the amount of shares you purchased. If your syndicate wins a lottery jackpot, you will be contacted by theLotter for further instructions.

There are over 60 different lottery games available, covering major lotteries worldwide.


You can also play Scratcards online on theLotter.

You can also play Scratchcards online on theLotter.

Scratchcards are exciting games that you can play at any time for a chance at winning huge prizes instantly. Unlike the lotteries that are drawn at specific times, scratchcards are available at any time.

To play Scratchcards, simply reveal your hidden numbers or symbols by rolling your mouse over the scratch area to see if you’ve got a winning match.

theLotter has a demo mode where you can learn how to play scratchcards for free before you move on to the full range of Scratchcards. In the demo mode, you don’t win any money.


A raffle has numbered tickets that are drawn randomly to determine the winners of prizes.

They usually take place in parallel to regular lottery draws but some, such as major Spanish raffles, are drawn independently.

A raffle is different from a lottery in two ways:

First, you do not choose your own numbers or code when you play a raffle, rather you are automatically assigned a code (usually alphanumeric) and it is printed on your ticket at the time of purchase.

Second, there is a guaranteed raffle winner in every draw where a raffle is offered, which is not the case in lotteries.

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theLotter Mobile App Review

theLotter has mobile apps for iOS and Android, with the former having a high customer rating for the iOS app.

theLotter app on iOS

While iOS users can easily find the app on the AppStore, Android users need to download the .apk file from theLotter’s official website, with the assurance that they are getting the same functionality and safety as any Google Play app.

theLotter android download page

From my experience, the mobile app is a more user-friendly way to engage with online lottery activities due to its intuitive design, offering direct links to popular lotteries, results, and account information.

Picking numbers is straightforward, and both platforms offer the same payment methods and ticket-checking capabilities.

As you can see from the ratings here, there are some one-star reviews (Texas version of the app).

Texas theLotter app reviews on App Store

After reading through the reviews, I found that the most common complaint among users of the app has less to do with the app’s functionality.

It has to do with the fees you are charged as demonstrated by this reviewer (Texas App):

fee complaint on app

The user exposes a flaw with the app; the app’s tickets can only be bought in one bundle at a time.

Since the service fee is also notably high, it significantly impacts the cost of the tickets when you are buying one bundle at a time.

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What are theLotter Promo Code & Bonuses?

TheLotter occasionally offers promo codes and bonuses.

However, the availability and specifics of these offers can vary over time and may depend on the region or country you are in.

theLotter Promo Code & Bonus

To get the most up-to-date information on current promotions, bonuses, and any available promo codes, I recommend visiting TheLotter’s official website and checking their promotions page or subscribing to their newsletters, where they often share such offers.

Some of the bonuses

Having used it in the past, I’ve seen thelotter offer discount bonuses, where you enjoy a reduction in the ticket price ranging from 1% to 99%, a multiplier bonus, where non-jackpot payouts are multiplied 2, 3, 4, or 5 times over (but you may have to pay for the multiplier), a cashback promotion, providing a partial refund of the purchase price into your account, and a special discount if you choose to become a subscriber, where every 7th entry may be free.

Additionally, participants opting for a multi-draw can benefit from discounts, potentially reaching up to 10%.

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In What States and Countries Is theLotter Available?

On paper, you can play the lotteries from any country in the world but there are payment and regulatory restrictions in place that make it difficult for players based in some countries.

theLotter is an online platform supporting 50+ lotteries globally, including some from Spain, Germany, France, Austria, Australia, and the United States.

In the U.S., it currently operates in Colorado, Minnesota, Oregon, and Texas, offering a range of in-state lottery draws.

They have plans to expand their operations to more U.S. states in the near future.

Does theLotter Have Fees?

theLotter does not charge commissions on winnings.

The specific fee amount can vary based on the lottery game, the ticket price, and the jurisdiction in which the lottery is based.

They also don’t impose fees for deposits or withdrawals, except for potential minor charges from local banks during withdrawals.

Comparatively (and if you are willing to make the tradeoff for the convenience of not going to buy the tickets yourself), theLotter’s ticket prices, even with added fees, are competitive and often better than other lottery agents and betting sites.

You should review theLotter’s terms and conditions or contact their customer support to get the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding any fees associated with using their services.

What Are The Available Payment Methods on theLotter?

To play for big lottery jackpots, you must choose a suitable payment method like Skrill, PayPal, or bank transfer and buy tickets. Some methods are region and currency-specific, converting your funds at current exchange rates.

Here are the payment methods available as I write this:

payment methods available

Transactions at theLotter are instant and free, appearing as “The Lotter” or “Lotto Direct” on statements.

Personal and payment data are secured with GeoTrust 128 SSL encryption.

You can withdraw money using the same method you used for payments and deposits.

withdrawal terms

However, you can’t withdraw more than what you initially deposited due to anti-money laundering rules. For details on withdrawal options, click “Show” in the right column on this page.

It’s best to use the desktop website for withdrawals and reach out to Customer Service for help if you encounter challenges with the process.

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theLotter Responsible Gaming Measures

theLotter offers a range of tools to empower customers to enjoy their services in a responsible manner.

These are handy if you are concerned about your usage patterns or fear potential irresponsible behavior.

These tools include Deposit Limit, Spend Limit, Time Limit, Time Out, and Self-Exclusion, each serving a specific purpose:

  • Self-exclusion, where you can voluntarily disable all actions in your account for a specified period, prohibiting logging in, checking previous entries, or placing new orders.
  • The Reality Check feature prompts you at set intervals, reminding you of the time and money spent on the site, and allowing you to decide whether to continue or end your gaming session.
  • Deposit Limit lets you set a maximum deposit cap for a defined timeframe, preventing additional deposits once the limit is reached.
  • Spend Limit controls the amount you spend within a designated period, restricting further spending once the cap is reached.
  • Session Time Limit automatically logs you out after a predefined time on the site, necessitating a re-login to continue.
  • Time Out temporarily disables new purchases and deposits until the specified Time Out period ends.

In addition to those measures, theLotter strictly enforces a minimum age limit of 18 to protect minors from using their services, using advanced verification systems to identify underage users and comply with local regulations.

theLotter Customer Support

theLotter offers a 24/7 customer support service that you can access in various ways.

From my experience and that of other people online, their customer support agents are friendly, professional, and proficient in multiple languages.

One of the primary means of reaching out is through live chat, where assistance is just a click away. The live chat feature ensures swift responses, with queries being addressed within seconds. Additionally, you can seek assistance via phone by calling the toll-free number 1-888-786-3072, which offers round-the-clock support.

You can also call +44 20 3150 0476 or fax at +44 20 7691 7234.

If you prefer written communication, an email contact form is available on the website. Even email responses are swift, with a reply coming within an hour, and during busy times, it typically does not exceed two hours, showcasing their commitment to timely customer support.

theLotter is also available on WhatsApp/Viber at +356 7936 3536.

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What I Like about theLotter

  • It has the option of playing in a lottery syndicate when playing lotteries. A syndicate pools together players globally, allowing you to cover numerous lines at an affordable cost because you don’t have to buy multiple lottery tickets. Each syndicate has a set number of shares, and any winnings are distributed among these shares. While the prize is divided, the odds of winning in a syndicate are favorable due to the increased coverage of lottery lines.
  • Buying lottery tickets has become more convenient with theLotter.
  • You don’t have to worry about losing your lottery ticket as theLotter offers an automated ticket scanning and secure storage system.
  • Small wins are immediately transferred into your account.
  • theLotter is operated by a trustworthy company with reliable 24/7 customer service.
  • Additionally, theLotter provides user-friendly iOS and Android apps as well as lottery bundles and pools.

The Downsides of theLotter

  • You can’t just play a single line of your preferred game. This can be limiting if you are on a tighter budget or you enjoy participating in multiple lottery games simultaneously.You can't just play a single line of your preferred game in theLotter
  • When purchasing lottery tickets through theLotter, there is a one-time fee charged for each purchase. This fee can be a bit too high, as many players have repeatedly pointed out.
  • The list of restricted countries is quite extensive, primarily due to local regulations rather than an issue with theLotter itself. The platform is only available in select states, such as Colorado, Minnesota, Oregon, and Texas. It’s evident the company is prioritizing compliance and avoiding services in unwelcome regions.
  • If you indicate that you come from a certain state, you have to be physically present in the state in order to purchase the lottery tickets to ensure that the company only operates within authorized jurisdictions. They use geo-location methods to enforce that.

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Is theLotter Legit?

The short answer is: yes, it is.

I think it is legit for a couple of reasons:

First, theLotter is a reputable online lottery ticketing service that buys official tickets from legitimate lotteries and has a history of paying out substantial prizes, totaling over $115 million to more than 8 million winning tickets since its establishment in 2002.

Second, the company prioritizes the security of its users, employing advanced Geotrust 128-bit SSL encryption to safeguard all sensitive information during transactions and interactions on its platform.

In terms of legitimacy and oversight, theLotter operates under licenses issued by the Malta Gaming Authority and holds approvals from various state lotteries in the United States, including Minnesota, Oregon, and Texas. These licenses allow it to legally offer lottery services, secondary lotteries like scratch cards and raffles, and even casino games.

Additionally, the company is supported by eCOGRA, a reputable auditing entity that serves as its Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) council.

theLotter is like other legit Games That Pay Real Money if you are into that sort of thing.

How to Avoid Lottery Scams

When you play theLotter, you may still be susceptible to scams. Here are ways to protect yourself from a scam.

  • Do not click on links in suspicious emails.
  • Do not give out your personal information, bank account details, or any other financial information.
  • Don’t let anyone you don’t know to collect winnings on your behalf.
  • Do not pay any ‘processing fee’ to claim a lottery prize.
  • Do not agree to assist someone you don’t know in collecting their prize.
  • Beware of offers from strangers, including on social media, to share their winnings.
  • There is no way to guarantee that you will win a lottery prize. Do not agree to any offer suggesting otherwise.

Generally, if you are contacted by someone you don’t know suggesting that you won a lottery, be cautious. You cannot win a lottery that you did not participate in.

If you play via theLotter, no official lottery would contact you about winning a prize because lotteries do not know that you have purchased a ticket to participate in its draw.

If you receive an email suggesting that you won a lottery prize even if the email appears to be genuine, do not respond to it and do not click on any of its links.

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theLotter Reviews Online

theLotter has had a generally positive reception from users, with over 4,612 reviews on TrustPilot resulting in a 4.3/5.0 stars rating.

4,612 reviews on TrustPilot

Negative comments were generally attributed to baseless distrust rather than genuine concerns, further supporting the assertion of theLotter being a legitimate and trustworthy service.

Based on my personal experience, verified winners’ stories, and corroborating user reviews, theLotter is a reliable lottery service.

theLotter Verdict

In our assessment of various lottery sites, theLotter has emerged as a decent choice due to its exceptional service offerings.

First, theLotter has maintained a reputable status over its approximately 20 years of existence. It holds a license from the esteemed Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), which ensures a level of trust and credibility.

Additionally, theLotter boasts an impressive array of lotteries from around the world, including some lesser-known ones. The lure of substantial jackpots further strengthens its position as the leading choice.

In terms of safety, it uses an SSL certificate, ensuring the encryption and safety of users’ personal and payment data during registration and transactions.

The availability of readily accessible customer support, the lack of safety-related issues indicated in TrustPilot reviews, and the association with eCOGRA for dispute resolution add an extra layer of assurance regarding the safety and legitimacy of the service.

However, I did identify some downsides of using theLotter including the inability to play a single line of your preferred lottery game, the presence of a one-time fee for ticket purchases, a wide range of restricted countries primarily due to local regulations, limited availability in select states, requiring physical presence in your state to buy tickets, and the absence of sign-up bonuses.

Despite these reservations, theLotter merits the top spot when compared to the other lottery platforms I assessed.

Therefore, when considering the multitude of lottery agents, both reviewed and available in the market, I confidently advocate playing on theLotter.

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