Games That Pay Real Money: 16 Best Games Revealed

Many people like passing their time by playing games on their phones. With the new money playing games, you can actually make your hobby a lucrative one and play games for real money.

These games are available on both your smartphone and desktop, and the best part is you can play them for free!

In this review, we are going to go through various game apps that you can play to win cash prizes and earn extra money. I will also answer some of the frequently asked questions about these games and help you choose the best ones.

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Games That Pay Real Money: 16 Best Games Revealed 5

How to Make Money Playing Online Games

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What Games Will Pay You Real Money?

Playing games online is now a viable way to make money online just like you can read books to make money online or start an ecommerce business. There are a number of them that you can play, such as:

1. Bingo Cash

Bingo Cash is a real-time bingo game where you compete against other players to win extra money. It is for players who want to transform a game of chance into a game of skill and play for real money. Bingo has long been a popular social pastime, but nowadays you can play it right from the palm of your hand with this mobile app.

Bingo CashBingo Cash allows you to play against others in a 1-on-1 head-to-head showdown or join a tournament where you compete against others in a bracket-style competition. It is available for both Android and iOS smartphones on the Apple store or the Samsung Galaxy store.

Based on skill level, the game sets up bingo matches between players all around the world. This means that you will be paired with other players who are just getting started when you download Bingo Cash and begin playing for real money.

During a live match, every player receives the same board, call numbers, and boosters. The person who daubs the most quickly and makes the most of boosts to increase their score wins the money.

Bingo Cash is free to play for practice purposes, but in order to win real money. you must participate in cash tournaments, just like in a regular bingo game. The main difference is that, unlike at your local fire hall, each match is just between two participants. Additionally, you have the ability to advance your abilities and outsmart your rivals to prevail. You can win up to $83 per win with Bingo Cash in minutes.

You can safely withdraw any money you win with Bingo Cash to a PayPal or Apple Pay account. Furthermore, there are chances to earn daily presents, bonuses and trophies just for launching the app, as well as bigger rewards for your devoted gameplay.

Pros of Bingo Cash

  • Free to play
  • PayPal withdrawal available
  • 4.5 stars out of 81,023 reviews on the Apple Store and 8.2K reviews on the Google Play Store, respectively

Cons of Bingo Cash

  • To earn real money, you have to participate in cash tournaments
  • It is not available in the Google Playstore

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2. Blackout Bingo

Blackout bingo is a casino game app from Big Run Studios available through the Skillz Games platform and has become one of the most popular mobile games that pay real money. This app is dedicated to a Bingo style of gaming, except it is more enhanced than the classic version. Research reveals that the combined player base of this online bingo game has received payments totaling $71,379 per hour.

Blackout Bingo

Earn virtual currency called Z tokens by playing the game for free in the practice rounds. Then, enter cash competitions with your tokens to win actual money. Furthermore, in the Blackout Bingo game, you can explore the globe with your avatar and look for opponents.

Players are handed the identical cards and partnered with opponents of the same skill level. You must be the first person to get Bingo in order to win this game of chance. There is a two-minute time limit for each game.

You will receive a daub when you land three bingo matches. Daubs are upgrades and enhancements that make it easier for you to get to Bingo.

For this game, there are numerous ways to score points:

  • When a number is called, dab the appropriate box.
  • Bingo and Double Bingos
  • Speed completion bonuses

To add to that, you may be able to earn boosts that will enable you to claim squares before the caller has even called the corresponding number.

Among the many boosts are:

  • Golden Ball: Select one of five balls to complete your square.
  • Free Daub: Choose one square on your board and fill it in.
  • Freeze: The timer is momentarily stopped.
  • 2x: Double your score for ten seconds.
  • Extra Time: Increase the time by 10 seconds.

Your points can be redeemed for items like t-shirts and phone cases as well as PayPal cash rewards. You can join a league and compete for guaranteed rewards after participating in several practices or cash games.

For the remaining rounds you win in the upcoming month, you might earn more Skillz Tickets if you play frequently. For each match, you can get 2 to 6 times more tickets and the bonus awards speed up the process of redeeming physical prizes.

The game card is set in well-known travel locations including New York City, Mexico, and Paris, despite the fact that the game’s rules or level of difficulty don’t vary.

To play this game, you must be at least 18 years old and own a smartphone. You are probably qualified if you presently have a Skillz account. The game can be played in the United States and other foreign countries. To decide if you may participate in cash tournaments, the app uses your current GPS location.

Unlike other free casino games and instant win games, this platform does not require ad viewing. Unfortunately, games with ads make you play more slowly, preventing you from participating in as many rounds. Moreover, it can be annoying to watch the ads before and after each round.

More than 78K people have given this game good reviews on the App Store. Blackout Bingo may be found on the Galaxy Store for Android users and the Apple Store for iPhone users.

Pros of Blackout bingo

  • You can play free practice rounds
  • Play multiple matches in a day
  • There is low cash entry fees for the cash tournaments
  • Redeem Skillz tickets for physical prizes

Cons of blackout bingo

  • In order to earn loyalty bonuses, you must be a frequent player
  • If you lose a round, you cannot win rewards
  • With the free practice rounds, earning rewards can be difficult.
  • Cash tournaments are prohibited in some states

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3. Solitaire Cash

Solitaire Cash is a solitaire game offered by one of the largest gaming companies in the world, Papaya Gaming.

This game provides a lot of variation from the original Klondike Solitaire game. You’ll find a version you are accustomed to if you are an avid player of Solitaire. If you prefer to change things up, you could find a new version that you like even more. Instead of placing a bet on chance, you can use your smartphone or tablet to test your solitaire prowess and earn real money.

Solitaire CashYou won’t get frustrated playing because of the design’s clean and modern aesthetic. The game’s basic rules are quite similar to Klondike Solitaire and they include:

  • To start your foundation stacks, place an Ace of each suit
  • Stack cards in numerical, ascending order, starting with two and ending with the King on the upper stacks
  • To reveal more cards in the tableau, shuffle and stack cards across the seven lower stacks in decreasing sequence (i.e., King, Queen, Jack, 10) and alternating colors.
  • Fill in the blanks by using the Stockpile.

There is a five-minute time cap on each game. In order to receive extra points for your remaining time if you run out of moves, you can submit your score early.

The app compares your score with other players with a similar skill level once you finish your hand. A portion of the prize fund goes to the top three scores.

During a round, there are four methods to get points and finish first, second, or third:

  • Putting cards in higher stacks (Ace, 2, 3, 4, etc.)
  • taking cards out of the lower stacks
  • Using the Stockpile of cards
  • ending the game early to receive a time-saving benefit

Even if you don’t finish in the top three, you still get experience points, which you may use to level up and acquire gems. To take part in cash tournaments and practice rounds, gems must be redeemed.

The software offers you a variety of options to earn extra cash and gems:

  • Daily Bonus: Click the daily bonus button to receive free gems every 24 hours.
  • Watch Ads: Earn 10 bonus gems by seeing a brief advertisement.
  • Bonus Cash: Transfer a certain amount of money, and get bonus money.
  • Refer friends: Whenever a friend signs up using your referral code, you’ll get $1 extra cash.

You can obtain coupon codes for free gems and extra money by following the app’s social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. To earn bonus gems, you can also complete exciting challenges such as puzzles.

You can detect the greatest sequences by being familiar with the game’s rules, but it’s also crucial to move quickly. The time bonus may be the deciding element in whether you win a reward even with a difficult hand.

The majority of players can proceed to play with real money when they feel ready after playing free practice games of Solitaire Cash. The software will provide you the tools you need to succeed. Finding new strategies to maximize your scores can be done by practicing low-wager rounds.

It is important to note that to maintain fair play, all players use the same deck of cards.

You will only have to view ads for your daily bonus gift. The game promotes the limited-time tournament opportunities, which you must reject if you’re not interested in the offer. This is despite the fact that you are not viewing any outside ads.

The game is only available from the Apple Store and the Samsung Galaxy Store.

Pros of Solitaire Cash

  • You can play free practice rounds
  • There are multiple cash tournaments available
  • The app allows you to pause the game in the case of brief interruptions
  • There are several ways to earn bonus gems and cash in the game
  • You can fund your account and receive payments by PayPal or credit card

Cons of Solitaire Cash

  • There is $1 processing fee required per cash-out ($5 redemption minimum)
  • The cash-outs may take 2-14 days before you receive them
  • The cash tournaments are not available in every state
  • Only the top three scores get to win prizes

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4. Dominoes Gold

Dominoes Gold is a dominoes gaming app with an innovative take on the traditional game. Being one of the top gaming apps available on the Skillz platform, the game offers players the chance to earn actual cash prizes. In addition to cash, the game’s reward shop also offers real-world prizes.

Dominoes Gold

By playing identical games against the AI, you are supposed to challenge an opponent. Whoever has a greater winning margin takes home both the prize and the game.

You don’t need to worry about difficulty because the app will always pair you with a player that is at your skill level. In order for you to stand a chance of succeeding, it does help to practice and advance your abilities. Play for fun or get ready to become a pro through playing the free matches.

Play with your friends and compete for large cash rewards by using the competitive gameplay option. Your earnings will be put into your PayPal account when you’re ready to cash them out.

Free automobiles, watches, Amazon gift cards and other rewards are also available. To begin playing and earning, download the app to an iPhone or an Android device.

The app has a 4.7 out of 5 star rating out of 6.2K+ reviews in the App Store.

Pros of Dominoes Gold

  • The game provides both cash and gift card prizes
  • It is one of the few apps to offer Dominoes
  • There are daily tournaments available
  • It has many positive reviews on the google play store and the Apple store

Cons of Dominoes Gold

  • The cash tournaments are not available in all the states
  • It is difficult to get cash rewards with the free games
  • Playing games against the AI may prove to be difficult

5. Inbox Dollars

InboxDollars is an app that offers multiple ways to win real cash prizes, including games.

Playing the online games featured by InboxDollars, such as Candy Jam, Mahjongg Dimensions, Word Wipe, and Monkey Bubble Shooter, will earn you scratch cards rather than a predetermined sum of money. These cards can then be scratched to instantly win money.

Inbox dollars

You can play Candy Jam for four minutes in order to get a scratch card. You also have the option to scratch right away or wait to increase your chances of winning additional money.

However, Game Show Network (GSN) games that require payments offer the best chances. On purchases made with GSN credit, you receive 18% cashback.

Other ways of getting paid with inbox dollars include completing surveys, shopping online, trying new apps and exploring new products. Furthermore, you get a bonus of $5 when you sign up for the first time.

If you’re an active member, the maximum prize on the scratch-off cards is $100. The minimum redemption amount is $25, and the available payment methods are gift cards, paper checks, PayPal and direct deposit.

The Inbox Dollars app is available on the Apple store for iOS users and on the Playstore for Android users.

Pros of inbox dollars

  • You can earn rewards for playing GSN games
  • Other than playing games, there are other different tasks you can do to earn money
  • There are cash and gift rewards available

Cons of inbox dollars

  • You have to have exceeded the $30 threshold for cash out
  • It may take around 2 weeks to get paid

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6. Bubble cash

In the skill-based pop shooter game Bubble Cash, you may put your knowledge of the original Bubble Shooter games to the test. It’s enjoyable and competitive because you can compete with others to solve a puzzle (who can pop all their bubbles first) and win prizes.

The game offers multiplayer competitions for cash games and prizes. You can challenge people around the world through Skillz, a competition platform where you can win real cash prizes.

Bubble CashThe app is a typical shooter game that requires you to aim, shoot and pop bubbles as quickly as possible. The three players who pop the most bubbles become the winners. The game is not based on luck as every player gets the same layout and winning depends on your speed and accuracy.

Bubble Cash is free to play and there are no ads to interrupt the game. You can cash out with PayPal. Cash prizes are not available in some states like Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Montana, South Carolina, South Dakota.

The mobile app is only available for iOS users in the Apple store.

Pros of Bubble cash

  • The game is free to play
  • There are no ads
  • You can cash out via Paypal
  • The app has positive ratings of 4.6 stars on 73K reviews on Apple Store, 3.5 stars on 112 reviews on Galaxy Store

Cons of bubble cash

  • Cash competitions and rewards are not available in every state.
  • The app is only available in the Apple store

7. pool payday

Another example of real money games is Pool Payday. This mobile game is ideal for pool lovers as it is a digitized version of Pool. It can be a fun app to play against friends for free or participate in cash tournaments.

Pool Payday

The games rules are dependent on what match you are playing; either 8-ball pool or Trick shot pool. You compete against a partner in this game while attempting to sink the stripes or solids. You then pocket the 8-ball to win without scratching the cue ball after pocketing your pattern.

Trick shots don’t count toward your score in this game mode. To keep your opponent from getting a term, you must keep putting balls into the pocket. Your turn is over when you pocket the cue ball. It is preferable for head-on matches.

Trick Shot Pool is a turn-based game in which one player takes one shot and the other player imitates it until the table is cleared. It doesn’t matter if you sink the 8-ball, stripes, or solids. Instead, various factors affect how many points you receive, including:

  • Ball number: This is the base number of points you receive is determined by the ball you pocket. The 5-ball, for instance, is worth five points, and the 12-ball, twelve.
  • Pocket bonus: Each pocket includes a bonus multiplier that ranges from 1x to 10x. You receive the base points plus the multiplier when you sink a ball. An 8x multiplier only yields 80 points on a 10-ball, but a 10x multiple yields 100 points.
  • Trick shots: Bonus points are awarded for catching a ball after it has bounced against a wall or another ball.

If you don’t pocket a ball or mistakenly send your cue ball into a pocket, you lose points. Once you download the game, you can start by taking part in a brief tutorial that shows you how to use the cue stick and score points.

You can start engaging in head-to-head matches after finishing five single-player practice rounds. Real money wagers or Skillz tickets are accepted for these games. Cash tournament entry fees are determined by the number of players and prize money. Typically, there is a $0.60 entry fee for a $1 reward.

You can use PayPal to cash out your prizes in cash. You may save Skillz tickets in this 8-ball casino game for merchandise prizes, but you’ll need a sizable balance to do so.

To download and use the Pool Payday app, you must be at least 17 years old. Players must be 18 years of age or older to participate in cash tournaments, just like in other Skillz network games. Unfortunately, cash tournaments are not available in all the states.

The app is available for both Apple iOS and Android users.

Pros of Pool Payday

  • There are free practice rounds and live matches available
  • They have both 8-ball and trick shot head-to-head matches
  • The cash entry fees are low
  • The game has several ways to earn bonus cash and points

Cons of pool payday

  • Only the winner will receive the cash prize
  • It may be a while before you find opponents
  • The cash tournaments are not available in every state
  • Cash withdrawals may take up to 4-6 weeks

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8. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a free online rewards program that is run by Prodege. Through their portal, you can earn Swagbucks for performing your usual online activities, which can then be redeemed for cash or gift cards. You can play games, watch videos, explore the web, purchase, respond to surveys and find new online content.

SwagbucksSome of the well-known SwagBucks-hosted games like Swagrun, Swag IQ, and Swago. You can get a $10 bonus just for creating your profile and using the site, in addition to participating in the games. Since its launch, Swagbucks has given its users approximately $185.5 million in rewards.

Try out the new Swagstakes for another entertaining option to play games that pay real money without visiting to the casino. By placing bets with extremely high odds, you might be able to convert your SwagBucks into more money. Your chances of winning the cash prize increase with the buy-in.

It has a low payout threshold as Amazon gift card redemptions start at $1. You might need to pay $5 to request PayPal cash or gift cards to other brands.

Swagbucks has both a website and a mobile app thus making it easier to access. To join Swagbucks, you need to be 13 years of age or above.

Pros of Swagbucks

  • There are numerous alternatives to playing games for money.
  • Certain video games don’t demand in-app purchases.
  • Diverse game genres
  • PayPal accepts Amazon gift card payments starting at $1.
  • Rewards in cash begin at $5.

Cons of swagbucks

  • The payouts might not be as huge as expected

9. Solitaire Cube

Solitaire Cube is a quick-playing game of solitaire where a hand only needs a few minutes to complete. You can participate in single-player or multiplayer tournaments.

Games That Pay Real Money: 16 Best Games Revealed 6If you are not interested in making money, participate in the practice league to win prizes. The practice league is another option for honing your abilities before cash competitions.

Entry costs start at $10 when you’re ready to compete against other gamers. Some gamers reportedly win 10 times that sum in a short period of time. More skilled players profit by the game to the tune of hundreds of dollars. Your skill level basically determines how much you’ll make.

You can cash out your prize money via Paypal or through your credit card. The mobile app is available for Apple, Samsung and Android users since it can be found in the Apple store, the Google play store and the Samsung Galaxy store.

Pros of Solitaire Cube

  • The tournaments are quick thus taking less time
  • There are cash or merchandise rewards available
  • The practice rounds are free
  • It has received a positive rating of 4.6 stars on 88K reviews on Apple Store, 4.5 stars on 7K reviews on Google Play Store

Cons of Solitaire cube

  • The cash tournaments are not available in every state

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10. Mistplay

Mistplay is a platform that offers a variety of games to play to earn money. There are various games to pick from, but if you want to advance faster, you might have to pay in-app.


Mitsi has three different types of points and they are:

  • Units: They are an essential reward type because you redeem them for gift cards. To earn units, you can do various things on the app, such as playing games, making purchases, earning GXP & PXP points and referring friendsSome games award more units than others when it comes to gaming. Before starting a game, you can check to see if there is an earning multiplier.
  • Game experience points: It is an in-game currency that corresponds to your playtime. Approximately every 30 seconds of gameplay, you receive a GXP. GXP is also awarded after the first two hours of each game.You reach an in-game checkpoint and receive units if you’ve accrued a certain quantity of GXPs. After exceeding the daily two-hour cap, you can continue playing but won’t earn any more GXPs. Fortunately you can change games and keep gaining GXP. Alternatively, you can start over the next day by returning to the app
  • Player experience points: These reflect the summary of your gaming history on Mistplay. These points can be obtained by gaining GXP in any game. You’ll be able to receive more GXP and units for your time as your PXP balance rises. The number of units and PXP you can gain for your work is listed for each game.

The main way to gain units, GXP, and PXP is through mobile games. You can look for games in a number of different categories. Mistplay collaborates with several game creators, thus new titles are frequently introduced.

You can select your preferred game genres while creating your Mistplay avatar to obtain your prefered recommendations. As a result, other users’ offerings and game libraries could be different from yours.

You might receive bonus points for in-game purchases in some games. The game determines how many points you receive. If you frequently spend money to advance through stages, unlock power-ups, or get virtual accessories that improve your gaming, you may be able to partially recover some of your costs with gift card rewards.

By locating and using Mistcodes, you can also score bonus units or avatar upgrades. The Mistplay app, social media sites, and newsletter all have the codes.

For most brands, you may exchange your units for digital gift cards with a minimum balance of $5, or for PayPal cash, a minimum balance of $10. There are gift cards available for a number of retail, restaurant and travel companies.

Gift cards from Amazon are the most affordable redemption choice. With 400 points, you can receive a $0.50 gift certificate for one of the most popular online merchants on the planet. This is the least desirable redemption value even though it can be a simple method to use your points.

Your points have an average value of $0.001, though they can be worth up to $0.002 for incentives up to $5 and $0.003 for rewards up to $10. After an hour or two of gameplay, you can get this reward.

If you reside in the USA, Mistplay requires that you be at least 18 years old. However, the app is accessible in a number of other countries, such as Canada, Europe, and South Korea, where the eligibility criteria may vary.

In order to create an account, you have to enroll face verification. This safety measure, however inconvenient, aids in confirming your identity and guards against account fraud.

Currently, only people with Android smartphones can use the app.

Pros of Mistplay

  • It is free to play games
  • No advertisements to interrupt the game
  • There are numerous enjoyable game options
  • PayPal cash incentives and gift cards are available
  • Low $5 threshold for gift card redemption

Cons of Mistplay

  • It is only available for users of Android
  • There is low potential for income
  • 18 years of age is required to play, together with face identification
  • After 180 days of inactivity on your account, your points expire.

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11. 21 blitz

This a brilliant combination of Blackjack and Solitaire that has free and paid games. It puts its own twist on the classic games to make them a little more challenging.

Games That Pay Real Money: 16 Best Games Revealed 7The buy-in for the 21 Blitz Brackets is $3, and if you make it to the end, you’ll receive $65, 225 Z points, and 65 medals. You will face off against 32 opponents to advance up the ladder with each victory before you reach that stage. Additionally, the top 16 finishers will get consolation awards.

Two players compete in a Head-to-Head match, which lasts until a victor is determined. The player who finishes the game with the highest score is declared the winner. With a rookie level entry fee of $0.60, this option is more affordable.

You may withdraw your real money winnings from 21 Blitz using a variety of methods, including PayPal, Visa, Apple Pay and more. Furthermore, there is a chance to accumulate entries into drawings for significant prizes like a car or a TV.

The app is available for both Apple and Android users.

Pros of 21 Blitz

  • There are both 1-on-1 and multiplayer tournaments
  • They offer free practice rounds
  • They have a rating of 4.6 stars on 27K reviews on Apple Store and 4.5 stars on 3.1K reviews on Google Play Store

Cons of Blitz

  • Cash tournaments are not available in all the states.

12. Mypoints

This mobile app only offers games that can be bought. WorldWinner and the platform collaborate on monetary competitions. Some of these games include Angry Birds, Bejeweled, Scrabble, Solitaire, Spades, Super Plinko, Trivial Pursuit and Wheel of Fortune

MypointsMyPoints allows you to earn 4 points for every $1 spent on game entries, instead of doing so through WorldWinner. New players can also make a one-time deposit.

The admission cost for these games is 25 cents and you can practice them for free. If you are successful, your daily wins may exceed those from playing games where the payout conditions call for several days of play.

On MyPoints, there are numerous additional ways to accumulate reward points, many of which do not require a purchase. Among the choices include watching films, participating in online surveys, and experimenting with new apps.

If you’re prepared to invest money, you can also try products out and shop online or in stores.

To begin using your rewards, you only need $3 for Amazon gift cards and $5 for many other eateries and retail establishments. Redeeming PayPal cash begins at $10.

This app is available on Android, iOS, Windows PC and Mac.

Pros of Mypoints

  • There are multiple ways to accumulate points
  • The prizes for gift cards start at $3
  • The PayPal incentives begin at $10.

Cons of mypoints

  • To earn real money, you have to purchase games

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13. Bingo clash

Bingo Clash is a good alternative to Blackout Bingo as they are quite alike.

In the game, you can compete against other players one-on-one or join a tournament to take part in a bracket-style competition.

Bingo ClashThere are various prize pools to compete for and no ads to interrupt the experience. You can play free bingo games at any moment because they are available.

You can either win prizes or use PayPal to withdraw your winnings. By signing in daily and taking part in in-game activities, you can collect tickets that can be used to play skill-based bingo games and win rewards.

The app is is available for both Android and iOS devices. It has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on both Apple and Google play.

Pros of Bingo Clash

  • It is free to play
  • Has PayPal withdrawal
  • Gaining tickets through activities will allow you to enter games.

Cons of Bingo Clash

  • You need to sign in daily in order to receive rewards.

14. Gamehag

Gamehag is a platform that lets you play mobile games and computer games to earn rewards after reaching a certain level. Furthermore, active members of the app’s VIP program can receive bonus points and rewards that are not available to standard users.

By registering for partner offers, such as installing non-game apps or responding to surveys, you can also earn bonus points.

GamehagSteam Wallet credits can be redeemed for prizes for as little as $1.99. A higher balance is needed for other incentives. For example, gift cards can require a $10 balance.

Retail and dining gift cards, digital game codes, Steam Wallet credits, Roblox Robux (Roblox partnered with Ryan Kaji, the YouTuber), Prepaid Mastercard gift cards and cryptocurrency are some of the numerous incentive choices.

For games and quick online chores, this platform may offer more distinct opportunities than other micro-task websites.

If you don’t want PayPal cash, combining cash and in-game prizes can also be a viable option.

The game is available on Android, iOS and desktop.

Pros of Gamehag

  • There are numerous video games for smartphones and computers
  • They ofer everal choices for redeeming your points
  • For many games, there is no need to pay.


  • You have to play for a while before getting any cash rewards.

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15. Big buck hunter

Big Buck Hunter is a popular arcade game where you can Challenge yourself to become an expert marksman. It takes persistence and practice to hit moving targets and earn high points.

Big Buck Hunter

In practice mode, work on your aim before attempting the World Championship (where the money is). Then, concentrate on hitting the deer’s heart or head with a precise shot to score extra points. If you get proficient enough, you can participate in the competitive, multiplayer and head-to-head games.

You’ll be punished if you shoot the cows or the doe, so keep an eye out for them.

The top 128 players from the US, Canada and Australia compete yearly in a physical place thanks to the World Championship’s excellent organization. All participants can enjoy the provided food, beverages and entertainment. A thrilling elimination round follows, with every participant vying for Big Buck’s glory.

You can redeem your points through Paypal, gift cards or paper checks. The app itself is available on both Android and Apple devices.

16. Wild Casino

The Wild Casino offers a selection of games including video poker, online slots and table games like Texas Hold ’em, European Roulette and Deuces Wild. Keno and virtual scratch-off lottery tickets are just two examples of the lottery-inspired games you can play.

Wild CasinoSince casino games are a mix of chance and ability, this game is for individuals who have money to wager (and lose).

You can cash in your earnings via Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple, check or bank wire transfer, The app is available on iOS or Android devices, and you can even download it on your desktop.

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Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

How do Games that pay money work?

Some paid games don’t demand upfront or in-app purchases. To get to the point where payment is due, you might need to invest a lot of time over a short period of time. Most adventure, RPG, and puzzle games employ this tactic.

The majority of paid games demand in-app purchases to advance through stages quickly or a one-time tournament buy-in before you can gain any points. If you don’t perform well in the competition, playing casino games might not bring in any money.

Many games of chance provide free practice sessions so you may hone your abilities before playing for real money.

What are the various payment options available in such games?

The majority of reward games offer direct deposit or PayPal cash payments. Another method of redeeming prizes for the big restaurant and retail chains is gift cards. Prepaid cards for Visa or Mastercard may also be offered.

What is the minimum age to participate in such games?

The majority of games, including those that aren’t casino games, demand that you be at least 18 years old to play and win real money.

What are the odds of winning such games?

There is no definitive response to this question because it is dependent on a variety of elements, such as the game you are playing, the odds provided by the casino, your level of skill, and luck.

However, the chances of winning are typically substantially higher for skill-based games and less than 50% for those that are not.

Are these games worth my time?

Your time will be well spent if you play these games. They’re all quite well-crafted and fun to play. These games are worth your time and money if you’re searching for something to invest a lot of time in.


There are so many games out there that pay real money and in this article, I have only mentioned some of the popular ones.

If you enjoy playing them, it might be fun to make a little additional money this way. Depending on how you go about it, it may or may not be worthwhile. Making a little money while playing the games is a good bonus if you enjoy it.

It is not advised to rely on this to replace your income. You won’t make enough money to support yourself, but you will make more money than you would playing other mobile games such as Candy Crush.

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Games That Pay Real Money: 16 Best Games Revealed 5

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