Is The TikTokCashBot Legit or Scam? [Unbiased Review]

TikTokCashBot is an online program created by Wesley Virgin. It is meant to show you how to make money with TikTok videos.

It features a one-click app you pay for that reuploads viral videos to TikTok and is supposed to find you free traffic. In doing that, you are meant to make anywhere from $25 to $50 each time you upload a video.

In this TikTok Cash Bot review, we examine whether this program is worth looking into so that you can make an informed decision. We will get into what exactly Tiktok Cash Bot really is and how it can help you and your business.

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What is TikTokcashbot?

TikTok CashBot is a program offered by an internet marketer called Wesley Virgin and it is designed to find trending videos on the internet that you then post on platforms like TikTok (the main one) as well as YouTube Shorts or Instagram Reels to a lesser degree.

Once you post those videos, you earn money off of them.


The software is designed to be easy to use because you find videos, download them, and reupload them to a platform like TikTok as “done for you videos” that make you money. You can still upload them to other platforms, as I mentioned above.

TikTok Cash Bot finds pre-existing videos that have gone viral and then you don’t have to edit them. The software does it for you and you don’t even have to show your face.

Why Wesley Chose TikTok

Wesley Virgin chose TikTok because he recognized that it is probably one of the most popular platforms on the internet.

TikTok has risen from obscurity into a platform that now rivals YouTube, Facebook & Instagram.

TikTok Cash Bot Review

It rose in popularity during the pandemic and recently even had more visits than Google, the most popular web address for many years.

The stats are staggering:

  • It has been downloaded over 3 billion times
  • It has 1.2 billion active users, which is more than some established social media platforms.
  • It accounts for 18% of the internet traffic.
  • Users spend 52 minutes on average per day on the app.

TikTok is often seen as a fringe platform for bored teenagers but that’s no longer the case because it has started to become popular among all age groups.

Seeing all the engagement it has and the massive growth it has undergone in a relatively short period, you can see why there’s a lot of money to be made on the site.

Wesley, who is known for his internet marketing expertise, claims that there is the genuine possibility of generating serious, life-changing income on TikTok if you find the right angle with it. And that’s why he started offering Tiktok Cash Bot.

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Who is Behind Tiktokcashbot?

Wesley Virgin is a personal development coach and entrepreneur who’s made a name for himself in recent years for his approach to life and ways of achieving success (I did an in-depth review of his internet marketing career that you can read here)

He adopted a no-nonsense style early on in his life and cultivated an ability to help others overcome obstacles and achieve their goals through self-discipline, determination, and hard work.

From the professional perspective, Wesley Virgin has 13 years of online money making experience, and has made up to $78 million

He does that through various platforms (like TikTokCashbot) through which he makes money. Some of the systems he is credited to include MessagePayz, Upload Bucks, AZ Cash Code, Insta Payz, Crypto Payz, Message Payz and many other software products. Each of them are designed to offer you online cash.

Wesley has more than 1.2 million followers on Instagram.

Wesley Virgin Instagram

He has more than 580,000 YouTube subscribers.

Wesley Virgin's YouTube Channel

He is a very well-known vendor and affiliate marketer on the Warrior platform. Here’re some previous successful launches from him:

Wesley Virgin is also the owner of a successful online fitness program called The Fat Diminisher System.

Virgin has appeared on TV shows like “Dr. Phil,” “The Real,” and “Good Morning America.”

Wesley Virgin on Forbes' Feature

He has been featured on Forbes where he discussed his journey to success and how he achieved success.

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How Tiktokcashbot Works

TikTok Cash Bot is far from being an App Working Flawlessly but most of what it does is find and allow you to upload ‘Done For You Videos.’

It taps into the $75 Billion Dollar TikTok Algorithm and offers you a 365 Day Money Back Guarantee.

TikTokCashbot User Interface

When you purchase the program and create a TikTok cash bot account, the user interface looks like you see it in the image above. You will get to this once you activate TikTok Cash Bot.

The menu from which you operate TikTok Cash Bot is on the left hand side.

You get a 6-week training course that you will find under the Guides section of the dashboard. The training covers various aspects of affiliate marketing.

To start making money, you should visit the Create New Campaign section, where you will be asked to input a keyword. The software finds related videos based on your keyword and then gives you a variety of them that you can download.

You should edit the videos before you post them on your account. This means that you can add some text on top or some logos just so that you make them look like your own.

The main reason you should do this is that many TikTok accounts use other people’s videos and they just make those changes. They get millions of views and they make money online as a result.

This also works for YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels if you are into them.

Overall, the idea is to find popular videos that can grow your account quickly and make monetize them with affiliate offers or your own offers. Once you make money, it is set to your PayPal account or bank account.

On TikTokCashbot, you are provided with marketing tools like a hashtag generator, copyright free images, a sales page builder, and a website builder.

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What is Included in TikTok Cash Bot?

When you pay for TikTok Cash Bot, you get a few things that help you make money online.


Here are the items you get:

TikTok Cash Bot App software

This is the main feature of the TikTokCashbot. It is software that allows you to get free buyer traffic in 60 seconds or less.

100% Brand New TikTok Cash Bot System

You get a brand new TikTok Cash Bot system that earns you $25-50 when you upload a video on TikTok or the other platforms.

TikTok Cash Bot Upload Monetization Technology

It is an integral part of TikTokCashbot because it the key component that allows you to make money uploading done-for-you videos.

TikTok Cash Bot Mobile Edition

The mobile edition of TikTokCashbot allows you to access the program from your mobile phone. It is available for all platforms, including Android, iPhone, or tablet.

Step-by-step video tutorials

There are tutorials in the unlikely event (because it is quite easy to work with) that you have trouble setting things up. They offer a series of step-by-step training videos that give you video detailed instructions on how the program works.

Agency Licence

If you are among the first few buyers, they’ve include an agency licence for free. This means you can take the TikTokCashBot App for clients and charge them anywhere from $497-$997 for just a couple of minutes of simple work.

24/7 world class support

If you have questions regarding how the program works, you should reach out to them and their world class support team will help you out.

Quick Start Guide

There is a Quick Start Guide that shows you how to get TikTokCashBot up and running for free traffic & sales in seconds.

Case study

You also get a case study that walks you through how they made $100 using this software uploading videos to TikTok and taking advantage of the 75 billion dollar TikTok algorithm.

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TikTok Cash Bot Pricing

To get TikTokCashbot, you will pay a Front-End fee of $19 $17.

TikTokCashbot Pricing

Here is what is included in this TikTokCashbot package:

  • 100% Brand New TikTok Cash Bot System
  • TikTok Cash Bot Upload Monetization Technology
  • Mobile Edition
  • Step-By-Step Training Videos

TikTokCashBot Upsells

Wesley Virgin states that from the 12th of May 2022 the price will go up from $17 to $67.

The frontend access you get is limited and you find that you need upgrades to get the most out of TikTok Cash Bot. That’s where the upsells come in.

For example, one of the upsells you get is the ability to download unlimited videos. You don’t get that with the front end offer. Another upsell gives you Done For You videos and so on.

There are up to seven upsells (Tiktok Cash Bot OTO one through seven) but you don’t need all of them to use TikTok Cash Bot:

  • (OTO1) Ultimate – $197.00 – DS: $197.00
  • (OTO2) Done For You – $297.00 – DS: $197.00
  • (OTO3) Autopilot – $47.00 – DS: $27.00
  • (OTO4) Instant Profits – $97 – DS: $77.00
  • (OTO5) Traffic On Tap – $147 – DS: $97.00
  • (OTO6) Franchise – $197.00 – DS: $97.00
  • (OTO7) 7X Edition – $47.00 – DS: $27.00

As you can see, you have to spend more money to get them.

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TikTok Cash Bot Money Back Guarantee

TikTok Cash Bot has a money-back guarantee that lasts 365 days.

TikTokCashBot Money-Back Guarantee

They insist that when you ask for a refund, you can get it.

Pros of Tiktokcashbot

Here are some of the TikTok Cash Bot benefits you get when you sign up:

It Has a Beginner Friendly System

TikTok Cash Bot is easy to use whether you have two years of experience as a marketer or not. The program gives you everything you need to get results from scratch.

You Can Access It Remotely

All you need to use it is a computer and internet connection. It doesn’t matter what country you are in, it will always be accessible.

Getting Started Involves Just A Few Clicks

The startup process is quite easy and straightforward because you need just a few clicks to activate TikTok Cash Bot. Then the TikTok Cash Bot traffic starts coming in and you earn instant profits and huge bonuses.

It Is 100% Legal To Do

The way Wesley puts it, you are practically forcing TikTok to pay you hundreds per hour, 100% legally.

It Works On Any Device

The program works on the internet, therefore it works on any device that you have connected online whether it is Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, or any other phone or device that can connect online.

It Has No Hidden Expenses Required

There are no hidden fees or strings attached. You aren’t required to buy expensive equipment.

TikTok CashBot Step-By-Step Training Videos

In the unlikely event you are having issues setting it up, they provide you with a series of step-by-step training videos that provide you with detailed instructions.

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Cons of Tiktokcashbot

  • They don’t offer a free trial
  • You have to buy the upsells to unlock more features and make the most of Tiktokcashbot
  • It takes time to master the system although it simplifies things for you.
  • The discount is expected to expire soon after which the price will rise.
  • Although they give you the impression that it will work great, you still have to exert effort yourself to get the results.

Is Tiktokcashbot Legit?

TikTok Cash Bot is legit because when you pay for it, you get what you pay for. Wesley Virgin is a real person and that’s always lacking when you talk about programs that are suspect.

It’s always a red flag when you find an online program that promises to make you money but that doesn’t even have a face behind it. Usually, when you see that you know that you are dealing with a ponzi scheme.

I have encountered a few of those like Big Money Connection, Mobile Site Sniper, Zeonis (NFT), and Bitplam (crypto) where you can’t tell who runs them.

Going back to TikTok Cash Bot, you can tell that it is a simple product that has been pushed rather aggressively through marketing and a lot of hype.

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Tiktokcashbot Conclusion

TikTok Cash Bot by Wesley Virgin looks like a legit product but probably not the best there is in the niche.

It is still relatively new and it seeks to tap into the excitement around TikTok so it is hard to tell whether it is the real deal, or whether it will stand the test of time.

Other than that, the sales page is a bit pushy, and you could say a bit misleading because the way to make money on TikTok involves working really hard. Wesley and his team don’t emphasize that enough and they make it look like you will make easy money just because some young influencers are doing it.

That’s not to say that you will not succeed on TikTok. You might get lucky and go viral but you need to learn how to grow your account, use hashtags, and a bunch of other things first.

If you are seriously considering buying the program, I suggest you do research beyond this TikTok Cash Bot Review.

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