Tom Gentile Reviews – Scam or Legit?

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Looking for a comprehensive Tom Gentile review?

Perhaps you just want to know more about him and whether he’s legit.

I’ve been reviewing numerous investment services from him lately so I decided to actually do something a little different and do a review of the man himself.

Keep reading below to get my honest review and opinion on Tom.

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Tom Gentile Reviews - Scam or Legit? 3

Tom Gentile Review

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Who Is Tom Gentile?

Tom regards himself as the number one pattern trader. He began trading options when he was still living with his parents in the late eighties.

Before he started trading, he was working 60 hours a week at Home Depot when he decided to change the course of his life. He decided to learn the ins and outs of options trading to make more money than he was in his 9 to 5.

tom gentile

Interestingly, he neither went to business school nor received any formal financial education. He learnt what he knows on his own.

He has since been teaching people how to trade and has taught over 300,000 traders through seminars, workshops, sponsored events, and training courses.


Tom has written and co-written a couple of books. The most popular ones are:

  • The Options Course
  • The Stock Market Course
  • The Index Trading Course
  • The volatility Course

From his catalog of books, it is evident that he wants to help other self-taught traders become better at their craft. Each of those books comes with a practice workbook to help readers retain what they learn.

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Trading Style

Tom Gentile is known by some as America’s Number One patterns trader. Whether that is unanimous or not, he uses software to analyze the markets to spot lucrative trades. He typically buys and sells within a short duration.

However, unlike other Pattern Day Traders [EXTERNAL LINK] who scalp looking to make a few dollars per trade, Tom is more of a Swing trader [EXTERNAL LINK] – he identifies trends in the stock market and buys then sells stocks depending on their direction.

Tom believes that by coupling his trading algorithms with his knowhow to pick a strongly-trending stock, he can consistently spot profitable trading opportunities for his followers. Although he uses charts in his presentations to show price movements, he vets his picks before sharing them with his audience.

He is not picky when it comes to the financial instruments he delves in. As long as he can make money, he doesn’t mind trading stock (large-cap or otherwise), options, or cryptocurrencies. His trades normally stay open for a few days or weeks.

Tom has a deep interest in cryptocurrencies. He claims to have even mined Bitcoin before it became what it is today. He encourages his readers to focus on altcoins (smaller coins) because they are more volatile and they give traders a better chance to make more money.

I should mention that his strategy is not bulletproof because some people have lost money following his advice.

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Software Development

Tom loves his software. It all began when he was a young man when he built a program for Home Depot that enabled them to better organize their supply lines.

Over the years, he has been building trading algorithms and they have made him a more effective trader. Some of his most noteworthy platforms include Triple-V Protocol, the Money Calendar Tool, and BRUTUS, just to mention a few.

He has invested millions in development and appears to have more than made up for it through his trades.

Tom’s Trading Room (YouTube Channel)

Tom runs a Youtube channel called Tom Gentile that has about 20,000 subscribers and a little more than 1 million views.

Tom's Trading Room

His content centers on Stocks, Bonds, Currencies, and Commodities. He also covers the latest trends and strategies.

Tom uploads short videos to the channel every week and he runs a live-streaming segment called Tom’s Trade Essentials where he spends more than one hour giving his outlook, discussing his favorite stocks, and talking about his weekly scan.

Media Appearances

He has made appearances on mainstream financial platforms like CNBC. For example, in 2017, he was brought in to discuss how the economy would shape up as Trump was preparing to be sworn in:

Tom Gentile on CNBC

He has also featured on Bloomberg, Fox Business, and Reuters


Tom Gentile co-founded Optionetics together with George Fontanills in 1993. They formed it as an education service to teach people about options trading, market analysis, and portfolio management.

They sold the company to Charles Schwab in 2009 for an undisclosed sum.

Money Map Press

Tom Gentile has been editing and publishing newsletters via Money Map Press. Money Map Press is an independent financial publishing company that offers a variety of advisory services.

It is part of The Agora (the parent company), which is a body collective of publishing companies scattered across the world that include firms like Agora Financial, The Oxford Club, and Palm Beach Research Group.

Money Map Press publishes an array of financial newsletters that focus on different trading strategies and investment approaches. It also offers a collection of educational material and research reports that shed light on the capital markets. Its flagship advisory service is the Money Map Report.

You can contact Money Map Press through the address provided at the footer of the website.

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What Products Does he Offer?

As we’ve already seen, Tom Gentile has authored and co-authored a couple of books. He offers a couple of services via his official website.

Official website

On his website,, he offers the following products:

  • One Percenter: A program about giving back; to charities and organizations impacting positive change to the world.
  • Tom’s Trading Room: A suite of tools designed to analyze options and help traders be more effective at trading them.
  • The Habits of Highly Profitable Crypto Traders: A guide on how to become a successful cryptocurrency trader.

Over the years, Tom has written for Money Map Press. He writes for the following newsletters (to find out about the money back guarantee terms of each of these newsletters, feel free to check out their disclosure pages before you sign up):

Fast Fortune Club Review

Fast Fortune Club (sometimes known as Flipping Stocks Club for whatever reason) is arguably the most popular investment advisory service that Tom runs.

As I mentioned in my Fast Fortune Club review, it is a collection of resources and reports on new investment opportunities. The advisory service has really caught on over the past few years.

So, how does Fast Fortune Club work?

Published under Money Map Press, Tom uses a trading algorithm to identify profitable plays that he forwards to his readers.

Fast Fortune Club

To better understand how he spots those profitable plays, I examined a presentation he did promoting the newsletter. It was about finding the best altcoins (or microcurrencies, as he was calling them) in the market.

To do that, he was saying that he identifies hidden patterns on price charts that make it easier to predict the direction of the price. He was saying that he takes the price chart and smooths it out — obviously referring to calculating the moving average and juxtaposing it on the chart. He created two of these waves (a long-term currency wave and a short-term currency wave).

Here is an example from the presentation:

Moving Average Crossover

He then uses the moving average crossover principle to detect trends in the price movements of the asset.

This is just an example but it shows the kind of analysis that goes into spotting the trade recommendations that he makes to the Fast Fortune Club clientele.

What’s inside Fast Fortune Club once you become a member?

Fast Fortune Club

When you join, you are granted immediate access to the quick start course. This course consists of video tutorials about ETFs, Futures, and Options. It can be particularly helpful if you are new to them and want to start trading. He even shows you how to set up a trading account.

Then there are the regular stock recommendations you get every month through his newsletter.

You also have access to the official member portal from where you can find:

Fast Fortune Payday appointments.

You get alerts on when to buy or sell your stocks. A team of experts work for Fast Fortune Club and they do the heavy lifting and provide you with all the insights so you can start earning money.

The Fast Fortune Money Calendar.

This tool provides stock market analysis focusing on consistent trading patterns. Traders can start trading on their own and it is perhaps why Most Fast Fortune Club reviews appreciate this feature more than any other.

The Fast Fortune Million Dollar Masterclass.

You get online live trading sessions by Tom once per month where you learn how millionaire investors invest. You can then replicate their trading strategies.

Access to the Fast Fortune Club network

You have access to a forum comprising other members where you can share tips on how to earn money trading. There is a private Facebook Group too.

Microcurrency Quick-Start Guide

It is a beginner’s guide to investing in the crypto market. It comes with a video version called Microcurrency Trading Crash Course.

Fast Fortune Club Podcast and roundtable meetings

Tom provides you with weekly updates and news through these meetings. The weekly podcasts are a way to keep you up to date with Tom’s whereabouts. The roundtable meetings are a live Q&A session with financial experts who answer common questions.

The Fast Fortune Progress Report

It is a weekly report that assesses your progress to determine whether you are keeping up with your trading goals.

There are always a couple of bonus reports that come as part of the package.

Fast Fortune Club is perfectly suited to beginners because Tom takes a hands-on approach with his demonstrations and roundtables. He also shares a lot of educational material as part of the package.

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Microcurrency Trader

The Microcurrency Trader ($5,000 per year) by Tom Gentile is a new elite investment advisory offered under Money Map Press. He started offering it to provide people with trading advice on how to navigate the cryptocurrency markets, particularly when investing in altcoins just like Teeka Tiwari does with the Palm Beach Letter.

Microcurrency Trader

Tom promises to show you how to capture the potential of the best altcoins that can deliver big gains. With over 1,300 of these currencies trading, he decided to offer this service to save people from all the work that goes into sifting the market looking for good trades and avoiding the crypto scams.

When you sign up, you get:

  • Tom’s six part video boot camp. Tom shows you how to spot trades if you are new to the world of cryptocurrencies.
  • Tom’s Daily DeBrief. You get the latest and biggest news from the currency markets along with his analysis of exactly what that means for your money.
  • The Weekly Watchlist. It is a weekly update on the state of the market.
  • Weekly Live Trading Sessions

Some trades have the potential to deliver gains as large as 1,000%.

Weekly Cash Clock

Weekly Cash Clock is an elite research service published under Money Map Press that costs $4,995 per year. Tom decided to start offering the service when he came up with a novel way of generating income in all markets.

Weekly Cash Clock

He uses a tool that also goes by the name Weekly Cash Clock. It is his proprietary system that crunches millions of data points on the most liquid stocks in the market and spots consistent trading patterns. Tom claims that it determines which stocks are about to jump and finds a way of trading these jumps for quick money in a week, usually trading options on them.

Here is what you get when you join:

  • Weekly Cash Clock alerts and alert videos.
  • The Quick Start guide.
  • A video course called The Essentials of Profitable Options Trading.
  • Special reports and Coaching webinars.

Tom describes how you should trade through the training videos that accompany the trades. He says that you get in on Monday and close your positions on Friday.

Operation Surge Strike

Operation Surge Strike is a trading service published under Money Map Press that offers investment advice at the price of $5,000 per year.

Operation Surge Strike

Tom claims that we are experiencing a profound shift in the financial world whereby first-time traders are storming the markets creating speculative surges that have never been seen. For example, platforms like Robinhood are now trading options at 88 times the volume of institutions like Charles Schwab.

Since inexperienced traders move quickly unlocking new trading opportunities for those keen enough to see them, he decided to find a way to earn money amid all the chaos.

He claims to have gathered a team of analysts, programmers, and even rocket scientists who designed a new algorithm called BRUTUS that predicts speculative surges before they take place.

When you join Operation Surge Strike, Tom promises to put the necessary tools and information to navigate the market at your disposal.

Money Calendar Pro

As he publishes research for his Money Calendar Pro subscribers, Tom uses his proprietary Money Calendar tool to predict the movements of the most liquid stocks.

Money Calendar Pro

It shows him when he should close his positions and how much he stands to make per trade. He says that it is so effective, he can schedule his paydays. His subscribers have a front-row seat to all the action.

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Money Hour

Money Hour is an elite service offered by Tom under Money Map Press for $5,000 per year.

Tom Gentile's Money Hour

Tom believes that the market isn’t what it used to be because you cannot rely on fundamentals or trends anymore. He claims that 80% of market trades are executed on autopilot and that stocks have lost their independence.

As a pattern trader, he says that he discovered a way to make an average of 29% in positive gains three days a week in under one hour. He says that you don’t need extensive stock knowledge or millions of dollars to turn small stock moves into double digit profits multiple times a day.

When you join Money Hour, you get to watch him trade in real time in private Zoom calls he does with members. He says that you can join irrespective of your skill level.

Tom Gentile’s Rocket Wealth Initiative

Tom Gentile is another one of his investment advisory services published under Money Map Press. This one retails at $6,995 per year.

Tom Gentile's Rocket Wealth Initiative

After trading for over 30 years, Gentile realized that the market is going through a unique moment where you can make big money by making the right moves. He realized that it is the perfect time to cash in and modeled his strategy to achieve that.

He isolated the best 100 blue chip stocks that he felt were set to deliver instant cash payouts and at the same time give him the opportunity to achieve financial freedom.

Rocket Wealth Initiative is all about giving you the opportunity to make fast cash and possibly generate generational wealth.

Tom Gentile’s Trading Circle

Tom Gentile’s Trading Circle is a subscription service that offers you the opportunity to access all of Tom’s research and trading services. This means that you have unlimited access to all of the above-listed research services, namely:

When you sign up for the Trading circle, you get to harness the power of his software algorithms and trading strategies that enable him to uncover lucrative trading patterns in the hottest cryptocurrencies, stocks, and futures.

Tom describes it as a convenient way to save money on subscription fee.

He promises to target no fewer than 20, 1,000% winners in the 12 months, failure to which you get a second year of the subscription for free.

There is no sales page where you can subscribe to the service online and you have to inquire about availability by calling customer care. The phone number is 855-509-6600.

Tom’s Discontinued Advisory Services

Along the way, Tom has discontinued some of his advisory services or just rebranded them and given them new names probably after losing lots of clients. You will notice that some of these will have similarities with the current ones (as of writing this). Also, some of the current newsletters may be discontinued by the time you read this and they will move on to this list.

So, here are some of the newsletters he no longer offers:

  • Cryptocurrency Windfalls: Cryptocurrency Windfalls was an investment newsletter that centered on crypto assets. He used an algorithm to predict the movements of these cryptos and shared his findings with his readers.
  • Alpha-9 Trader: With the Alpha-9 Trader, Tom used an algorithm to find profitable trades in all market conditions. The system used artificial intelligence and powerful formulae to run the numbers. He used it to spot triple stack compression trends that later translated to profits for him and his subscribers.
  • V3 Trader: Using the Triple-V Protocol, Tom capitalized on the immense trading volumes of the markets to spot hidden patterns and make money off them. He shared his findings with his readers through the V3 Trader newsletter.
  • Weekly Money Call: Weekly Money Call was all about Tom spotting opportunities that he felt would bring in triple-digit gains from the 200 most liquid stocks in the US. He achieved that using yet another patent-pending trading algorithm. It was called the weekly money call because trades would open on Monday and close on Friday.
  • Daily Flash Cash: With this one, he claims to have hired a team of scientists to help him design an algorithm that would sift the market for trade patterns.

I am sure you have spotted some similarities between some of these and the ones he runs.

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Is Tom Gentile Legit?

Tom Gentile is a legit investment analyst. There have been concerns about his approach and how it subtly implies that you can get rich quick by following his stock recommendations. A good example of this was evident in the Fast Fortune club review.

But what he does is not new to the world of trading and investment; he spots trends and predicts stock movement. Whether he is the real deal depends on your approach.

He has been doing it for a long time and shows no signs of slowing down. Although there are no guarantees that his method works (and he has racked up losses along the way), his approach makes money for some of his followers.

The only thing that works against him is that he talks up his achievements and keeps his flaws relatively hidden forgetting to tell you that sometimes you will lose money (he is not immune to losing money, no one is). However, that doesn’t make him a fraud.

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Verdict For Tom Gentile

Tom Gentile is a swing trader who analyzes the markets to identify strong trends he can ride to impressive profits. The level of returns you get depend on how much money you start with.

He trades cryptocurrencies, stocks, futures, and options – in that sense, Tom unwittingly encourages diversification.

Tom relies on technical analysis in most of his work and the example I gave in the Fast Fortune Club review exemplifies this. He is fond of options trading and is known to have co-founded Optionetics to train other people to trade options.

If you read online reviews of Tom, some people have been happy with his approach if they have made money off of his recommendations and some are enraged. All I can say is that he won’t take your money and vanish as some unscrupulous people do on the internet. He will send you trade recommendations and you will either make money if you have good luck or lose it.

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Tom Gentile Reviews - Scam or Legit? 3

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