Turbine XO Review – 100% Scam!

Turbine XO is a new scam system that just launched. The website design is terrible and looks like something that was made on paint! Anyhow I’ve been checking it out to learn more about it, and I’m revealing all the details on this page.

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Turbine XO – The Truth

Turbine XO is yet another binary scam system and the latest to go on my scams list. After taking a closer look it’s clear to me that this scam is not much different to others that recently launched such as the Orion Code and Cloud Track Trader. The video sucks you in by promising you a lot of money and all you need to do is sign up, make a deposit and use their software. Unfortunately it’s a bunch of lies and if you do sign up you won’t make a penny.

The real truth is that the owners of the Turbine XO website are affiliates for binary options brokers. That means they get paid referral commissions for signing people up to binary brokers. All they care about is getting you to sign up and make a deposit, they don’t care at all about your success. That is why they make up ridiculous claims about how much money you can make because all they want to do is get you to sign up. Once you do sign up though this is where you can say bye bye to your money because as soon as you activate the Turbine XO software it will start making trades for you on autopilot however these will be losing trades! The software doesn’t work as advertised, it will make random trades until it loses all your money. Once you make a deposit you will lose your money within 24-48 hours on average.

Turbine XO – Fake Testimonials / Reviews / Actors

One thing you might be wondering about is all the glowing testimonials you see on their website. The truth is these are fake and they have either made up the testimonials or hired actors. It’s really quite easy to get a fake testimonial made up, all you need to do is go to a website called Fiverr an someone will give you a testimonial for $5. That’s where most of these scammers go to get their testimonials. Also the person on the website is NOT the real owner of this system, they are also an actor!

Another thing is the fake reviews. If you do a search in Google you will come across all kinds of reviews for Turbine XO and the majority will tell you how amazing this software is. Don’t believe those reviews because they are fake and given by affiliates. They want you to sign up because if you do they will get paid a commission.

My Conclusion For Turbine XO

It’s clear to me that this is another binary options scam and I won’t be recommending it. My advice is to avoid anything to do with binary options and if you want to make money online check out what I recommend below.

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