Ubersuggest: Legit Software? [Review & Alternatives]

Welcome to our comprehensive Ubersuggest review – your guide to understanding this essential SEO tool that’s taking the digital marketing world by storm.

With a 4.4 out of 5 rating and touted as one of the best value SEO tools in the market, Ubersuggest has rapidly gained popularity among users worldwide.

In this review, we’ll dive deep into its features, pricing, and user experience while comparing it with other popular alternatives like SEMrush and Ahrefs.

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Ubersuggest: Legit Software? [Review & Alternatives] 40

Ubersuggest Review

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What Is Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest is an all-in-one SEO tool that provides users with keyword suggestions, content ideas, site ranking analysis, and more to help improve their website’s search engine optimization.

If you run a digital marketing or affiliate marketing business and are shopping for an analytics tool, you may have come across it.

Overview And Key Features

Ubersuggest is a powerful and comprehensive SEO tool designed to help digital marketers, content creators, and website owners optimize their online presence.

Developed by the renowned entrepreneur Neil Patel, Ubersuggest offers an extensive set of features that cater to various aspects of search engine optimization.

Ubersuggest review

The keyword research tool in Ubersuggest goes beyond just providing related keywords; it also offers valuable insights such as search volume trends over time and difficulty score for ranking a specific keyword organically.

With the competitor research functionality, users can monitor their rivals’ organic traffic sources and strategies – even identifying which keywords they’re outranking you on.

Furthermore, the tool’s backlink analyzer enables users to assess both their own site’s domain authority as well as that of competitors, facilitating more informed link-building decisions.

Ubersuggest Dashboard

Based on our observations, the Ubersuggest Dashboard is the central hub for managing all your SEO campaigns, making it a breeze to navigate through its various features and tools.

Ubersuggest: Legit Software? [Review & Alternatives] 41

With an intuitive interface, users can quickly find what they need without feeling overwhelmed by jargon or clutter.

One notable feature of the Ubersuggest Dashboard is its integration with Google Search Console and Google Chrome Extension. This allows you to monitor your own site’s performance alongside that of your competitors in real time.

For instance, users can compare their domain authority against others within their niche and evaluate organic traffic trends using the Traffic Analyzer function.

Ubersuggest Benefits

One of the key advantages of utilizing Ubersuggest is its ability to streamline your SEO efforts, making it a must-have SEO software tool for websites and businesses looking to improve their search engine rankings.

Ubersuggest: Legit Software? [Review & Alternatives] 42

Based on our firsthand experience, the platform offers an array of features designed specifically for SEO needs, such as a keyword research tool that finds the right keyword ideas, competitor analysis, rank tracking, and site audit capabilities.

These functionalities not only help you identify keywords with high search volume but also provide insights into how difficult it would be to rank organically for specific terms.

When comparing Ubersuggest to other SEO tools like SEMrush or Google keyword planner, one will find that the benefits extend beyond just features available at an affordable price point.

The ease of use provided by its user-friendly interface makes it accessible to marketers new in the world of digital marketing while still offering powerful tools required by seasoned professionals.

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Ubersuggest Pricing And Plans

Ubersuggest offers both free and paid plans; the free plan includes daily usage limits, while individual and business plans provide unlimited access to more advanced features such as keyword suggestions, traffic analyzer, rank tracking, and competitor research.

Free Plan Limitations And Benefits

Ubersuggest offers a free plan with limitations, but it still provides valuable features for SEO. Here are the benefits and limitations of the Ubersuggest free plan:


  • Access to keyword suggestions and related keywords
  • Analysis of SEO difficulty and competition
  • Domain overview and site audit capabilities
  • Backlinks analysis
  • Content ideas and topic suggestions


  • Limited daily search queries for each feature
  • Limited access to SERP analysis and content explorer
  • No access to historical data or mobile insights
  • Limited keyword tracking capabilities

Despite these limitations, the Ubersuggest free plan can still be helpful in providing valuable insights for website optimization. For more advanced features, users can upgrade to one of the paid plans that offer more in-depth analysis and unlimited access to features.

Individual And Business Plans

Ubersuggest offers both individual and business plans to cater to the different needs of its users.

Ubersuggest: Legit Software? [Review & Alternatives] 43

These plans come with varying features and pricing options, including:

Individual Plan

The individual plan starts at $12/monthly or $120/yearly and includes more advanced SEO features such as domain analysis, content optimization, and backlink data.

Ubersuggest: Legit Software? [Review & Alternatives] 44

This plan is suitable for freelancers and small businesses looking to improve their SEO ranking.

Business Plan

The business plan starts at $40/monthly or $400/yearly and includes all the advanced features available in the individual plan plus additional access for up to 5 team members.

Ubersuggest: Legit Software? [Review & Alternatives] 45

This plan is ideal for larger businesses with multiple team members involved in SEO activities.

Lifetime Plan

Ubersuggest also offers a lifetime plan with a one-time payment of $290 that grants users unlimited access to all features without worrying about recurring monthly or yearly payments.

Each plan has its own set of pros and cons, so it’s essential to choose the one that best suits your needs based on the size of your website, budget, and level of expertise in SEO.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Each Plan

In this section, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of each Ubersuggest plan to give you a better understanding of which plan is best suited for your needs. Here’s a table presenting the advantages and disadvantages of each plan:

Ubersuggest: Legit Software? [Review & Alternatives] 46

The table above showcases the primary advantages and disadvantages of each Ubersuggest plan. Based on our observations, the Free plan is great for beginners and small websites, but it does come with limitations on daily searches and functionality.

On the other hand, the Individual plan is suitable for small to mid-sized businesses and offers an affordable price with more daily searches and features. However, it may not be enough for larger businesses with high search volume.

Finally, the Business plan offers unlimited daily searches, advanced features, and a high user rating of 8.3 out of 10, but at a higher cost and might be too much for small businesses.

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Ubersuggest User Experience

Our research indicates that the user experience of Ubersuggest is generally positive, with users finding the tool easy to use and navigate, although some might require a bit of time to get used to its features.

Ease Of Use And User Interface

After conducting experiments with it, we found that Ubersuggest has a highly intuitive user interface that makes it easy to use, even for those who are not familiar with SEO tools.

Ubersuggest: Legit Software? [Review & Alternatives] 47

The dashboard is clean and uncluttered, and the various features can be accessed quickly without any difficulty.

The tool also offers a Google Chrome extension that allows you to access Ubersuggest’s features directly from your browser while browsing any website. This feature helps you find keywords for your site organically whenever you need it most.

Customer Support Availability

Ubersuggest’s customer support team is readily available to assist users with any questions or concerns they may have about the tool.

Ubersuggest: Legit Software? [Review & Alternatives] 48

The website offers a chat feature, allowing for real-time communication with their support team. Users can also submit support requests via email if they prefer not to use the chat feature.

Overall, Ubersuggest offers comprehensive customer support options for users, making it easy for them to get assistance when needed.

Learning Curve

Ubersuggest has a user-friendly interface, making it easy to use for beginners. The learning curve is short, and the tool’s features are well-organized, allowing users to navigate them quickly.

Ubersuggest: Legit Software? [Review & Alternatives] 49

Additionally, Ubersuggest offers extensive tutorials and helpful articles on SEO practices that can be accessed through its blog section.

However, some users may still need to get accustomed to certain advanced features like backlink analysis or competitor research. To help with this, Ubersuggest provides detailed explanations for each feature and data point offered by the tool.

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Ubersuggest Vs Other SEO Tools

Ubersuggest is a tool that competes with other SEO tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs, each having its strengths and weaknesses when it comes to keyword research, content suggestions, and competition analysis.

Comparison With SEMrush

SEMrush is another popular SEO tool that offers a wide range of features and functionalities for digital marketers. To better understand how Ubersuggest compares to SEMrush, let’s take a look at the table below, highlighting the key differences and similarities between the two tools:

Ubersuggest vs SEMrush

Although Ubersuggest and SEMrush share some features, such as keyword research and site audits, they differ significantly in pricing, user interface, and additional tools offered.

Ubersuggest is a more affordable option, suitable for SEO beginners, while SEMrush is a comprehensive and powerful tool, catering to the needs of experienced marketers and larger businesses.

Comparison With Ahrefs

When comparing Ubersuggest with Ahrefs, it’s essential to consider their features, pricing, and overall effectiveness. The following table provides a comprehensive comparison between the two SEO tools:

Ubersuggest vs Ahrefs

In summary, while Ubersuggest is an affordable SEO tool with a user-friendly interface and essential features, Ahrefs offers more advanced features and deeper analysis.

However, Ahrefs comes at a higher price and lacks a free plan option. Depending on your specific needs and budget, one tool may be more appealing than the other.

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Ubersuggest Reviews and Ratings

When it comes to Ubersuggest reviews and ratings, the tool has received positive feedback from both users and experts in the SEO industry.

Ubersuggest Reviews By Users

Users of Ubersuggest have generally given positive feedback about the tool.

Ubersuggest: Legit Software? [Review & Alternatives] 50

Here are some common praises and criticisms from users:

“Ubersuggest is the easiest way to get relevant keywords and spy on your competitors as a site owner. It not only supplies in-time opportunities, it also audits and suggests ways to improve your site. Meanwhile, it is very easy to navigate the tool and integrate it into your own business.”

“Great experience overall for such a reliable service at a very affordable pricing. Much cheaper than any of the similar tools available.”

“Terrible product, in rare cases it offers correct data. This engine gives the same keyword two different scores. Turns out they acknowledge the issue, but never bothered to update their customers. I’m not sure why they are getting such high scores. Their customer service is trash as well.”

Our findings show that users generally had both positive and negative experiences with this product. Here are the pros and cons according to users.

Benefits of Ubersuggest

  • Ubersuggest free tool provides valuable keyword data and content ideas.
  • The tool’s dashboard is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • Ubersuggest offers insights into search engine rankings, backlinks, and domain authority.
  • The keyword suggestions provided by Ubersuggest are relevant and helpful for SEO.
  • The AI Writer feature is useful in generating content ideas.

Drawbacks of Ubersuggest

  • The free version of Ubersuggest has limitations on the amount of data provided, making it less useful for in-depth analysis.
  • Users have reported discrepancies between Ubersuggest’s keyword difficulty score and actual ranking difficulty.
  • Some users have experienced slow loading times or glitches with the tool’s interface.

Overall, Ubersuggest has a customer rating of 4.2/5 stars on g2.

Is Ubersuggest Worth It?

Based on our observations, ubersuggest is undoubtedly worth the investment for any website or business looking to enhance its SEO strategy.

Ubersuggest: Legit Software? [Review & Alternatives] 51

With an array of features such as keyword research, traffic analyzer, and backlink tracking available on both their free and paid plans, it’s a worthwhile tool to use when crafting your content marketing plan.

Furthermore, user reviews consistently praise Ubersuggest’s ease of use and helpfulness in identifying related keywords and content ideas.

Our research indicates that although there are alternatives available in the market like SEMrush or Ahrefs that offer similar functionality at higher prices, Ubersuggest offers excellent value with its lifetime plan option while also being accessible for those who can only afford to use its free version.


In conclusion, Ubersuggest is a powerful SEO tool that can significantly enhance your website’s ranking and traffic. It provides a range of features, including keyword suggestions, site ranking analysis, content ideas, and competitor research.

With its user-friendly interface and affordable pricing options, Ubersuggest is an ideal choice for businesses looking to bolster their SEO efforts without breaking the bank.

While other tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs offer more advanced functionalities at higher prices, Ubersuggest remains one of the best value-for-money options on the market.

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Ubersuggest: Legit Software? [Review & Alternatives] 40

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