Vipon Amazon: Legit App? [2023 Review]

Do you shop online frequently? If so, you must be trying to find ways to save money when making purchases. Joining a coupon or voucher code site is a good method to accomplish that.

A voucher code site is the kind of site that offers vouchers, coupons and various discount codes. An example is, where shoppers can get the best offers and discounts for goods sold on Amazon. The fact that customers can even receive discounts of up to 50% and more amazing deals is the greatest feature of this website.

But is this actually the case? Is Vipon’s claim that it offers free and discounted Amazon products genuine, or is it merely a scam offering fake discounts to encourage users to sign up? In this review, we will take a deeper look at Vipon amazon to determine whether it is the best coupon site for you to use.

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Vipon Amazon: Legit App? [2023 Review] 13

Vipon Amazon Review

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What is Vipon Amazon?

Vipon is a website that provides its members with special discounts on thousands of Amazon products. It was introduced a number of years ago by AMZ Tracker as a means of assisting Amazon sellers and business owners gain visibility and sales velocity for their goods through higher sales.

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Prior to changing to Vipon in 2016, it was known as the AMZ Review Trader. The key distinction is that customers are no longer required to leave reviews for the items they buy on Amazon.

Once you sign up on their website or using their free Vipon app, you can access the variety of discount coupons and featured deals advertised through Vipon which allow you to purchase products through Amazon at a discounted price.

This is especially beneficial for frequent Amazon shoppers as they will find crazy Amazon deals with Vipon on products that they would have purchased for more on Amazon itself.

Amazon resellers can benefit greatly from Vipon as well. Companies can promote their goods at a discount, which boosts sales, draws in new clients, and brings about favorable product reviews.

This enables them to move higher in the Amazon search results or get better product placement on best-seller lists, which boosts sales.

Members of Vipon are not obligated to leave good reviews on every product they buy, but they are urged to do so in order to attract more sellers to use the site and provide them with even better product discounts.

The exclusive Vipon app is available for both Android and iOS devices on the Google Playstore and Apple Store. It is available in 9 different countries; US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan and India.

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What features does Vipon have to offer?


Vipon offers a variety of hot new deals to choose from. The discounts Vipon provides often vary from 50% to 100%. That discount rate is actually quite nice. If you use it, you will be able to make huge savings.

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You must purchase it through their website rather than make in app purchases on Amazon in order to receive the discount.

Together with receiving a discount on your purchase, using the deal will earn you points that can be later exchanged for cash.

Referral program

By inviting or referring friends to join Vipon, you can gain points.

You will both randomly receive a reward of 10 to 100 points in return. By asking individuals to join, you can accumulate up to 300 points every day.

Their referral scheme has the advantage of paying you up front. Before you and your referral receive the prize, your recruit does not need to fulfill any requirements or conditions. They only need to register for Vipon.

Product reviews

Writing product reviews is another way to get rewards. On their website, there isn’t a lot of detail about how this feature operates, but it is one of the ways you can be compensated/ rewarded.

To review a product, you must first apply. After you have completed your product review and your application has been approved, you will receive a free product.

Vipon points

Vipon rewards its members with points every time they complete a task. This feature allows you to earn money on Vipon as you can exchange your points for money

Just checking into the website, writing comments, obtaining coupons, and inviting friends to the site will all earn you points.

There will be a cap on the number of times you can attempt certain daily tasks in order to earn points. For instance, you can only earn points by using coupons three times every day.

They take this precaution to prevent system abuse by users who merely click on deals to obtain coupons and gain points rather than making genuine purchases.

Your acquired points will be automatically converted into cash by Vipon. The value of 100 points is equal to $1. When your balance reaches $50, you can withdraw it using PayPal.

You can only withdraw your cash in this way. You may have to wait a while before you can withdraw your money because the threshold is pretty high and you can only earn a maximum of 324 points per day.

This kind of earning opportunity is essentially just a bonus you can receive for using the website frequently.

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How does Vipon work?

To sign up with Vipon, you will need to go to the website and join as a buyer. You can sign up using your Facebook account, Google account or your email and password.

The next prompt will ask you for your gender, but you can skip it if you don’t want to provide that information. Also, you will be asked to choose three interests from a variety of categories.

Is it Legit?

You can skip this step to have a more generalized feed with a wider selection of products, but choosing your interests will subscribe you to these categories and display you special discounts according to your preferences.

You can begin browsing for relevant discounts as soon as your account is set up. The homepage features top bargains, but you can also use the search box or the categories section to look for particular products and browse the product listings.

Simply click the “get coupon” button when you’ve find a product and discount that piques your interest to request the discount and receive your deal vouchers. After that, you will receive a unique discount code.

Copy this coupon code and paste it into the “Gift Cards, Vouchers & Promotions” box when you’re checking out on Amazon. Then, find that particular product there again while making sure it’s the right one from the same seller. Once your discount has been applied, proceed with your regular checkout on Amazon.

It’s important to remember that promotional codes can expire at any time, so you should always use them as soon as you can after obtaining them.

There are also a few other guidelines that members of Vipon must follow. First off, only 150 discount codes may be requested in a single calendar month with a limit of 20 vouchers within a 24-hour period; so choose your purchases wisely.

You can keep track of the number of deals you have requested on the ‘My Deal Request Tab’ which can be found on the top right of their dashboard. Your discount codes are also not transferable to anybody else.

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Pros of Vipon

Free sign up

You will not be required to give any payment information because signing up is quick, simple, and free. You only need an email address, a Google account, or a Facebook account.

Great deals

Vipon offers active shoppers great deals on a wide range of Amazon products. Every day, upcoming deals are posted to the website and the items and discounts are continuously updated. Vipon offers instant deals on most amazon products.

User-friendly platform

The website has tools that let you customize your feed to match your particular areas of interest and is really simple to explore. This makes it simple to keep an eye out for discounts on particular products and prevents you from being overrun with offers on items you’re just not interested in buying.

Cons of Vipon

Limited discount codes

For any advertised product, there are a certain amount of discount codes available.

This means that in order to use a coupon for a product you want, you must act quickly before it expires. You can miss out on opportunities if you’re not frequently on Vipon, especially for absolutely free products.

Cap on shopping vouchers

You are only permitted to utilize 150 discount vouchers each month as a Vipon member. Some customers would not have a problem with this, but certain ardent shoppers might.

Mostly no-name brands are available

Vipon only deals with Amazon products and the majority of the intriguing offers come from smaller Amazon sellers hoping to promote their goods. Major brand deals are hard to come by. This could be discouraging if you prefer to purchase big name-brand products.

Conclusion: Is Vipon Legit? is a legitimate website where users may request discounts and deals on goods they can buy on Amazon. In essence, it is a website where buyers and sellers can establish a profitable partnership.

Buyers receive discounts and deals from the seller after which they leave comments. Deal alerts on the buyers’ preferred categories are available daily making the site simple and friendly to use.

I would recommend this platform for avid Amazon shoppers since the many discounts and deals available make it worth it for shoppers to join, helping shoppers save money.

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Vipon Amazon: Legit App? [2023 Review] 13

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