Viral Income System: Legit or Scam? [2023 Review]

The Viral Income System is an online program that helps people make money online working remotely.

It claims to help people break free from mediocrity by empowering them with the tools and education they need to become financially free in an economy riddled with uncertainty.

In this Viral Income System review, we take a closer look at how it works, what it has to offer, and whether it is legit. Keep reading to learn more.

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Viral Income System: Legit or Scam? [2023 Review] 7

Viral Income System Review

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What is the Viral Income System?

The Viral Income System is a new program that was recently launched and has been causing quite a buzz because many internet marketers have been recommending it to their email lists. It has also gotten a lot of traction on social networks like twitter, youtube, tiktokm facebook, instagram, and even telegram.

The name “Viral Income System” Implies that you earn via something viral and it reminds me of Tai Lopez Viral Video Influencer Agency.

By the way if you want to join the Viral Income System use this link for a discount.

Viral Income System Review

According to the creator, what the system does is let you earn a portion of a $55 billion system.

If you break it down, they say that you get paid when people receive emails from you and click on your links.

This is how websites like Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC make a lot of money; large companies pay to advertise via your systems. So, according to the creator here, you will be getting paid when people click on certain links that you send to them.

According to him, you can earn 6-figure commissions:

Viral income testimonials

In one of the emails they share, you have someone earning $75,554 by driving viral traffic to one affiliate link and earning huge backend commissions from that system:

viral income system drive traffic and backend commissions

You will have access to an email that gets unlimited free visitors on its own without having to do the work of getting traffic yourself.

And to promote that email, you will have a high-converting page that has the most exciting and clickable emails on the web to generate income. They give it to you when you join the system.

The Viral Income System has nothing to do with:

  • Bitcoin or other crypto currencies
  • It is not about taking paid surveys as you’d see with programs like Survey VoicesSurvey Junkie, and Opinion City.
  • It is not about doing any Facebook Ads
  • It is not about SEO or Google where you deal with things like target keywords, and ctr.
  • It is not about Shopify or eCommerce

The creator behind the program also insists that it is not a get-rich quick scheme and that it is not for you if you are looking for a guru who promises you millions overnight. It is merely an avenue to earn money.

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How The Viral Income System Works

The Viral Income System is meant to tap into the $55 billion dollar digital marketing industry (estimated value). And it does that by leveraging email marketing and some form of affiliate program.

The income system is broken down to five steps:

  • You Login with your details
  • You connect your income streams
  • You pick a money page
  • You send emails
  • You collect your commissions

What is Email Marketing

Email Marketing refers to a form of digital marketing where you send an email, typically to a group of people and in the email, you send advertisements or request business.

Email marketing tries to build loyalty and trust, or create awareness about a brand.

In the case of viral income system, you will be sending email messages with the purpose of marketing a merchant’s products. If they purchase through the link you provide, you earn a commission.

Big brands use email marketing to get repeat business, acquire new customers, or convince current customers to purchase something immediately.

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How To Join Viral Income System

When you join the Viral Income System, you will be getting into the Beta Tester program. You will be signing up for the Beta Tester Package, which includes beta tester access and resell rights to the Viral Income System.

You get paid when people click on emails. You also earn from multiple income streams and the ability to earn big high ticket commissions all inside one system.

To qualify to become a beta tester, you have to match three special requirements:

Requirement #1: You should know how to write, copy, paste, and send emails. Those are the essential steps you will be taking when working with the program.

Requirement #2: You should NOT be the kind of person that opens emails and doesn’t click on them. I suppose this means that you should be open to clicking other people’s links so that you qualify.

Requirement #3: You should agree to connect all your income streams. They don’t explain what this means but it is a requirement.

Now that you qualify for the program, you will be led to second page (when you click the link on the landing page) where you will create your account and pay for the Beta Tester Package. The squeeze page looks like this:

Viral Income System squeeze page

When you fill in your details at the squeeze page, you find yourself on this page with a video presentation.

Viral Income System Review

And after that, you will be taken to the order page:

viral income system order page

As for the payment platform they use, they are quite flexible as you can get paid through a variety of platforms:

Viral Income System payment systems

To get you to sign up for the program, they create a sense of urgency with the following message:

viral income system

This is a common market tactic used to get people to sign up for something quickly.

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What You Get When You Join The Viral Income System

The first thing you get is the Beta Tester package. There are two bonuses that comes with your purchase:

BONUS #1: Million Dollar Email Swipe File

Making money by sending emails works only if you know what to write in your email that make people open, click and buy. When you buy the Viral Income System, you receive over 1,000+ of the highest converting email campaigns that the creator has used. You can download and profit from them. A good email will direct people to your website where they will across Google Adsense ads.

When you are creating content, ensure that you don’t duplicate it because search engines will punish you for such content.

BONUS #2: High Converting Money Pages

In order to get your share of the 55 billion dollar pie, you need high converting Money Pages. The creator of the program will give you access to his best ones as a bonus for taking action and purchasing the Viral Income System.

Viral Income System Pricing

The Viral Income System costs $49 and you pay that one-time.

Viral Income System Review

They provide you with a secure payment channel that is protected by military grade 128 bit encryption. You can stay in the knowledge that your credit card details are safe, secured, and never accessed or shared by anyone.

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Money Back Guarantee

The Money Back Guarantee is a bit confusing because in some cases, they promise a 60-day grace period:

60-day money-back guarantee

While in others, they provide you with a 30-day money-back guarantee:

30-day money-back guarantee

I am more inclined to go with the 30-day guarantee, which states:

We will protect your start-up investment for a full 30-Days with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That’s right, you are either 100% satisfied, or we part as friends with your initial List Leverage package start-up fees back in your pocket.

To avoid confusion, read the terms of sale as you sign up for the program because that’s where you get the clearest indication of what you are signing up for.

For example, here are the terms of sale via one of the links:

– Explodely Refund Policy will allow for the return of any product within 60 days from the date of purchase.

– Data submitted in conjunction with this purchase is handled within the curtailment of our Privacy Policy.

– The geographic location of your computer has been recorded. All attempts at fraud will be prosecuted.

– You consent to receive a SMS message for order fulfillment.

– You consent to have your email, address, and phone number securely stored and pre-filled on future purchases.

– By entering your e-mail address and phone number above, you consent to Explodely sharing that information with the seller and/or affiliate related to this product, for order fulfilment and marketing purposes.

Once you read that, you can decide whether the terms are acceptable to you or not.

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Is The Viral Income System Legit?

I think the Viral Income System is legit but I will not be recommending it to you.

As per the marketing material and the official site, you get the impression that you can expect a lot of great things from this income system. With these forms of recommendations, usually a lot is promised and they give you very good reasons why you should buy it.

The best thing to do is to conduct your your research on any income system that you are interested in buying on the internet that promises to show you how to earn passive income. This will enable you to decide whether The Viral Income System is something you can invest your money and time in.

When you make any investment both online and offline, you should have total clarity. You should not just rely on what an advert, friend, or even affiliate recommends because they have a vested interest in selling you something. You should try to see through the marketing language to make a wise decision based on the facts.

User Reviews

When it comes to online programs, you should read other people’s experiences, opinions, and comments with it to get a gist of what signing up for it will be like.

Unfortunately, there aren’t that many reviews or videos of users of the income system, which means finding out the truth about how it works is that much harder. It is understandable because this program is relatively new.

However, there was one review on the order page of the official website that read:

Over $350,000 Dollars With ONE Income Stream!

“When you have the power of earning from clicks on emails, things change! Now you can get paid even if no one buys anything! Plus I’ve earned an additional $350,000 dollars from OTHER STUFF that people decided to buy from me anyways! WOW!”

Testimonials that are on the order page of a program never give you an accurate depiction of what the program is about.

Therefore, if you try the program and find that you have something to say in relation to this income system or the creator in general, do not hesitate to share it with others.

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Viral Income System Conclusion

When you want to build an online business and become a successful digital marketer, you should always seek additional tools to complement your knowledge because the industry is ever-changing. You should also learn about things like the hottest wordpress theme, how to generate more traffic, content creation, how to react to trending news, just to mention a few.

For example, you can find additional information on YouTube to complement what you learned in The Viral Income System. Learn more about the Viral Income System to get more out of it if you have chosen to go for it. There are many other programs you can try out too.

If you want to try the Viral Income System go here for the best discount.

The more proactive you are when searching for information, the better your chances of success with this income system.

The Viral Income System is not the best program out there that handles the subject of online marketing. There are others that will give you a seamless introduction to marketing or level up your previous experience if you are already a marketer.

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If you’re tired of scams and want a real solution for making money online check out my no.1 recommendation.

It’s helped me earn over $300,000 in the last 12 months alone:

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Viral Income System: Legit or Scam? [2023 Review] 7

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