Wealth Ascension System – Scam or Legit?

Wealth Ascension System is a new money making product by Matthew Neer. Matthew came into the internet marketing world a few years back and has become very successful as an affiliate marketer and launching his own products, but is his Wealth Ascension System a scam or is it legit? I’m giving my full opinion below.

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Wealth Ascension System – Initial Thoughts

So what are my initial thoughts when it comes to Wealth Ascension System? I’ll be honest, to me it looks like another WarriorPlus product that offers a lot of hype but is probably rehashed junk. That is just what it “seems” like to me. I’ve seen a lot of products like this launch and the majority of them are the same. They talk about some new “glitch” to do with making money and how you can profit off it. Then a month later they basically release the same product and call it something different.

In my experience products just like this launch everyday on WarriorPlus, I’m actually surprised people keep buying them but I guess it’s the whole shiny object syndrome that people talk about online where something new and better comes out and people want it. That’s really the reason so few people see success online because often they will buy a new product without even implementing the old one. Is Wealth Ascension System just rehashed crap like the others? Let’s find out…

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First off I want to talk a little about Matthew Neer. It’s so common now to see actors on the sales pages for new products you often wonder whether these guys are legit or not. So is this guy actually called Matthew Neer and is he actually a real guy? Fortunately he is. This is actually the “real” Matthew Neer, there’s no actors here! I’ve seen various products launch from Matthew over the past few years and I’ve seen him promote a number of products (I am on his email list).

Generally speaking Matthew promotes okay products. I say “okay” because in my opinion they’re never amazing. They are quite often other WarriorPlus products, but the good news is he never promotes scammy looking products, you know the ones that basically offer you millions for doing absolutely nothing apart from activating some software? I’m talking about the likes of Rubix Project and Neuro Trader which are basically 2 scams offering zero value but promising the world.

What Is Wealth Ascension System?

After taking a closer look I can see that Matthew Neer makes his money using what he calls his “Wealth Ascension System” hence the product name. Essentially what it means is he promotes products where when someone buys they are offered other products known as up-sells, so in other words the customer “ascends” his product line (or whatever he is promoting) and he makes more money. This is something that all successful businesses do well. Look at a big company like Apple for example. You might start off with an iPod or an iPhone and before you know it you end up buying an iPad or Laptop or even their big computer the iMac. They will “ascend” you through their product range in order to make more money. The same happens with cars too and basically every successful industry out there.

If done properly this model works very well. I’ve personally used it myself in a couple of business opportunities. What I personally found is that even though more people will buy your lower priced products, you’ll tend to make more money from the higher priced products even though less buy them.

Wealth Ascension System – Training

So what are you actually getting when you buy into this product? You are getting training showing you how to get traffic, build a list and promote products. The products you’ll be able to promote are actually Matthew Neers products. He has a number of products and he is going to give you 100% commissions on some of them and 50% on others. This basically means that you get to benefit from being the product owner without spending time making the product which is a big bonus.

Wealth Ascension System Conclusion

So we have come to the end and the question is, am I recommending this product? Unfortunately I am not!

The reason I’m not recommending it is because despite it being okay I feel there’s a better solution for you.

I think this product is very limited and the majority of people who buy it won’t make a penny.

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Wealth Ascension System - Scam or Legit? 7

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