What Is Thrive? Scam Reviews or Legit Business Opportunity?

If you’re reading this chances are you heard about Le-Vel Thrive Experience and now you’re either looking for a real review or you’re wondering what is Thrive?

There are so many fake reviews out there. It’s either people bashing the company to promote their own gig or they are giving completely biased reviews in order to sign you up as a distributor so I’ve decided to give one of few real reviews so you can make an informed decision about whether or not to get started.

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level thrive experience

What Is Thrive – Le-Vel Thrive Experience

Le-Vel Thrive sell a range of products which are mainly weight loss/management products. I’ll go into more detail about their product line later in this review, but essentially they have branded themselves well as a premium lifestyle company. It’s hard to know exactly what that means, but I guess it means that their products revolve around having a better quality of life through better health both physically and mentally. According to WebMD (1) mental health affects 22% of Americans each year so it’s an important part of staying healthy.

They were founded in 2013 by Jason Camper and Paul Gravette who have years of experience in the direct selling industry.

So what are the products? Let’s take a closer look…

Thrive Product Levels

When it comes to MLM/Network Marketing if you want to succeed it’s important you have good products. The Thrive products are certainly branded well, much better than other similar companies. The whole premium lifestyle branding is serving them well and I’ve seen positive testimonials too which is another good thing.

Their 4 core products can be broken down as follows:

  • THRIVE|M – Formulated for men
  • THRIVE|W – Formulated for women
  • THRIVE Lifestyle Mix
  • THRIVE Lifestyle DFT

The image below gives you some more details on what each product covers:


I have not personally tried the products however after doing some more research I have found positive reviews about them. It’s recommended you do an 8 week course to get the most benefits. The product Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix is gluten free which is a hot topic. There are many mixed opinions on the effects of gluten. WebMD claims to know the truth about gluten (2).

Now we move onto what is in my opinion the most important part of this review. The compensation plan!

The Business Opportunity

I was surprised to find that it’s actually free to join the company but you do have to maintain a personal volume of 100 in order to be paid.

Rather than go into detail on their exact compensation plan here’s some visuals to do that job:

comp plan for thrive 1

thrive - what is thrive

thrive comp pan 3The compensation plan is pretty good, but I have seen better. As a car lover my favourite part of their compensation plan is the car bonus. However it’s not the best car bonus scheme I have seen. As I’m part of a company right now that will let you pick any car you want when you hit the necessary ranks.

Thrive Experience Reviews – My Conclusion

So is this company a scam? Definitely not! After taking a closer look I’m happy to say they’re not a scam and if you’re interested in buying their products give them a try.

That being said I won’t be recommending them as a business opportunity.

So what do I recommend?

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