Whitney Tilson SWAB: Legit Investment?

Welcome to my review of Whitney Tilson’s presentation about something he calls “SWaB.”

In the presentation, Whitney talks about how the SWaB phenomenon will be at the center of a $28 trillion global reset whereby the United States will commit $369 billion, how companies like Google, Tesla, and Apple are already positioning themselves ahead of its occurrence and how this could be yet another chance to see as much as 50X gains in your investment.

In this article, you get to find out what Whitney Tilson is referring to as SWaB, how big of a deal it is, the company he is backing amid all of it, and whether you can legitimately see those kinds of gains in your investment.

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Whitney Tilson SWAB: Legit Investment? 7

Whitney Tilson SWAB Investment Review

Introduction to Whitney Tilson SWAB Investment

Whitney Tilson believes that we are on the cusp of a once-in-a-century breakthrough called SWaB that will have a bigger impact on the world than the internet.

He claims that SWaB will be crucial to 5G, AI, Quantum Computing, Blockchain, Augmented Reality “and almost every other modern technology you can think of.”

Whitney Tilson SWAB Investment

So, what is Whitney Tilson talking about? What is SWaB and why does he think that it will be the driver of other technological advancements?

SWaB is a combination of three existing technologies in the energy industry: SWaB stands for Solar, Wind and Battery.

Whitney says that when you combine the three technologies together, then it’s not just about energy anymore. It becomes all about money, profits, and new business opportunities.

He says that SWaB is not about just solar, or just wind, or just batteries. He says that it is a whole new system that works in very precise algorithmic combinations and unlike solar energy and wind energy on their own, SWaB promises 24-hour energy.

That is in reference to the fact that solar and wind energy are intermittent sources of energy that cannot be relied upon on their own.

Whitney says that when you bring the three of them together into the system he’s referring to as SWaB, it brings the costs down unlike batteries on their own, which are an expensive way to store energy.

Whitney says that SWaB also happens to be a part of Elon Musk’s Masterplan III of “shifting the entire energy infrastructure of Earth.”

He is confident that SWaB will happen because Elon Musk has a track record of following through with his “masterplans” of which this is part of his third one.

Besides, he believes the SWaB breakthrough will disrupt the $3.4 trillion energy industry and completely disrupt $100 trillion in global assets.

He believes that the disruption is already underway because in January, President Biden issued an Executive Order that calls for an economy that relies on “SWaB” which could create millions of new jobs.

And it’s not just the government investing in SWaB, other corporate entities are putting up a lot of money. Whitney mentions that there are already investments like:

  • Apple, which is investing over $4.7 billion into SWaB
  • Amazon pouring billions into SWaB, including 274 projects across the world
  • Tesla has already invested over $10 billion, with billions more in the pipeline
  • Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has invested $36 billion into SWaB and is planning to invest many more billions
  • And Saudi Arabia, a country whose economy depends mostly on fossil fuels, is investing $80 billion into SWaB projects

Whitney points out that Saudi Arabia wants to wean itself away from oil dependency and will be relying heavily on SWaB.

Whitney Tilson says, “the House of Saud, the richest energy family in the world with a net worth estimated to be greater than the 10 richest people in the world combined… is building a SWaB project that will deliver clean energy to 50 hotels, an international airport, and 1,300 residential properties.”

How to invest in SWaB

How does Whitney Tilson want to invest in Solar-Wind-and Batteries?

He wants to invest in a mineral that will be used to produce the gadgets and equipment that will be used.

While lithium is a mineral that would be in consideration, he is ruling it out because it is just critical for one of the SWaB technologies, batteries (if you are looking at Lithium stocks, check out Keith Kohl’s take on what he calls “Infinite Lithium”).

In this case Whitney is targeting one mineral that he believes is critical for all three SWaB technologies. He refers to it as “an investor’s ‘pot of gold’.|

How does SWaB rely on this one mineral? Whitney says, “the average wind turbine in the U.S., which generates around 3 megawatts of energy, requires 4.7 tons of this mineral. To generate the same 3 megawatts of energy, solar panels require 15.5 tons of the mineral. Together, electricity generated with SWaB requires 6 times more of this key mineral than your current electricity.”

And to top it off, he says that the mineral also plays a critical role in other rapidly growing technologies, like EVs, 5G, and the Internet of Things (“IoT”).

When it comes to companies that are playing an active role in the disruption of the energy market with SWaB, Whitney singles out Texas Energy Ventures. It is a business unit of Texas that is meant to be an official electricity retailer in the State of Texas to deal directly with customers.

Whitney Tilson believes that this vindicates his belief that Elon Musk is enacting Masterplan III. He goes so far as to say that it is very similar to how Jeff Bezos completely changed the game in retail because he doesn’t believe that Elon’s Tesla will stop at Texas.

He says that Tesla already is or is in the process of becoming a retail electricity provider in multiple locations around the world.

Having said that, he is not recommending that you go out and buy shares of Tesla because it is already a $950 billion company. He says that due to it being so big, even if SWaB adds hundreds of billions of dollars to Tesla’s bottom line, the upside potential won’t be big enough to change your life.

Therefore, to maximize the opportunity, he wants you to target the smaller companies that will take advantage of these massive disruptions. It is the same approach we’ve seen before where investment gurus like Bill Spencer (Profits from Apple Cars) and Ray Blanco (Is Tesla’s Million Mile Battery Real?) advise people to go for the pick and shovel companies rather than the big corporation.

He has set his sights on a little-known Canadian company that he claims has been quietly buying out strategic land in different continents to mine the all important mineral. The company has a few things going for it that make it an attractive prospect in Tilson’s eyes:

  • The company’s revenue is soaring,
  • They are on track to increase output by 102% by 2023,
  • They have an elite management team,
  • They have one of the industry’s lowest costs to produce “Gold 2.0,” and”
  • They are a market leader.

On top of that, Whitney is a fan because the company is committed to mining in an efficient and environmentally sustainable manner, which is a big deal in a world where ESG scores inform investment decisions.

Whitney Tilson has shared all the details of this company, including its ticker symbol and what price to buy at, in a special report titled Gold 2.0: Tap Into the Most Lucrative Vein of the SWaB Revolution.

He will send you a free copy of the report if you take a risk-free trial of his monthly investment research advisory, Empire Stock Investor.

Who is Whitney Tilson?

Whitney Tilson is the founder and CEO of a boutique investment research firm called Empire Financial Research, which aims to provide advice, commentary, and in-depth research and analysis to help people all around the world become better investors.

Whitney Tilson has more than 18 years of experience as a value investor and hedge fund manager. He also has a platform to help investors learn how to become rich and profitable by following the right investment path.

Speaking of Whitney Tilson’s achievements, he has co-authored two books on investing, The Art of Value Investing: How the World’s Best Investors Beat the Market (released in 2013) and More Mortgage Meltdown: 6 Ways to Profit in These Bad Times (released in 2009).

Mr. Whitney Tilson has an MBA from the Harvard Business School and a bachelor’s degree in Government from Harvard College. He currently lives in Manhattan with his wife and daughters.

How Does Whitney Tilson’s Empire Stock Investor Work?

Empire Stock Investor is an advisory service whereby every month, Whitney shares with his readers his favorite stock ideas that his team has researched in depth. He reveals the ideas that they are convinced have big upside potential as well as downside protection.

When you sign up for Empire Stock Investor, in addition to the first report, you also get two more special reports for free:

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  • A FREE electronic copy of Tilson’s new book, The Art of Playing Defense: How to Get Ahead by Not Falling Behind

Subscription Options: There are three subscription options available, such as Basic Subscription, Deluxe Subscription, and Platinum Subscription.

Is Whitney Tilson’s SWaB Pitch Legit?

Whitney Tilson’s SWaB pitch is legit?

Whitney Tilson is a credible investment analyst who has worked in the finance industry for a long time. He has been through it all: managing hedge funds as well as making predictions on TV that have come true. He appears to be someone you can go to for insights on how to invest.

And that’s without taking into account his track record of picking winning stocks over the years. Therefore, when he says that the Solar, Wind, and Battery is the next major trend, you can take him at his word. Besides, he is also not out of tune with what’s been happening in the energy market.

For example, last year, when there was a short supply of a critical mineral required for batteries, Musk promised a “giant contract for a long period of time” to any company able to mine in an efficient and environmentally sustainable manner. So, a company that mines vital minerals such as the one Tilson is touting is bound to be marketable.

That being said, his past successes don’t guarantee that he will be right about the market this time. He may be wrong and all his recommendations may flop.

Key Takeaway from Whitney Tilson’s SWaB Presentation

It feels like everyone these days is talking about the energy market, and renewable sources in particular. And you can’t blame them because there has been a massive shift in policy and trends over the past few years globally.

In this presentation, he tries to cover  a lot of what seems to be getting people’s attention in the energy sector. He talks about solar, wind, and batteries. Then he goes down the well-worn path of recommending a pick and shovel company that will participate in a massive disruption.

If you are a fan of Whitney Tilson’s work, this is worth taking into account. But as I said earlier, you should approach everything with a healthy dose of skepticism because it is not personal advice. You have to factor your personal situation in before you take anything you read on board.

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Whitney Tilson SWAB: Legit Investment? 7

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