WikiTrader Scam – My REAL Review!

Today I’m looking at WikiTrader which is a new binary options scam! Don’t be fooled by their fancy looking website and video, this system is without a doubt a huge binary scam and you should avoid it. I’m sharing my full review below giving all the details on Wiki Trader, so keep reading for the full review.

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WikiTrader – What A Joke!

WikiTrader is without a joke of a system and a complete scam. I’ve just been checking out some other reviews people have done saying how amazing it is and to be honest that doesn’t surprise me. There are a lot of affiliates who are promoting this new system and saying how amazing it is. The truth is they just want to earn a commission for referring you to it and in reality it’s a complete scam that won’t make you a penny. WikiTrader is just one of many scams that have launched this week. Some other scams that are gaining a lot of attention are The Cash Loophole and AurumTech.


The women in the sales video claims to be called Kelly Wallace. I don’t know whether this is her name or not but one thing I do know for sure is that she is an actor! She’s definitely not the real creator behind this system. She makes claims that her WikiTrader software can make you $8,600 per month on complete autopilot but it’s a fraud.

The truth is the real owner of this website gets paid a commission when he refers someone to his “recommended” binary options broker. This is how the binary options scams work. They’re actually pretty simple really. The owners of these scam websites like WikiTrader create a website with a sales video where the goal is basically to get you to believe that you can make a fortune from binary options and all you need to do is follow the steps. The main step being that you need to make a deposit of $250 at the broker they recommend. As soon as you sign up and make a deposit the scammer behind this website gets paid. There job is now done because they have been paid and they couldn’t care a less about your success.

The actual software you access? A complete fraud that won’t make you a penny. Usually with binary scams like this the software is actually created by the broker and it’s designed to lose. You see binary options brokers won’t make a penny from you unless you lose money, so they make sure that you lose by giving you access to software programs that simply don’t work. They literally rig the software so that it automatically places LOSING trades. Believe it or not this is how most binary brokers operate because it is a very dodgy and dangerous industry full of scams. The USA have even banned a lot of binary brokers from operating inside the states because of the bad practices they deploy to scam people out of their money.

WikiTrader – Conclusion & Recommendation

In my opinion WikiTrader is a complete scam you need to avoid. Don’t believe the fake reviews that are out there.

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