Zen Trader Scam – The Only REAL Review!

Zen Trader is a new binary scam that’s gaining popularity! After hearing about it earlier today I knew I needed to investigate and find out what it was all about. After taking a closer look it’s clear to me it’s another scam and you’ll definitely want to stay far away from it. You can read my full review here and discover the real truth about this system.

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Zen Trader – The Real Truth

I don’t know whether my review is the first one you have read for Zen Trader but either way you’re lucky you’ve landed here. This system is a complete scam however many blogs out there will tell you it’s amazing. The people who write the blog posts saying how amazing this system is are affiliates and you shouldn’t trust them. The truth is this system is a complete scam no different to others like Electoral Profits and Click Money System and you won’t make a penny from it. It will cost you $250 to get started so it’s not free and you’ll lose that $250 within a couple of days.

When you actually sign up to use the Zen Trader you need to sign up with the binary options broker they recommend. The reason the Zen Trader website recommends a particular broker is not because that broker is good but it’s because that’s the broker they have chosen to partner with on the scam. When you sign up and make a deposit of $250 which is the minimum amount to get started the broker pays the Zen Trader owner a commission. That is all the Zen Trader owners care about, they do not care about your success and the software you will actually get access to doesn’t work. It is designed to lose and will make terrible trades until it’s literally drained your account to nothing.

Unfortunately this is not where the scam ends for most people. Sure it’s bad losing $250 but many people lose far more because the binary options brokers are the real crooks here. Sure the Zen Trader website owners are bad but they don’t have anything on the binary brokers as I’ll explain below.

Zen Trader – Beware of Scam Brokers!

Like I mentioned the owners of the Zen Trader are definitely scammers but they’re not nearly as dangerous as the brokers themselves. The brokers have a team of sales people who will call you up and try and convince you to deposit more money. These people do not care about your success and they will use any tactics they have to get you to deposit more. Some people have literally lost life savings in binary options scams. The brokers will email you and call you and they will talk about how much money they can make for you. All you need to do is make a bigger deposit and then they will manage that money for you and turn it into far more money. Don’t be fooled by this though because it’s a scam. The brokers operate like casinos and they only make money when you lose money so why would they want to help you make money? It’s like a casino owner saying he wants to help you make money it just doesn’t make any sense when you really understand how it all works. The only reason they want you to deposit more money is because the more you deposit, the more THEY will make.

I’ve read many reports online of people losing $1,000’s and one person even lost their entire life savings of $500,000. It’s a real shame but it just shows how important it is that you do your due diligence when it comes to binary scams like Zen Trader.

Zen Trader – Fake Testimonials, Actors & Reviews

As I briefly mentioned above there are many fake reviews saying how amazing this system is. You shouldn’t believe these reviews as they are put together by affiliates who earn a commission when you sign up. Naturally they write positive reviews in the hope you will sign up via their affiliate link. Don’t trust the results that these reviews claim as they are fake.

Also on the website for Zen Trader there are many fake testimonials. You may wonder whether these are real however they are 100% fake and the people giving these reviews are simply actors. You can pay people as little as $5 to give a fake testimonial and there are many websites out there where you can buy this service. The scammers take advantage of it so that they can make their system look legitimate even though it’s not.

Zen Trader Conclusion & Recommendation

I’m not recommending the Zen Trader as it’s a scam. This won’t make you a penny and will only end with you losing money.

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