Zendrop Review: Best App For Dropshipping?

In the ever-growing e-commerce world, finding reliable and efficient drop-shipping solutions is crucial for success.

Zendrop is a game-changing platform designed to streamline your online business with its wide array of features and benefits. From vetted suppliers in China to custom packaging and fast shipping times, Zendrop has got you covered.

It is one of the most significant drop-shipping platforms in the ecommerce sector but does Zendrop live up to the hype?

In this Zendrop review, we examine Zendrop features, price, and other aspects including dropshipping model to help you decide if this platform is for you.

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Zendrop Review: Best App For Dropshipping? 49

Zendrop Review

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What is Zendrop

Zendrop assists e-commerce companies in managing their dropshipping operations. This covers inventory management, fulfillment, and contact with suppliers and consumers.


Zendrop boasts a plethora of features that make it an appealing option for ecommerce firms. They provide an all-in-one solution, including order administration, inventory management, fulfillment, and shipping.

Although drop-shipping is a fantastic business strategy, it is also very challenging. You are constantly at the mercy of your suppliers, and you are responsible for making things right if something goes wrong.

Along with fulfilling orders and providing excellent customer service, you also need to be excellent at branding and marketing. In this situation, Zendrop is useful.

Zendrop provides a user-friendly platform with all the tools and connectors required to efficiently manage a sizable corporate operation.

What is drop-shipping

Drop-shipping is a method for order fulfillment that enables online retailers to contract with a third party, usually a supplier, to handle the tasks of acquiring, storing, and shipping their items. It’s also become one of the most popular side hustles in 2023.

Zendrop Review: Best App For Dropshipping? 50

Although entrepreneurs looking for efficiency and cheap costs frequently favor this delivery strategy, there may be a cost, particularly in terms of the customer experience.

You advertise items and provide an online shop in a drop-shipping business model. When a consumer places an order, you transmit it to the drop-shipper and notify the customer that the items are on their way.

The remainder of the physical fulfillment procedure is beyond your control. In some drop-shipping agreements, you may also be responsible for customer support while the drop-shipping service handles actual items and fulfillment.

Who should use Zendrop?

Zendrop is great for anyone, especially novices, who use AliExpress for drop-shipping. For newcomers, it might be difficult to avoid some of the usual blunders and dubious sales practices employed by many AliExpress merchants.

Zendrop Review: Best App For Dropshipping? 51

Zendrop fundamentally streamlines the entire procedure. Zendrop will benefit even vendors with a huge number of sales.

If you’re just starting out and generating 30 sales a day of a certain item, being taken advantage of by a supplier might cost you thousands of dollars; Zendrop safeguards drop-shippers from this problem.

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Zendrop Key Features

Zendrop offers reliable vendors from China, custom packaging and private labeling options, fast shipping and automated fulfillment processes, competitive pricing for bulk ordering, access to real-time analytics and many more.

Reliable Suppliers From China

Reliable suppliers are the backbone of any successful drop-shipping business, and Zendrop understands that well by providing users with access to a network of high-quality Chinese suppliers.

Zendrop Review: Best App For Dropshipping? 52

Zendrop deals directly with suppliers and manufacturers to get you the best rates possible, leaving you with plenty of margins to work with.

These trusted manufacturers offer a range of products for eCommerce entrepreneurs, ensuring their customers receive items that meet or exceed expectations.

Furthermore, using reliable vendors also results in fewer refunds due to faulty or inconsistent goods. A strong partnership with trustworthy Chinese manufacturers not only enables smoother operations but also fuels long-term growth and success for online store owners.

Custom Packaging And Private Labeling

One of the standout features that sets Zendrop apart from other dropshipping platforms is its custom packaging and private labeling options.

Zendrop Review: Best App For Dropshipping? 53

These services allow e-commerce businesses to create a unique brand identity and elevate their customer experience, leading to higher customer satisfaction and increased sales.

In addition to customized packages, Zendrop offers custom branding opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to establish themselves as producers rather than just resellers.

This means that instead of shipping generic products directly from aliexpress suppliers, business owners can work with reliable vendors on Zendrop’s platform to create exclusive products featuring their own logo or brand name.

By doing so, companies using Zendrop not only enhance their reputation among customers but also gain more control over the quality of products they are selling in their dropshipping operations.

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Fast Shipping And Auto Fulfillment

Fast shipping and auto fulfillment are two of the most significant advantages Zendrop offers to e-commerce businesses. With Zendrop, entrepreneurs no longer need to worry about lengthy delivery times or complicated logistics associated with drop-shipping.

Zendrop Review: Best App For Dropshipping? 54

Zendrop’s automated fulfillment system streamlines the entire shipping process by sending order data from your Shopify store straight to suppliers via their API. This means you can skip time-consuming tasks like manually updating tracking information, ultimately saving you both time and effort in managing your drop-shipping business.

Furthermore, express shipping options further reduce lead times so that customers receive their orders promptly without compromising on quality.

Competitive Pricing And Bulk Ordering

Zendrop offers competitive pricing and bulk ordering to help e-commerce businesses increase their profit margins. By purchasing items in larger quantities, businesses can get wholesale prices that are lower than the retail price.

Zendrop Review: Best App For Dropshipping? 55

For example, if a business wants to sell phone cases online, they can use Zendrop to find a supplier with high-quality phone cases at a low price. They can then purchase these cases in bulk to save money and offer better prices to their customers.

With competitive pricing and bulk ordering options available on Zendrop, e-commerce businesses have the opportunity to improve their profit margins while offering affordable prices to their customers.

Real-time Analytics and Support

Zendrop offers real-time analytics and a support team which are essential for any e-commerce business. The platform provides valuable data that helps businesses understand their customers’ behavior, such as the top-selling products and the conversion rate.

Zendrop Review: Best App For Dropshipping? 56

Moreover, Zendrop’s support team provides excellent customer service with live chat support and email correspondence. Entrepreneurs who use Zendrop can easily reach out to its dedicated team for their inquiries or concerns 24/7.

In conclusion, by offering real-time analytics and exceptional customer support services, entrepreneurs have the tools they need to create more profitable online stores through Zendrop’s user-friendly platform.

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Integration With Shopify Stores

Integration with Shopify Stores is one of the key factors that makes Zendrop stand out from other dropshipping platforms.

Zendrop Review: Best App For Dropshipping? 57

This integration allows for a streamlined order fulfillment process, where orders are automatically imported into Zendrop and shipped out to customers without any manual input required.

This integration saves time and effort for entrepreneurs who own online stores on Shopify. It also enables them to access a wide range of products available on Zendrop’s marketplace effortlessly.

Entrepreneurs can take advantage of this feature by creating custom packaging with private labeling options through Zendop’s platform, improving the overall look-and-feel of their eCommerce business.

Furthermore, tracking numbers are generated in real-time which means that customers can easily track their packages throughout the shipping process.

Access To A Wide Range Of Products

With Zendrop, entrepreneurs have access to a vast array of products that can be added to their eCommerce stores. The platform offers an extensive selection of items, ranging from clothing and accessories to home decor and gadgets.

Zendrop Review: Best App For Dropshipping? 58

Entrepreneurs can import products with ease, thanks to the streamlined process on the platform.

Zendrop also allows users to browse trending items and winning products quickly. This feature is perfect for entrepreneurs looking for inspiration or those who want to jump on a new trend before it becomes oversaturated in the market.

Additionally, with Zendrop’s API integration set up between the supplier and user’s store platform, users receive real-time product information such as pricing & inventory levels; thus saving time when adding new product lines or verifying existing ones’ details without having manual updates.

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Zendrop Pricing

Zendrop has three price tiers: free, pro, and plus.

Free plan

One benefit of Zendrop is that if you only have one store and get fewer than 50 orders per month, you may utilize their service for free.

Zendrop Review: Best App For Dropshipping? 59

However, you’ll need to subscribe to either the Pro or Plus subscription if you want access to more sophisticated features and the capacity to link additional retailers. All options provide limitless product sourcing, round-the-clock live chat assistance, and access to more than 1 million goods.


For stores processing more than 50 orders each month, the Pro plan starts at $49 per month.

If you wish to use automated fulfillment, personalized packaging, and expedited shipment, you must upgrade to Pro. You will quickly recoup that monthly investment in time saved when you consider how long it takes to manually complete orders each day.

Zendrop provides a Pro free trial for those of you who wish to experience the premium features before you buy. The free trial is accessible through your billing dashboard.


Access to Product Bundles and Subscription Boxes, which may greatly raise customer lifetime value and profitability, is provided by the Plus plan.

If you’ve already identified your winning product and are working to optimize and scale your business, the Plus plan is a wise investment. However, continue with the Free plan if you haven’t made your first sale yet!

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How Does Zendrop Work?

Zendrop works directly with Chinese manufacturers and suppliers to get high-quality goods at the most affordable costs. When a consumer places an order with Zendrop, they handle product procurement, inventory management, packaging, branding, and direct customer delivery.

Finding the product

With only a few clicks, you may find items from a variety of sources using Zendrop’s product sourcing tool.

To connect an item to Zendrop:

  1. Open Zendrop and go to the “Orders” tab
  2. Locate one of the Shopify “Unfulfilled” orders that Zendrop has imported.
  3. Select “Link Product” from the menu.

When you try to link a product, Zendrop will automatically find items that are similar to it. Click the “Link Product” button after selecting the appropriate option from the list.

Inventory management

You do not need to manually track stock since Zendrop constantly checks and changes inventory levels.

Although it might seem simple, businesses frequently require more than outdated or labor-intensive techniques to keep track of their inventory. This may result in mistakes, stock outs, and angry consumers.

In a drop-shipping firm when margins are thin and every order counts, this is unacceptable. Therefore, it is essential to have a reliable inventory management system.

Automated Order fulfillment

Zendrop will immediately notify the provider of an order after it has been placed. No need to manually transmit orders to your supplier or maintain track of stock levels.

Auto fulfillment VA allows you to concentrate your time on more crucial duties, such as marketing or conversion optimization, rather than tediously sifting through orders one by one or even paying a VA fulfillment specialist to handle it for you.

Automated order fulfillment entails that once a customer places an order on your website, your orders are immediately placed with your supplier. By ensuring that orders are consistently filled promptly and precisely, this not only serves to save you time and money but also helps to increase customer satisfaction.

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Drop-shippers rely on suppliers to deliver products to clients directly, which sometimes results in protracted shipping periods.

Just bear in mind that you are still shipping from Chinese warehouses while using Zendrop’s two quickest delivery options. Unless you have product in US warehouses, delivery with Zendrop will seldom be comparable to Amazon Prime.

Zendrop Review: Best App For Dropshipping? 60

Zendrop offers Regular Shipping (10-20 days) and Express shipping (7-12 days). This not only keeps clients satisfied but also lessens the likelihood of chargebacks, cancellations, and refunds. Additionally, consumers who have a good delivery experience are more likely to make additional purchases and post favorable reviews.

US fulfillment

Customers’ perceptions of your company might be significantly changed with shipment timeframes as short as 2 to 5 days.

Drop-shipping is possible with a US Catalog of items, allowing you to provide quick shipping without incurring the extra expense and complexity of international shipping.

A minimum order quantity (MOQ) is necessary and stock must be kept on hand if the item you intend to send is not included in the US Catalog. However, if you currently dropship and have a track record of success, the further risk can be justified.

Bundles & Subscriptions

The bundling and subscription features of Zendrop make it easy to raise the average cart value and lifetime value of each customer. Bundling and subscription features are essential if you’re a pet company wanting to increase your average cart value and the lifetime value of each client.

Zendrop Review: Best App For Dropshipping? 61

For instance, suppose you pay $10 to get a customer, and they spend $50 on a dog bed. With a $15 product cost, you make a profit of $25. However, if the same consumer purchases a $75 package of a non-spill water dish and a dog bed, your overall return on investment soars.

Furthermore, the lifetime value increases if the consumer keeps coming back and subscribing to more items!

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Is Zendrop legit?

Zendrop’s credibility is undeniable. A number of customers recommend Zendrop as reliable and user-friendly.

With an overall rating of 4.8, it has received a ton of favorable reviews on respectable review sites like Trust Pilot, which is nothing short of astounding. Here is one of the reviews.

Easy to use
After being away from the commercial world for more than 10 years, everything is all new, lots of learning about ecommerce and building website for me, and it all can be overwhelming at times.
Zendrop is great site to use as very user friendly and has decent number of product range to ship to Australia with fair shipping costs. I’m yet to find out the shipping time frame.
The website is however in US dollars, would be great if there is a currency selection.

The only significant issue we identified is that, at times, it might be difficult to obtain a well-liked product on Zendrop owing to the sparse availability of providers.

Overall, according to the majority of online customer evaluations, Zendrop is a good option for drop-shippers of all experience levels.

Although the product selection may use some work, generally it’s a terrific tool for starting or growing your business.

Benefits of Zendrop

Businesses such as Zesties, a subscription box service, and Shopkickz, an online sneaker store, have reported increased sales, improved customer experience, and more efficient operations since using Zendrop.

Increased Sales And Profit Margins

One of the biggest benefits of using Zendrop for drop-shipping is the potential for increased sales and higher profit margins. By sourcing products directly from reliable vendors in China, entrepreneurs can offer high-quality items at competitive prices to their customers.

Zendrop Review: Best App For Dropshipping? 62

With fast shipping and automated fulfillment through Zendrop’s platform, businesses can also improve their customer experience, leading to repeat business and positive reviews.

For example, one entrepreneur started a subscription box service using Zendrop’s marketplace to source unique products that her customers loved. She saw an increase in sales by 30% within just a few months of using Zendrop and was able to cut down on time-consuming manual processes like packaging and shipping.

With real-time analytics provided through Zendrop, she was able to quickly identify winning products and reorder them in bulk, further improving her profit margins.

Improved Customer Experience And Satisfaction

Zendrop’s key features and benefits contribute to not only increased sales but also improved customer experience and satisfaction. With custom packaging and private labeling, businesses can provide a unique branding experience for their customers, creating a lasting impression on their brand.

Zendrop Review: Best App For Dropshipping? 63

Fast shipping options and automated fulfillment ensure that orders are delivered promptly, keeping customers satisfied with the convenience offered by the dropshipping service.

One example of how Zendrop helped improve customer experience is through its partnership with subscription box companies. Businesses have used Zendrop’s platform to create personalized subscription boxes filled with curated products selected based on each individual subscriber’s preferences.

Time-saving And More Efficient Dropshipping Operations

Zendrop offers an array of features that can save time and make dropshipping operations more efficient. With access to reliable vendors from China, entrepreneurs can import products directly into their online store without worrying about inventory management.

Furthermore, Zendrop’s integration with Shopify stores streamlines the order fulfillment process, allowing business owners to focus on other aspects of growing their business.

Real-time analytics also provide valuable insights into sales data so that adjustments can be made accordingly.

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Is Zendrop the Best Drop-shipping App For Your E-commerce Business?

When it comes to finding the best drop-shipping app for your e-commerce business, Zendrop is definitely worth considering.

Zendrop has a number of wonderful features that may assist ease your dropshipping operations, including trustworthy Chinese suppliers, bespoke packaging and private labeling choices, speedy shipping and automated fulfillment procedures, real-time analytics, and a world-class support team.

However, before making any decisions about which platform to use for your online shop, it’s important to consider your personal business needs and goals.

Consideration For Personal Business Needs And Goals

When choosing a dropshipping platform like Zendrop, it’s important to consider your personal business needs and goals.

For example, if you’re focused on selling subscription boxes with a specific theme, Zendrop’s custom packaging and private labeling options may be perfect for creating a unique brand image.

On the other hand, if you want to sell products at very competitive prices in bulk quantities, their discounts and bulk ordering features might be most appealing.

It’s also good to keep in mind that there are alternatives to Zendrop such as CJDropshipping and AliExpress that may better suit your business needs depending on what they offer.

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Zendrop Review: Best App For Dropshipping? 49

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