Adam O’Dell Predictions for 2022 Exposed? [Unbiased Look]

Adam O’Dell is an investment analyst we have covered before and I felt that we should look into what he is saying about 2022.

Adam is a believer in finding major trends and investing in them. In 2021 and 2020, he was actively searching for them and sharing his findings with his followers.

In this piece, we will find out what Adam has to say about 2022 from the investor’s perspective. We will also look at some of his past predictions and approaches to better understand how he may proceed.

Before I start…

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Adam O’Dell Predictions for 2022

In December last year, a few days before Christmas, Adam O’Dell shared a YouTube video where he talked about his 2022 outlook.

Adam O'Dell Predictions for 2022In the video, you can see that Adam wants to focus on finding big trends that happen over a longer time frame than just one year. He says that you should not focus on what’s going to happen in the next week, month, or year.

Instead, you should focus on trends that span many years or decades that have momentum behind them because they will have a bigger impact on your financial situation than what happens in 2022.

Adam has his eyes on four megatrends that he thinks are going to gain traction in 2022 and generate life-changing wealth.

What are these Mega Trends?

Let’s dive in.


Adam says that genomics is going to be an important trend in 2022.

Last year, he released a presentation about DNA sequencing where he noted that companies are working on new technologies to sequence DNA faster and cheaper.

He says that 2021 was important because FDA approved an AI-assisted gene sequencer and it gives him hope that the trend will continue.

AI Assistance

Adam O’Dell says that the amount of data, processing power, and cutting-edge algorithms we have is growing at an exponential rate.

Since humans can’t keep up, he thinks AI will play a bigger role in a whole spectrum of industries. He expects AI assistance technologies to keep growing in importance.

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Digital Acceleration

The third big trend is “digital acceleration.”

O’Dell says that COVID-19 accelerated trends that were already in place. An example was companies adopting cloud computing because they now had to manage resources remotely.

Adam will be monitoring a few subthemes within digital acceleration like quantum computing, blockchain, and decentralized finance.

Green Energy Technologies

Speaking of green technologies, Adam says that green tech includes several subtrends, like electric cars, batteries, and renewable energy sources like wind and solar.

He says that many solar energy companies had a nice run-up in 2020 but then had a pullback in 2021. Now he expects to see more upward momentum in 2022.

Adam and his team are looking for innovative companies in renewable energy.

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Who is Adam O’Dell?

Adam O’Dell is the leading investment analyst at Money & Markets, a boutique financial publisher that publishes articles and newsletters targeting retail investors.

Adam O'DellAdam was a hedge fund manager before he joined the world of financial publishing in 2012. Since he started writing about the markets, he claims to have outperformed George Soros, Carl Icahn, and even Warren Buffett.

Adam’s investment approach is to look for profits in any asset class. He writes about anything, ranging from stocks, bonds, options, to gold. His goal is to find moneymaking opportunities in the markets at any given time, regardless of what the broader market is doing.

He is the editor of a couple of financial research services that are published by Money & Markets. They include Green Zone Fortunes, Wednesday Windfalls, Home Run Profits, and 10X Profits.

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What Adam O’Dell’s Past Predictions Tell Us About 2022

As I said, Adam has never been one to shy away from telling his followers how he thinks the market will pan out.

We will briefly go over some of his past predictions and see whether they can give us a clue as to how Adam will approach the new year.

Imperium Technology

Adam O’Dell’s most popular pitch is about a new piece of tech he calls “imperium” that he expects to propel a small company to new heights. He also believes that it will spark a megatrend that will disrupt the global economy in 2022.

Adam O'Dell Predictions for 2022“Imperium” is a device that enables scientists to do DNA sequencing more efficiently. The goal is to read your DNA and digitize it so it can be stored on a computer.

Before this Imperium device came along, DNA sequencing was slow and expensive. For example, when scientists first sequenced one person’s DNA, it took them 13 years and the process cost $2.7 billion.

Now with the new Imperium technology device, you can sequence DNA in less than eight hours and the whole thing costs $239. This means that the device can process DNA 10,000 times faster than was previously possible.

Why is DNA sequencing important? Adam says that effective DNA sequencing allows us to understand how the human DNA works and we can then eradicate genetic diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, and hepatitis, just to mention a few.

He also says that it will transform the global agricultural industry and the food and grocery retail industries.

Adam recommended a small-cap stock that has developed and patented a microchip that allows it to process DNA 10,000 times faster than old technologies. It uses nanowell technology.

A couple of A-list clients are clamoring for this microchip and the company has partnered with Broad Institute, MIT, Harvard, Microsoft, and Illumina.

DARPA (the military) has mentioned that imperium technology puts the company light-years ahead of its competition.

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Wednesday Windfalls

At a special event last year with the same title, Adam O’Dell launched a new options trading advisory service called Wednesday Windfalls.

It is a new advisory service that will be published by Adam’s publishing company, Money and Markets.

Adam O'Dell's Wednesday WindfallsWednesday Windfalls is based on a unique investment strategy that Adam claims allows you to earn ten years’ worth of gains within a 48-hour trading window. And that’s by trading option plays.

He was saying that in six months, his team had beta tested a simple two-day trading strategy that beat the market by 51 times.

The way the service works is simple: Adam recommends an option play on Monday afternoon when stocks tend to be lower, and he then recommends that you exit the trade 48 hours later.

Adam said that he had spotted this one-of-a-kind trading window based on historical patterns.

He was saying that this approach had led them to 15 triple-digit wins in only six months.

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A9 Gold Stocks

In the “A9 Gold Stocks” presentation, Adam O’Dell was talking about an investment in gold that can earn you more money than buying gold coins, ETFs, or bullion. He even says that it sometimes earns nine times the profits of those other investments.

Are "A9 Gold Stocks" Legit? [Unbiased Review] 11Of course, he was referring to Gold Mining Stocks as “A9 Gold Stocks” and he argued that as gold prices rise, those stocks rise even faster.

He was urging people to take gold seriously because he was expecting it to reach $10,000. He did the presentation right after the pandemic started when investors were pulling their money out of the stock market and seeking alternative investment vehicles.

At the time, Adam was expecting the gold market to go on a tear and he felt he was not alone because some rich people were also rushing to invest in gold.

He was relying on a “special indicator” that he was claiming had alerted investors to the previous two bull markets. The indicator he was referring to was the Dow-to-Gold Ratio (a measure of how much gold you need to buy the DJIA).

At the time, he said that is showing that we are on the cusp of another gold bull market.

What We Expect From Adam O’Dell in 2022

Adam O’Dell is not focusing on 2022. He is looking beyond 2022 and has stated that he will monitor trends that will start catching on now.

As he has done in the past, Adam will not just focus on one thing. He will go where he sees opportunities, be it options trading, precious metals, biotech stocks, renewable energy, or even AI.

We expect a busy year from Adam and we’ll keep track of what he will be doing in 2022.

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