Luke Lango’s AI Turning Point 2023 Legit?

Welcome to my review of AI Turning Point.

Luke Lango, an editor at InvestorPlace, has been garnering a lot of attention in the financial newsletter world with his predictions concerning AI and the investment opportunities he believes people should focus on.

He claims that people should drop the idea of investing in Nvidia to make the most of the AI boom because 6 tech billionaires – including Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg — are ALL betting billions beyond Nvidia.

In the presentation, Luke claims he sees a turning point shortly by which time investors ought to have made their moves.

We sat through the presentation and researched Luke’s claims before writing this article. Inside, we will discuss Luke’s assertions, what they mean, and what he is recommending.

We also reveal his number one recommendation!

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Key Takeaways

  • Luke Lango introduces the concept of the “AI Turning Point,” an event scheduled for November 22nd that he believes will be a transformative moment for the $15.7 trillion AI Revolution.
  • The turning point is tied to Nvidia’s earnings announcement on November 21st, with Luke predicting potential shifts in demand for Nvidia’s GPUs and the rise of custom AI chips.
  • Luke suggests that major tech companies, including Tesla, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Meta, and Apple, are investing in their own custom AI chips, leading to a potential decline in demand for Nvidia’s generic GPUs.
  • The presentation emphasizes a shift toward custom AI chips as the next phase of the AI boom, and Luke recommends investing in companies working on these custom chipsets.
  •  Synopsys (SNPS) is Luke Lango’s first recommendation, identified as a market leader in electronic design automation software used by chip makers.
  • VERDICT: The AI Turning Point is legit considering Luke Lango’s track record and expertise in identifying high-growth stocks, particularly in the AI sector. Investing in AI-related stocks is strategically sound due to AI’s transformative impact across industries.

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Introduction to AI Turning Point

The AI turning point is an event Luke is quite vague about that he says will happen on November 22nd. He says it will trigger a turning point for the entire $15.7 trillion AI Revolution in just a matter of days yet virtually nobody is talking about it.

Luke Lango's AI Turning Point

And his spiel is that you have a chance to get in at the ground floor of this AI turning point. Starting with a small stake, Luke believes you could transform your wealth in just a few moves.

So, what is the event that he is referring to?

He says that it is the day after Nvidia’s earnings announcement.

“On November 21st shortly after 4 p.m., Nvidia is scheduled to update the entire world, potentially revealing upcoming demand for their GPUs, and any threats to that demand.

Expect the words “custom” and “AI chips” to come up in that announcement.”

The premise of Luke Lango’s pitch is that Nvidia will stop being the hottest stock in the market. It will lose its biggest customers (big tech companies) as they source their processors elsewhere.

He says that November 22nd could be the last time we ever see Nvidia own 90% of the chips market.

The news will break on the 21st but the market will be closed. So people won’t be able to do anything about it until 9:30 am the next morning. That’s November 22nd.

And that means come the opening bell on November 22nd, everyone with a keyboard and a mouse will be ready to make their move.

So, why is Luke Lango implying that Nvidia will lose its customers?

He says that Nvidia’s GPUs are generic and its customers want chipsets that are customized for their unique uses.

He offers an example with Tesla saying that Tesla is building their GPUs

He also says Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Meta, and Apple are all investing billions into their own versions of AI processors and they’ve gone to great lengths to keep this information out of the public eye.

He claims it’s why they’ve all used code names to refer to their respective AI projects.

“Microsoft calls theirs Athena. Google has A3. Amazon has Trainium and Inferentia. Meta has MTIA. And Apple has something they call Neural Engine.”

So, he believes that this is NOT about a demand crisis – it’s about a whole new wave of Custom AI chips to replace GPUs for a wide range of things.

He refers to this as the next phase of the AI boom.

And that’s why he believes that Nvidia’s gains so far, which have been impressive, will not be sustainable and investors are better of looking to invest in the companies that will work on the custom chipsets.

Luke Lango’s recommendations

He reveals his first recommendation live on the presentation:

“The name of the stock is Synopsys (SNPS).

This company is a market leader in electronic design automation software, or software that chip makers use to design chips and electronics.

This software will become increasingly important and valuable as more firms like Tesla and Microsoft create their own custom AI chips.”

As for his other recommendations, he says that people won’t see 100 times the profit potential from buying the names everyone’s heard of.

He has identified 7 tiny AI stocks completely off the mainstream radar that trade for a fraction of the cost of a stock like Tesla, Microsoft, or Google.

To Luke, that means the profit potential is virtually limitless.

He has put together a brand-new report with the names and tickers of all 7 of these tiny AI stocks.

It’s called: The Next Nvidia: 7 AI Moonshots With 100X Upside.

You can get it if you join his Early Stage Investor advisory service.

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Who is Luke Lango?

Luke Lango is a Silicon Valley legend and a millionaire stock guru who earned the top spot as the #1 stock picker among 15,000 analysts in 2020.

Luke Lango's AI Turning Point

He’s not just any investor – he’s been at the forefront of the AI Revolution, predicting its magnitude well before it became the talk of the town.

Luke’s track record is impressive, with 200 recommendations that have soared into triple digits, and some hitting mind-blowing gains like 1,321%, 3,628%, and even 8,290%.

As a growth-focused investor and Caltech grad in Economics, Luke is on a mission to uncover explosive hyper-growth stocks, especially in AI, where he sees massive profit potential.

Some of his past predictions include Project Dojo, The Prometheus Project and The Quickening.

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How Does Luke Lango’s Early Stage Investor Work?

As we’ve just seen, according to Luke Lango, the AI turning point is an upcoming event where some of his identified picks will see massive growth. He has further predicted that some of these stocks can be the next Nvidia.

That’s why he has written a special report named The Next Nvidia: 7 AI Moonshots With 100X Upside. 

In this report, you will find the names and tickers of these 7 tiny AI Moonshots poised to go exponential.

The good thing is that these stocks are trading at a lower price i.e. you can start these investments at $100 or even less and see them soar in the upcoming days.

Luke Lango's AI Turning Point

You will get access to this special report when you buy a full-year subscription to Luke Lango’s Early Stage Investor. The membership includes three special bonus reports.

#1 – 10X Returns In AI Healthcare – This special report features the top 3 tiny stocks that Luke Lango believes have “10X potential” and will transform the future of healthcare. Some of these trades are available at the price of $2 so you can start with a little capital.

#2 – The Top 10 Investment Opportunities In AI Startups – In this special report, Luke Lango has identified the 10 hottest AI startups in the world for maximum profits.

#3 – SUPRMAN Stocks: 7 Plays for the Coming AI Boom – Another special report covering 7 special stocks to put in your portfolio for the upcoming AI boom.

Other membership benefits are

  • Buy and sell alerts
  • Exclusive members-only website access
  • US based customer support assistance

Subscription Price: $2199 for a full year.

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Pros of AI Turning Point

  • Access to 7 AI moonshot stocks with 100x upside potential.
  • The membership includes many additional benefits.
  • The subscription is backed by a 100% full credit guarantee.

Cons of AI Turning Point

  • The subscription price is a bit on the higher side.

Is AI Turning Point Legit?

Luke Lango’s AI Turning Point presentation stands out as a legitimate and promising strategy, backed by his reputation as a seasoned investment advisor and analyst.

With a track record of identifying high-growth stocks with significant upside potential, Lango has applied his expertise to artificial intelligence (AI).

The strategy revolves around a carefully curated list of top AI stocks across various sectors, each identified for its potential for substantial growth in the future.

Lango’s commitment to uncovering opportunities that deliver value to early investors is evident in his comprehensive special report, providing in-depth insights into the intricacies of this AI-centric investment opportunity.

As an established figure in the investment community, Lango’s dedication to researching and presenting promising investment strategies adds credibility to the AI Turning Point presentation.

AI Turning Point Verdict

Investing in AI-related stocks is considered a strategically sound move, as Luke Lango contends, due to the transformative impact of artificial intelligence across various industries.

The integration of AI technologies enhances efficiency, productivity, and innovation, offering substantial growth opportunities for companies involved in this space. The potential for AI to revolutionize sectors such as healthcare, finance, and technology underscores the long-term value of these investments.

However, investors should exercise caution and be cognizant of risks inherent in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

Factors such as regulatory uncertainties, ethical concerns, and the competitive nature of the industry pose challenges that can impact stock performance. A balanced approach, thorough research, and a clear understanding of the associated risks are essential for investors seeking to capitalize on the promising prospects of AI-related stocks.

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