Amazon Secret Royalty Program: Scam or Legit Reviews?

Are you curious about the Amazon Secret Royalty Program that Brad Thomas has been featuring in his ads for Intelligent Income Investor?

In his recent presentation, Brad suggests that this program holds the potential for generating income. He goes on to assert that even Wall Street billionaires have profited from this program, with an SEC filing indicating a potential $3.2 billion payout.

According to Thomas, the Amazon Secret Royalty Program takes advantage of a loophole in IRS regulations, enabling regular individuals to receive “royalty” payments from Amazon.

He proposes that a portion of Amazon’s profits is funneled through this undisclosed program, offering a potentially lucrative opportunity to secure financial stability. However, some experts have raised doubts about the existence of such a program and the accuracy of Brad’s claims.

Given this information, we have conducted an extensive investigation to delve into Brad’s concept of Amazon’s Royalty Program, its various components, and the potential ways to become involved. Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive insights based on our thorough research.

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Key Takeaways

  • Financial analyst Brad Thomas claims a portion of Amazon’s profits gets paid out to investors through a secret royalty program tied to its warehouse partners.
  • By investing in companies that own warehouses leased by Amazon, you can supposedly collect royalty payments on the fees Amazon pays to utilize that space.
  • Brad states that through a purported IRS loophole, regular Americans can now tap into these Amazon royalties, with potential payouts up to $28,544 annually.
  • However, there is limited concrete proof of individuals actually receiving payments through this “secret royalty program” so far.
  • Before investing, risks like uncertain earnings potential, lack of program transparency, and possible legal/tax implications require careful assessment.
  • While Brad Thomas argues it presents accessible passive income, the reasonability of his projections is difficult to validate given gaps around how the mechanics of this royalty system work.
  • VERDICT: This secret Amazon royalty concept warrants heavy skepticism until additional evidence supports the exceptional claims and payout projections being made. Caution is urged if considering participation.

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Introduction to Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program

Brad Thomas claims that a significant part of Amazon’s large profits is funneled through what he calls the “Amazon secret royalty program.”

This idea resembles a talk by Jason Williams about Prime Profits Payouts, where he discussed a way to make money from Amazon shipments. Williams proposed that people could get paid for each package sent from a warehouse.

Amazon Secret Royalty Program

During his talk, Williams mentioned that a specific group of Americans would benefit from a set portion of earnings, leading to legally required payments exceeding $1.7 billion. He termed these payments “Prime Profit” payouts, which were previously known mainly by a small group of wealthy individuals.

While the main concepts of both presentations have similarities, there seem to be some differences in the specific details and terms used.

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Brad Thomas suggests that a notable chunk of Amazon’s substantial profits, reaching billions of dollars annually, goes through a program he calls the “Amazon secret royalty program.”

In his recent talk, Brad Thomas claims that he has discovered a loophole in the IRS regulations that offers an opportunity for regular people to earn significant “royalty” payments.

Brad Thomas claims that starting from June 13th, regular Americans have the chance to potentially receive a combined total of $28,544.

Amazon Secret Royalty Program: Scam or Legit Reviews? 9

What’s interesting about this loophole is that it allows individuals to receive these “royalty” payments every year, without needing to have shares of Amazon stock, be involved in online product sales, or be an Amazon Prime member.

This means that people can explore this opportunity without worrying about traditional investment or membership requirements.

According to Brad Thomas, getting started with this opportunity only requires a basic brokerage account.

He compares the potential earnings to receiving a kind of “secret dividend” from Amazon, even though the company has never distributed dividends before and isn’t likely to do so in the future.

Brad emphasizes that many Americans haven’t been aware of this “secret program” until now, but his aim is to bring its existence to light.

Amazon Secret Royalty Program: Scam or Legit Reviews? 10

He claims that an SEC filing offers evidence that Wall Street billionaires have already been benefiting from this undisclosed program.

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Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program Revealed

According to Brad Thomas, participation in the “Amazon secret royalty program” requires ownership of one of Amazon’s most critical asset, which happens to be its extensive network of warehouses.

Brad goes on to explain that not all of Amazon’s warehouses are actually owned by the company itself, despite its significant acquisitions during the pandemic and its current efforts to divest some of its space.

Instead, a significant portion of the necessary warehouse space is leased by Amazon from a smaller partner company.

Brad Thomas wants you to invest in Amazon Warehouse

By investing in this smaller company that holds the warehouse ownership, you effectively secure the “rights” to this indispensable asset that Amazon heavily relies on for its operations.

As an owner, you gain the legal privilege to receive a portion of the fees that Amazon pays out as “royalties.”

Brad emphasizes that these payments deviate from the typical concept of royalties and are intrinsically tied to the fees Amazon pays for utilizing these warehouses, of which you become a partial owner.

He compares this arrangement to receiving a fee each time Amazon sends out a package from its warehouses. The specific amount you receive in payouts depends on the scale of your investment in these landlord companies; the more you invest, the higher your potential earnings.

Brad Thomas discloses that he has assembled a special report containing comprehensive details about these companies and how individuals can invest in them, providing further insights into participating in this unique program.

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Amazon Secret Royalty Program: Legit Payouts?

Brad suggests that upon investing in these “royalty” stocks, there’s no requirement for active trading or confusion regarding the timing of purchases and sales.

He underscores a straightforward “buy and hold” approach, enabling you to gather “royalties” throughout your ownership of these stocks.

Brad asserts that he has pinpointed two undisclosed partner companies connected to this initiative. He has revealed all pertinent information about these firms in his latest report.

Labeled as “Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program”: The Easiest Way to Collect Up to $28,544 Per Year From Amazon Stock.

To access this report, you need to enroll in a One-Year Membership with Intelligent Income Investor.

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How to Participate in Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program

If the idea of joining Amazon’s secret royalty program has piqued your curiosity, it entails procuring Amazon’s most expansive warehouses.

When you own these warehouses, you gain the legitimate right to collect a portion of the fees Amazon pays for shipping, deliveries, and logistical operations.

The current moment presents a favorable opportunity to engage with Amazon’s secret royalty program. Why? Because the company is presently erecting an enormous “mega warehouse” positioned to the east of Los Angeles.

Amazon Secret Royalty Program: Scam or Legit Reviews? 11

Upon its completion, this warehouse will stand as the largest of its kind within Amazon’s global network, spanning a staggering 4 million square feet. The project was set in motion in 2019 and is anticipated to open its doors later this year.

By adhering to Brad’s methodology of the “Amazon royalty” system, you open the door to the potential of accruing substantial earnings from June 13 onward and extending beyond.

With an initial investment of under $5,000, you have the potential to accumulate close to $30,000 by year’s end.

Though it might sound almost too good to be true, Brad meticulously outlines the workings of his system in his online report.

Upon enrolling in Intelligent Income Investor, you will be granted a complimentary copy of this report, affording you the opportunity to delve into the intricate particulars of this initiative.

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Who is Brad Thomas?

Brad Thomas is a respected financial analyst, author, and speaker, well-versed in real estate investment trusts (REITs) and dividend-focused investing.

His extensive writings have solidified his position as a respected figure in the field.

With a background rooted in commercial real estate, Brad Thomas has held diverse roles within the industry, including broker, developer, and consultant.

Amazon Secret Royalty Program: Scam or Legit Reviews? 12

His commitment to thorough research and analysis drives his pursuit of identifying undervalued stocks and promising investment opportunities, particularly within the REIT space.

As an author, Brad Thomas has authored a range of articles, reports, and books covering investment, real estate, and related subjects. His insights often offer valuable perspectives on investment strategies, market trends, and specific investment options.

Brad Thomas is associated with Wide Moat Research, an investment research firm focused on identifying companies with strong competitive advantages, or “wide moats.”

Through his affiliation with Wide Moat Research, he extends investment research and advisory services, sharing his expertise and recommendations with subscribers and clients.

Beyond his written work, Brad Thomas is a much sought-after speaker, often taking the stage at conferences, seminars, and investment gatherings to share his insights and knowledge with diverse audiences.

With a wealth of over 30 years of investing experience, Brad Thomas has firmly established himself as a respected value investor and advisor, gaining the trust of those who seek his counsel.

His forte lies in income-driven strategies that emphasize reliability and steadfast consistency.

Brad Thomas’s esteemed reputation within the financial realm led to his appointment as a Presidential Economic Advisor during the administration of President Trump. This prestigious position underscores his recognized authority in the field.

Amazon Secret Royalty Program: Scam or Legit Reviews? 13

Furthermore, Brad Thomas’s discerning perspectives and analytical acumen have found a place in esteemed publications such as Forbes, Kiplinger, Fox, CNN, NPR, Institutional Investor, US News & World Report, Money, and a variety of other notable media platforms.

His articles have become a valuable source of financial guidance and distinct viewpoints, resonating broadly and further amplifying his influence and presence within the investment community.

Brad Thomas gives priority to exploring investment strategies that are designed to reduce risk and maximize potential income.

Moreover, he serves as the editor of Intelligent Income Investor, a monthly newsletter focused on delving into less familiar domains of real estate and other reliable, secure, and enduring income avenues.

In a nutshell, Brad Thomas combines his expertise in real estate, dividend-focused investing, and research to provide investment advice, analysis, and educational resources for those intrigued by these areas.

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Intelligent Income Investor

If you’re curious to delve deeper into Brad Thomas’ “Amazon Secret Royalty Program,” you might have encountered his platform, Intelligent Income Investor. Here’s a breakdown of what you should be aware of:

About Intelligent Income Investor

Intelligent Income Investor operates as a monthly newsletter and investment research service, with a specific focus on providing insights, analysis, and recommendations tailored to income-focused investing strategies.

The editorial oversight of this newsletter rests with Brad Thomas, a recognized authority in real estate investment trusts (REITs) and dividend-oriented investing.

Intelligent Income Investor primarily aims to assist subscribers in identifying investment opportunities that offer reliable and consistent income.

Amazon Secret Royalty Program: Scam or Legit Reviews? 14

The content of the newsletter covers a range of topics related to income investing, encompassing dividend stocks, REITs, high-yield bonds, and other assets that generate income.

Subscribers of Intelligent Income Investor receive regular updates, evaluations of income-focused investment opportunities, portfolio strategies, and specific investment suggestions.

The core intention of the newsletter is to offer thorough research and insights that help investors make informed decisions and optimize their potential for generating income.

However, it’s important to note that while Intelligent Income Investor can provide valuable information and analysis, individual investors should undertake their own research, consider their personal financial goals and risk tolerance, and consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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Exclusive Membership Website

As a valued member of Intelligent Income Investor, you’ll gain entry to an exclusive members-only website offering an array of valuable resources, including:

  • Investment suggestions: The website encompasses a compilation of recommended income-generating investments, coupled with comprehensive analyses and research for each.
  • Model portfolios: The service presents a selection of model portfolios meticulously crafted to guide investors toward specific income objectives. For instance, there’s a portfolio dedicated to yielding substantial income and another tailored to accentuate growth and capital appreciation.
  • Educational materials: The website encompasses a variety of informative materials, ranging from articles and videos to webinars, all strategically designed to enhance investors’ understanding of income-generating investments.
  • Members-only engagements: As part of the Intelligent Income Investor community, you’ll enjoy access to exclusive events tailored solely for members. These include enlightening webinars and interactive Q&A sessions facilitated by Brad Thomas.

All in all, Intelligent Income Investor extends a service that could capture the interest of investors seeking to generate income from their investments. However, akin to any investment service, conducting your own research and exercising due diligence before arriving at any investment decisions remains crucial.

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How Does Brad Thomas’ Intelligent Income Investor Work?

Upon joining the Intelligent Income Investor community, you’ll be granted a one-year subscription comprising 12 monthly editions of Brad’s flagship investment research report.

Every issue will introduce a fresh recommendation, offering you invaluable insights into avenues for income-generating investments.

As a member, you’ll also gain exclusive round-the-clock admission to the members-only website, where you can tap into Brad’s latest market analyses and economic perspectives.

Moreover, you’ll be equipped with comprehensive portfolio updates, ensuring that you’re well-informed about each recommendation and capable of adeptly managing your investments.

Amazon Secret Royalty Program: Scam or Legit Reviews? 15

Brad Thomas has meticulously curated special reports encompassing diverse investment prospects. The inaugural report bears the title “Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program: The Easiest Way to Collect Up to $28,544 Per Year From Amazon Stock.”

Within its pages, you’ll find the names (and ticker symbols) of two “Amazon royalty” stocks, coupled with a user-friendly guide detailing how to embark on this program. This report unveils specific dates for anticipated royalty payouts and unveils strategies for maximizing your potential earnings.

Another specialized report is aptly named “CONFIDENTIAL: The President’s Top Secret Energy Royalty.” In this, Brad Thomas extends a distinct recommendation for his favored energy royalty maneuver, drawing on insights gleaned from his involvement as a member of President Trump’s advisory board.

His involvement afforded him knowledge of an obscure energy company with substantial potential—a company that oversees an expansive network of energy pipeline infrastructure, sprawling across a staggering 91,000 miles.

Amazon Secret Royalty Program: Scam or Legit Reviews? 16

It’s worth noting that its “energy royalty” has exhibited consistent growth for five consecutive years. Brad Thomas views this company as an intriguing investment option for those who have an interest in energy royalties.

As an extra perk, you’ll receive the special report titled “The Ultimate ‘Royalty’ Play: Beyond Gold.” In this report, Brad shares his top recommendation for “royalties” linked to American farmland.

Additionally, you’ll get an unexpected bonus report named “Sucker Yields — And How to Avoid Them.” This report highlights Brad’s list of 10 currently “risky” stocks that might be better off avoided.

By becoming a member of Intelligent Income Investor, you’ll gain access to these valuable reports and resources, providing you with the tools to make well-informed investment decisions and potentially boost your income.

Other benefits include:

  • Access to the Intelligent Income Investor Website and Mobile App
  • Exclusive members-only email alerts
  • Complete access to past issues of Intelligent Income Investor
  • Full entry to the Intelligent Income Investor model portfolio

Subscription Price: $199.

Intelligent Income Investor extends a 60-day money-back guarantee with all subscriptions. Essentially, this means that once you subscribe, you’re granted a generous 60-day period to explore the content, read the bonus reports, and determine if it meets your expectations.

If, for any reason, you’re not content with your purchase during this window, you can request a complete refund without any need for explanations. This guarantee is in place to provide you with reassurance and ample time to assess the subscription and make an informed decision.

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Can Regular Americans Benefit From The Program?

Read on to discover if the Amazon Secret Royalty Program is a legitimate opportunity for everyday Americans to earn substantial payouts from one of the world’s biggest companies.

Legitimacy Of The Claims

So, let’s talk about Brad Thomas’s chatter on Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program.

There has been notable attention and a fair share of skepticism surrounding his claims – particularly those related to the IRS loophole and potential earnings.

While his advertisements might capture your interest, it’s important to recognize that there’s limited detailed information available about the mechanics of this alleged IRS strategy and the specific process for receiving those Amazon royalty payments.

Furthermore, genuine accounts of individuals benefiting from the Amazon Secret Royalty Program are quite rare. This lack of concrete evidence does present a challenge when it comes to fully endorsing Brad Thomas’s assertions, especially if you’re an everyday person looking to tap into Amazon’s success.

From another perspective, financial experts are considering the possibility that Brad’s “secret royalty program” might entail investing in stocks with connections to Amazon – think real estate investment trust (REITs) that deal with the warehouses utilized by the company. These warehouses, as you may know, are at the core of Amazon’s operations.

Amazon Secret Royalty Program Reddit Reviews

Whilst investigating the program we did notice several people looking for Reddit Reviews however there was no legitimate reviews on the platform from real users of the program.

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Potential Risks And Drawbacks

The allure of the Amazon Secret Royalty Program aside, there are several important considerations for individuals to mull over before diving into an investment. These encompass:

  1. Transparency Gaps: The intricacies of the program’s mechanics and the exact workings of the alleged IRS maneuver remain undisclosed in the available information. This lack of transparency makes it challenging for investors to validate its credibility.
  2. Payout Uncertainty: While Brad Thomas touts the potential for individuals to net substantial sums through this program, the actual amount of earnings remains uncertain. Payouts might also vary over time.
  3. Legal Hurdles: The potential legal implications or tax responsibilities tied to program participation remain ambiguous. Prior to investing, individuals should thoroughly explore any potential legal consequences.
  4. Access Constraints: The program is being presented as a stock teaser within Brad Thomas’ Intelligent Income Investor, which might entail a subscription and extra charges. This restricted access might exclude those who lack the financial means to access such services.
  5. Heightened Investment Risk: Engaging in a secret royalty program without a full grasp of its intricacies or possible risks is a high-stakes investment strategy that might not be suitable for everyone.

To sum up, though the Amazon Secret Royalty Program may pique the interest of certain investors, it’s vital to weigh the potential risks and considerations comprehensively before committing any funds to it.

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Is The Amazon Secret Royalty Program Worth Investing In?

Explore the potential advantages and disadvantages of considering an investment in Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program, and determine whether it holds the potential to be a valuable avenue toward securing financial stability.

Weighing The Pros And Cons

When contemplating an investment opportunity in the Amazon Secret Royalty Program, it’s essential to evaluate the possible advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons:


  1. Promising Payout Potential: According to Brad Thomas, everyday Americans stand to earn up to $28,544 annually from Amazon via this program.
  2. Financial Freedom Possibilities: The royalty payouts could serve as a dependable income source, contributing to financial security.
  3. Accessible Investment: Unlike conventional royalty or real estate ventures, this program demands minimal initial investment and expertise. A basic brokerage account is all that’s required.
  4. Passive Income Outlook: Once you secure the right to collect royalties from Amazon’s partner companies, you can relax and receive payouts without active investment management.


  1. Limited Program Details: Brad Thomas hasn’t divulged comprehensive information about program mechanics or the IRS loophole. This opacity raises legitimacy concerns.
  2. Potential Risks: All investments involve risk, and the risks tied to this program are unclear. Without a clear grasp of its functioning, investors might be exposed to unidentified risks.
  3. Payout Uncertainty: Despite claims of substantial earnings, there’s no guarantee that individuals will indeed amass these sums. Actual payouts hinge on factors like Amazon’s profits and partner company performance.
  4. Regulatory Uncertainties: If Brad Thomas’s assertions hold true and an IRS loophole is in play, regulatory attention could become a concern.

In the end, whether to invest in the Amazon Secret Royalty Program necessitates careful thought. While it offers potential for significant payouts and passive income, investors must balance these prospects against uncertainties regarding legitimacy, risks, and regulatory aspects.

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Is Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program Legit?

Our in-depth investigation into Brad Thomas’s presentation suggests that Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program is legit.

The program’s credibility is supported by the SEC filing Brad references, shedding light on how a substantial share of Amazon’s lease payouts is channeled to Wall Street investors.

Furthermore, Brad Thomas’s background as an experienced and respected investment analyst adds weight to his insights. His career encompasses noteworthy positions and advisory roles, indicating his competence in evaluating investment opportunities.

However, it’s important to remember that previous achievements don’t guarantee future accuracy. While Brad has a solid track record, it’s possible that his predictions or recommendations might not align with actual outcomes. Therefore, it’s advisable to approach his suggestions with an open perspective while exercising due caution.

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Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program Verdict

Brad Thomas has built a reputation for his bold predictions, particularly within the real estate sector. He frequently asserts that he’s unearthed the “ultimate market investment” during his talks. While some of his forecasts have proven accurate, others have fallen short of expectations.

When it comes to Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program, there’s potential for Brad’s guidance to yield profitable results. Nevertheless, it’s important to acknowledge the inherent risk. Blindly adopting his recommendations without conducting your own thorough analysis could potentially lead to financial setbacks.

With that in mind, if you’re interested in delving into royalty opportunities, Brad seems well-versed in this realm. Keeping an open perspective and considering his insights could hold value. However, prudence is paramount; don’t blindly follow his counsel.

Always remember, his presentations aren’t personalized financial advice. For tailored guidance, seeking input from a qualified financial advisor is a wise step.

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