Is America’s Last Digital Leap Legit? [Jeff Brown Pitch]

Welcome to my review of Jeff Brown’s presentation concerning what he regards as America’s Last Digital Leap.

Jeff claims that there is one industry that will be worth $11.9 trillion if his projections are spot on and that there is one company to invest in if you want to claim a slice of that expansion.

I wrote this article to give you an overview of the presentation if you haven’t gotten around to checking it out. I also reveal the name of the company that I think he is teasing.

Before I start…

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Is America's Last Digital Leap Legit? [Jeff Brown Pitch] 3

Jeff Brown America’s Last Digital Leap Review

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Introduction to Jeff Brown America’s Last Digital Leap

According to Jeff, whenever an industry experiences a digital leap, it can be immensely profitable. In fact, he believes that 100% of digital leaps are profitable. By a “digital leap,” he is referring to an industry getting digitized.

He says that whenever an industry switches from analog to digital, some companies in the industry benefit and their market capitalizations go up (the stock prices go up). Jeff explains that investors who capitalize on a digital leap often make a lot of money and he wants you to be among them.

Jeff believes that the stock market is due a historic jump and by following his investment recommendations, you stand to make a fortune.

Jeff Brown America's Last Digital Leap

The industry he is talking about in this instance is the healthcare industry.

He clarifies that by digitization, he is not referring to the switch from paper to electric record-keeping or the popularization of telehealth (where you consult a doctor over a call). He says that he is referring to the introduction of genetic-editing as a viable form of treatment.

Now, this is not the first time he is talking about genetic-editing. He has in the past also released presentations like “Biotech Profits Stock” and The Cure” covering the topic. So obviously he has been closely following the sector.

What is different this time?

He is targeting a different company with this one.

Based on his research, he has picked an early-stage company that’s at the center of this $11.9 trillion digital leap revolution. Jeff claims that normally, only venture capitalists would know about it but now even everyday folks can get in on it.

He says that it is about to make an announcement and once they publish the press release, the stock price will spike and you will miss out on the opportunity to buy up shares at an “affordable” price.

Jeff claims that this company has developed a new technique for genetic editing that allows it to rectify “faulty genes.” It may start delivering its therapy in 2021 because according to its SEC filing, it is preparing “an initial wave of Investigational New Drug (IND) applications.”

After doing my research, I think he may be talking about Kronos Bio Inc (KRON). Kronos is a California-based biotech that describes itself as “a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery and development of novel cancer therapeutics designed to transform patient outcomes by targeting dysregulated transcription.”

It announced at the beginning of December that it had FDA clearance of IND application for an oral inhibitor — this could be the announcement he was talking about. It is conducting FDA approved research hoping to bring its product to market.

I should clarify that I am speculating what stock he may be teasing. If you want to find out its name from the horse’s mouth, get your hands on the special report he prepared titled How to 10X Your Money in America’s Last Digital LeapIn it, he reveals the name and ticker symbol.

To get it for free, you have to join his newsletter, the Exponential Tech Investor. More on it in a bit.

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Who is Jeff Brown?

Jeff Brown is an American investment guru and angel investor who specializes in finding promising small businesses in the technology sector and investing in them. He is the founder and chief investment analyst for Brownstone Research.

Brownstone Research is an independent financial publishing company led by Jeff Brown.

Jeff Brown

He has spent 25 years as a high-technology executive. During this period of his career, he has worked for several technology companies such as Juniper Networks, NXP Semiconductors, and Qualcomm.

He founded Brownstone Research with an aim of helping individual investors spot big tech trends thanks to his finance, business, technology, and investing expertise. Jeff Brown spends his time looking for early-stage technology companies that have a promising future both in the stock market and the private market.

It certainly helps that he has industry experience, ranging from semiconductors, automotive, consumer electronics, and mobility to broadcasting, video technology, technology infrastructure, and security. Jeff believes that his knowledge of these enable him to spot the best tech investments.

He is also keen on the biotechnology industry as this presentation demonstrates.

He earned his undergraduate degree in aeronautical and astronautical engineering from Purdue University and his master’s degree in management from the London Business School.

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Exponential Tech Investor Review: What you get

The main reason Jeff Brown released his pitch about America’s Last Digital Leap was to encourage more people to join his financial newsletter, Exponential Tech Investor.

Exponential Tech Investor newsletter

He does that by requiring you to sign up for it to receive a copy of his special report, How to 10X Your Money in America’s Last Digital Leap.

In addition to the report, you also receive the following when you sign up for the newsletter:

Monthly issues of the Exponential Tech Investor newsletter

This is the main feature of the newsletter and what you get when you become a member. During your one year membership, you will receive 12 issues of the newsletter (one every month). Each issue comes with a write up about the stocks Jeff wants you to invest in.

When you join the investment newsletter service, you receive information on at least twelve opportunities that have the potential to increase your profits by 10x.

Portfolio Updates

In addition to the monthly newsletters, you also get regular market updates from Jeff and the research and editorial team. These market updates bring you news about the market and how that news affects the model portfolio because when it comes to investing, timing matters (how fast you respond to the current events impacting your investments). These portfolio updates do not follow a set schedule.

Access to the Member-Only Website

The members-only website lets you access online content that is published by Jeff Brown. This is also where you will access Jeff’s portfolio and an archive of past newsletter issues and special reports.

Bonus Research Reports

Whenever Jeff embarks on a new marketing campaign in the form of a presentation (such as America’s Last Digital Leap), he releases a special report with full details of a new opportunity. As a member of the newsletter, you will get such research reports for free. Additionally, you can also read past research reports on the members-only website.

For example, when you sign up for the advisory service, you receive the following bonus reports:

  1. The Last Digital Leap Watchlist: You will reveal the name, ticker, and details of five other exciting companies that are in the healthcare sector’s digital leap.
  2. How to 5X Your Money in the Booming Cloud Industry: This report reveals a tiny cloud company that, according to Jeff, can double your money within a short period.
  3. Jeff’s Deal Diary: The Top IPOs of 2021: This report reveals at least five companies that will go public in 2021.

Access to U.S.-Based Customer Support

If you have a query regarding your subscription, contact Brownstone Research to gain access to their customer support department. You can reach them via the phone or email.

Subscription Cost

When Jeff Brown released the presentation, he was letting new subscribers join at $2000/year. Note that the subscription fee is normally at $4,000 as we see here on the official website:

Price on the website

To avoid surprises with regard to additional cost, read the fine print on the sales page before you finalize your credit purchase.

Refund Policy

The subscription fee is non-refundable because they don’t refund your money even if you wish to cancel your membership.

90-Day Guarantee

Sometimes, they offer a “90-day guarantee” but what this does is give you the option to divert your money to another subscription service offered by Brownstone Research or its corporate affiliates.

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  • You learn about a biotech company that has shown great promise and has the potential to go up if everything falls into place.
  • If you sign up for Exponential Tech Investor via the presentation, you get a massive discount.
  • Jeff Brown is a genuine investment guru with a track record of offering helpful investment advice. Note that this doesn’t mean that all his recommendations earn you big returns.
  • Generally, comments from subscribers concerning the newsletter have been positive.


  • The newsletter is a tad expensive. You can find other cheaper options online.
  • the Exponential Tech Investor doesn’t have a refund policy.

Is America’s Last Digital Leap Legit?

America’s Last Digital Leap is a legit presentation.

I say this because Jeff Brown is an investment analyst whom I have encountered a fair few times in the past (reviewing either his newsletters or pitches) and have always found him to be legit. I believe this time is no different.

The main allegation people tend to have against him — and definitely why you are reading this — is because he is super-optimistic about his picks and track record. He is also guilty of downplaying his shortcomings and bad calls. This is hardly surprising because he is marketing a newsletter. However, if you look past the marketing language and objectively analyze his picks, they are genuinely decent companies.

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Jeff Brown America’s Last Digital Leap Verdict

Jeff Brown released America’s Last Digital Leap to promote his newsletter, the Exponential Tech Investor.

He also brings to our attention that gene-editing as a therapy is becoming popular in the healthcare sector and companies involved may be good investment punts.

If I am right about Kronos being the company he is teasing, I should also point out that since it went public in 2020, it has been zigzagging and not really showing the kind of growth Jeff may be suggesting here (as of writing this).

To be fair though, it is trading higher than its price when it went public. Of course, if you want to invest in it, do more research into it before committing.

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Is America's Last Digital Leap Legit? [Jeff Brown Pitch] 3

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