Bill Bonner Prediction 2023: Nightmare Winter Warning?

Bill Bonner, who’s arguably the most successful people in the world of financial newsletters, recently came out with a prediction concerning what he expects to happen in America in financial terms.

Bill has made a career out of making predictions about the state of the economy and the markets and in the latest prediction, which he calls “America’s Nightmare Winter,” he talks about how the energy industry will shake out.

In this piece, we take a closer look at the latest Bill Bonner prediction and the ramifications of what could happen if it were to come true. We’ll also look at what Bill is suggesting we do to prepare for it.

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Bill Bonner Prediction 2023: Nightmare Winter Warning? 7

Bill Bonner Prediction

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What is The Bill Bonner Prediction For 2023?

Bill Bonner recently came forward to say that we are about to enter a strange period in America that could result in the most difficult times we’ve seen in many, many years.

He has a history of making such predictions in his over 50 year long career. Over time, he’s made predictions that were proved to be exactly right, and when he talked about them, he was mocked each and every time.

His latest prediction is about something he calls “America’s Nightmare Winter.” Let’s take a look at what that’s all about.

America’s Nightmare Winter

Bill Bonner recently did a presentation via Stansberry Research with the title “America’s Nightmare Winter is coming – will you be ready?” He calls it his final warning.

In the presentation we are told that there are “two unstoppable and inevitable trends” on a collision course in America, and when they collide, they will cause the biggest disruption to our society, our financial markets, and our way of life in more than 50 years.

Bill Bonner Prediction America's Nightmare Winter

So, what is that all about?

He is issuing a warning:

“Someday in the future… perhaps on a particularly cold night…

… America’s entire energy system will collapse.

Fuel won’t get delivered. Rolling blackouts will sweep the land. Pipes will freeze. Food in the freezer will go bad. You may shiver in the dark… praying for a little power – for weeks.

You’ll be one of the lucky ones. Others – with less margin of error – may fare worse.

Experts tell us if diesel fuel is cut off, it would take only three days before supermarket shelves are bare.

In the 72 hours following an energy cut off, almost all businesses would run out of supplies and shut down. And if this continued… in a matter of weeks, civilization as we know it would come to an end.”

He predicts that there will be anarchy that will be more devastating than the Covid-19 pandemic.

He says that the world as it is designed right now is extremely fragile because everything is transported by ship and truck and they run on diesel. Without diesel, transporting goods will be a challenge and we rely on those modes of transport for most of what we use.

The financial markets, he says, will be thrown into a frenzy because the prices of some assets will soar higher than anyone can imagine. He says gas prices could touch $50 a gallon and an oil barrel will hit $500 before the cycle is over.

This situation is what he’s calling America’s Nightmare Winter.

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What will cause America’s Nightmare Winter?

The first of the two main courses is a policy shift by the U.S. government that is happening right now and being cheered on by the mainstream media, universities, and a few Fortune 500 companies.

The policy they are pushing is the mandated transformation of the economy to end fossil fuel use, to take carbon emissions to zero, and to establish renewable energy for all future economic activity.

There are no new investments in anything to do with oil and that could threaten the supply. That, according to Bill, is significant because we are so heavily reliant on oil to quit it without creating a massive energy crisis.

He says that this shift is not sensible because battery technology, wind power, and solar are not yet good enough to make up a meaningful portion of the electric grid. He says that it could take 20 or 30 years at least for them to be good enough.

According to Bill, the premature mandated switch to “clean energy” is going to be a disaster that will cause economic hardship, poverty, and a widening of the wealth gap.

The second “freight train” that he sees causing America’s Nightmare Winter is inflation.

He says, “it doesn’t matter what tricks the White House, the U.S. Treasury, or the Federal Reserve are using… or how they spin it…America is about to experience one of the greatest inflationary periods in world history.”

He says that the collapsing currency and indebted government will be a disaster for millions of Americans. He says that the government’s behavior of running huge budget deficits will catch up with us.

He says that the destruction of the currency, which at one point almost lost its place as the world’s reserve currency, coupled with the rejection of cheap energy reserves will result in “America’s Nightmare Winter.”

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How To Survive America’s Nightmare Winter

Bill Bonner proposes a series of steps:

The first step he recommends you take is to own the best U.S. natural resource energy assets. He says that they are soaring in value.

He says U.S. natural gas will be the cleanest, cheapest, and most important energy resource in the world for many, many years to come. And natural gas is quickly becoming the favored energy source.

Bill is working on this with former hedge fund manager, Dr. Steve Sjuggerud.

Steve has team of analysts based in Florida, who have identified a handful of U.S. oil and natural gas firms with the potential to earn investors serious money as prices rise and demand for U.S. gas soars.

He says that they are recommending you own the firm that has the largest natural gas transmission network in the U.S.

And to make their case even more compelling, Bill says that even Warren Buffett just made one of his biggest investments ever in the same U.S. energy space.

He’s written a special report about all this and it is called Buy The Best  Assets Now Soaring in Value.

The second way he wants you to prepare is to find a way to keep as much of your money away from the government as possible, but legally and without having to open a foreign bank account.

He has written a new report called A Unique Way to Protect Your Wealth (The Government Doesn’t Even Have to Know About It where he outlines everything you need to know.

The third step is something Steve Sjuggerud says is a unique way to buy gold and silver that has nothing to do with gold or silver bullion. It also has nothing to do with the stock market.

He says that it is like gold or silver, but it’s like a “secret currency.”

He says that everything you need to know about this is in Steve’s Special Report, called: The Secret Currency – How to make 500% from the U.S. Govt’s second currency.

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Who is Bill Bonner?

Bill Bonner is an investment guru and author of books and articles. He writes on economic and financial subjects. He founded Agora Financial and was a co-founder of Bonner & Partners publishing.

who is Bill Bonner

Born in 1948, Bill Bonner attended the University of New Mexico and Georgetown University Law School. He worked with Jim Davidson, at the National Taxpayers Union. He was also a director of MoneyWeek from 2003 to 2009.

Bill Bonner co-authored Financial Reckoning Day: Surviving The Soft Depression of The 21st Century and Empire of Debt with Addison Wiggin.

Bonner has written two books. The first one is The Daily Reckoning, in which he argued that the financial future of the United States is in peril because of various economic and demographic trends, a big one being the large trade deficit. He also argues that America’s foreign policy have been always with the goal of establishing an empire, which in the long term is not a good thing because the cost of maintaining such an empire will accelerate America’s eventual decline.

In his second book, Bonner argues that mob and mass delusions are part of the human condition.

Bonner has also been warning that the credit system, which has been the essential basis of the US economy since the 1950s, will inevitably fail, leading to catastrophic failure of the banking system.

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Bill Bonner’s Past Predictions

Bill Bonner says that he’s made other predictions that have gone on to be proven true. The three standout Bill Bonner predictions are:

The Japanese Collapse

He says that his first big call was back in the 1980s, when he warned people of the imminent Japanese stock market crash.

Back then, Japan was doing well. Nine of the world’s 10 biggest banks were in Japan and half the world’s stock market capitalization traded in Tokyo.

The collapse of the Japanese Stock Market

But that all came down tumbling because by 2004, prime commercial real estate fell by about 99% and residential real estate collapsed about 90%.

The Dot Com Bust

Bill says that his next big warning was about the infamous Dot Com Bubble when internet companies of the late 1990s rose to very high valuations.

He says that no one in America wrote more about the dot-com fallacy than he did as it was happening. He covered it almost daily for several years, in his commercially successful and profitable Internet blog.

There was a big collapse when the Nasdaq fell about 80%.

The Subprime Mortgage Crisis

The other time he was proven right was when he warned in 2005-2007 about the housing market. He says that he saw a massive bubble in mortgage finance and real estate.

In his New York Times bestselling book Empire of Debt, (written with co-author Addison Wiggin) he predicted a long slump, “that will take down house prices and the stock market, but leave the dollar and bonds with little damage.”

That came to pass because the crash began in 2007 and stocks dropped 50% in the Global Financial Crisis and as many as 10 million people lost their homes.

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Bonner Private Research

To learn more about the various ways you can prepare for America’s Nightmare Winter, Bill Bonner wants you to sign up for his new investment advisory service called “Bonner Private Research.”

Bonner Private Research

The way this service works, on the fourth Thursday of every month, you receive an update from Bonner’s team showing you “how to protect and grow your money during this incredibly difficult stretch.”

As a subscriber of Bonner Private Research, you’ll also get Steve Sjuggerud’s True Wealth research and access to the True Wealth Model Portfolio. Steve is a former hedge fund manager who’s worked with Bonner for two decades.

Bill claims that Steve and his team have an incredible track record over the past 20 years of finding alternative assets and investments you’re unlikely to hear about anywhere else. They recommend stocks and exchange traded funds (ETFs) with a holding period of at least one year. You can read about Steve Sjuggerud’s 2023 Predictions.

Steve Sjuggerud’s True Wealth

Every month, Steve’s team show you investments that are cheap, “hated” by the average investor, and moving in an uptrend.

In addition to these updates, you received all of the aforementioned Research Reports:

  • Special Report No. 1: Buy The Best Assets Now Soaring in Value
  • Special Report No. 2: A Unique Way to Protect Your Wealth (The Government Doesn’t Even Have to Know About It)
  • Special Report No. 3: The Secret Currency
  • Special Report No. 4: The Art of Speculation.

You also gain access to Steve’s archives, which includes more than 100 Special Investment Reports, on subjects such as how to structure the perfect portfolio right now and how to know exactly when to sell any investment. You’ll also get a digital copy of Bill Bonner’s latest book.

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Bonner Private Research Pricing

This service costs $49 for the first year However, the amount goes higher as you stay on:

your subscription to True Wealth will automatically renew on an annual basis until you properly cancel. Upon renewal for your subscription to True Wealth, Stansberry Research will charge $199 ( plus applicable taxes) to your credit card or other means of payment which we will retain on file. You may cancel your service at any time by contacting our Customer Service team at 1-888-261-2693 or online.

Refund Policy

They have a refund policy that works within 30 days of signing up for the newsletter:

Satisfaction Guarantee

Final Word

There are few things that alarm Bill Bonner about the state of the economy than “Mandating the end of fossil fuels… and printing ‘paper’ money to pay for it is like lighting a stick of dynamite at both ends.”

He says that cutting off the supply of the most important components of modern economies – energy and raw materials – while you greatly increase the supply of paper money are two things that always leads to inflation, war, depression, military takeovers, and social upheaval.

His big prediction is that before this cycle is over, oil will go to $500 a barrel because of more inflation and more money printing (the dollar could fall by another 50%), and in part because the federal government ending new oil and natural gas exploration.

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Bill Bonner Prediction 2023: Nightmare Winter Warning? 7

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