Blogging Fast Lane Review: Anna & Tom Legit?

Starting and running a profitable blog is the dream for many aspiring digital entrepreneurs today. But turning that dream into reality can be incredibly challenging without the right training and guidance.

This is where the Blogging Fast Lane course by Anna Faustino and Tom Rogers of Adventure In You aims to help.

Having built a successful blog themselves (Adventure In You), Anna and Tom now want to teach others how to follow in their footsteps. In this post, we’ll be providing a comprehensive review of Blogging Fast Lane based on our direct experience taking the course.

We’ll cover what you get with the program, the quality of the content and delivery, key strengths and weaknesses, and our overall thoughts on its value. You’ll get an insider’s look at the good and the bad so you can determine if Blogging Fast Lane is worth the investment.

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Key Takeaways

  • “Blogging Fast Lane” is a course by Tom and Anna that teaches how to make money from blogging.
  • Blogging Fast Lane is a legitimate course.
  • The course includes lessons on building a freedom business, the right mindset, affiliate marketing, email marketing, keyword research and more.
  • It offers lifetime access to all lessons and updates plus entry into a strong online community of bloggers.
  • Many students say they have successfully turned their blogs into profitable businesses after doing this course.

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My Honest Thoughts On Blogging Fast Lane

I enrolled in the Blogging Fast Lane course a few months ago.

Immediately, I noticed how comprehensively Tom and Anna covered blogging basics as well as advanced strategies. From selecting a blog niche to mapping out content, they left no stone unturned.

Their teaching style made complex ideas simple to understand and implement.

The interactive nature of this course also impressed me. The active community provided much-needed support during my blogging journey, offering practical insights that helped finesse my technique even further.

Even though the workload was intense at times, it was certainly manageable and worth it in the long run.

Based on my experience with the course, I decided to put together this review where we will understand what the course is all about, its strengths and weaknesses, who Anna and Tom are, and whether it is worth it.

What is Blogging Fast Lane?

Blogging Fast Lane is an online course created by Anna and Tom of the Adventure In You blog to teach people how to start and grow a successful blog that makes money.

It reminds me of another course called Blog Growth Engine by Adam Enfoy.

What is Blogging Fast Lane

The core goal of the course is to provide a step-by-step framework for launching a profitable blog within 90 days.

It aims to guide you through every stage – from coming up with a blog idea and setting up your site to creating content, promoting your blog, building traffic, and monetizing through different income streams.

The course is delivered through a membership site that includes video lessons, downloadable resources like templates and checklists, case studies, weekly Q&A webinars, a private community forum, and lifetime access.

Some of the key topics covered include:

  • Choosing a profitable blog niche
  • Setting up your blog with WordPress
  • Creating a business plan
  • Content strategy and optimization
  • Social media and email marketing
  • Building traffic through SEO
  • Making money with affiliate marketing, advertising, products, and services

Anna and Tom share the exact strategies and tools they’ve used to build their own successful travel blogging business.

The goal is to shortcut students’ learning curves by showing what actually works in reality, beyond just theory.

Overall, Blogging Fast Lane aims to provide a comprehensive blueprint for starting a blog business quickly and making it profitable.

It is suited for beginners as well as established bloggers looking to take their sites to the next level.

(We have covered blogging before and you can read articles like How To Become A Profitable Dad Blogger in 2023 and Niche Ideas For Side Hustle Blogs.)

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Who are Tom and Anna?

Tom Rodgers and Anna Faustino weren’t always successful bloggers.

In fact, they initially worked regular jobs before they met each other.

Who are Tom and Anna?

Anna Faustino had invested six years diligently saving every penny with a singular dream—to travel the world. However, a year into her journey, she found herself financially drained, devoid of inspiration, and eager for a change.

On the other hand, Tom was a waiter in the UK, putting aside earnings to fulfill his own travel aspirations.

One day Anna read an article on Facebook about a travel blogger raking in $5,000 a month while exploring the world. So she and Tom started their blog.

Starting Adventure in You

Anna and Tom took a plunge into the unknown world of blogging, fully aware they lacked the precise know-how to turn it into a money-making venture. They dedicated every spare moment to launching

Tom frequented a rundown internet café, battling mosquitoes and immersing himself in YouTube tutorials on WordPress to build their blog. Weekends and late nights fueled by pizza and a splash of wine became the building blocks for their blog, all while juggling full-time jobs and Anna’s pursuit of a Master’s degree.

Adventure In You

The first version of their blog covered topics like travel, food, personal experiences, and financial advice—basically, a creative mishmash without a clear direction.

Despite this, they made a bold decision to quit their jobs, fill their backpacks, and embark on a journey, fueled by the ambitious dream of sustaining themselves solely through their blog. The road ahead was unknown, but their enthusiasm and eagerness to make it work propelled them forward into this new adventure.

Adventure in You takes off

Anna Faustino’s journey began in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where she and Tom discovered a vibrant online community of successful digital entrepreneurs.

Until then, they had only crossed paths with fellow bloggers and travelers who were struggling, just like they were.

But suddenly, a new world of digital marketing opened up before their eyes. Seeing others thrive, they were inspired to take the plunge themselves.

Pooling together the last of their resources, they invested in their blog and their own growth. They enrolled in courses, became part of mastermind groups, and sought mentors to guide their path. While it was daunting to spend their remaining funds on education, they realized that their DIY approach had failed to yield results.

Instead of blindly navigating the online world, they adopted a strategic mindset and sought advice from those who had achieved what they aspired to.

Crafting a solid business plan and applying their newfound skills, they delved into SEO, affiliate marketing, email marketing, and more.

The outcome? A remarkable transformation in their blog’s income, surging from a modest $1,000 a month (for two people) to an impressive $5,000 to $8,000 per month.

You should also check out Scale Your Travel Blog by Mike and Laura, a course teaching people how to launch and run successful travel blogs.

How They Got Into Coaching (Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator)

Anna Faustino and Tom Rodgers were over the moon when they discovered a way to monetize their blog and were eager to help others.

They didn’t just talk the talk; they walked the walk by personally responding to every message they received from people seeking advice. They even hopped on numerous Skype calls to offer guidance.

Soon enough, they were running workshops and coaching others using the same FAST framework that had propelled their blog to success.

Since all that was not sustainable, they decided to create the Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator, an online course born out of their experiences, which they initially tested with a beta group. Their aim was clear: help aspiring bloggers avoid the struggles they had faced.

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What is Included in Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator

The Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator is all about showing you how to create a blog that generates income through affiliate marketing (what Anna refers to as “an Affiliate Machine”).

The Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator

In addition to the course, they have a free training

The Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator

The Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator is an 8-week program that’s all about teaching you the ropes on building, growing, and, most importantly, cashing in on your blog in a strategic way.

The training in the program is based on the same strategies that they used to grow their blog, Adventure in You, into one of the top 15 travel blogs in the world in just 3 years.

The cool part is, this training is easily accessible through their e-learning system. You can access the material on your desktop or mobile device and dive into the material whenever and wherever it suits you.

Don’t worry if you’re not a tech whiz or if you’ve never done this before – they’ve got you covered. This course takes you through everything step by step, with video guidance to make sure you’re all set up and good to go.

Here is a breakdown of what they cover in the program:

Weeks 1-4

In Weeks 1-4, Anna and Tom will guide you through a transformational journey. They’ll introduce you to the #FastLaneMindset, a game-changer for working smart, not hard.

You’ll discover the power of a free tool in boosting productivity and maintaining laser-like focus. They’ll delve into the essence of being “in the flow,” steering you away from tasks that don’t spark your joy. And, they’ll introduce the Fast Lane Manifesto.

But that’s not all. Anna and Tom will help you escape the clutches of the social media trap, shifting your focus to blog growth instead of mere vanity metrics. They’ll unveil the magic of creating a reader avatar, a golden ticket to building a loyal and fast-growing following.

Plus, they’ll unravel the mysteries of affiliate marketing, ensuring you grasp the different stages of user intent and know the ropes to earn big by recommending products you genuinely love. All this and a deep dive into their Secret Affiliate Blackbook with a goldmine of affiliate programs across various niches.

Hold tight as they decode the Authority Fortress content strategy that triples traffic without the writing frenzy.

Lastly, they’ll equip you to master keyword research and craft articles that truly resonate with what people are searching for. It’s a journey of growth, strategies, and unlocking the secrets to online success.

Weeks 5-8

In weeks 5-8 of the course, Anna and Tom will guide you through essential aspects of SEO and content marketing. You’ll discover how to use their SEO Cheat Sheet for step-by-step guidance on publishing SEO-optimized articles.

They’ll delve into the intricacies of On-Site and Off-Site SEO, emphasizing their importance for success.

You’ll understand why being an excellent writer doesn’t guarantee pageviews and gain insights into a proven formula for consistently outranking your competitors.

Anna and Tom also share their tactics for creating more substantial and engaging articles by “spying” on your competition.

Furthermore, they’ll introduce you to their “Trust Marketing” system, a method to potentially earn significant affiliate commissions. You’ll learn the strategies behind building a substantial email list, taking it from a handful of subscribers to over 40,000.

The course also covers crafting compelling emails that provide ongoing value to your readers and using a straightforward email automation process to consistently reach your audience.

Anna and Tom will address the common annoyance of pop-ups and show you how to create irresistible value gifts to engage your audience.

They’ll also provide insights into the best email automation tools and how to use them effectively.

Finally, you’ll discover how to activate your Affiliate Machine, designed to generate passive income around the clock. It’s a comprehensive journey into content marketing and SEO techniques that can take your online presence to the next level.

In summary, when you sign up, you receive:

  • The 8-week Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator Course
  • Video lessons, written transcripts, and action-based workbooks
  • A 12-month Road Map with Focused Targets and Monthly Goals
  • Exclusive access to the Blogging Fast Lane Community

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My Thoughts on Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator Course Material

Here are some of the main sticking points from taking the course:

Course content and structure

Each module focuses on unique aspects of the blogging journey, starting from blog creation to making it a profitable business.

The course materials are delivered via engaging videos, written content, and workbooks that enhance your understanding.

Course content and structure

This program pushes for practical learning with a special blog post challenge designed to get you writing right away. Every module ends with tasks and homework assignments that give you hands-on experience in implementing what has been taught.

Modules cover important topics like website traffic enhancement, keyword research, email marketing, and affiliate machine setup ensuring holistic learning experiences for beginners through intermediate bloggers alike.

Focus on monetization through affiliate marketing

In Blogging Fast Lane’s course, affiliate marketing takes the spotlight when it comes to monetizing your blog.

They walk you through the entire process from selecting profitable products to promoting them effectively on your blog.

The course unleashes strategies for generating regular income by recommending relevant products or services in your posts.

Here, you learn valuable techniques to earn commissions by directing traffic toward vendor websites, converting those clicks into sales, and ultimately boosting profitability.

You get insights about powerful tools that aid keyword research and SEO tactics that improve the search engine ranking of affiliate links in your blog posts.

Revealing their own successful business models, Tom and Anna firmly believe this approach can fuel a blogger’s journey toward achieving a full-time income from blogging.

If you are not into affiliate marketing and would like a blogging course that focuses on advertising, check out Fat Stacks.

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Blogging Fast Lane Pricing

You’ve got two options. First up, a one-time payment of $697.

If that doesn’t suit your wallet, they’re offering a split deal – four payments of $199, which amounts to $796 in total.

Now, both of these options get you lifetime access to the training, which is a plus.

But, here’s the fine print – be ready for potential extra costs. While a bunch of tools they recommend come with a free version, some like OptinMonster might nudge you towards their paid plans.

Also, they’ve got a couple of add-ons bundled up. If you’re up for it, Digital Product Launchpad and Pitch Like a Pro can be yours for an extra $297.

So, keep your eyes peeled for those additional costs along the way.

Refund Policy

Blogging Fast Lane has a solid refund policy in place. If you’re not satisfied with the course, they offer a full refund within 90 days of your purchase. This safeguards your investment and ensures you get value for your money.

The process is simple; all you need to do is send an email request for a refund. Keep in mind that to qualify, you must show proof of having gone through at least half the course materials and implemented their strategies without success.

It’s part of their commitment to customer satisfaction and faith in the quality of their content.

Blogging Fast Lane Refund Policy

I haven’t asked for a refund myself and I haven’t seen people complaining that they don’t honor the refund policy so this appears to be solid.

What Are People Saying About Blogging Fast Lane

So far in this Blogging Fast Lane review, I’ve shared my own view so how about we take a look at what other people have said about the course, both the good and the bad.

What Are People Saying About Blogging Fast Lane

On the official website, there are testimonials of bloggers who’ve become successful after joining the course, such as:

Alex from Career Gappers says:

“An outstanding course that will be valuable to bloggers at any stage of their journey. Covers all aspects of creating a blogging business, from initial set up to income generation. One of the best investments we’ve made in our business.”

Kimanis from Authentic Food Quests says:

“We are in our 4th year of blogging and even though we are making money, this course is key to getting us the numbers we desire. Our only regret is that this course was not available when we first started.”

Rhiannon from Wales to Wherever says:

“As soon as I started properly going through the course and taking things on board, I INSTANTLY saw results and knew it was the best decision I could have made. Saw a 500% increase in traffic in 1 month and have started actually earning money- something I wasn’t doing before!”

I normally don’t dwell on the testimonials on the course website but these are authentic bloggers who’ve tasted success following the teachings of Anna and Tom.

Other success stories across the Internet

I’ve heard incredible stories of success from students who took the Blogging Fast Lane course.

  • One person shared how they were able to quit their nine-to-five job after just a few months of implementing the strategies from this course.
  • Another student spoke about how they launched a travel blog and started earning a regular income within weeks.
  • A beginner blogger had no prior knowledge of running a blog but was able to create a successful business out of their passion.
  • There’s an inspiring story of an intermediate blogger who saw significant increases in website traffic and affiliate earnings after using the techniques taught in the course.
  • Another exciting account involved someone who was completely satisfied with their progress, attributing their blogging success to the practical insights and active community support offered by Tom and Anna’s Blogging Fast Lane program.
  • Some students found value not only in making money but also in building connections through the dedicated Facebook group for like-minded people pursuing their blogging journey.

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What We Liked About Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator

There are many things Anna and Tom do well, but here are a few that we liked:

Anna and Tom are teaching from experience

The cool thing about learning from these guys is that they’re not just spouting off theories or ideas—they’ve actually walked the walk.

They’ve been in the blogging trenches, faced the challenges, and come out victorious with a successful blog of their own. This means when they teach you the ropes, it’s not just some abstract concepts; it’s grounded in real experiences and lessons learned.

It’s like having a seasoned travel guide (pun intended 😉) who’s been to the destination and can give you practical, tried-and-true advice.

They help creatives profit from their passions

The course carefully breaks down the process of converting your unique talents and hobbies into a successful blog that generates revenue.

Although Anna and Tom are in the travel blog business themselves, the course is not constrained to people who are want to be travel bloggers because it teaches you how to leverage your personal interests in art, photography, travel or any niche you’re passionate about.

This helps in not only providing value to readers but also positioning yourself as an expert in your field.

Emphasis on mindset

Cultivating the right mindset is a pivotal part of Blogging Fast Lane’s course. By instilling a strong belief system, the program aims to foster resilience in aspiring bloggers on their journey toward success.

It doesn’t shy away from addressing potential roadblocks and encourages participants to face challenges head-on. The significant focus on developing a positive outlook serves as an anchor, helping bloggers stay committed and focused throughout their blogging journey.

This element gives substance to their strategies and monetization techniques while aligning with their goal of building successful freedom businesses.

Strong community

The Blogging Fast Lane cherishes its strong community. The active Facebook group offers a lively platform where bloggers can exchange ideas, share struggles, and celebrate victories together.

Like-minded people from different walks of life help each other to navigate the blogging journey more confidently.

This dynamic community provides an essential support system for both beginner and experienced bloggers. It’s not just about troubleshooting tech skills or discussing techniques taught in the course materials; it’s also about fostering relationships that inspire growth and success in this competitive business side of blogging.

Other positive aspects

Taking the Blogging Fast Lane course has truly been a game-changer for me. Here are some of the other positive aspects I’ve observed:

  • The course is designed in a very user-friendly way, making it easy to follow along and progress at your own pace.
  • The strategies taught are practical and proven to work in various blogging niches, not just specific ones.
  • Lifetime access to course materials ensures you can revisit sections as needed and stay updated with any new content or strategies.
  • I appreciate how they don’t gloss over the challenges but provide realistic expectations alongside systematic guidance to overcome hurdles and build a profitable blog.
  • Also noteworthy is the emphasis on ethical ways to earn such as through honest affiliate marketing, rather than quick but unsustainable tactics.
  • Finally, they offer a fair refund policy if you decide that this course isn’t right for you after giving it an honest try.

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What We Didn’t Like About Blogging Fast Lane

Even the best things have room for improvement, and Blogging Fast Lane is no exception. Here are some areas where I feel this course could do better:

  1. The course is not always available to new students. I get it that they may have concrete reasons for this but it is a bummer when you want to sign up but can’t because they have shut down enrollment.Blogging Fast Lane is not taking any new students currently
  2. It might be helpful if they included more technical guidance for beginners.
  3. More detailed information on how to drive traffic would be beneficial.
  4. While the community support is great, it would be nice if there were more one-on-one mentorship opportunities.
  5. Some sections of the course may seem overwhelming; breaking them down into smaller modules could make it easier to digest.
  6. The course is inadvatently skewed towards travel bloggers, widening its scope in all its subject matter could help a broader audience benefit from it.

Is Blogging Fast Lane Right for You?

In determining if Blogging Fast Lane is the right fit, consider your blogging goals, niche area, and the timeframe you’re willing to commit to reaching profitability.

Target audience and niches covered

Blogging Fast Lane takes a broad approach, catering to various types of bloggers. Whether you’re a novice just starting your blogging journey or an experienced blogger looking to profit from your efforts, this course has something for you.

It doesn’t center on specific niches (although travel bloggers have the best time with it); instead, it gives strategies that can be applied universally across topics ranging from travel and fitness to personal finance and DIY crafts.

This inclusive scope makes it an ideal choice for anyone keen on turning their passion into a profitable business through blogging.

Time frame for achieving profitability

Profitability often eludes many bloggers in the initial stages of their journey. Yet, with Blogging Fast Lane, this scenario is significantly altered. The course equips you with valuable insights and strategies to monetize your blog effectively.

The time frame for reaching profitability tends to vary, largely depending on individual effort and dedication. However, it’s not uncommon for students to see consistent income within a few months of implementing the course teachings rigorously.

That said, persistence and patience are key elements during this phase as building a rewarding blogging business is certainly not an overnight process.

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Alternatives to Blogging FastLane

In choosing a blogging course, other viable options exist alongside Blogging Fast Lane. Here are a few alternatives worth considering:

  1. Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing: This course mainly focuses on helping bloggers maximize their income through affiliate marketing.
  2. ProBlogger: A comprehensive resource for bloggers at all stages, offering courses, ebooks, and free blog articles to enhance your blogging skills.
  3. Elite Blog Academy: This course offers a structured program to transform your blog into a successful business.
  4. Bloggers’ Secrets: This targets beginners aiming to fast-track their understanding of setting up and running a profitable blog.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, Blogging Fast Lane provides an incredible amount of value for anyone looking to launch and grow a successful blog that makes serious money.

Tom and Anna clearly walk their talk, sharing the exact strategies they’ve used to build their own thriving blog business from scratch. Their approach is thorough yet simple to follow, breaking down critical steps like choosing a niche, optimizing content, traffic growth tactics, and monetization.

While the course isn’t perfect, the sheer breadth of proven information you get is impressive for the investment. As long as you manage expectations around the level of custom 1-on-1 support, you simply won’t find a more comprehensive A-Z blogging course out there.

Could some of the material Blogging Fast Lane cover be found through enough Googling and trial-and-error? Sure. But Blogging Fast Lane conveniently compiles it into one well-structured, easy-to-digest package. The time and headache it saves makes the course invaluable in my opinion.

If you’re serious about starting a successful blog and looking for the most direct route to get there, Blogging Fast Lane is absolutely worth the investment.

Just be ready to put in the work – no course alone will make it happen for you. All the strategies in the wold won’t make up for that.


1. What is Blogging Fast Lane?

Blogging Fast Lane is a course by Anna and Tom that teaches strategies for starting a successful blogging business, turning it into a full-time job.

2. What does the Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator include?

The Accelerator covers all strategies necessary to increase blogging income, from setting up your own blog to optimizing it for search engines.

3. How can I benefit from joining the Blogging Fast Lane Community?

By joining the community, you connect with like-minded people, share experiences and learn from each others’ different blogs through down-to-earth discussions in their FB group.

4. Are there extra benefits after taking the full course of Blogging Fast Lane?

Yes! After completing the full course, you get access to free training lessons and bonuses at no additional cost.

5. Can I trust marketing advice from Anna and Tom Rogers?

Absolutely! Tom and Anna launched their travel blogging journey with measured success applying exact strategies taught in this course which has built credibility among students worldwide.

6. Is this really regarded as one of the best blogging courses available?

Indeed many have claimed ‘You’s Blogging Fast Lane’ as one of their top choices due to its structured approach towards building a profitable blog within few weeks time span.

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