Carl Runefelt: Carl The Moon Net Worth 2023

Carl The Moon, aka Carl Runefelt is a popular YouTuber, Bitcoin advocate and cryptocurrency analyst who is best known for his YouTube channel, The Moon.

In this review, we will take a look at who Carl Runefelt is, his net worth, what he does for a living, and whether he is legit.

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Carl The Moon Net Worth Review 2023

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Who is Carl Runefelt?

Carl Runefelt is an entrepreneur, investor, and social media influencer. He was born in 1994. He is from Sweden but now lives in Dubai.

Carl dropped out of school early and decided to work at a department store for a living. However, he harbored dreams of becoming successful and within two years, he realized that something had to change if he was to make his parents proud.

Carl Runefelt

He discovered Bitcoin while he was reading about the history of the world’s banking, central bankers, and monetary systems. He believed in the potential of the “digital gold” and saw it as a sign of things to come.

At the time, he was earning US$1,500 per month at the grocery store yet one Bitcoin was worth around $3,000. He decided to dive into cryptocurrency.

His family did not have faith in him and they felt that he was reckless to spend all his time and money online, finding out everything he could about Bitcoin instead of going to school.

Carl Runefelt Net Worth

Carl Runefelt has an estimated net worth of 1.1 billion USD. He made his money from cryptocurrency investing, businesses, and his social media influence.

Carl The Moon Net Worth

He has put a lot of money into crypto startups and he expects his other investments to continue to earn him a lot of money. Runefelt believes that he is one of the biggest liquidity providers in the cryptocurrency space.

He believes that his money should always work for him. He says that he never lets his money sit idle, a mantra also espoused by Robert Kiyosaki, who wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad.

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A Strong Believer in The Law of Attraction

When Runefelt was working at the grocery store in Sweden, he was a strong believer in the law of attraction. He was picturing himself as a rich, cheerful and effective individual. He went as far as pretending he was successful. For example, while he took the train to his job, he imagined driving a Ferrari in his head. He started to look for yachts on sale online as if he was looking to buy one.

And that mindset worked for him because his life changed in just a couple of years more than he thought possible. With the mindset switch, it took him two years to become a millionaire. He quit his grocery store job in November 2018.

Runefelt had neither the real business experience nor a university degree. All he had was the will to be successful, clear goals, and a willingness to learn about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and entrepreneurship. Runefelt recalls. “I believe that your success is not determined by your degree or work experience, but your mindset and belief system, whether you believe in yourself or not. What you believe becomes your reality.”

He believes that with his belief system, it didn’t matter where he ended up because he could have become successful in any industry if he hadn’t stumbled across cryptocurrencies.


When Carl found out about cryptocurrencies, he researched the market and read whatever he could lay his hands on about them. He learned that Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Polkadot are designed to work as a medium of exchange and decided that educating people and investors would be his life purpose.

The Moon Carl

He tapped into an audience of retail investors who go to social media for investment tips. Runefelt admits that his social media fame was not something he planned for. Runefelt explains that he merely discussed his thoughts and views on crypto over social media, he gained millions of followers, and was soon one of the most followed online personalities in the crypto space. He attributes his success to being transparent, not sugarcoating things, and not being afraid to be honest and tell people the hard truth.

As a key opinion leader, he got affiliate and sponsorship deals. They gave him his first capital to begin trading and investing. He is an affiliate with cryptocurrency exchanges such as ByBit, Phemex, and PrimeXBT.

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He has a few investments in the space. For example, he has backed Solana’s decentralized developer ecosystem SolRazr, Solana’s blockchain-based and space-themed video game and metaverse Star Atlas and its governnace token Polis, and Victoria Virtual Reality Metaverse. He has had a few very successful investments that have made everything from 50 times up to 300 times by putting his money only on one investment.

Dubai is the place to be for Crypto investors

Dubai is a crypto hub

His company employs 150 people across offices in Estonia, Seychelles, British Virgin Islands, and Dubai. Carl Runefelt lives in Dubai and loves it there because he meets interesting people and successful entrepreneurs regularly. He also likes Dubai because it is filled with talent and is leading the way for crypto investors and startups alike. He pays little to no tax in Dubai (unlike Sweden), which enables him to scale his projects.

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The Moon YouTube Channel

Carl Runefelt started his YouTube channel (The Moon) to disseminate adequate and correct information about the power and value of cryptocurrencies. He understood the power of the platform because he spent a lot of time in his learning phase watching YouTube videos. As one of the top personalities in the blockchain industry, the channel has hundreds of thousands of subscribers and tens of millions of views as of writing this. He’s also appeared numerous times on popular crypto channel Bitboy ran by Ben Armstrong.

The Moon YouTube

The Moon channel focuses on Bitcoin news and Bitcoin price and in each video, he does Bitcoin technical analysis suitable even for beginners. He goes through daily BTC news & crypto news, and does general cryptocurrency analysis.

The Moon International Channels

The Moon channel has grown tremendously and is now also available in other languages. These channels have tens of thousands of followers each.

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Personal YouTube Channel and Social Media

In addition to The Moon channel, Carl has a personal YouTube channel where he posts videos of him living his dream life.

Carl Runefelt personal channel

He shares his lifestyle to inspire other people to live their lives to the fullest. He also does it to show people that the law of attraction works.

Carl Runefelt (themooncarl) Instagram

He also has hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter and Instagram. Most of what he does is typical of online influencers we’ve seen before like Tristan Tate and Cobra Tate: They post videos of them living the best life to get their fans to believe that it is attainable.

Carl Runefelt Crypto Predictions

The cryptocurrency market has plummeted in 2022 from its highs in November 2021. Some tokens and coins have lost 70% of their value. This has prompted many crypto entrepreneurs and investors to strategize and reinvent themselves. Carl hasn’t because he says that he has always been cautious. He believes that the bear market will teach everyone that invaluable lesson.

He has always been skeptical of certain tokens and non-fungible token (NFT) because he thinks many of them are bad projects with very unclear fundamentals. He warns his audience to stay away from them.

That being said, Runefelt thinks that the crypto ecosystem might remain fragile for the next two to three years. His approach is to invest in a large number of new blockchain and crypto projects hoping that quantity will unearth quality. He says that 90% of all the tokens, coins, and crypto startups today will fail. Therefore, if he invests in 400, for instance, 10 of them will be massively successful, and will pay for the losers.

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Carl was named one of the top five influencers for the Crypto Influencer of the Year Award at the AIBC summit, in Dubai.


One of Runefelt’s goals is to raise funds for charities that support children with disabilities. As of writing this, he intends to sponsor a Formula 2 racing team, with his face, logo, and a quick response (QR) code on the car that enables anyone to donate Bitcoins to children with disabilities.

Is Carl Runefelt Legit?

The cryptocurrency space is saturated with bad actors. We recently saw the collapse of FTX and Alameda Research (run by Sam Bankman-Fried). But Carl Runefelt is legit.

Runefelt’s success is based on a strong commitment to researching and learning. He doesn’t like being called a crypto influencer even with his one million followers online across platforms. He prefers to be seen as an entrepreneur because he has invested in almost 400 crypto startups. He is not selling a dream like other fraudulent players in the sector. He is investing in projects hoping that some of them will come good.

In Conclusion

Carl Runefelt’s story inspires young people because they see a university drop-out and grocery store cashier in Sweden who went on to achieve a Bugatti-driving lifestyle in Dubai in just a few years’ time and they can see that it is doable.

Carl is one of the more grounded voices in the world of crypto. He believes that you should not adopt the right mindset and avoid chasing quick money, and instead invest for the long term, do your own research, and believe in your goals. As a proponent of the law of attraction, he thinks that you should believe in yourself, visualize your goals, your dream life, and your ideal lifestyle, and you will achieve them somehow.

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