Tristan Tate Net Worth, Age, Height, Wife & Business 2024

Tristan Tate is a British-American former professional kickboxer. He is now a businessman, podcaster, influencer, and commentator with a net worth in excess of $150 million.

He has been seen making appearances sometimes as a fight commentator for Eurosport and Boxnational televised events.

Tristan was a two-time International Sport Karate Association champion in Kickboxing before he retired from the sport. In this piece, we will be taking a close look at Tristan Tate’s net worth, how he made his money, and what he is all about.

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Tristan Tate Net Worth 2024

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Who is Tristan Tate?

Tristan Tate is a British-American influencer and a television personality. In the world of combat sports, he is best known for being a two time kickboxing world champion for the International Sport Karate Association.

Tristan Tate

Tristan has made a name for himself outside the sport as he has recently become a infamous internet celebrity alongside with his brother Andrew Tate.

If you have been on social media in the past year or so, chances are you will have seen the Tate brothers show up on your feed giving life advice and airing typically controversial opinions. The two had gained a massive following, especially on TikTok before Andrew Tate got kicked off the platform.

Their controversial takes on social issues haven’t been without consequence as Andrew Tate has already been banned on multiple social media platforms.

Tristan has not been banned perhaps because he is the less vocal of the two.

Tristan Tate Instagram

Tristan likes talking about how rich he is. He’s even been quoted saying “My name is Tristan Tate, self made multi-millionaire, international playboy, I’m the real deal.”

The 34-year-old must be doing well for himself because he has an impressive car collection said to be worth about $21 million. He owns a Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport, a Lamborghini Aventador EVO RWD Spyder, a Porsche 922, a Ferrari 812 Superfast, an ultimate Aston Martin DBS, and a Rolls Royce Wraith, among other supercars.

Tristan Tate flies around the world on a $20 million private plane and lives in a $30 million estate in Romania. He has several businesses under his control that collectively bring in more than $10 million each month, which he uses to fund his lifestyle.

So, now let’s look into his life and how he came about his wealth.

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What Is Tristan Tate’s Net Worth?

Tristan Tate is said to be worth around $10 million but some sources have claimed that he is worth $100 million. Another source claims that Tristan Tate’s net worth is about $160 million and yet another is claims that he has $500 million. What all these estimates have in common is that they are unconfirmed figures.

What we know is that Tristan Tate makes most of his money from his businesses together with his brother, Andrew Tate.

Tristan Tate Net Worth

They run a podcast together, have made TV appearances, and run a management agency and webcam studios. His brother, Andrew Tate has a net worth (unconfirmed) of about $350 million with a monthly income of $10 million.

Andrew recently claimed on an interview (in December 2022) with Piers Morgan that he was worth $1 billion with a monthly income of $10 million but couldn’t disclose his exact assets to Forbes magazine which was interested in profiling him and give his claims much-needed credibility.

The Tate brothers started businesses and within a short period, went viral thanks to their displays of wealth and non-apologetic approach to life. Andrew constantly courts controversy which, in the age of the internet, often does wonders for his influence (as Andrew Tate’s brother, Tristan benefits from that too).

As I’ve mentioned, Tristan Tate owns luxury cars, big houses, and other assets. The car collection alone is worth millions of dollars.

Tristan Tate made money from his work as a fight commentator for Boxnation and Eurosport Televised events.

Trading bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies made him millions of dollars and he often talks about catching the cryptocurrency wave as one of the ways people could make a lot of money in a short period.

He said, “trading bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies have gained me countless millions of dollars. Cryptocurrency is undoubtedly one of the simplest methods to hold your money and one of the simplest ways to make money. However, only if you belong to the correct network where you may get advice on which coins to acquire.”

The Real World, an educational platform Tristan and Andrew Tate run together teaches people how to trade cryptocurrency.

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Webcam Business

When he left the boxing world, Tristian (together with Andrew Tate) started a webcam business that did quite well. The gist of it was that men would log in and chat with women online, paying $4 a minute for a call.

Talking about the webcam business, Tristan once said in an interview that “it’s all a big scam.” He also said that he doesn’t feel any guilt because “no one cares” and “it’s their problem not mine”.

Andrew and Tristan Tate

The brothers set up the first webcam studio in a two-bed flat a decade ago. They started raking in millions from their various sites because men were willing to hand over a fortune as they fell for models’ fake sob stories.

Some of the women say that they have crippling university debt, a family member in need of healthcare, or a dream of moving to the UK. They may even say that they want to meet these men.

Some of the men who frequent the site believe that they have a real relationship with the women they see on screen.

Tristan revealed that one man once handed over his £20,000 inheritance and that others even went into debt just to please the women.

Tristan says that that he tried to stop the man spending his £20,000 inheritance, but gave up when the guy came back a few weeks later and gave the money to another girl.

They then moved to Romania three years after that because the UK “had gone downhill”. They have women on a number of sites where operators take 40% of the earnings with the rest going to the studio.

Tristan and Andrew believe that they run the business legally and are beyond the reach of the authorities because in the terms and conditions, they have stated that what they broadcast is ‘for entertainment purposes only’. This means that if a model says she has a financial need, it doesn’t have to be true. Another line they have in there states that all cash given to models is ‘a voluntary sign of gratitude for their time broadcasting’.

Tristan revealed in the interview that 80% of the money money that British models make comes from men in the UK. However, if a model is Slovakian, 80% of the money will come from Americans.

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How Did Tristan Tate Become Famous?

Before he went into the world of business, Tristian became known to the British public for his appearance in the fourth season of the reality show Shipwrecked: The Island. The show was about celebrities being forced to survive together on an uninhabited island.

Tate came into the limelight for his arrogant behavior in the series. Tristan often had a no nonsense attitude and behavior towards the other islanders.

Early Life

Tristan Tate was born in 1988, in England. He grew up in a council estate with his family in Luton. His father, Emory Tate, was a former professional chess player. He passed on in 2015 due to a heart attack.

Besides his older brother, Andrew, Tate has a sister, Janine Tate, who lives in Kentucky. Not much is known about her as she is not as famous as the two brothers but she is known to be an entrepreneur. Andrew Tate is also a former professional kickboxer and has been a four-time world champion.

Although the two brothers are wealthy now, they started out with no money having grown up on a council estate in Luton.

Just to show how far he’s come, Tristan often says that he would collect left over pieces of chicken from KFC, go home, and freeze that chicken. The family would then break it up, put it in rice, and that was what they’d eat.

During an appearance on a podcast called Playing with Fire, Tristan talked about the unshared stories about his relationship with his brother. He said that they almost agree on everything, although their interests and the way they live are not the same.

Personal Life

Tristan Tate’s girlfriend was once the popular Romanian model and TV presenter, Bianca Dragusanu. His girlfriend reportedly moved in with him after she left her husband.

Tristan Tate and Bianca Dragusanu

Tate and Dragusanu were together until 2018 when, for unspecified reasons, they ended their relationship. Bianca’s reputation was ruined and her show, I Want You Close To Me was canceled following the revelations of her infidelity (such behaviour is frowned upon in the country).

According to some news outlets, Tristan and Bianca ended their relationship because Tate had an affair.

Tristan was caught when someone released a video showing someone who looked like him getting into an intimate setting with an unidentified woman. It was not confirmed whether the man in the video was Tristan or not and it was later revealed that it wasn’t the real reason why Tate and Dragusanu broke up.


Tristan took up kickboxing at Storn Gym in Luton. He was trained by a coach called Amir Subasic.

Tate went on to have a career in the sport and participated in many kickboxing championships. He became a kickboxer and k1 champion fighter for the Efnusion fight federation.

He was in the Cruiser-weight of the Kickboxing Championship. He also played in the Super Cruiser Weight division. After he retired, he tried his luck in MMA where he was matched up against MMA champion Adrian Preda on RXF. Tristan lost to Preda.

When he retired from kickboxing, he moved to Romania with his brother, Andrew. The two brothers established themselves as online personalities. Tristan and his brother Andrew are often popular guests on podcast shows because they air controversial viewpoints and make controversial statements.

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Now that he’s retired, Tristan Tate often appears as a commentator on prominent fight shows around the world to give his opinion on fights from the perspective of the fighter.

He has made appearances on shows such as Superkombat, Its Showtime, Romanian Xtreme Fighting (RXF), and Enfusion Live.

Tristan often comments on two of the largest eRopes platforms for transmission of fight sports, Boxnation and Eurosport.


Triple Exclama!!! The life and games of Emory Tate, chess warrior

Tristan wrote a book about his father’s life titled “Triple Exclama!!! The life and games of Emory Tate, chess warrior”.

Hustler’s University and The Real World

The Tate brothers founded and established Hustler’s University which they have rebranded into The Real World.

It is an online company that offers digital courses on how people can start making money online and connect with other entrepreneurs.

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Final Word

The questions most people ask when they see his Instagram posts is “how much is the worth of Tristan Tate?” “How does Tristan Tate make his money?” “What is Tristan Tate’s age?” or “What is Tristan Tate height?”

Tristan Tate net worth is estimated to be around $100 million as of 2022 but as we’ve seen, it is hard to tell the exact figures because he won’t let an independent entity verify those claims.

Tristan made most of his money from businesses like his webcam modeling agency, his casinos in Romania, and the online communities he has cultivated with his brother like Hustler’s University and The Real World. Trading bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has also earned him millions of dollars.

Tate lives a flashy lifestyle and often posts on his Instagram pictures and videos of him posing around his cars or a private jet. He has a collection of supercars including a Lamborghini, an Aston martin, and a Mclaren 720.

Tristan is 34 years old and is above six feet tall. He also runs a youtube channel with the name, ‘Tristan Tate Tube‘ which he launched in 2020.

Although this is not a conclusive Tristan Tate biography, I hope you have gained a better understanding of whom Tristan is.

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