What is Charles Mizrahi’s Catalyst Calendar?

Charles Mizrahi’s Catalyst Calendar is a webinar put out by Banyan Hill Publishing that has been getting a lot of attention in the investment circles. I recently received an email invitation to check it out so decided to take a quick look.

In it, Charles talks about a type of investment he has been keeping tabs on that he thinks is responsible for some of the biggest stock opportunities on Wall Street.

After going through the pitch, here’s an overview of Charles Mizrahi’s Catalyst Calendar in which we cover what type of investment he is talking about and the new financial advisory service Charles was launching.

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What is Charles Mizrahi's Catalyst Calendar? 7

Charles Mizrahi’s Catalyst Calendar Review

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Introduction to Charles Mizrahi’s Catalyst Calendar

Charles Mizrahi’s Catalyst Calendar is an interview during which he sat down with Steve Gruber to talk about an attractive investment opportunity he has been following through his pocket calendar.

We learn that the investment opportunity he is talking about is spin-offs and the Catalyst Calendar is a record of all the spin-offs that are likely to take place.

Charles Mizrahi's Catalyst Calendar

If you are unfamiliar with it, a spin-off is a new independent company created by an existing company where makes part of its existing business or division a separate company and sells or distributes new shares of the new company. A spinoff is also known as a spinout or starburst.

When a parent company spins off part of its business, the newly formed company usually gets its separate management structure and a new name while also retaining its assets, intellectual property, and human resources. The parent company may continue to provide financial and technological support to the new company.

Charles Mizrahi is a big fan of spin-offs because they have outperformed the S&P 500 by nearly 2-to-1 for the past 100 years at a time when 95% of money managers are struggling to beat the S&P index.

The caveat is that there haven’t been that many spin-offs to write home about; therefore, this take may be skewed. However, it is still a significant feat that spin-offs have done as well as they have.

Besides that, Charles prefers investing in spin-offs to investing in IPOs because he believes that investment banks and corporate insiders put together their IPOs to give the average retail investor the worst deal.

The main takeaways from the events are:

1) Spin-offs have outperformed the S&P 500 by nearly 2-to-1 this century.

2) Avoid IPOs of every kind.

3) The most promising spin-off investment opportunities are available in the health care sector.

As for the third point there, Charles wants you to invest in spin-offs in the health care sector because he believes that they are the most promising.

Why? He claims that with an ageing population expected in the future, this sector will be needed more. He has identified one spin-off that he is recommending to you if you are keen on it.

But before we get to it, he says that every spin-off deal he recommends must meet three requirements.

He says that every recommended company has good leadership, has a good share price, and is coming from an industry that has a huge tailwind. In this case, he believes that the healthcare industry has a massive tailwind because as the population ages, people will need their doctors more.

Charles says that abiding by these three rules has led him huge gains.

He has found one spinoff that is so promising, he’s written about in a special report called The Mega Spinoff.

Charles Mizrahi's Catalyst CalendarThe no. 1 spinoff Charles is recommending has something to do with elderly people because he says that as millions of baby boomers hit retirement age, they will inadvertently create a huge tailwind for it. He also says that it is led by a “rock star CEO.”

If you want to read the report, you must sign up for Catalyst Fortunes.

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Who is Charles Mizrahi?

Charles Mizrahi is a well-known Wall Street veteran with 40 years of experience in the financial sector. What’s more, Charles Mizrahi has been ranked No. 1 by Barron and even mentioned as a “top performer” by The Wall Street Journal.

While sharing his knowhow about the markets and the economy Charles has been to many interviews, stage shows, and discussions on platforms like Victory News, Newsmax, and The Epoch Times. He is also a frequent guest on America’s Voice Live.

He brings decades of experience to Alpha Investor — Charles Mizrahi’s most popular investment newsletter service that he publishes at Banyan Hill Publishing.

Most of what Charles does is spot Wall Street’s best profit opportunities that are both simple and clear-cut for everyday investors before recommending them to his thousands of loyal subscribers.

A good example of that is this presentation because he is providing you with the details on how to get the right stocks at the right price, without risking much. In Charles Mizrahi’s Catalyst Fortunes, he is ready to share with you the details of the no. 1 spinoff as well as a few others he thinks are worth watching right now.

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What is Charles Mizrahi’s Catalyst Fortunes?

Catalyst Fortunes is a new service Charles is launching at Banyan Hill that will allow him to recommend spin-offs to his readers. He will focus on deals that will create those spinoffs and will share them with his subscribers.

Charles Mizrahi's Catalyst FortunesFor example, as already mentioned, Charles Mizrahi is ready to share with you the details of his No. 1 spinoff investment opportunity. He is ready to share with you all the details of the exact spinoffs that he is tracking, and the new health care spinoff that checks off ALL of his boxes is the first one right out of the box.

Basically, he has composed a special report i.e. The Mega Spinoff where you will get all the details of this investment opportunity. To get access to this special report, you will need to become a subscriber.

Subscription benefits include…

  • Details on at Least 12 Spinoffs or Other Stock Catalyst Opportunities
  • Access to Charles’ Model Portfolio that includes every catalyst-driven stock that is on Charles’ “buy now” list 
  • Weekly Updates on the market and current Catalyst Fortunes positions
  • Access to the Members-Only Website
  • Assistance from A Dedicated Customer Care Team
  • Optional Text Message Notifications

As a limited-time bonus, you will get an Apple Watch for free but this is only if you sign up for the newsletter soon enough.

Catalyst Fortunes Subscription Plan Options

There are two subscription options available currently, such as a One-year subscription that will cost $1,995 and a Lifetime subscription that will cost $3,995.

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Is Charles Mizrahi’s Catalyst Calendar Legit?

The Catalyst Calendar presentation is legit because Charles Mizrahi is a legit investment analyst.

While there have certainly been complaints about his work and the way Banyan Hill Publishing carries out its operations, that doesn’t mean that his presentation is not legit. To be fair to those putting forward those allegations, the marketing material and the sales language can be over the top sometimes and Charles does overplay his success in the pitch while barely mentioning instances where he’s gotten it wrong.

However, if you pay for a service, what you pay for is what you get; general investment advice. It is up to you to decide whether the advice works for you or not.

Charles Mizrahi’s Catalyst Calendar Verdict

Charles Mizrahi’s Catalyst Calendar was meant to promote his new service, Catalyst Fortunes. This new service is all about investing in spin-off companies.

The subscription plan is designed in a way that interested individuals can join in and reveal Charles’ recommended picks. It is important to remember that these investments are not risk-proof and that’s why you should not invest more than you can afford to lose.

Catalyst Fortunes is quite expensive yet there is no policy for refunds. So, if you pay that money, you will never have the option to cancel your membership like you typically have with other subscription services of this kind. Therefore, be certain that this is what you want if you sign up for it.

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What is Charles Mizrahi's Catalyst Calendar? 7

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